Matador (US) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Enter the Worm

You've established loyalty with Galan.
Now, if we play this right, it might be your ticket into Galan's inner circle.
Who knows when we'll get another opportunity like this? I am the opportunity.
I saved his daughter's life.
That's currency.
I have a vision for Tony Bravo's future And you don't want to be in it.
We will need your men to be mobilized by the end of the week.
I hear that you are targeting something very valuable Now get that man ready.
Delta commander, talk to me.
We're pinned down on the eastern flank.
laying down suppressive fire.
Maintain positions, and await further instructions.
Jarek out.
We have a problem.
Enlighten me, Mr.
The cartel security detail was larger than anticipated.
- Can you take the prize? - Uncertain.
High casualties regardless.
We're looking at a stalemate here.
Keep up the pressure.
I'll be in touch.
It seems Zola's men are unable to advance to the target.
That's unfortunate.
Actually, it's what I expected.
Then what was the point of sending them down there? To set the stage.
Hey, hope you don't mind the pop-in.
Well, actually I'm just headed to practice, so Come right in.
Decent place.
Not the frat boy furnishings I was expecting.
Here, I usually just buy the most expensive bottle, but the guy at the store recommended that one.
You shouldn't have.
Well, I had to do something, right? And throwing myself at you obviously hasn't worked.
Seriously, that guy would've shot me if you hadn't shown up.
And it's not like my dad was gonna do anything about it.
Well, I'm sure that wasn't the case.
Oh, family history says otherwise, yeah.
It's not the first time this kind of thing has happened.
Back in Mexico, when I was six, they took my mom.
The guys who did it thought my rich dad would pay a lot of money to get her back.
But Andrés Galan was not about to give in to the demands of common thugs.
So rather than pay, he hired some guys to go rescue her.
Guys with guns.
And when they went in, everybody started shooting, and the kidnappers died, but my mom did too.
He could've just given them the money, but that would've meant admitting defeat.
He always has to win, no matter what.
Are you gonna be okay? Why wouldn't I be? As far as he's concerned, my whole little episode never happened, so I'll be just fine.
I'll let you get to practice.
Be careful, Tony.
- I always am.
- No, I mean it.
You've proven yourself useful to him, and that could lead you to places you don't want to go.
No practice today.
What are all those guys doing out on the field? They practice.
You come with me.
Why? Did something happen? Now.
Get on the plane.
You gonna tell me what this is about? Okay.
Good talk.
I apologize for the abrupt departure, but please make yourself comfortable.
- Hey.
- What's up? I was wondering who might round out the trio.
Trio? Hello there, Slayer.
All right, what is this? This another hazing thing, or Please take your seats and strap in, gentlemen.
We are about to be aloft in 60 seconds.
- Is that - Hey, don't worry.
Galan, he's an instrument-rated pilot.
Or so he claims.
Where the hell is he taking us? He likes to keep it mysterious, but I heard him on the radio saying something about the Mosquito Coast.
The Mosquito Coast? - Mmm.
- As in Nicaragua? Home of scorpions, death squads, and the most virulent strain of gonorrhea I've ever encountered.
Only one thing's for certain.
It'll make one hell of a story.
Last time we did this, it was Caracas.
Three guys from the Venezuela National Team.
It was a beautiful game.
I mean, these guys, they're artists.
Attack patterns like you've never seen.
Fucking Picassos with cleats, the lot of them.
Now, would you mind shutting up already? How often do these games happen? Whenever they want them to happen.
I mean, it's not surprising.
You got access to elite players.
Or less than elite players.
You're gonna want to show them off, right? So they have these high-stakes private matches.
Is it always on such short notice? It depends.
Just roll with it.
When we get back, we'll be nicely compensated.
We'll be nicely compensated if we win, so shut your gobs and get some rest.
We're going to need it.
Partly sunny skies until the weekend Trying to escape without my noticing? That would be like a baby escaping the womb without her mother noticing.
Now, that might be the single most unsexy thing you've ever said to me.
I can't stay.
I know.
Don't forget to leave ten minutes after I'm gone, okay? Mm.
Hey, it's Tony.
I need some advice from my agent.
You're breaking up a bit.
Can you hear me okay? Good enough.
So Galan's taking me on a field trip, some private game.
Is that covered by my contract? I'll have to check the fine print.
Where is the game happening? I'm on Galan's jet en route to Nicaragua.
Central American soccer leagues are surging like crazy lately.
Most likely, you'll compete against one of the clubs down there.
