Matador (US) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Code Red Card

The boys are warming to Tony.
Caesar! - Kid's a project.
- Come on! Everybody is already talking about you.
That's where I come in, as president of Tony Bravo Enterprises.
Give us a shot.
You've established loyalty with Galan.
Now, if we play this right, it might be your ticket into Galan's inner circle.
And that we should move on to the contingency plan.
Reach out to Mark Tarzola.
What would you like me to tell him? Tell him I need an army.
The ball should fit your foot like it was born there.
When they become one again, this is where the power comes.
Good, Tony.
Who were you kicking it to, exactly? All right, listen up.
Listen up.
You all will be happy to know we're going with a light practice today so as to not burn you out for tomorrow's game.
Light practice? Are you going soft on us, coach? I went soft a long time ago, Holester.
Seven straight losses to the Austin Terror, and I'm positively limp.
I'm this close to bringing Duquesne in to satisfy my wife's womanly needs.
Do you hear me? I am one more loss away from cuckolding myself.
So I ask you No, I beseech you, save me from that humiliation and just beat Austin.
We still have one spot left on the roster for tomorrow.
- Right, Heddo or Youngblood.
- What do you think? I think our disadvantage in this rivalry has become self-fulfilling.
We need a fundamental shift in the spirit of the team.
I think you've been drinking too much of your ceremonial tea.
He's been staying every day after practice.
He's hungry.
Then buy him a sandwich.
He's been putting into work, good for him.
He's still not ready.
Maybe it's you who are not ready.
Afro-Yoda horseshit.
Used to be able to do that for three hours.
It's crazy how it comes back.
We've picked up chatter off the satellite which suggests Galan will be meeting with a man named Moktar Zola at the game tomorrow.
Moktar Zola? What is that, klingon? He's a mercenary broker with a penchant for beheadings, but, sure, let's joke about it.
Zola made his bones in the Congo, raping, pillaging, and executing his way to platinum club warlord status with the tacit approval of the corrupt government.
In '97 a coup brought the hammer down on him and his buddies, and Zola went international, amassing a private army, which he now rents out to the highest bidder.
So Galan goes from buying art to buying soldiers.
- How's that connected? - We don't know.
That's why we need ears on that meeting.
Galan keeps a model car on his desk.
This is a bug that we'd like you to place on it.
Now, I'm sure in all of your elegant smash and grabs at the DEA you've never had to use one of these things, so let me explain it to you in a way that I think you'll understand.
You press this button right here I got it.
If I need help fixing toilets while I'm there, - I know who to call.
- Whatever, man.
I played that sting perfectly.
I followed protocol to a tee, and I got the job done.
No way.
I made tomorrow's roster.
Yeah, good for you, Pelé.
Can you plant the bug or what? It's game day.
The stadium's going to be crawling with people.
I can't exactly sneak into Galan's office.
Shouldn't have to sneak.
Getting close to Galan is the whole point of this operation.
Use that proximity.
Get it done.
Is it porn time? I could come back.
That was a joke.
Are you going out again tonight? Well, that's the plan.
So you wanted to chat? Ravensen music school.
Why would I want this? You'll be attending there in the fall.
- What? - Look, if music is really what you want to do with your life, then you should do it the right way.
I'm not running across the country when the industry is right here.
It's all about me and my band making good contacts right now.
You need instruction, Senna, refinement.
That's the way life is.
No one wants an amateur when they can work with a real professional.
Dad, you're so clueless sometimes.
This whole business is about discovering the next hot amateur.
I mean, our YouTube channel has almost 2 million hits.
If half those people buy our album, we'd go platinum.
You would have to finish recording an album first.
I know.
We're really close.
You've been saying that for the last 18 months.
Look, Senna, I believe you're talented.
How would you know? You've never even been to one of our gigs.
Regardless, celebrity is not a profession.
You need a good foundation.
When I started out, I didn't know the first thing about telephones.
Enough with the "poor immigrant made good" story.
It's tired.
I'm just trying to do the right thing by my only daughter.
