Matador (US) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Everything Old is New Again

There are greater forces at work here.
Galan's not calling the shots.
It's registered as a compounding pharmacy, If someone's gonna weaponize a 2,000-year-old virus, they're gonna need money, and a lab.
You will give me the truth.
He took my hands, Annie.
What if he gave me up? Then we're dead.
I need my ball! What's wrong with that lady? - Hey.
- You okay? You sound terrible.
No, I'm good.
- You still at the hospital? - Yeah.
I thought I should be here when he woke up.
- And has he? - No.
They know what's wrong with him? No.
They hope to know more once the tox screens are in.
The Deputy director wants me to meet him in the office in an hour to discuss the situation.
Well, that doesn't sound good.
You want me to be there? Yeah.
I think it's time you two met.
Yeah, sure.
What the hell did they do to him, Tony? We'll find out.
He's gonna be okay.
Oh, shit.
Whoa, bro.
You look like you had a late one.
What's up, man? Look, I was just about to hit the shower.
What'd you and your agent get up to last night? Hmm? You lay a little shrimp on that Barbie or what? - Dude, stop.
- What? I'm not the only one thinking it.
Karen? It's not even like that.
Not my business.
My business is Tony Bravo Enterprises.
How'd it go with that sponsor last night? Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, no, that's not gonna work.
- All right.
One door closes, another one opens.
I didn't want to say anything till all the ts were dotted, but Congratulations, bro.
You are now the official spokesman for Dulces Sueños Mattress Stores.
Proudly serving East L.
since 1997.
- Dulces sueños? - Sweet dreams.
They want you as their new face.
We're talking newspapers, radio, and drumroll, por favor TV! What's the catch, Ricky? No catch.
I mean, the spot's 95% done.
All you gotta do show up for, like, an hour today, so they can shoot you out.
Today? Yeah, yeah, that's gonna be tough.
Look, bro, I know it's not Nike or Dos Equis, but you know what they say.
Think global, act local.
You don't get more local than dulces.
- All right, I'll do it.
- Yes! - Yes, bro! Oh-oh-oh - Hey, hey, listen.
You got an hour and that's it.
You won't be sorry, bro, all right? 3:00.
I'll text you the address, huh? We're in business! Now, if you'd have just called me, I might not have an agent in the hospital right now.
Yes, sir.
It's nice to finally meet you.
They don't teach you to knock before entering at D.
? Step out, please we'll let you know when we're ready for you.
I asked him to be here.
Suit yourself.
Mason here was just enlightening me as to her decision-making process last night, such as it was.
Noah's life was in imminent danger.
The severity of the situation was not yet apparent to you.
You had time to consult me.
When you put me in charge of this operation, you said that I could run it how I see fit.
You deliberately withheld information from me.
Well, now you know how it feels.
There are people out there who may be plotting to unleash a virus that could devastate this country's population.
I cannot have you undermining my authority.
Or do I need to worry about his rogue tendencies rubbing off on you? - Look, if I could just interject - His rogue tendencies helped me save Noah's life.
Okay, look.
What's done is done.
Maybe we should talk about how we move forward.
There is no forward if he gave you up.
But we don't know that yet.
Well, we would be naive not to assume it.
What do you want us to do, walk away? You have any suggestions? The only real way we can know where we stand is if I go back to Galan like nothing's changed.
You walk in there today, and you may never walk out.
So it's no different than any other day for me.
Okay, good luck.
What are you doing here? Just stopping by to see the boss.
Is he in? And what can I do for you, Tony? Well, my mother wanted me to thank you for coming to the party last night and for your gift.
- It was very generous, sir.
- Oh, we had a lovely time.
I would've told you as much before we left last night, but you disappeared.
- You missed all the fun.
- Yeah.
You know, you'd think I'd learn by now that Tequila and I don't mix, but I got sick, and I passed out in my old room.
Well, clearly you're not drinking the right Tequila.
So people have been telling me.
You should go to practice.
About that other thing You said he was questioning someone.
What'd you find out? Yes.
All that proved to be something of a disappointment, but nothing you should concern yourself with right now.
All right.
Well, you should let me know if I can do anything.