So what kind of game should I play then? Just go in there and play hard, like any other game.
I'll take care of the business end.
Welcome, señores.
Would you care for a cool towel? Oh, that would be lovely.
Thank you.
This way to your quarters, señores.
- I could get used to this.
- Oh, yes.
Our host, Señor Calero, is a very prosperous man.
- Not Gaspar Calero? - You heard of him? As in the drug lord, Gaspar Calero.
Everyone's heard of him.
El Gusano.
"The Worm.
" You'd do well to keep that nickname to yourself.
Gaspar? _ _ _ Your opposition for tomorrow's game, as you might have guessed.
They look the part.
Nico Arroyo, heard of him? He used to be Nicaragua's top player.
Deportivo Boaco.
At his peak, he averaged 30 goals a season.
That doesn't seem possible.
Mm, and his teammates' credentials are only slightly less impressive.
Galan, I've played all of about Why did you pick me to come on this trip? Our host is about to treat us to a very nice dinner.
You know, I've always been taken by the elegant functionality of fine dining.
So many different utensils A spoon just for the sorbet and a tiny fork specifically for escargot and nothing else, huh? It is best to have the right tool for every occasion.
Wouldn't you agree? You calling me a tool, Mr.
Galan? I like your style, Bravo.
- Bienvenido.
- Gracias.
*** *** _ _ _ I thank you all for coming, and especially my friend, Andrés Galan, for bringing his most talented players to participate in this athletic exhibition.
Although the British claim to have invented the game of football, in fact, it's true origins are here, in the Americas, where the ancient Olmecs and Toltecs played the game of Tlachtli on their famous stone courts.
Our athletes will have the honor of playing on the ruins of one of those very same courts.
So tomorrow, we play.
But tonight, we eat.
- Salud.
- Salud.
Ah, an actual Tlachtli course.
Señor Calero is quite the showman.
Is that true, what he said about football being invented here? I doubt it.
But the early Americans took their games very seriously.
The royal games were always for very high stakes.
Sometimes even serving as a As a proxy for warfare, a way to settle disputes without massive loss of life on both sides.
According to legend, they sometimes even played with human heads.
- Ew.
- But that's bullshit.
So is that what this is all about? You and Señor Calero have a dispute? This is just a friendly game.
Dinner is served.
Hey, I'll catch up.
I'm gonna hit the head.
What the hell are you doing here, Tony Bravo? Salma, it's been a while.
You shouldn't be here.
Division's supposed to tell me about any new players.
I'm not D.
I'm a soccer player now.
- I'm on the riot.
- Oh, bullshit.
I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.
I tried out for a walk-on spot.
Somehow I got lucky.
You left the D.
? Just like that? Well, you know protocol.
If I was still D.
, they would've told you I'm coming, right? I will say this much, the sporting life's helped your physique.
I don't recall any complaints the night of the Patuca River raid.
So what, they got you under as Calero's girlfriend now? For over a year now.
Which is how I know that this is the last place that you need to be.
Why? Calero and Galan are in a standoff over some coca field.
They're using this game to decide who gets it.
- A coca field? Where? - I'm not sure.
Considering that Calero's injured men are arriving in trucks today, probably, like, a day's drive.
But that doesn't matter.
He's invited all of his lieutenants to watch this game.
This is the window that we've been waiting for.
In 36 hours, the D.
and Nicaraguan Military are gonna swarm this place.
They're gonna grab Calero and anyone else they find.
I can't have Galan getting swept up in some drug raid.
It'll wreck everything.
This is bigger than your future as a soccer player, Tony.
Trust me, Salma.
I know.
Come on.
Come on.
Bravo, where the hell have you been? I'm at the compound of a cartel leader named Gaspar Calero.
- El Gusano? - The Worm himself.
Apparently, he and Galan are fighting over a coca field down here.
What the hell does Galan want with a coca field? _ _ _ _ _ _ Gaspar _ _ _ _ This Salma Reyes, can she be trusted? I trust her.
This raid is going down, and if we want our op to continue, we have to keep Galan clear of it.
I'll work on the D.
in the meantime, I want to take a look at this coca field.
Can you find out where it is? Salma didn't know that.
All she could tell me is that it's about a day's drive from here.
If you can just get us in the general area, we can go to satellite from there.
Would you settle for exact GPS coordinates? _ _ _ _ _ _ So time for an interagency pissing match? One of us needs to approach the deputy director about shutting down the D.
- Draw straws? - No, I'll do it.