Please, you think I don't know what this is really about? You want me as far away from your precious soccer team as possible.
You don't think I know how embarrassed you are of me? You don't make it easy to be proud.
Just what every daughter wants to hear.
You know what? I'm glad mom didn't live to see you send her only child away.
She'd hate you for it.
Let me guess, a champorado and a churro.
I'm buying.
I'm good.
Just a coffee then.
Look, I'm sorry I've been off the grid lately.
You have to admit, it's pretty crazy.
Me, playing professional soccer.
Yeah, I'm really busy right now.
- Oh.
- So maybe we can talk about this in a few weeks when I decide I'm free.
No, you're right.
I mean, it's not like you ever ignored me when I wanted to talk.
That's right, because I'm your friend.
Mm-hmm, so I just imagined that whole "Tony wets the bed" thing? - We were eight.
- So? I needed you, and you weren't available.
I got over it.
Mm, no.
Oh, you're really gonna make me eat this all alone? Yeah, no, I wish I could help, but it's all egg whites and veggies for me.
This body doesn't sculpt itself.
So is this what you're gonna be like now? Believe me, I'd love nothing more than to eat, like, ten of those, but I need to be ready to play today.
Wait, you're playing? In a game? - Why didn't you tell me? - Well, I just did.
Tony, this is amazing.
Seriously, your mom must be freaking out.
She doesn't know yet.
Why not? Because I'll probably just be riding the bench, and I didn't want to get her hopes up.
Listen, uh I had the dream again last night.
- The one with you and - My dad, yeah.
It's been, like, ten years since I had it.
It's weird, right? Not really.
You don't have to be Freud to realize that playing again might bring back these memories.
So will you come to my game? Like I said, I'll probably just be warming the bench, but just I wouldn't miss it.
I understand.
We'll see you then.
Zola's running late.
He said to expect him around halftime.
His flight was supposed to land an hour ago.
Apparently, he wants to do some sightseeing first, or maybe he just likes making people wait.
It seems to be having the desired effect.
Say what you mean.
There's a lot riding on this transaction, if you're going to make up for losing the artifact.
Let's not forget.
You lost it right along with me.
I'm not the issue.
The success of this enterprise is crucial to your status in the eyes of the group.
You need to go into this calmly and not let Zola agitate you.
Moktar Zola's the least of my agitations right now.
Senna? I don't suppose you've seen her today? No.
You give her everything she wants, so she has no incentive to change.
And what would you know about being a parent? Only what I learned from being a child who didn't have one.
They died.
And you were raised by wolves, I assume.
Something like that.
Go wait outside for our visitor.
I've got a game to watch.
Another beautiful day in sunny Southern California.
Since entering the American united soccer league, the Riot are a dismal three and ten at home against the Terror, making this one of the most lopsided rivalries in the league.
Oh, my God, Tony has his own jersey.
- No way! - Galan's no dummy.
He's gonna make money off the matador brand any way he can.
This is so cool.
I have to have one.
Of course, but take a picture for Instagram.
My baby my baby has made it to the big times.
Can you believe that? Ah, you know how Tony is when he sets his mind on something.
Aren't you proud of your brother? Yeah, big-time.
What? No, it's great.
It's great.
You made it.
- Hey! - Hi! We've already been here for an hour.
Your mom wanted to beat traffic.
That sounds about right.
- I'm proud of you, bro.
- Thank you.
No, no, you deserve it, you know.
- Thanks, Rick.
- You really do.
I just want to say, I love you, man.
I know you do.
I know you love me.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Cool.
How would you like to meet Andres Galan? What? No, I couldn't possibly.
- Are you are you sure? - Yes.
Because if I knew I was going to meet my first mogul, I would have worn, you know, high heels.
Ma, he puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.
Except his pants are worth more than my truck.
Lead the way, my little football star.
Yeah, just don't say stuff like that in front of him.
Help them find their seats, and I'll take Ma.
Break a leg.
I'm gonna hit the head first, all right? Say, would you ladies like a private tour of this place, maybe meet some players, get some souvenirs? - Yeah? - All right, come on.
