Matador (US) (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Idol Worship

LAX, so the target is here.
- Somebody help! - Call the ambulance.
What's this? What's in his thermal? Donald's friend is the target.
Tonight's initiation is going to be a long one.
Do you want a future here? Stay away from Galan's daughter.
- She didn't make it.
- What am I suppose to do now? Have a drink with friends to clear it out? You're on this picture with me and Dona.
Who are you really? Who are you really? I can explain.
Just put the gun down.
You're not putting down the gun.
This isn't a joke.
I am who I told you I am.
That the best you can do? - Well, that's the truth.
- I don't believe you.
You gonna bail him out? Not yet.
Let's just see how he handles himself in a pinch.
Who's your friend in the photo? I have no idea.
I swear to God.
Well, maybe I don't believe in God.
Find some other way to convince me.
Okay, just all right, look.
I'm I'm kind of a local celebrity now, and and this guy, he recognized me, and he asked me for an autograph.
And I was just being polite.
It's simple as that.
And this sort of thing, it happens to you often? No, never.
In fact, it was kind of cool to be recognized in public like that.
My whole life, I'm a street kid from east L.
Now all of a sudden I'm More.
Oh, brother.
You have every right to be on edge.
You've been through a lot, but you got to believe me.
This this guy, he's just a coffee drinking, soccer loving, hotel maintenance worker.
Okay? It's just it's coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidences.
I can't.
Not in my line of work.
Wait, now I'm confused.
You said you worked for the Smithsonian.
Unless working for the Smithsonian's a cover and you're actually a spy.
Don't make fun of me.
I'm sorry.
Why do you have a gun? Look, the international art market can be a dangerous place.
All this cash floating around the world, lack of trust in paper assets.
I have colleagues that have been robbed and worse.
What are you doing? What is he doing? I could be an international art mole.
How would you know I'm not wearing a wire? Well, now that you mention it Ah.
Wire could be in there.
Won't you take my word for it? Hmm.
You leave me no choice.
How does he do that? Mm, thanks.
Look at this.
I wonder what she ordered.
I guess the bone-in filet didn't satisfy her.
They didn't call for room service.
Yeah, this isn't good.
Go, now! Jesus, Tony.
Ah! Tony? Compliments to the chef.
Everything all right out here? If it wasn't before, it is now.
Nice save.
Caesar! Caesar! Come on! No worries, Bravo.
I'm Rusty.
Quit your whining, Bravo, or get back on defense.
The boys are warming to Tony.
Kid's a project.
I've got too many projects.
I'm building a deck in my backyard.
Nine months, the thing's half done.
Yeah, so is Tony Bravo.
Is this about his arrest? Because there may be more to that night than you know.
That's what concerns me.
You're a grown man.
You want to get drunk and take your pants off instead of welcoming your brother back into society, that's your choice.
Ma, all I can say is there's more to that story than you know.
Okay? And I'm really sorry that I didn't come to the party.
You don't have to apologize, Tony.
Not to me at least.
All right, where's Ricky? He's at the mall looking for a job.
Mall? Not the magic shop.
Look, he needs to be employed.
It's a condition of his parole.
Yeah, but that was his high school job.
Okay, you got a better idea? Tony, just the man I wanted to see.
Look, we got to go over your contract before I call the riot attorneys.
Yeah, okay.
Well, now's not a good time, Javi.
Apparently, I got to go apologize to Ricky.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is doing the right thing an inconvenience to you? The right thing.
He'd still be in prison if it wasn't for me.
His good behavior I'd like to think I had a little something to do with that.
So the other night at the hotel, that was good behavior? Javi, ma's already gone there, okay? You got to be smart, son.
You're in the public eye now.
It makes you a target.
I'm barely on the team.
Who's gonna target me? Thanks for coming.
Curbside booty call? How could I refuse? I didn't have money for a hotel.
Ooh, hot.
So I've got, like, five minutes.
So if we're gonna knock boots, let's get to it.
I need access to the voice mails on this.
It wants a password.
What's in it for me? - Riot versus new England? - Great seats.
Seal it.
I'll be in touch.
Afternoon, Bravo.
How was practice? Good, real good.
You know, so much of the game is about communication, but once you establish that, passing is disregard.
Replacement phone.
It has all your old data, same encryption and failsafe, same number.
Try to hang on to this one.
Margot Atkins checks out at the Smithsonian, artifacts acquisitions department.
Any reason to think she was lying? Any reason to think she wasn't? We're not in the business of taking people at their word.
Yeah, I get that.
How does the art world intersect with Galan's network? That's what you need to find out.
- I'll stay close to her.
- Exactly.
And treat your relationship like more than a one-night stand.
Two-night stand.
Two-night stand.
Bravo's already been with her twice.
Yeah, it's Tony.
