Matador (US) (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Naked and the Dead

Greetings from the west.
And from the east.
We'd like to commission another painting from you.
Of course.
Something for your permanent collection? Yes, to be completed by Friday.
Can you handle that timeline? I'll gather my materials and start to work immediately.
Right here! Ball! Whoo.
Right here! Ball! Oh, right here, man.
Keep your eyes forward, rook.
Always know what's coming.
- Take five.
- I know.
Why don't you check with him, all right? Yeah, I will.
Dude, nice push out there, man.
The boys play rough sometimes.
Well, I can take rough.
I didn't come out here to be a spectator.
Three days of practice, I haven't gotten one touch on the ball.
Last year those boys played in over 55 matches, which is a long campaign, a war.
Hey, you don't go into battle with just anyone.
I can do this.
They just need to give me a chance.
Then think beyond the pitch.
A team is an organism.
It has its own immune system, and it's first reaction to an invader is to repel.
Well, how do I change that? You become one with the system.
Galan would like to see you in his office upstairs.
What about? He wants your help picking out drapes.
What the hell do I know? Hey.
How's it going out there? Being the new kid in school? It takes some getting used to.
Well, if it helps, we've been able to tap Galan's network using the sat codes you lifted at the party.
We've also been able to pinpoint locations of active phones within a 100-meter radius.
What about chatter? Anything we can work with? Some possible developments overseas, but I'll keep you apprised.
Well, I got a possible development here.
I've just been summoned to Galan's office.
Do you think you've been compromised? I don't know.
I'll keep you apprised.
See, what did I tell you? Come in.
Ah, Mr.
Coach said you wanted to see me, sir? I wanted to make sure that you didn't have any issues with your contract.
I assumed you'd be a little more eager to make things official.
Well, yeah.
No, I am eager.
It's just my stepdad he wanted to take a look at the contract before I sign anything.
- Oh, he's an attorney? - No, not exactly.
I mean, he doesn't have a degree or anything.
He's a notario.
He's a notario.
Degrees are overrated.
I dropped out of secondario to sell cigars to American tourists.
I got my degree on the streets.
The world has enough lawyers, huh? Oh, no, no offense, Lou.
But do impress upon your stepfather, Mr.
Bravo, we would like to get things squared away by the end of the week.
Yes, sir.
No, I will.
I will.
Thank you.
What do you got for me? Oh.
What? - Nothing.
- Okay, so I just have this vision of us being the kind of team where when one person stops for coffee, there's a text exchange of some sort.
Do you want mine? You already drank from it? No thanks.
Recently recorded audio from Galan's party line.
I'd like to commission another painting from you.
Of course.
Something for your permanent collection? Yes, to be completed by Friday.
Can you handle that timeline? I'll gather my materials and start to work immediately.
Call was flagged yesterday.
to Kerava, Finland.
Best guess from the windtalk, Galan's people are ordering up a hit.
Did you notify our people out there, let them know something's going down on their turf? It's not going down on their turf.
Right after that call yesterday, the Kerava phone went off line.
the signal was up again in L.
They're flying in the cleaner.
So the target is here.
We know they've been planning something stateside.
This could be it.
Can I get that bag for you, sir? Thank you.
But I'd kill for a cinnabon.
How was your flight? I fly like the dead.
That's your target.
Photos, agenda, medical history.
You didn't want to handle this yourself? It has to look natural.
I don't do natural.
Then you're not challenging yourself.
In any case, I'm pleased to be back in the City of Angels.
I haven't killed anyone here since 1998.
Yeah, get used to that pain, baby.
Last of the new guys.
The pain's gonna come down on you.
Yeah, I noticed.
Those other two guys weren't out there today.
What happened to them? Word is had a little stoppage time with Galan's daughter at his party.
You want a future here, stay far away from that mess.
Tony Bravo.
Reyna Flores.
Yeah, I'm a fan.
Feeling's mutual.
You got a few minutes? For? - An interview.
- Oh, right.
One second.
Yeah, it's Tony.
Yeah, I'll be right out.
Sorry, I got to go.
Some other time maybe? I'll hold you to that.
Slow news week? Seriously, Flores, the guy fixes cars - for a living.
- So? Kurt Warner was bagging groceries.
A year later, he won the Super Bowl.
Is that an American Football reference? 'Cause that comparison on its face is an insult to my profession.
It really isn't any of your business, now is it, Holester? Look, the guy can barely play.
