Matador (US) (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Mano a Mano

Tell me where's Galan.
Those people are dying.
What are you gonna do? It's time for a more direct approach.
I know there's a bigger picture here, and I think I've earned a right to get a look at it.
There's no bigger picture, only pieces of a puzzle.
And what piece was Nicaragua? It was a virus, a plague that, unleashed today, would make the Black Death of Europe look like chicken pox.
Do you think it's possible to use the heart to resurrect the virus? And what a pass, a beautiful true ball, from Bravo to Holester to seal the win for the Riot.
Yeah! Unh! Someone woke up with some moves this morning.
Yo, and that pass? Damn, son.
Yo, you're the one that laid out for that P.
Hey, clutch game, Bravo.
Thanks, man.
If by "clutch" you mean going an entire 15 minutes without getting booked, then, yes, Bravo can claim that prize.
Hi, hello there.
Tony, could I get a word? You two know each other? Yeah, she's Anne Spencer, Bravo's agent.
This stunning creature is your agent and she makes house calls? I had some news that couldn't wait, an endorsement offer.
For him? Well, you must be some kind of sorceress.
And I might need new representation.
Perhaps we should talk.
I wouldn't want to waste your time.
At your age, I'd be lucky to get you on the cover of a pamphlet in a doctor's office.
Looks, talent, and she's got claws.
Welcome to my future, Anne Spencer.
Good game, Bravo.
I thought you said we were square for today.
You remember I have my sister's Quinceañera, right? Attendance is mandatory.
I cannot miss that, Annie.
I was a debutante.
I know the drill.
So what's the pressing news that couldn't wait? Is it possible Galan is sick? I don't think so.
Why? In processing all the intel Reyna Flores gathered, we found these.
- Adaptive wellness.
- He ever mention it? She took multiple photos of him visiting this building over the past two years.
She's been following him for two years? It's registered as a compounding pharmacy, but Galan's financials show biannual payments there in the amount of $500,000.
Guess he needs new insurance.
Okay, so whatever it is, Galan is funding it.
What does that have to do with the virus he helped dig up? If someone's gonna weaponize a 2,000-year-old virus, they're gonna need money, and they're gonna need a lab.
Noah's gone there to check it out.
I'll let you know what he finds.
That's it? The world isn't gonna end today.
Go be with your family.
Nice game today.
Can I help you? See, you've got that the wrong way around, 'cause I'm thinking I can help you.
Aaron Harvey, Portson Medical Supplies.
You're probably used to Brooke.
She used to cover this area before she got "relocated" to Burbank.
I tried to tell my boss, you know, the valley isn't gonna help her quota like five milligrams of lithium would.
Little pharmaceutical humor there.
I'm sorry.
We don't work with outside vendors.
We're not just any vendor.
We are the fastest-growing medical apparatus company in North America.
Now, if you just give me an idea of your needs we don't have any needs at this time.
Come on.
Everybody has needs.
Maybe there's somebody else I could talk to, you know, an office manager, a doctor.
No? Well, at least let me leave you some keepsakes.
Some pens for you.
And they don't skimp on these key chains.
That is real mimetic polyalloy right there For you.
Oh, clumsy.
Please, it's a gift from Portson.
I'll be on my way.
Adaptive wellness.
Make him comfortable.
It turns out my office manager may have a use for you after all.
This way, please.
What is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? There.
It's perfect, mom.
It's not too much? See, if I knew what the dress looked like.
If I showed you, then it wouldn't be a surprise.
Who ever heard of a surprise Quinceañera dress? Exactly.
Baby, you look beautiful.
I just mopped.
Relax, madre.
Oh, relax, I only have 50 guests coming in an hour.
You need a Margarita, take the edge off.
'Cause when dj Ricky drops the needle, all that tension gonna melt.
Hey, you made it on time.
What a surprise.
You look good.
Of course I'm on time.
I'm not gonna be late to this.
I just thought, you know, because of the game Well, the game's over, and I'm here now no distractions.
And you were amazing! - Amazing.
- Oh, yeah? We watched when we were getting our pedicures.
- Did you see that pass? - Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Nice game.
- Thank you.
Who knew you played so well with others? Is the food here? Yeah, it's outside with the caterer, but you can't eat a thing until I know the suit fits.
Oh, I thought that what, is this no good? I changed the honor court colors again.
I just want everyone to look perfect on the dance floor.
You got something to say, Morales? Fall formal, displaced stress fracture, fourth metatarsal that's the last time your brother looked perfect on the dance floor.
Don't listen to her.