Hey, what's up, Javi? Wait, what? Whoa.
Wait, hold on slow down.
Did they say why? Okay.
No, no.
Thanks for letting me know.
The riot just pulled my contract offer.
Why? I'm guessing it has something to do with the other night.
What now? Leave this to me.
Miss? Miss, you can't go in there.
I am so sorry, Mr.
I tried to stop her.
I'll call security.
Uh, no, no, Paulina.
That won't be necessary.
And how can I help you, miss, um Spencer, Anne Spencer.
Pleased to meet you, Ms.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
No? Why not? I'm Tony Bravo's agent.
What's this bullshit about you rescinding his contract offer? Yes? It's me, Tony.
Which one? I know a lot of Tonys.
The one who got all dressed up to take you to his favorite restaurant.
Oh, that Tony.
I like that Tony.
I hope you don't mind me stopping by.
I just I wanted to impress you with my spontaneity.
Oh, I'm impressed.
But I have a work thing today.
- Oh, now you have a thing? - Well, it's kind of the whole reason I came to L.
So what is it? - An auction.
- An auction.
Yes, Brenton's.
There's a a piece I'm supposed to acquire.
Maybe I'll come with.
Look, I'm kind of havin' a bad day.
The team said they might cut me loose, and thought you and I could man, I'm embarrassing myself.
Go to your auction.
Maybe I'll see you later.
I hope you like entitled millionaires.
Is there any other kind? Just give me a minute.
Yeah, take your time.
I admire your direct approach, Ms.
I'm sure in smaller markets, it's served your clients very well.
Well, I'm just asking you to step back and reconsider.
I'm afraid my decision is final.
And I didn't get to where I am by second guessing myself.
Galan, you know as well as I do, when it comes to business, everything's negotiable.
This isn't business.
This is personal.
Has this got something to do with your daughter? Well, Tony mentioned she was at the hotel the night of the festivities, and I can assure you nothing happened despite her best efforts.
I suggest you tread lightly.
I've misjudged you if you're the kind of man who would allow the youthful indiscretions of his daughter get in the way of a lucrative business relationship.
And you have misjudged Tony Bravo's value to the riot.
With Tony's looks, his cinderella story, his growing social media presence, he's made for this town.
With the riot backdrop, matador could be a star.
Mm-hmm, you are quite the advocate.
Tony's lucky to have you on his team.
Luck's got nothing to do with it.
You know, I look at Tony Bravo, and I see a very valuable and unique asset, one which I am delighted to own 10% of.
You may well have a future in this business.
Tony Bravo, however, does not.
Now if you'll excuse me, art is a passion of mine, and I'm attending an auction at Brenton's today.
Surely, there is something I can do.
Yes, you can sign Landon Donovan.
Until then, I think we're done.
Now we know the auction is what connected Galan and Margot.
That's why he wanted her eliminated.
They're after the same item.
They could be.
Let's brief Bravo before he gets there.
We can't let Tony go to Brenton's.
If Galan sees him there, his cover's blown.
Tony has put himself at the center of the action.
That is exactly where we want him to be.
The bid is 800,000.
Do I hear any advance on 800,000? $800,000.
$1 million.
$1 million, thank you, sir.
$1 million.
The bid is now $1 million.
1 million, thank you, sir.
1 million.
Any advance? Sold to bidder at $1,100,000.
You're kidding me.
For the mustache boy.
Lot number 4573 is next, a flawless pre-olmec figure circa 1800 to 1500 b.
It's carved in hard-speckled greenstone, worked with amazing - Is that the one? - Wish me luck.
- Of unknown provenance - Good luck.
And never before to market.
So we're gonna start the bidding at $250,000.
you very much, sir.
Do I hear 350,000? $400,000.
$500,000, thank you.
Any advance? Going once.
At the back, new bidder, $650,000.
Thank you, madam.
That woman was not supposed to be in attendance.
Is that Tony Bravo with her? $700,000.
$700,000 in the back also, thank you, sir.
$1 million.
The bid is 1.
8, looking for 2.
$2 million.
Fair warning, sir.
We're already well over market.
You'll draw unwanted attention.
Fair warning, sir.
The bid's at you.
$2 million, going once, twice.
Not a chance.
$3 million.
The bid is $3 million, going once.
$3 million going twice.
Sold for $3 million.
Tony Bravo, what an unexpected surprise.
Likewise, Mr.
You were not on the top of my list of people I expected to see here tonight, especially accompanying my chief competition.
I'm sorry the bidding didn't go your way.
So am I.
The piece should be on permanent public display, not hidden away in some trophy case.
How do you two know each other? Oh, Mr.
Galan, he owns the riot.
That's the team that I play played for.
I'm not quite sure.
Actually, I had a very productive conversation with your agent.