I just wouldn't want to see you waste your time.
That's all.
You're intimidated by him.
Do I Do I look intimidated? Yeah, take your time, Bravo.
- Please don't slam my doors.
- What's up? That development overseas Annie was telling you about just took a plane and landed in our backyard.
That was taken at LAX 45 minutes ago.
Orval Harju, aka "The Apothecary.
" Got a Ph.
in biochemistry at 17.
These days he spends his time as an international assassin majoring in toxins.
Like poison? Poisons, nerve gas, radio isotopes.
You ever hear a theory that Hugo Chavez was given cancer? You're telling me Galan's people did that? I'm telling you it's a theory.
The point is this guy's involved with whatever they're planning.
I got a fix on his phone.
We got to get up on him, figure out who he's here to kill.
Um, honey, no, no.
A little bit higher, and a little bit more to the left.
Mom, it's fine.
My arms are killing me.
Your brother just spent a year and a half in jail.
You can spend five minutes holding up a banner.
Karen, did you call Tony? He said he'd be here at 6:00.
Javi, what are you doing? You're supposed to be seeding the peppers.
I'm going over Tony's contract.
Listen to this language.
"The Riot will own Tony's likeness "throughout the universe "in perpetuity, in all media "now known or hereafter devised forever and ever" Are they paying him to play soccer or travel through time? Does this mean he's going to be doing, like, commercials and stuff? No, baby, I think they're just trying to cover their bases.
Yeah, I don't think there's much chance of Tony becoming the next David Beckham.
You know, as far as I'm concerned, they can have whatever they want because they got him out of the D.
, and now that Tony might be having some stability in his life, maybe he'll start thinking about marriage or maybe starting his own family.
I wouldn't describe the life of a professional athlete as stable.
Just saying.
Yeah, I know what you're saying.
You've been saying it for years.
There's always Ricky.
What? Oh, my God.
Okay, guys, I have to go home and change.
I will see you at 6:00.
Okay? Love you guys.
Help us.
Are you sure this is the right place? - Give or take 100 meters.
- So not really.
This is where social engineering comes in, my unlearned friend.
Harju is a native of Finland.
Fins drink more coffee per capita than any other country.
So what, he likes a nice latte before a kill? They don't drink lattes.
You know how they drink it? Put an egg in it.
Remember, if you spot Harju, don't engage.
We're just monitoring.
That's cute.
Keep dreaming, Matador.
That was with soy, right? Yeah, yeah.
So what's the story with your brother? You're the guy with all the intel.
I know he punched a cop.
Off duty, you know, and Ricky didn't know he was a cop.
You know what? I'm not talking about my family with you.
We got to talk about something, though.
Otherwise, we look suspicious.
We should talk about how you almost shot me in the leg.
That? Operational determination.
I was only gonna graze it.
There, there.
See? What did I tell you.
- One thing, though.
- What's that? Where's his coffee? Somebody help! Donna? Stay on Harju.
I've got her.
Give her some air.
Give her some air.
Call an ambulance.
_ _ She didn't make it.
Respiratory failure.
Doctors are calling it a possible food allergy.
Whatever Harju used was undetectable, and the reaction Tony described was some kind of neurotoxin.
Any idea why Galan wanted to kill this woman? Donna Rossi.
No significant political affiliations, no criminal record, no international travel in the past ten years.
Recently took a job with child and family services.
In short, there is nothing here that suggests on the surface that there's any sort of overlap with criminal concerns.
Yeah, I'm gonna get back to the office and see if I can dig a little deeper.
Excuse me.
I I wanted to thank you for what you did earlier.
I didn't know what to do.
I just froze.
I wish I could have done more.
Well, you gave her a chance.
Thank you.
- That's her friend.
- Go after her.
I think she's a little wrecked right now.
Cheer her up, and while you're at it, find out everything you can about Donna Rossi.
My brother's welcome-home party is in two hours.
Well, work fast.
Are you gonna be okay? I don't know.
Well, that's normal.
Do you have a lot of experience with this sort of thing? Not this exactly, but, I mean, I've seen some friends die.
Oh, were you in the military or No, just neighborhood stuff.
I think you and I come from different neighborhoods.
So, what am I supposed to do now? Have a drink, get with friends, cry it out.
I don't have any friends.
I mean, not here.
I'm visiting.
Visiting? Donna, in part.
The drink idea sounds like a good one.
I came here in the ambulance.