Are you sure this is okay, Tony? I don't want to I don't want to be a bother.
It's my pleasure, please.
Can I pop in there for a second? I want my mom to meet the man that changed my life.
Really? It's my mom, man.
Can I get five minutes? Please, she's been driving me up the wall about it.
Thank you.
She left here last night around 8:00.
We'd had words.
Come in.
Just tell me if you see her.
Please forgive me.
And we're live.
My daughter has a habit of becoming unreachable.
Hmm, I know how it is.
Galan, I'd like you to meet my mother.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Oh, speaking of which, isn't it time you went down to warm up, Tony? I don't want you to pull something.
And I'm sure your mother can't wait to see her son's debut.
Oh, are you kidding? I'm over the moon.
We all are, especially to have him playing for someone as inspirational as you.
What are you doing on the 14th of next month? I'm only asking because my only daughter, Cristina, she's celebrating her quinceañera Mom, he's not coming to the party.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Oh, no, please, don't apologize, although I must decline.
I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful occasion.
You know, I remember my Senna's quinceañera like it was yesterday.
But it's a bittersweet celebration.
They grow up so fast, especially the girls.
Oh, thank you so much for all you've done for my Tony.
Okay, all right, that's enough hugging.
Appreciate it, sir.
It's been a pleasure.
Let the festivities begin.
This, the second of three matches between the Riot and the Austin Terror.
Austin winning the previous match, 4-2.
Now, earlier this week, coach MacDonald promised his team would respond with a bold new attacking style.
But that strategy could backfire and leave the Riot vulnerable to the Terror's speedy counterattack.
And here come the Terror on the attack, picking their way through the Riot defense.
Get him! Hernandez, with a quick shot, but he blasts it over the crossbar.
Riot are pressing now.
Arguello has it.
There's a flick on to Holester, who charges past the defense.
- Out comes Lee to challenge.
- Go! Oh, Lee dives in at the last moment to dash the Riot's dream of an early lead.
Here's a deep cross from Arguello for Heddo, and, oh, what a chance there, just poked high This is how it goes, back and forth for 90 minutes, nobody scores? Some people believe scoring isn't everything.
The playing, the lead-up, it can be just as exciting, if not more.
Wait, are we talking about the same thing? Youngblood now to Holka.
A bad touch there as he gives it up to Van Parker in the midfield to Hernandez.
Now, Mugler and back to Hernandez.
Top corner for the goal! What the So the Terror strikes first, just shy of the 18-minute mark.
And, oh, my, MacDonald is not happy at all.
Riot charging ahead, looking to equalize.
Here's a try for Holester at the top of the box, but Stockton is there to snuff it out.
And here's that vulnerability we talked about, the Riot defense spread very wide after that attack.
Martin takes advantage.
Excellent vision, slices wide to Ivanovich for the goal! Ivanovich sneaking one past storm inside the near post, and already the Riot are down 2-nil in the 25th minute.
No defense.
You got to play defense in this league.
Oof, talk about a blowout.
No wonder Bravo made the team.
They suck.
The Riot can't seem to maintain possession, and here comes the Terror, effortlessly driving through the Riot defense.
Oh, and that's an awful Frustration foul on stockton.
He had to do it.
And this is going to give the Terror an excellent chance to add to their lead as Hernandez lines up to take the free kick just beyond the penalty box.
The wall is up, storm is set, and here's the kick.
Oh, and Hernandez rockets one right past Duquesne storm.
And that is gonna do it for the first 45.
The Terror opening up what is likely to be an insurmountable Hey, anything going on upstairs? Galan just got off the phone with security.
It sounds like Zola's arrival is imminent.
Well, what else do you need from me? Just keep warming that bench.
Nothing else for now.
Good luck in the second half.
Maybe you'll get some playing time.
Yeah, thanks.
You don't have to be such a dick.
Hey, I'm being straight with him.
You're feeding the fantasy.
So who's the real dick here? Not you, obviously.
It only hurt for a second.