Come to my office tomorrow.
We need to discuss your future.
I'll be there.
Yes, sir, thank you.
Excuse me, Mr.
A quick word, please, sir.
Excuse me.
What do you think that's about? I have no idea.
There's been a reassessment.
The winning bid has been invalidated due to a credit issue.
Andres Galan has credit issues? The consignor of the item has insisted that the deal close immediately.
Therefore, as second-place bid, the purchase redounds to you.
If you'll come with me.
- Do you believe this? - Crazy.
Credit issues? Let me guess.
That was you? We don't want Galan walking away with that piece.
Why? What's so important about it? We'll find that out soon enough.
What's important now is your friend Margot has something Galan wants.
Now, if we play this right, her little green man might be your ticket into Galan's inner circle.
You must think I'm crazy.
And why would I think that? The way I'm looking at our crooked little friend here.
No, I don't think that makes you crazy.
I think that makes you lucky.
You get to do what you love for a living.
Guess that makes us both lucky.
Was it a childhood dream for you to play professional soccer? - Kind of, yeah.
- Mm.
My dad, he, um He's gone now, but he started me young.
We used to walk to Hollenbeck Park, and I would spend all day trying to shoot past him.
I don't think I ever scored.
So $2 million, huh? Mm-hmm.
One of our more deep-pocketed patrons wanted it for our permanent collection.
Well, any idea why Mr.
Galan wanted it so badly? You'd have to ask him.
But for me, it's a it's a beautiful reminder of what we've lost.
What's that? Our sense of wonder.
In most Mesoamerican cultures, hunchbacks were regarded as seers.
Kings would invite them to court so they could commune in a supernatural realm, a compassion born out of wonder.
You can just imagine how terrifying and amazing the world appeared to them.
And now Nothing amazes.
It's as if we've forgotten how to experience the mystery.
Do you know what I mean? I have no idea.
He's staring at me.
Wait right here.
Harju was supposed to be the best.
He'd done excellent work in the past.
And what good does that do me now? We'll figure out a way to recover the artifact.
And in the meantime, dig into Tony Bravo.
We did a full background check.
That was before he turned up at the auction with that woman.
He's a mechanic from east L.
Does that make any sense to you? I want to know everything else there is to know about Tony Bravo.
- Ricky.
- What's up, bro? I could've shot you, man.
But you didn't.
No harm, no foul.
You want some? It's your favorite, brown sugar cinnamon.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I buy them, and I keep them in my house.
Well, bro, that's a lot of 'tude considering you almost killed me a second ago.
What are you doing here? Heard you came by the house yesterday.
Was there something you wanted to say to me? I did.
I do.
I wanted to say I'm really sorry that I didn't come to your party.
It's all right.
- No hard feelings.
- Really? You're just gonna let me off the hook like that.
So much else to talk about, bro.
Such as? You.
Your soccer career.
You're blowin' up.
Everybody's already talking about you.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that.
They will be.
That's where I come in, as president of Tony Bravo enterprises.
I'll be your voice to the community.
No, man.
I'm already setting up websites for you in English - and in espaƱol.
It's a great way to stay connected to your fans and sell them shit.
But Ma said you're getting a job at Vic's.
Vic's tricks is no more.
Now it's a magic barn or some shit.
New owners aren't looking to hire a felon.
All right, look.
Now, I don't know what the future holds for me and the riot, but if everything works out all right, and you promise me that you're gonna run everything by me first promise me.
We'll give this a shot.
- Ha-ha - Come on, man.
Come on, dude.
Oh, man, this is gonna be great.
You won't regret it.
Me, you, and pop working together, man.
Javi? Yeah.
He's negotiating your contract, right? He's all fired up about being your agent or whatever.
I never said he could be my agent.
You're not thinking about firing him, are you? Firing him? It wouldn't really be firing him if I never hired him in the first place.
Right? Right.
It's all good.
You won't be sneaking up on anyone in those.
What can I say? I'm a terrible deep throat.
That explains a lot.
Any luck? In a word, not so much.
from M.
If you can't hack a simple phone? This used to be a simple phone.
But it's had some serious upgrades.
I went to root it, but the configuration of the board didn't look right.
This thing is rigged to fry its own circuits if someone hacks it.
That's unusual.
This is darpa grade tech.
Who'd you get it from? Well, whoever it is, I suggest you unfriend them posthaste.
Sit down, Tony.
Sir, firstly, I want you to know how sorry I am about how things went down the other night at the party.
Now, I know how that must've looked.
And then yesterday at the auction I mean, you've really got to know my priorities are entirely with this team.
My loyalty is to you.
Enlighten me as to the nature of your relationship with miss Atkins.
We met at a hotel bar where she was staying, had a few drinks, and we clicked.