Do you know where I might get a cab to the Turlington, downtown? Two things you won't find in L.
A an NFL football team and cabs.
Well, thank you.
I'll I'll figure it out.
You know I should just give you a ride.
Oh, you've done so much.
No, it's not a problem.
It's on my way home, actually.
Thank you.
They are here.
They're here.
Hey, welcome home.
What's going on? Where's Ricky? All I do is win, win, win no matter what Got money on my mind I can never get enough And every time I step up in the building Everybody hands go up - Hey, Ricky! - Yeah.
And they stay there And they say, "Yeah" and they stay there Up, down, up, down - Hey, I wasn't even done.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You know, if you moved that good when the cops came, maybe you wouldn't have been arrested.
Who's this tall chick? Where's my sister? I hope you're hungry 'cause we made you a feast fit for a king.
I'm good.
We went to Cinco Puntos on the way here.
But we have all this food.
Just be glad we didn't go to his first choice.
- In-N-Out.
- That's one way of putting it.
Please tell me you did not ask your father to take you to a prostitute.
What? 18 months in a cell.
What can I say? Ew.
Welcome home, Ricky.
Senorita Morales, you're looking good.
You still doing that Booty Camp? - Boot Camp.
- Whatever it's called That shit's paying dividends.
- Hey, no cursing.
- Oh, hey.
Oh, oh.
So where's Tony? Hey, where's Tony? Nice place.
You never been? - Mm-mm.
- Mm.
Not really my crowd.
Right, different neighborhoods.
Thank you, for keeping me company.
I just still can't believe today actually happened.
You two were close? Mm.
We used to be.
In college, we were inseparable.
Shared everything.
Apartment, car, clothes, a boyfriend.
That did not end well.
Anyway, after college, I took a job in Berlin, and we lost touch.
It's just so unfair.
She was so excited.
She just got a new job and a new place.
What kind of work did she do? Psychologist.
She worked with children, of course.
Right? Something really important.
I work in the art world.
What, that's not important? Mm.
More like self-important.
It's scary, isn't it? One day we're here, and the next Gone.
Like, our entire lives are balanced on the point of a needle, and any little thing can just topple us over.
Well, you don't seem so easy to topple.
Everyone topples eventually.
Make good memories.
That's what my dad used to say.
That's the best we can do.
And have you? What if tonight was it? What if it was your last night on Earth? I'm not sure I'm someone who'd want to know.
But say you did.
Would you feel like you've lived? Like, really lived, no regrets? I guess not.
Don't guess.
Me neither.
I don't want to live like that anymore.
Who says you have to? The great Alec Holester.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Oh, so now you want to help me with my Tony Bravo story.
I'm listening.
What hotel? Mm.
I'm late for a thing.
A thing.
I pegged you as more creative than that.
No, my brother he's coming home.
We're having a party.
Oh, was he traveling? No, he was locked up.
This was nice.
You want to come back in the morning? I'll let you buy me coffee.
- Well, I have practice.
- Practice? Yeah, I play for the L.
Soccer? Oh.
You get more interesting by the moment.
Well, you'll make a great memory.
You too.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I got hung up.
Yeah, I'm gonna get the ice.
Yes, mother.
I know.
I know, I know, I know.
Just give me 20 minutes, I'm gonna change my clothes, and I'll be there.
Okay, I love you too.
Back door! I suppose you want to know who we are.
That'd be good.
Ah We're Riot till we die, we're Riot till we die, we're born to fight, we go all night, we're Riot till we die.
Guys, listen.
I already got some place to be.
Bullshit! Guard your loins, Bravo, for tonight's initiation is going to be a long one.
First order of business, penalty shots.
As you can see, your fine fellows here have brought along their favorite bottle of booze.
One player, one shot on the goal, meaning you.
The game's won when you're good and pissed.
Cheers, old boy.
Hey, hey.
No, no.
Sorry, man.
Oh, no, no, no.
For what it's worth, everyone goes through this.
- Caesar, I'm telling you - Just roll with it.
Fair warning.
Last time I did Tequila, I puked all over a guy.
Yeah! - Whoo! - Yeah! Yeah! Yo Nothing? Your mom said he called the house, said he was 20 minutes away.
That was over an hour ago.
Well, don't be so hard on him.
You know, I thought now that he left the D.
, he'd make being here a priority.
So, I'm annoyed.
Why aren't you annoyed? You know, it's cool.
- I know we'll hang out.
- Yo, Ricky.