Thank you for coming all the way to Los Angeles on such short notice.
It's no problem.
I used miles.
I hope you don't mind if we get to business right away.
I have a second half to watch.
Perhaps it's better you don't watch.
I have a bad feeling about how this one is going to turn out.
I believe our general needs have been communicated to you.
We will need your men to be mobilized by the end of the week.
Now, we're offering a flat fee.
If you incur any casualties, there will be no compensation over and above the original fee.
I trust this won't be a problem.
You pay, they will be there.
Well, then, this is the easiest deal you've ever made.
Shall we shake on it? I must first know why you need so many men.
Excuse me? I just don't have men standing in line waiting to fight.
They are spread far and wide.
It takes time and energy to get them together.
I understand that.
It's a lot to ask on a tight time frame, especially when I don't know the exact nature of the operation.
Your men will receive their orders when they arrive at the staging area.
I hear that you are targeting something very valuable down there, and I assume my men will help you get it.
If you are looking for a percentage, then you are overplaying your hand.
Why don't we just shake on it and hammer out the specifics? There are several other brokers out there who are just as capable of delivering what I need.
I'd be happy to take my business to them.
I respect you.
You're a smart man.
You got where you are by seizing opportunities when they presented themselves.
I am the same way.
I want to know when and I want to know where, exact coordinates.
So you can mount your own operation and cut me out.
Ah, I think we're done, here.
I don't think so.
In fact, I think we are just getting started.
Why should I tolerate another moment of this? Because, I have your daughter.
And, here, I thought we said there would be no weapons? You won't find her that way.
We've disabled her locator.
Even the most advanced piece of tracking technology doesn't stand a chance against a good pair of pliers.
Where What the hell did you do to me? Did you pull out my tooth? Really, you're not going to say anything, you sick fuck? It wasn't your tooth we wanted little girl.
It was the locator.
You didn't know? Interesting.
So what is this? Huh, you're just gonna hold me for ransom? Well, you obviously didn't do your homework.
My father doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Ow! We're not terrorists, little girl.
And now for the piece de resistance of the Tony Bravo Enterprises tour, the Riot locker room.
See, there's lucky Buddha.
Duquesne's beats.
I knew you ladies would dig it.
Ooh, let's see what the new guy's wearing.
Oh, that smells like wet dog.
Ah, I heard that was a gift from his brother and it came highly recommended by the salesperson.
Ooh, look, Holester's locker.
- Uh-uh, give it.
- No, I touched it first.
Oh, my God, it's still warm.
Ladies, please, there's got to be a way we can settle it.
Maybe you could put this on and we could pretend that What was your name, again? Holester.
Call me Holester.
As we enter the 56th minute, the Riot find themselves in a familiar position.
They trail Austin 2-nil, but there's still plenty of time left for the Riot to make a move.
Oh, good, you are ready to talk.
How much do you want? I think I have enough for now.
I'll give you $500,000.
You let her go.
A million.
I don't want your money, Andres.
I want to know when and I want to know where.
But the fact that you offered such a large sum, rather than give me what I am after, tells me everything I need to know.
I will not be leaving here without those coordinates.
If she is hurt, you will die.
If she is hurt, then you have failed as a father.
This shrimp is excellent.
Fresh? It must be.
No frozen fish tastes this good.
One of the perks of living by the ocean I guess.
Has Galan given him anything? He just tried to give him a million bucks for Senna's safe return.
Zola wouldn't bite.
But check this out.
When Galan was on the phone earlier he implied Senna left the stadium around eight.
So I scrolled through the security footage to try to find her departure, and I found this.
She never left the stadium.
Opening minutes of the second half here as the Riot are really fighting to get some momentum going against this stifling Austin defense.
Good solid Riot ball control, but the Terror swoop in and pick off another pass.
Tony, you have a call from the owner's box.
Galan? What the hell are you doing down there, Bravo? I don't pay you to sit on your ass.
Just kidding, man.
It's Noah.
It was pretty good, right? You should hear my Pacino.