You wait to hear from Bravo.
The teams will now take their places on the court.
Three players to a side, 60 minutes of play.
No breaks, no substitutions, no goalies.
Go right.
Open up! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Caesar! I got it.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Gol! Ah! Your boys play very well on this court.
They should.
They practice here very often.
Did you think I wouldn't press my home-field advantage? As you see, the D.
raid could present a serious complication.
And if their raid goes as planned, it will jeopardize our entire operation.
We'll just have to persuade them to call off the dogs.
If need be, we could call in an extraction team, have Bravo pulled now before the raid even happens.
Annie, I know you're concerned about your favorite new asset, but we have to play this through.
I'll apply the necessary pressure I'm sorry.
Favorite new asset? I just meant that you were proud of your work in developing Bravo, and you should be.
But? But he's not the mission.
Galan is the mission.
And we can't let a key access point into his network get swept up in some meaningless drug Op.
It could derail everything we've been working for.
So the D.
is gonna have to take a hit on this one, okay? And Bravo? The plan remains the same.
He's there to make himself indispensable to Galan.
And right now, that means winning that game.
Go, go.
Holester! What your boys lack in talent, they make up for with luck.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Tony! Gol! Yeah, heads up.
We need a little help.
You okay? Hey! _ What the hell's going on out here? Ah, I probably should've told you I have a large price on my head.
Sometimes, people come calling.
I won't have my boys playing in these conditions.
Ah, you're soft, like your team.
We'll resume the game tomorrow.
_ Thought you said the raid wasn't happening until tomorrow.
- This isn't the raid.
- Then what is this? Down here, we call it Tuesday.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Buenas noches.
It's beautiful.
What is that? Just something my father used to play.
Hey, you hear what happened to Senna? It was a botched kidnapping attempt apparently.
No, I hadn't heard that.
But, you know, that girl has a real knack of getting herself in bad situations.
It's not all her fault, though.
I mean, she might look like a spoiled Hollywood brat, but there's more to her.
La Llorona, no? Yeah.
You play? Si.
But not like you.
I play with my feet.
Macuas, señores? Oh, macua.
The national drink of my country.
Thank you.
To new friends.
- Salud.
- Cheers.
You entiendo muy bonita, right? Drunk already, Bravo? You do realize we're playing in ten hours.
Honestly, the man has the tolerance of a small child.
You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you? Doesn't matter.
I like them that way.
Come on, darling.
Those macuas really go right through you, huh? Que mierda! Enjoying the party? I saw you leave earlier.
You take the scenic route? I just went on a little walk to clear my head.
Clearly, I should've walked faster.
Hey, hey, hey.
Calero will have my head for this.
He's having a skin treatment, which means we have an hour.
Why waste it talking? You've learned a lot since Honduras.
Is that a compliment to the new me or an insult to the old one? Do you remember Casterbrook when he found out about us? The look on his face? Yeah, well, to be fair to him, he always had that look on his face.
Mm, forgot what it was like to have a partner, someone to talk to.
Sorry I threw myself at you like that.
Yeah, no, you don't have to apologize.
That's how long I've been with Calero.
Smiling, serving.
I look in his eyes, and I swear, Tony, there's nothing.
Well, I know the stories.
Yeah, I thought I knew them too.
Last Christmas, he gave free product to junkies in a small village.
But he made 'em work for it.
He forced one of them at gunpoint to swallow these small packets.
Then he hung him upside down on a tree and then got the rest of them to get bats and beat him and just beat him until he just split open, and all these little packets just came out.
He called it "La Piñata Humana.
" I never saw him happier.
Thank God it's almost over.
You're lucky you got out.
The raid's tomorrow morning.
You should be out by then.
Actually, I think I might stick around, take my chances.
Galan's my ride home.
- Noah, what do you got? - Bravo came through.
The Humvee's GPS history gave us its last location.
And? Just as advertised, it's a coca field.
Given the acreage and the street price of coke, it must be worth close to 20 million.
News? As far as we can tell, it's just another coca field.
Maybe there's another play here.
Now we know Galan's not the shot caller in his network, we could use the raid as leverage to flip him.
Galan isn't gonna be leveraged by any penny-ante drug charges.
What if this has nothing to do with a larger plot? Maybe what's happening down there really is just about drugs.
I don't think so.
Llewyn, what aren't you telling me? I've told you everything I know.
I have to admit, Bravo, you are the proud of owner of one massive pair of balls.