You're in the habit of going alone to bars of five-star hotels to meet women? Well, it's more of an investment strategy.
Companionship can yield some quality perks.
Yes, I'm beginning to understand you a little better, Tony.
I never said I was an angel.
I'm aware of your less-than-angelic history all the way back to your youthful encounters with the criminal justice system.
These records were supposed to be expunged when I turned 18.
Don't forget who I am, Tony.
But I'm impressed with the fact that you would rather go to prison then testify against your cohorts.
It's like I said, I'm loyal to my friends.
You and I are not friends.
But we could be.
I mean, I can be of service to you in certain situations off the field.
And what would you expect in return for these off-the-field services? I just want to play soccer.
The auction item.
There were people who were counting on me to acquire it.
Perhaps you could still help me with that.
So those photos worked like a charm.
Galan wants me to help him steal the figurine from Margot.
You got any sense why he's got such a hard-on for this artifact? Well, I don't know, but from the way he's talking, it sounds like he wants it for someone else.
Expensive gift.
What's the plan? I'm supposed to get Margot out of the suite between 7:00 and 8:00 tonight, and he's gonna send someone in, crack the safe.
Then we'll just have to beat him to it.
I want you and her out of the hotel by 6:00.
Then you'll go in, crack the safe, and put a tracker on the piece so we can figure out where it ends up.
Wait, we're just gonna let Galan steal it.
No, you are.
And in doing so, you'll become useful to him, and we can get closer to identifying other players in his network.
Two birds, one stone man.
'Cause the artifact is a stone man.
- Okay, let's do it.
- Yeah.
No, we get it.
I'm in.
Get to it.
Latents are clearly visible on the four, six, eight, and nine keys.
Assuming she used each number once, that makes for 24 possible combinations.
Sending now.
Got it.
Come on.
Son of a bitch.
Noah, we have a situation.
Samuel just entered the lobby.
Well, he's early.
Okay, speed it up.
Hold on.
Give me just a second.
He's on the elevator.
Hurry up.
I just need a few more seconds to figure out where to put the tracker.
Almost there.
Hurry up.
Okay, I am.
I'm moving.
Noah, he's at the door.
Speed it up.
Almost there.
Almost there.
First try.
You've got to be kidding me.
I'm told you wanted to see me, Mr.
Actually, there is something I wanted you to see.
Extraordinary, isn't it? Yeah.
It kind of reminds you of what we've lost.
What we've lost indeed.
You know, Tony, you may be a promising athlete, but you make a terrible spy.
Sir? It's a fake! What what do you mean? The object that Samuel took out of her safe, it wasn't real.
But how did she know we were coming? Isn't it obvious? Your girlfriend saw you coming a mile away.
She swapped it out.
Why would she do that? Because maybe she's not who you thought she was.
Excuse me, Sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Damn it! Where'd she go? The woman the woman that was staying here, donde esta? Yo no sei.
The woman, she leave.
Did she check out? When? Que hora? En la noche.
For you.
Everything we found out about Margot Atkins, who works for the Smithsonian, it's gone.
What do you mean gone? The trail's been wiped clean like she never even existed.
Whoever she's really working for created a false legend, then erased it.
We're not dealing with amateurs here.
She duped me.
She duped all of us.
The good news is you've established loyalty with Galan.
He knows you're willing to color outside of the lines.
We can use that going forward.
It couldn't have all been an act.
She really got to you, didn't she? What? Well, this whole time, you thought you were playing her, but she was playing you.
The old schtup and dupe.
It's kind of ironic, isn't it? We done here? Yeah.
Break away.
Break away.
Go, go, go, go, go.
What's up, bro? Not much.
So this is what you're doing with your freedom now? Playing video games? Fifa, bro.
It's all about the ancillary markets and shit.
Come on.
You want to game up? Give you A.
No, I'm good.
You're back on the team, huh? How did it happen? It was a mix-up.
Scare tactic more like.
They probably didn't think you had somebody looking over your deal.
Pablo, is this a good time to go over some specifics? 'Cause they man, they got this option on you, and and maybe in a couple of months, - it's not gonna mean anything.
- Jefe.
But I think we should cover our butts here.
I've already retained representation.
It's just, you know, someone with experience in the marketplace.
Well, yeah, of course.
It's not you.
It's okay.
Tony, I I understand.
You need a professional, right? I'm still gonna come to you for advice.
It's just not gonna be official.
I'm not boxin' you out, Javi.
I love you.
You know that.
You broke his heart.
Do we know who the woman was working for? I know little but suspect much.
You think it was them.
I think the artifact is gone and that we should move on to the contingency plan.
Very well.
Reach out to Mark Tarzola.
Is that a problem? As brokers go, he's not the most dependable choice.
Nevertheless, he has the appropriate resources.
What would you like me to tell him? Tell him I need an army.