Dude, what happened? Oh, it's nothing.
It's just Krav Maga, you know? Gets a little rough sometimes.
Yeah, well, you should get some tape on that.
You took an unnecessary risk bringing that up to Galan.
You wanted to know what they did to Noah.
- I was trying to find out.
- It could've come off suspicious.
Would've been suspicious if I didn't bring it up.
You're on dangerous ground.
I need you to be careful.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were worried about me.
Any change in Noah's condition? No.
They're still running tests we don't know anything.
Uh, we do know one thing: He didn't leave the clinic without pissing on some territory.
Adaptive Wellness.
Noah got a tap on one of their computers.
Data went to the cloud server with a time delay code in case something went wrong; It's streaming in now.
Anything we can work with? My team was able to create a system image of the hard drive.
Some pretty tight file encryption.
It could take us awhile to crack.
The admin account, however, leads us to This woman.
She's the one that jumped me when we went to get Noah.
Kilka Suratt.
Before she worked for Adaptive, she was a surgical nurse working for a top cosmetic surgeon in Century City.
Spun that into a private Botox service, making house calls to the rich and wrinkled.
She lives in North Hollywood.
Any registered weapons, Billie? Um No.
Let's go.
That doesn't mean she doesn't have any.
What are you doing? Research.
Into what? It's best you leave this to me for the moment.
That's what you said about the medical supply salesman, and look how that turned out.
Transmission will begin in one hour.
Please make yourself available for administrator.
What's this? What does he want? We'll know soon enough.
Damn it.
Problem? I told my brother I'd do this commercial today.
Call time's in two hours.
Call time? It's movie talk.
So how long have you been with Smith? Worked on and off together since I started at the agency.
Yeah, I don't mean professionally.
Excuse me? Never mind.
Wrong tree.
I thought we were doing a better job of hiding it.
Well, I happen to have unique powers of perception.
That's why you recruited me, remember? That along with my lightning speed and rakish charm.
- It's not what it looks like.
- What does it look like? Like I got my job sleeping with the boss.
I didn't say that.
Llewyn is the reason I got into this work.
So what? He recruited you? I'm not sure if he recruited me or I recruited him.
Seven years ago, a terrorist attack on the U.
embassy in Tunisia killed 24 Americans.
I remember.
One of them was my sister Sarah.
I'm sorry.
Were you two close? She was an idealist.
Wanted to help make the world safe for democracy.
So she joined the foreign service.
She was only there a month.
We had very different priorities.
After business school, I went to work for a fortune 500 energy corporation.
Which one? The one that paid me the biggest signing bonus.
Back then, I wanted all the shiny things the private sector had to offer.
Thought that's what life was all about.
I went to Tunisia as soon as I heard.
I had no idea what I was gonna do.
I just knew that I had to be there.
Used my corporate contacts to get a meeting with the Intelligence Official leading the U.
investigation into the attack.
I took a leave of absence to help with the investigation.
We worked around the clock for hours, and We eventually found the people responsible for the bombing.
And? There was a drone strike.
He let me watch.
It was the most satisfying moment of my life And the moment my old life ended.
Well, that's good then.
You got closure.
I thought I did.
So what do you want to do? Post a perimeter detail? Have them bring her in when she shows? That's one option.
I like your style, Mason.
House is clear.
You okay? Yeah.
Nothing a little advil won't fix.
Let's see if she has anything.
You should check this out.
Adaptive Wellness.
Think it's the virus? I mean, they cleared out of that clinic pretty fast.
They could stashing it here till they find somewhere better.
Hold this.
What are you doing? You should be careful with that.
Call in that detail.
When she gets home, I want to know about it.
Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say good-bye Never gonna tell a lie Thank you for holding.
This is Erica.
I understand you are the case officer for a parolee named Agostino Montero.
I own a brush clearing service, and I'm trying to locate him for a job.
How did I get his name? We have a mutual friend.
Kindly center yourself in front of your device's camera.
Please center yourself in front of your device's camera.
Please center yourself in front of your device's camera.
Please center yourself in front of your device's camera.
Please center yourself in front of your device's camera.
Please center yourself in front of your device's camera.
So I got to go do that thing.
Ah, your call time.