What's going on? Look, he's he's just got a lot on his plate these days.
Yeah, I know, and I'm happy for him.
So you gonna become one of those soccer groupies? Excuse me? Back in the day, you used to be his biggest fan, cutting up orange slices and shit.
That was a long time ago.
What? I don't know.
I just figured you two would end up together eventually.
He's, like, my best friend.
You're saying the thought never even crossed your mind? I'm saying it doesn't matter.
We just went different directions.
Did you? Whatever direction he went in brought him right back to playing soccer, right? Meaning what? Orange slices.
Son of a bitch.
Come here.
I think I got something.
Watch this.
Watch this.
Okay, focus on the drinks, not the people.
- Ready? - Mm-hmm.
- The poison's in the stirrer.
- Yeah.
Smooth, right? Now watch this.
Ready? Right there.
See that? - That means - The waiter made a mistake, gave them the wrong drinks.
Donna's friend is the target.
Do we know her name? Tony talked to her earlier.
Run her through facial recognition.
- I'll find Bravo.
- Okay.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten The party's already started? Aw, what's up, man? Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Right this way, ladies.
Good to see you.
Denise, looking fine, of course, as usual.
Save me a whole bottle.
What's up, man? Wow, would you look Oh, okay.
You know I like to play like Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Flag on the play.
Lady Galan, I got to deny your entry.
Oh, come on.
You know what happened last time, right? Are you serious right now? Oh, don't be such a bore.
Still the more the merrier, I say.
Hello, darling, how are you? - Fine.
- You look fabulous.
- Her pops is gonna kill us.
- Carry on.
Hi, Senna.
Oh! Here we go.
You know you've got to get 100 jumps in a row before you finish.
Bravo, nice try.
Fifth time's the charm.
Wait a second.
No, uh-uh.
- No phones.
- Oh, dude.
- No.
- Dude.
Seriously, I got to get out of here, man.
I got a family thing I got to get to.
We're your family now, bro.
Indeed we are.
Come on, sir.
Smash that down.
Ah! All right.
- Yeah.
- Ow! Go! One, two, three, four, five, six.
No Tony? - He's still not picking up.
- No, it's okay.
I found her.
She filled out Donna's paperwork at Cedars.
Her name's Margot Atkins, and she's staying downtown at the Turlington.
Well, if we know her location, then chances are they do too.
Who is it? Hotel maintenance.
Could you come back in the morning? It's kind of late.
I wish I could, ma'am, but we're in the middle of a pretty serious flooding situation.
I do apologize, ma'am, but the guests directly overhead, a rather large gentleman, broke his toilet.
In the literal sense, things just shatted.
No pun intended.
Anyway, he flooded the entire unit.
I need to get in to make sure that no water of the brown persuasion is leaking into your bathroom.
It'll only take a second.
Could you do this quickly, please? - I'd like to get back to sleep.
- Absolutely.
Five minutes or your money back.
Oh, man, he just sat down and made quite a mess.
It looks like a bomb went off, and it's a shame too, because it's one of those new Japanese models with the swirly water.
but worth every penny, in my opinion.
I've sat on one.
Don't tell my boss.
Can I trouble you for a glass of water? I've been out since 6:00 this morning - Yeah, sure.
- Working a double shift.
- Just one sec.
- Thank you very much.
You know, from the tap is fine.
I'm not too particular when it comes to water.
Yeah, so my wife's got me working my keister off because she seems to think that we're one of the Rockefellers.
She wants to send our three-year-old daughter to a preschool that costs $14,000 a year, if you can believe that.
She says that preschool is more important than college, but, you know, I didn't go to either one, and I think I turned out fine, so what are you gonna do? Thank you very, very much.
Thank you.
Essence of life.
Right you are.
Only be a minute.
Oh, oh! Oh! Boom! Ah! Yeah! Darling Flores, where are you? Oh, you're missing out on all the fun.
Our guest of honor's in fine form.
Room 1101.
See you soon.
Ow! The guy over there just asked me to blow him in the bathroom.
You want to come in after me and punch him unconscious? Funny.
Seriously, though, don't you think I'm owed? Hey, look, I don't like to tell people how to live their lives, but you can afford to slow down some.
My father named me after a formula one race car driver.
I was born to move fast.
Ooh, hello, darling.
And that driver, where is he now? He hit a wall and died.
Hello? Okay.
Cops in the lobby.
Oh, come on.
It's barely midnight.
Darling, please.