I've been taking lessons in my off time.
- When do you have off time? - You're next.
Okay, we're gonna go change before he pulls something.
Oh, God, why did you tell her about the toe? I know Cristina she's not gonna trust me to lead the dance now.
Oh, well, you can redeem yourself later tonight.
Okay, so Cristina had a vision.
- A vision? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, man.
I, for one, can't wait to see the transformation.
You mean now? Well, you're really modest for a guy who changes in a locker room in front of 20 other dudes.
Just turn around.
I won't peek.
Just promise me one thing.
What? If you feel the need to vomit tonight Are you still bringing this up? Just avoid my dress.
You do realize that that was 11 years ago, right? What can I say? A girl never forgets the first time someone throws up on her Quinceañera dress.
In my defense, I didn't know what Tequila does to a 15-year-old, and you weren't exactly crying when you had to change out of that thing.
That was dress so heavy.
All those ruffles, all that tulle.
That dress was so big, I couldn't get close enough to dance with you.
Right, blame it on the dress for leaving me without a dance partner that night.
Would you zip me up? I'm sorry I made a mess of your big day.
Well? All zipped.
You know, this color's not that bad.
Brings out your eyes or whatever.
Billie, you needed me? An alert came through about seven minutes ago.
Noah's phone is offline.
Only two ways this happens.
Either it's been destroyed, or the failsafe was activated.
But the failsafe only activates if someone's trying to hack into it.
I've been calling every minute.
Show me his last location.
- Cool.
- Of course.
Hey, hey.
Oh, Cristina should have been out by now.
I can't believe I let her keep that dress a secret.
That looks like my Quinceañera dress.
I had it altered a little bit.
Does it look okay? Cristina.
You look so beautiful.
Oh, and I found this with the dress.
We can put it on the cake table.
- Hey, is that dad? - Yes.
We have a little problem, baby.
It's raining? On my Quinceañera.
What are we gonna do? We'll move the party inside.
Hey, you with the thing, come over here.
Pick up the furniture.
Roll up the rugs.
We need a dance floor for our waltz, baby.
Billie, Noah's not here.
I'm triple-checking your GPS.
You're literally standing in his last known whereabouts.
Whoever was here has cleared out.
There's no lab, no virus, nothing.
That cannot be good.
Hey, man.
This is where I ask where the cameras are, right? Okay, I'll shut up now so that you can talk like, who you are, why am I here, those types of things.
Okay, look, whatever you want, take it.
I've got money.
You can take my car.
I will take the truth.
Truth about what? Man, what is this? What were you doing there? All white dudes look alike to you? That's not me.
I mean, there's a slight resemblance, I guess, but What is that? You sell medical supplies.
You know should know an I.
When you see one.
Portson Medical Supplies that's right.
My name is Aaron Harvey, and I'd really like to know what you have in that bag and what you intend to do with it.
If you won't give the truth, then, as I said, I'll take it.
So what is it, truth serum? Is this a joke? You're afraid now.
That's good.
It brings out the veins.
Okay, I'll be back.
May I have this dance? So does this make things right for us? Well, it's a decade after the fact, but I guess.
Yeah, I had no idea that you were so mad about me not dancing with you that night.
Well, it's not really something you can explain when you're 15, you know? Yeah.
It's funny.
I'm kind of feeling like I'm 15 now.
Well, you're playing soccer again.
Yeah, I think having that back makes me feel like I can have other things back too, like this.
- I can feel your - I know.
Looks like you need to get that.
It's just my agent.
Blue eyes, yoga body, really pretty that agent? She can wait.
Hey, now, hey, now Don't dream it's over I think that drink went to my head.
Right, blaming the drink.
Nice try, Morales.
You're not getting out of this dance.
This isn't over.
To build a wall between us You know they won't win Mr.
Tony, I hope we're not too late for the party.
It's today, yes? You're right, daddy, this isn't awkward at all.
Andres? Oh, I'm so glad you made it.
Oh, it's my pleasure, my pleasure.
Oh, and you must be his daughter, Senna.
Oh, I can't wait for you to meet my husband, Javier.
Oh, mom, uh, it's probably just a quick stop.
Galan he's a very busy man.
Oh, nonsense, I've cleared my entire schedule.
Please, introduce me to all the family.
I'm anxious to meet them all.
Cristina! Cristina, Senna Galan.
This is my sister.
It looks like your boss is having a good time.
It looks that way.
I don't feel like dancing, daddy.
Oh, come on, just like old times.
Look, I'm here.