Break a leg.
Hold up, Hollywood.
You're gonna want to see this.
Get a lab report on those vials? No, it's gonna take us a little longer to figure out what lady snowblood had in her fridge.
But my guys have decrypted the database from her laptop at the clinic.
It's an appointment database: Patient list, scheduling charts.
- Nice clientele, right? - So what? Am I supposed to know these names? You would if you spent as much time studying the power elite as we have.
It's like a who's who of the 1% west of the rookies.
Thank you for your patience.
Our meeting will now begin.
Today I will be speaking to you about two agenda items.
Item number one.
No doubt most of you are by now aware of the security breach we experienced at our southwest distribution center yesterday.
Please know that all actions necessary to isolate and seal the breach are being executed.
In addition, relocation of the annex is complete.
I assure you, there will be no further disruption in our scheduled treatments.
Gene Belasco, the Casino Mogul.
The Burke brothers.
They own half of silicon valley.
Benjamin Alger, CEO of Socal Power and Light.
Emily Taft, head of Trysco Capital.
There's international players here too.
Jim Pallotta, Gideon Khan.
Why were all these people going to that clinic? On to the second agenda item pursuant to our long-term goals.
I am pleased to report that events are now in process that will soon jolt us forward into the future of our common dream.
For those of you not privy to the plans now under way, know that your contributions are no less valuable and that all will be reveled in due course.
Oh, ugh, too hard, man.
Ah ha ha! Oh That's too soft.
Oh, no, no, yeah, this is perfect.
Yeah! Ah! Ha! Yeah! Hey, uh, just out of curiosity, any of these mattresses rated for heavy use, you know, for a guy like me with an active lifestyle? - Is your brother coming or not? - Uh There he is! Right on cue.
Zapata, I'd like to introduce you to the one and only Tony Bravo.
Good to finally meet you, Tony.
Likewise, Mr.
I was just telling Mr.
Zapata what a huge fan you are of Dulces Sueños Mattress Stores.
We're delighted to have Tony "the Matador" Bravo as the face of our new "no bull" Ad campaign.
Here's the Matador wardrobe.
Now If you would be so kind as to put this on, we can begin.
Is there a problem? Excuse us for a moment.
Did you know about this? - Maybe.
- I can't wear this, man.
I'll look like a complete tool.
I'll never live this down.
I think you got it all wrong, bro.
- Really? - Yeah.
Look, will your teammates give you shit? No doubt, but everybody else is gonna love it, especially the ladies.
- Well, how you figure that? - They love it when celebs don't take themselves so seriously all the time.
George Clooney.
Chicks eat that dude's shit up like it's mole.
All right.
I lit some fires and got the analysis back on some of those files.
Good news is it's not a virus.
Then what is it? Oh, it shares a number of properties with a mitochondrial targeting compound from over 30 years ago.
It's a longevity drug.
Is that even a legitimate field? Well, it's fringe, but it's out there.
Theory goes that aging is the result from damage done to our cell mitochondria by free radicals.
The basic idea is that if we can undo the damage, then we can stop aging.
And this drug can actually do that? Don't know.
We can't test it.
Well, not legally at least.
But if people like Galan are spending 7 figures a year for it, who knows? So the rich and powerful want to live forever.
Big surprise.
What do they want with the virus? Lucien Sayer.
Oh, the guy who developed the original version of the drug.
Born 1937, Berkshire, England, with degrees in biochemistry and gerontology with a focus in regenerative medicine.
Yeah, big brain, but it never panned out for him.
The drug came and went.
So did he.
Dead? Well, last anyone heard from him, he was heading off to Burma on a search for rare botanical elements to mine new molecules for bigger and better drugs.
There was a civil war going on.
The jungles were filled with guerrilla soldiers.
Best anyone could figure, he ran into some, and that was that.
So take it from me, Tony "Matador" Bravo.
The prices at Dulces Sueños Mattress Stores are no bull.
Cut! He's not doing the snap right.
Why isn't he doing the snap? Huh? "Ole!" I didn't miss it, did I? You didn't miss anything, Uncle Phil.
Let me talk to him.
We done here? Mr.
Zapata's pissed you're not doing the snap right.