"Oh, yeah, I'll take a flame-thrower to this plac" That's enough.
Tony, listen.
Galan's daughter's been abducted by Zola.
He's using her to leverage intel.
He's got Senna? He wants to know what Galan's planning.
This could potentially be helpful to us.
He's imposed an end of game deadline.
- Do you know where she is? - Somewhere in the stadium.
We need you to help us figure out where.
Me? You know the layout, we don't.
Noah tracked her to a set of double doors directly below a weight room.
Do you have any idea where that might lead? I don't know, I mean, there's a kitchen down there somewhere, a couple of storerooms.
Why, what's your plan? Target her position, get a team in place and let things play out.
- Play out? - I told you.
If Galan gives in, this could be intel we could use.
Zola could kill her regardless.
- Not likely.
- Look, I've read his file.
He's boiled entire villages in oil for something to do.
You have no idea what is or is not likely.
I'm going to get her.
Bravo, stand down.
Bravo, where the hell do you think you're going? Caesar's cramping up.
You're going in.
Didi says you're ready.
I'm not so sure.
Guess we're about to find out who's right.
Now, get the hell in there.
Riot down 2-nil, in the second half, but there's a lot of time left.
And, now, look at this.
Tony Bravo, the rookie, who somewhat famously ended Gregor Zupon's season during those Riot open tryouts, well he's just entered the game.
So, now, we're gonna get to see the very first minutes in the career of the man that the people are calling "Matador.
" Wakey, wakey, cinderella.
Come on.
What the Now, I see why the fans like him so much.
This guy is a whirling dervish out there.
He is throwing himself at anybody who comes his way.
What the hell is he doing? He's trying to get kicked out.
That was an accident.
Riot on the move, now.
A nice cross into the box to Holester, who's found his way through the defense.
Oh, and a critical challenge there from Rodriguez, who's been a constant Thorn in Holester's side.
Holester pleading his case.
No booking, yet, from the ref.
And hold on.
Here comes Tony Bravo.
What the hell, ref? Try that shit on me, man.
What did he do that for? The Matador strikes again.
And, now, we have a decision, folks.
It is a red card for Tony Bravo.
And after that display of old school enforcement, the Riot now find themselves down, not only 2-nil, but also down a man and it looks like the Terror have this one well in hand.
I-I want to go home, now.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Would you rather me go here? It seems like a lot more work for you.
Here you go.
Big mistake.
Ah! Be alone with your thoughts.
Your team is struggling.
It's a bad day all around for you.
I have to admit, I misjudged you.
That's one thing we can agree on.
I pegged you as simple.
Seeking wealth above all else.
But it's not money that fuels your ambition, it's power.
You want to be a world player, but you cannot, without the proper connections, without the proper sponsorship.
I can offer you this.
So let's just forget this whole misunderstanding ever happened.
You bring me Senna and we can fulfill our earlier agreement and I can get you a seat at the table.
And this is where I give you a slow clap, yes? A generous offer, Andres, but I believe I can find my own seat.
Time and coordinates.
You have ten minutes.
Tell the girl to prepare for pain.
- Ricky.
- Help me.
Help me.
Her father refuses to give me the coordinates, so I want you to put one in her leg.
Maybe this will motivate him.
And leave the camera on her.
I want him to see it.
Daddy, do some The next one goes through her head.
Let her go.
Give me what I want.
I cannot.
You can do whatever you want.
You are Andres Galan.
No, there are greater forces at work here.
You don't even know the coordinates, do you? You are just a middleman.
Galan's not calling the shots.
And, here, I thought I was sitting down with someone of importance.
I would like a word with these greater forces.
Get them on the phone.
Come on, Galan, we are in the 83rd minute.
I'm bored.
I don't like this game.
Your men are brutish and their play is ugly.
If you don't get me the information I seek, I will kill your daughter and make you watch.
Make the call.
Who's there? Who's there? Leave me alone! Just leave me alone.
Do something, please, daddy.
Help me.
Help me! Oh, my God, Tony.
I'm so glad you found me.
How did you find me? Uh, I heard you screaming.