I'm putting on a good face, so can we please drop the happy-family act? Never thought I'd say this, bro.
I wish I was a girl.
A lesbian, though, you know.
I'd still dig the ladies.
Galan just dropped 2 Gs into Cristina's pile of gifts.
Man, I'd give my left and my right nut for a Padrino like that, man.
The same Galan you tried to convince me was part of some new world order.
Come on, Rick.
No one gives a gift like that without strings attached.
Come on, let's get on the floor, and let's do it ourselves.
When we dance, girl, I like it Ooh, the way you ride it Tryin' to be cool, but, oh, I can't fight it Something about you got me excited Tony, shut the door.
Are you smoking weed in my room? That's slanderous.
I have never smoked weed in my room.
In Senna's defense, it wasn't legal back when this was your room.
Yeah, and I suffer from insomnia.
Who knew Bravo was such a boy scout? Made it all the way to eagle scout.
I bet you the badges are still in here somewhere.
Oh, no, no, no.
Okay, all right.
That's not for you.
You, eye drops now, before your dad sees you Or worse, my mom.
It was nice meeting you, Kara.
- Dude.
- What? I was just keeping her company.
She seemed so sad.
Besides, you don't work for the DEA anymore, remember? Yeah, well, drug testing is a lot tougher in my current job, and my boss is right outside.
Is it weird having him here? A little bit.
Remember hiding out here during Cristina's Baptism Party, and you kissed me, and then that horrible priest caught us? Yes, I remember.
He threw holy water on us.
You kissed me.
I did no such thing.
That was all you, buddy.
I had a boyfriend.
- Right, Elliott.
- Yeah.
With the teeth.
What happened to him? He got braces and a job selling insurance with his father.
That sounds stable.
Well, not everyone can turn into a professional soccer player.
No, I just meant that it seems like he had everything laid out no surprises, like you.
Everything went according to plan with you.
I still like surprises.
Yeah, we should probably get I-I smelled smoke.
I thought Ricky was smoking in here.
- Talk later? - Yeah, later, definitely.
Jefe, you got to knock.
- Your mother's gonna - Don't say nothing.
No, not a word.
She'll have the church booked before the party's over.
Smells like good shit.
Tony, with all the festivities, we haven't had a moment to talk.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm just kind of getting pulled in all directions.
Don't take it for granted.
What you have here with your family You're very lucky.
You told me the other day you thought you'd earned a glimpse of the bigger picture.
- I overstepped.
- No, no, no.
In fact, I agree with you.
Only I'll decide how much you see and when.
Of course.
Samuel called me earlier.
He's questioning a man who he believes may be responsible for the bug in my office, as well as other intrusions.
Who? We'll know his identity soon.
Samuel will see to that.
Oh, boy, can't you see Oh, yeah I'll be all you need I'll be your best friend Your lover, señorita You will tell me who you work for.
I already told you who I work for.
You will tell me how you found Maria Salas and what you've done with the artifact that was auctioned at Brenton's.
What I've done with the artifact? Indy, throw me the idol.
I throw you the whip.
Seriously, man, you got the wrong guy.
You're intrigued by this.
Yeah, I always wanted a tattoo, but my mom said that she'd take it off with a cheese grater.
The artist used a very old process.
The inks are mixed with the blood of a slain python.
The sacrifice is said to imbue the work with vitality, with life.
It's alive, you see? You will give me the truth.
What are you gonna do with that? This Is liquid nitrogen.
At negative 320 degrees, metal Will shatter like glass.
Now, think of what it would do to a human hand.
Show me how you got to be so strong Want you there if ever I'm wrong Oh, yeah Hey, Boo.
There some kind of Tony Bravo meeting of the minds you forgot to tell me about? Nothing official yet, an endorsement deal.
I thought I could hold them off, but they're pushing me to meet with him tonight.
Hey, first rule of business, you can't go chasing every trick that flashes titty.
Keep them hanging, Anne.
They'll only want you more.
That's good advice, it's just this one's kind of a big fish.
Hold up.
How big? Puma? Fila? Nike? I can't say anything till he signs.
It's not really a good time.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't a matter of life or death.
All right.
I'm a businessman.
I know how these things go.
I'll cover for Tony, okay? But promise me you got to start cc'ing me on shit like this, okay? Absolutely, Ricky.
Where can I find him? Last I saw him, he was chilling with Mr.
Comin' my way Every day it gets better Thanks.
Fought your battles - What is he doing here? - What are you doing here? It's Noah.
He went to check out adaptive, and now he's missing.
Galan took me aside to tell me that Samuel caught a guy, someone they think bugged his office.