Snap I can't.
It's in the script.
You got to do it.
I understand it's in the script.
I physically can't do it.
I can't lift my arm above my head.
I think I cracked a rib in practice or something.
So take it from me, Tony "Matador" Bravo.
The prices at Dulces Sueños Mattress Stores are no bull.
Ole! - Cut! Cut.
Deal? - Yeah.
- Deal? - I told you! We did it.
Great job, you guys.
You guys were awesome.
Yeah, bam.
Yo, that was quick thinking, man.
They cheat shit like that all the time in the movies.
Lindsay Lohan in machete? Body double.
And they did Jessica alba digitally.
Erased her panties with a computer.
That's the future right there, bro.
Yo, Anne's gonna be really happy about this, all right? I'm gonna bounce.
I'm gonna go tell her.
- But you say thank you for me? - You do that.
Tell your agent I'm getting it done over here, all right? All right? Huh? Easy, easy.
Thank you.
An Arugula Gimlet.
Mm Who comes up with these things? Well, I am impressed with your newly adventurous spirit, Andres.
Newly? I recall we spent a few adventurous nights in this very hotel, Emily.
How's Senna? Mmm, speaking of adventurous spirits Oh, is she in that stage? I'd sleep better at night if I could be certain that's all it was.
It is.
Remember, I have two grown daughters.
And Melissa is pregnant, by the way.
Oh, that's wonderful news.
You're going to be a grandmother.
Of course, no one would know to look at you.
Well, in as much as that is true, I suppose I have you to thank for that for introducing me to Sayer.
Yes, I suppose that's true.
And clearly your clinic visits have been working.
You look great.
Alas, I started later in life than you.
But that wasn't my main reason for joining the group.
And it has paid to have such a powerful network of friends.
I wouldn't call them friends.
Not when we aren't even allowed to know each other's names.
We know each other.
But we're the exception.
I brought you in.
You can ask me what you invited me to here to ask.
Hmm? It's no coincidence that you reached out today after the call.
These events he spoke of What is he talking about? - Oh, Andres.
- I-it's a simple question.
One that you know I can't answer.
It's one that you are not supposed to answer.
- There's a difference.
- You know what I mean.
Compartmentalization is Is in the best interest of everyone.
Yes, I know.
And nothing has changed.
We must trust the process.
Above all, we must trust him.
So tell me, how long have you been with us, win? Four years.
Five years? And in that time, it was made clear to you that if you wanted anything, anything at all, you could come to me, yes? Then why didn't you? You procured your own phone in direct contravention to the rules governing our community.
Surely you wanted it for a reason.
I just wanted to call my mother in Bago.
She's sick.
_ It was the only phone I could find.
I am sorry to hear about your mother.
I understand, more than most, the frailties of the human body.
Healing has been my passion.
But passion can blind one to the realities of their situation To those in their community who would betray them.
I was let down very badly years ago, betrayed by my peers.
So I endeavored to set up my own community with strict rules governing trust.
Rules which if were broken would carry irrevocable consequences.
It's okay, win.
You will still contribute to the cause.
And yours will be a most glorious contribution indeed.
You have to understand, with a tox screen, we can only test for what we have in the panel.
You have the most advanced diagnostic resources in the world, and you're telling me you still don't know what's wrong with my agent.
His electrolytes are normal.
He's tested negative for meningitis, encephalitis.
Look, the good news is he's stable, and his vitals are fine.
And the bad news is he's in a coma, and you can't tell me why.
Is everything okay? Fine.
Agent Mason, I've got a visual on Kilka Suratt.
Just arrived back at her house and entered the premises.
What do you want me to do? Sit tight.
I got to go.
Something up? Nothing I can't handle.
Stay awake.
I think you took a wrong turn, Chino.
This ain't Little Tokyo.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Broke my fucking nose! Ahh! - Augh! - Oh! Augh! Ahh! Ahh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Who is this? Man, who's who? Okay, okay, dude showed up a few months ago talking about he was a major player, said he could move major weight.
- All he needed was a connect.
- And? Our boy Ruben takes him down to Rosarito and introduces him to his supplier.
I told Ruben "que estaba stupid.