What? Shagging the drug lord's girlfriend? Balls.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I was in the suite right next to yours, and I have ears.
First, you incur a red card in my defense, and now a conquest worthy of Well, worthy of me.
Muy interesante.
I need a word with you.
You asked me before why I chose you.
Perhaps I was too subtle, so let me be more explicit.
The reason I brought you here is for the same reason that I put you on the Riot Your willingness to do what needs doing without hesitation or qualms.
Like with Zupan, like with the man who took my daughter.
And the most important difference between this game and a normal one is not the number of players or the narrow goals.
It is the absence of a referee.
Entiendes? Hey, what the hell was that? My team finally learning to play by your rules.
Managua base, this is ground element.
We are on the move, four clicks from target.
Copy, ground element.
Air support will converge.
Time on target, six mikes.
G-element out.
So you're asking me to call off what could be the single most important bust in the last decade? Yes, sir.
Let me try to explain to you what we're dealing with here.
Gaspar Calero is one of the richest, most powerful narcotic traffickers in Latin America.
He is responsible for thousands of Americans becoming addicted to dangerous, mind-altering substances, not to mention ordering countless murders of statesmen, judges, anyone who opposes him.
Now, by taking him and all of his people into custody, we'll deal a crippling blow to a major criminal organization.
That is what you're asking me to call off, sir.
Willis, let me lay out the best-case scenario for your operation.
You bust Calero and his cronies.
They go to jail for, what, a few months? In the interim, the other cartels You do know there are others, right? Expand their operations, fill the void in the market, and temporarily make even higher profits than they did before.
Meanwhile, U.
consumption of narcotics barely takes a dip.
That's not the point.
My colleagues and I, on the other hand, are on the tail of a high-stakes international conspiracy, which I'd be happy to tell you all about, if it weren't several levels above your pay grade.
So maybe, in the interest of harmonious interagency relations, the D.
might reconsider its options and step off.
Back, back, back.
Ground element, you have new orders.
Abort mission.
Air support is pulling out.
Return to base.
Copy? Base, we are ready to rock here.
This is directly from Station Chief.
Abort mission.
Do you copy? Wilco.
G-element out.
Abort mission.
Go, go, go, go.
Yes! Yeah! Yeah! - It's not happening.
- What do you mean? The raid, Tony.
They called it off.
- I wonder why.
- They say the Nicaraguan government got cold feet.
I say they got bought off.
Well, yeah, that must be it.
Now I'm fucking stuck here for God knows how long.
Salma, just get out of here.
Just call for an extraction.
They'll get you out.
No, no.
The job's not done.
I stay.
You've done your time.
If you stay here, it's gonna ruin you.
He can't win.
Not after everything.
I'm not gonna let him win.
Salma, don't.
It was good to see you, Tony.
Bravo, join me, please.
Come, sit.
Are you old enough to remember when we first went into space? The Apollo missions, the moon shot? Well, I was two when the Challenger exploded, so not so much.
Oh, it was a truly exhilarating time.
A new era.
But not without cost.
Between Russia and America, That's more than I would've figured.
Magellan, the captain of the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, died en route.
His first mate had to take over for the rest of the voyage.
Throughout history, every trip into the unknown has taken its toll in human life.
I see what you mean.
The price of progress, I guess.
It's a high price, indeed.
How do you feel about what happened in Nicaragua? What do you mean? Are you okay with what you saw? Because if you can handle these forays into the unknown, maybe I can use you.
Did you get what you wanted out of the trip, Mr.
Galan? Yes.
Yes, I did.
Then, if you're happy, I'm happy.
- Noah, what is it? - Look.
- What is this? - That's Galan's new coca field, and his mercenaries are burning it.
Are you sure? That is $20 million up in smoke.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Hello, ladies.
Your reward for a job well done, gentlemen.
Dibs on the convertible.
Thanks, boss.
Tony, you may have fooled your new teammates, but I know you better.
There's more to your new life than meets the eye.
So trust me when I tell you this.
The hardest part of being undercover isn't having to pretend you're someone you're not.
It's that you might discover who you really are.
_ _ _ _ _ What do you got? So I looked into that artifact Galan was bidding on - a month ago, like you asked.
- And? Most likely, it came from the pre-Olmec period, which would mean it came from somewhere in eastern Nicaragua almost 2,000 years ago.
These are the most probable centers of population, and this one overlaps with Galan's new coca field.
I assume you have some kind of hunch about all this? It's no longer just a hunch.
- Are those - Bulldozers, land movers.
They're starting to dig.