They've got him.
Did they give you any idea where he was being held? No.
Samuel did call him earlier.
If I can get Galan's phone, get Samuel's number off of it, is there any way we can get a GPS on him? It could work, but how are you gonna get his phone? I have an idea.
Tony didn't mention you were coming.
And imagine my surprise when seeing you here.
I do love to see the team's owner taking such a personal interest in my client.
When I bring someone onto the team, I'm not just interested in the player.
I'm interested in the man.
And the best way to know a man is to know where he comes from.
Who are you, the cake police? Then arrest me.
Hey, watch it, bro.
Oh, Mr.
What the hell, Rick? That's all right, maybe you had a little too much to drink.
Absolutely, sir.
Let's get you some coffee before mom sees you.
I'm sorry, sir.
Leave the tie.
Let's go.
Your daughter's quite the dancer.
She got the eyes, she got the thighs An aphrodisiac, baby, blow my mind Mamacita Excuse me a moment, would you? Stealing a man's phone could get me violated, you know.
I know.
I owe you one.
But it's not stealing, 'cause you're gonna put it back.
That's it? I don't get to know what this is about? It's just team stuff politics, you know.
- Information is power.
- Mmhmm.
Tony, are you leaving? To get ice.
With your agent? Bravo, you coming? I've never understood how you survived undercover when you're such a terrible liar.
- Jorge.
- Hey.
Nacho, hey, long time, no see, which is working out well for me, you know, with my parole and all.
We heard it was going off in the sandoval house.
You know us, Ricky we're always down to party.
Yeah, yeah, cool, cool, except, you know, this is kind of my sister's thing, so, you know, family only.
Shoo, since when is Senna Galan in your family, huh? Uh Oh, all right.
No more stalling.
You will give me the truth.
I'm telling you, you're making a mistake.
My name is Aaron Harvey, and I work in medical supply sales.
You've been trained well but not well enough.
There is debate in your country as to whether or not torture yields reliable intelligence.
No! Where I come from, there is no such debate.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, this this ain't that kind of party.
You have no idea what kind of party this is about to be, old man.
Why you being cold? I'm just trying to get to know you.
Well, then Google me.
Oh, 'cause you're famous, I can't get at you? Is that how it goes? You can't get at me because you're a mouth-breathing douche.
That's how that goes.
Oh! Oh, my fucking God.
If you don't, I will.
Javi, Javi.
- Can we go home now, daddy? - Yeah, yeah.
Javi, Maritza.
- Gracias.
- Buenas noches.
Buenas noches.
Who wants cake? You will tell me who you work for.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I work I work for the government.
Which part of the government? CIA.
God! No, no, no, no! So what's the plan to get him out? How much support are we gonna have? No support it's just us.
The CIA is leaving us to handle this alone? The CIA isn't aware of the situation.
Trust me, this is the best way.
"Trust me"? You're gonna have to do better than that.
We're going after Noah, and if the situation were reversed, would you want Noah telling me to wait for orders, or would you hope we'd get you out immediately? I wouldn't want anyone risking their cover for me.
Then don't risk your cover.
Billie, now.
Really? I didn't see a size 11 in that go bag of yours.
Annie, it's me! You all right? Noah.
Give me something to cut him free.
Billie, lights.
Get us a medic.
Annie He took my hands, Annie.
He took my hands.
Noah needs us.
Are you sure you don't want them to take a look at you? It's nothing.
They have any idea what's wrong with him? No.
As far as they can tell, the only mark they can find came from a needle.
So they drugged him? There's nothing more we can do here tonight, Tony.
Go home.
Baby, you're not gonna believe this.
I just got a message from Wells Fargo.
Andres Galan just sent us $400 for breaking that old table.
That's crazy.
We couldn't give that thing away for free at our last garage sale.
He's a stand-up guy.
Hey, it was a beautiful night, huh? One the neighbors will be talking about for a long time, but And how can you mend A broken heart? How How can you stop the rain from falling down Tell me, how can you stop The sun from shining? What makes the world go round? And how can you mend This broken man? Yeah How can a loser ever win? I thought I told you to go home.
I tried.
Karen, is it? Karen My mother My sister.
We'll come up with an alibi for you.
You know, I had this idea that maybe now I could be the person that they want me to be That I want to be.
I was kidding myself.
Andres Galan was in my mother's house tonight.
The only way I can protect my family is to stay away.
I'm sorry, Tony.
So am I About Noah, I mean.
But I have to ask.
What if he gave me up? Then we're dead.