" Word is D.
, Mexican police got involved.
I ain't seen the Vato since.
- She alone in there? - Yeah, you going in? - Alone.
- You sure? I'll take it from here.
What did you do to him? I don't know what you're talking about.
What did you do to him? Answer me.
They gave him drugs so he'd answer.
- What drugs? - I don't know.
You're a nurse.
That's why you're at the clinic.
- You know! Tell me.
- The clinic is one thing.
But they have other drugs.
They can do other things.
What other things? You don't know what I have the authority to do to you.
Whatever it is, it's nothing compared to what they'll do.
I told you I've got this.
- I know.
That's why I came.
- She has answers.
She can tell us what they did to Noah.
Maybe she can, and we'll get her to give us what we need.
But come on.
This isn't you, Annie.
- You don't know me.
- I think I do.
I know you're angry.
You're angry about what you've lost.
And time passes, and you think you're past it, but you're not; I get it.
Listen to me.
Stop it.
It's been 22 years since my dad died.
It still feels like it's yesterday; You're right.
There's never closure.
The anger, the pain It's just a part of us.
It's not who we are.
Your sister's dead, Annie.
My dad is dead.
Noah's still here.
Kenning, 5307.
Kenning, 5307.
What? Is everything okay? Just a standard check.
Can I get you anything? Uh, no.
I'm fine.
You know, some people think it helps if you talk to them.
Miller, please call extension 3813.
Miller, please call extension 3813.
Noah, if if you can hear me Would you come back? Would you come back? She's not here.
Any idea where she is? No.
Are you worried about her? Should I be? I'm not sure; I don't know her as well as you do.
I appreciate your concern for Annie.
But let me remind you, she is your handler, not your friend.
Trust me, it is a distinction she's well aware of, and one you'd do yourself a favor not to forget.
Well, thanks for the tip.
There's something you should see.
What if I were to tell you that within our lifetime we will have the ability to not only slow down the aging process, but the ability to arrest it all together, to stop it in it's tracks? I am, of course, speaking about a cure for death.
This is Sayer 30 years ago before he got run out of town.
Aging, you see, is simply the accumulation of various types of damage in our bodies.
That damage that we have pessimistically up till now accepted as the norm, as natural, I assure you, it is not.
Hello, Andres.
I understand our conversation yesterday piqued your curiosity.
H-how could you know that? Aging is not an essential component for the human condition.
Physical breakdown is not an inevitable consequence of living.
Death is not a fate we are doomed to endure.
Not all of us anyway, necessarily.
I agree your loyalty and your neighbors have earned you a Fuller understanding of the events I referred to yesterday.
Well, I'm glad you see it that way.
Watch your screen, please.
So the good news that I want to share with you today then, is this death and aging are problems.
Complicated problems, no doubt, but problems that increasingly we have the power to solve.
Problems, in fact, that will be solved sooner rather than later.
As I believe I know there are men and women sitting in this audience right now who will live to be 1,000 years old.
Sayer's research was greeted with deep skepticism by the scientific community.
But where he got into real trouble was his stance on population control.
Help! W-w-what is this? A glimpse into the future.
Now, obviously, the question you're all asking yourselves is, how can we sustain the planet's resources with all these people that never grow old and never die? Obviously, we can't.
Help! Guards! Guards! Help! Our most ancient myths speak of our longing for transcendence.
So too our most cherished religious beliefs testify to the dream of an eternal life.
Well, now, ladies and gentlemen, that the confluence of medical science and technology has advanced us to the brink of making these dreams and longings a reality, we have some very difficult choices ahead.
Guards! Help! - W-why are you showing me this? - You've procured the virus.
You deserve to know its power.
W-w-what virus? I-I-I have nothing nothing to do to do with this.
Oh, but you do.
You failed to win the greenstone man at auction but managed to acquire its female counterpart in Nicaragua.
Within them was the virus, which we will now deploy to bring about the future we both know is necessary.
For a sustainable future, to make room for those of us who will be living so much longer, there needs to be a radical alteration in either the world's birthrate Or its death rate.
Increase the death rate.
That's why they want the virus.
To make room.
You'll forgive me for being blunt, but Who the fuck are you?