You're not listening to me, Holester.
They're coming.
They're beyond the checkpoint.
There's nothing we can do.
You become one with the system.
I've got a black Amex, for Christ sake.
It doesn't matter.
They're on their way, and you got at least three felonies happening just on this side of the room.
- Hey, yo.
- Call the front desk.
- Tell them to buy us some time.
- Hey, hey.
You need a distraction.
If you've got an idea, Bravo, then perhaps you bust it out.
I intend to.
Ahhh! I'm Riot till I die! I'm Riot till I die! I'm born to fight, I run all night, I'm Riot till I die! I'm Riot till I die! I'm born to fight, I run all night, I'm Riot till I die! I'm Riot till I die! I'm Riot till I die! I'm born to fight, I run all night, I'm Riot till I die! Ah! Ah! Mari, Breaking wedding china's bad luck.
Let me help you with them.
Okay, it's fine.
Why don't you just call him and find out what happened? I know what happened.
He didn't come to his brother's homecoming.
It's unforgivable.
Being on a team is more than just about game day.
I'm sure he had a perfectly good reason for not coming to Ricky's He had a good reason all right.
After securing a walk-on spot with the L.
Riot earlier this week, Antonio Bravo, A.
"Matador", went a little overboard celebrating his one-year contract at the Hyperion last night.
After trashing his room, the Riot's newest member was arrested while streaking the hotel's crowded lobby.
As you can see, it took several attempts for L.
's finest to corral the "Matador" and sheathe Got to get together before it's too late, everybody Mm I know a beautiful - Whoo-hoo! - Yeah! Yeah.
- Matador.
- Whoo! Bravo! - Take it off! - Bravo, Bravo.
- Take it off! - Yes.
Whoo-hoo! Bring it in.
- Bravo, Bravo.
- Come on.
Thanks, Tony.
Good to see you, man.
Good to see you.
- All right.
- Good? Thanks for taking the hit last night, Bravo.
Sure, man.
Seriously? The guy drops trou for his frat boy teammates, and now he's a hero.
Let me guess.
You were blackballed in college.
All four years.
We're gonna go to Philippe's for breakfast.
- Yeah, come on.
- You down? Oh No, it's too early for me, man.
It's never too early for beef dip.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
I got to go catch up on my sleep.
- All right.
- I'll see you all later.
No worries.
Here he comes.
Okay, now, before you guys chew me out, I'm gonna need a couple Advil, and by a couple, I mean, like, nine.
What you did was stupid, and I've got a huge mess to clean up.
We've got bigger concerns.
Harju missed the target.
He wasn't after Donna Rossi.
- He was after her friend.
- What, Margot? Well, we need to post a detail, make sure she's protected.
She's staying at the Turlington.
The Turlington.
We know.
We've already got a team on the perimeter, and I got eyes on her suite last night.
You put cameras in her room? For her protection.
You talked to her earlier at the hospital.
Did you learn anything about her? Not at the hospital.
I gave her a ride back to her hotel, and I bought her a drink, I tried to get her talking, but, you know, one thing led to another, and we didn't actually do much talking.
You gotta be kidding me.
Real nice, Bravo.
Is that your M.
? Preying on the bereaved? Boy, I bet you'd clean up at Forest Lawn.
- No, it's not like that.
- Oh, no? Her friend practically died in my arms.
Well, guess what, Romeo? Your one-night stand has now turned into a meaningful relationship.
All right, I'm with you.
Let me call the hotel.
Damn it.
I lost my phone.
The things they did to this room.
_ Gotta get a damn Hazmat team up in here.
I never got your number.
I thought that was the point.
Aren't you supposed to be at practice? I called in sick.
Thought we could grab a bite if you're free.
As a matter of fact, I am.
Come on in.
Oh, that's very smooth.
What, this? It's nothing.
Thank you, sir.
Actually, I'm glad you're here.
There's something you should see.
Yeah? What's that? A picture of me and Donna.
Oh, you've been thinking about her.
It's gonna be okay.
Actually, I've been thinking about you.
Well, I like the sound of that.
Well, it's kind of hard not to because you're in the picture as well.
Yeah, there I am.
Would you look at that? And the strange thing is this man you're standing with, he's running around posing as a maintenance guy for this hotel.
- That guy? - Mm-hmm.
He came into my room last night with some story about fixing a leak.
I didn't think he was being completely honest with me.
And I don't think you are either.
So tell me Who are you, really?