And my father thinks I don't have a good voice.
Oh, my God.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Galan, don't do this.
Hang up the phone.
Hang up the phone.
You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.
Who's he calling? Whoever it is, we're about two dial numbers away from getting their location.
You die if you do this.
- Better me than my daughter.
- Both of you! - Am I crazy, or was that - Galan's body guard was threatening to kill him.
He's protecting someone.
Seems you have dissension in your ranks, Galan.
That's your business.
Just keep your weapon pointed downwind, boy.
If that barrel swings my way, the girl dies instantly.
Isn't that right, Lubo? Yes.
Bravo? How are you calling on my daughter's phone? Now! Put it in the books.
This one goes to Austin.
But maybe the most memorable thing to come out of this match, today, is the short-lived play of Tony "Matador" Bravo.
What? That cowboy shit you pulled may have worked for the DEA, but not here.
You violated a direct order.
Which could have cost us a vital piece of intel.
You know if standing idly by while some girl's life hangs in the balance is how you get your intel, then you suck at your jobs.
Says a guy who got his Rosarito beach CI's head chopped into sausage.
My job is to get in close with Galan.
Don't you think that will be a little tough to do if his daughter's killed? Protocol says you follow the chain of command.
Yeah, well you know where you can shove your protocol.
Okay, shut up, both of you.
Noah has a point.
Who knows when we'll get another opportunity like this? I am the opportunity.
Don't you get that? I saved his daughter's life.
That's currency.
Look, this is how it's gonna go down.
I'm gonna go back to work tomorrow and I'm gonna get you all the intel on Galan that you could ever want.
You want to know why? Because I get him.
He might be a power-mad billionaire bent on world domination, but deep down he's still a kid who survived the block just like me.
So you two are going to have to figure out a way to trust me once in a while.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you.
Eisen is on his way.
So you can put another tracker in my tooth? I'm sorry.
I should have told you about that, but it was for your own protection.
Great job.
It really fooled those guys, huh? There are things afoot that you couldn't possibly understand.
I understand that if it wasn't for Tony I'd be dead.
I appreciate what he did for you, but I think it's best that you keep your distance from him.
Right, because you think I'm just going to sleep with him.
Because I have a vision for Tony Bravo's future And you don't want to be in it.
I'm really sorry you had to see that.
I don't know what happened.
When the guy plays dirty I just lost it all.
You don't have to apologize.
But I do, I mean, I feel like I embarrassed all you guys.
Here I am telling Cristina to keep herself in check and then I go and do that.
You know, it's not really Cristina you need to worry about.
How pissed was Ma? You remember out eighth grade field trip to Griffith Park? When we set off the sprinklers at the laser show? - Mm-hmm.
- That bad, huh? Worse.
Sup, bro? What are you doing here, boy? All right, and that's my cue.
No, no, no, no.
I got it.
You paid last time.
Oh, all right.
Well, I will see you boys.
Way to go yesterday, Matador.
Getting thrown out with that hard man shit.
Building your brand will be good business for Bravo Enterprises.
- Really? - What? You're just not going to say anything? I don't know what you're taking about, Bro.
You playing hot dogs and donuts with two fan girls in the locker room.
You saw that? Yes, I saw that, right around the time I realized I didn't have my key card.
Gave them the Bravo Enterprises gold tour.
You can't be doing shit like that.
You get caught.
I get in trouble.
You get charged for trespassing.
You go back to jail.
Then what? No more Tony Bravo Enterprises.
Do you get it? Got it.
In my defense, they were super hot.
And I've been in jail, Bro.
This shit gets old fast.
Just as long as we're clear.
No more dirty shit.
Every morning find me moanin' Yes, lord 'Cause of all the trouble I see All you had to do was render a service and know your place.
But you had to be ambitious.
Not the best choice, was it? What's the matter, you don't want to talk? Oh.
Too much ambition is a dangerous thing.
Trust me, I know.
Congratulations, you've just been promoted.
Now, get our men ready.
Life's a losing gamble to me yes, lord