MaveriX (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 ["Joker & The Thief" - Wolfmother.]
[dirt bikes rev.]
[announcer over P.
This is it, folks.
First race of the national junior season.
I said the joker is a wanted man ♪ He makes his way all across the land ♪ [announcer.]
And they're racing! Through the sand ♪ So I'll tell you all the story ♪ About the joker And the thief in the night ♪ [announcer.]
And there's number 61, Scott Griffin, storming to the front.
He's on fire.
Always sweet and sour ♪ So we are not ♪ [announcer.]
Whoa, but he's got his work cut out for him here.
The boys in red from Katzo were the number one team last year.
They are packed with talent and they've come to ride.
Over ♪ As she's standing In the field of clover ♪ [announcer.]
But it's Scott Griffin throwing it sideways out there.
Every day ♪ I wonder what would happen If he took her away ♪ [announcer.]
He's trying to hold his own, but Katzo screams around the outside, reeling him in to take the lead.
And as we come into the home stretch, Katzo look to have this Whoa, and Scotty Griffin exploding to the front on the line to let everyone know this young man is a real threat.
- [dirt bike revs.]
- [welder hisses.]
You got boxed in pretty bad.
Didn't come into the corners hard enough.
Yeah, I sucked.
Should have won that, eh? Oh, wait, I did! Oi, I'm your coach.
I know a few things.
Since when? It's our year.
I can feel it.
I'm glad you think so, 'cause I reckon we make the announcement now.
[active music.]
A bit of a treat for you today, ladies and gents.
Got a real legend of the circuit with us.
Former Aussie motocross champ, Cam Griffin! [cheering and applause.]
It's been a while since we've seen you flying round the track, Griffo, but we've been seeing plenty of young Scotty.
Yeah, he's doing alright.
Better than alright! Number four last year.
Now, you've got some news for us.
Why don't I let Scott tell you? [announcer.]
So, Scott, what have you and your dad got for us? We're opening an academy.
A riding academy, Brian.
It's called MaveriX.
MaveriX, eh? Well, tell us a bit more.
Six weeks over the holidays up at Alice Springs.
We're gonna get the best riders together, have 'em come stay at our place, do heaps of training, heaps of racing.
We're building a team and we're taking it to the Nationals.
Katzo's number one! Well, if anyone can do it, folks, believe me, it's the Griffins.
- We're bringing home the title, Brian.
- Let's hear it for MaveriX.
[applause and cheering.]
I reckon we'll be seeing a lot more of them this season.
We better start finding some riders, huh? Yeah.
Come on.
[rock music.]
[phone rings.]
[melancholy music.]
[starter whirrs.]
Hey, Bryce! Get back here.
What's the go? What's up with it? Couldn't tell you.
I can have a look at it if you want.
If you can fix it, you can race it.
He's not gonna need it today.
All riders for heat two, make your way over to the staging area.
All riders for heat two.
[rock music.]
Another strong field here.
Riders almost set now.
Just waiting on [laughs.]
Hello! Who do we have here? Guess we'll find out! Interesting look.
[engines start.]
Heat one was a cracker.
Let's see what they've got in heat two.
[rock music.]
Racing! Oh, and the latecomer's getting off to a great start.
Into the first corner and he powers through.
And we see Katzo taking a grip on this race early.
But that man in black is hanging in there, making Clements and Hemmes from Katzo work for it.
Into the next corner.
They slingshot out again.
And this mystery rider's got a unique style but he's not giving an inch.
Look at him fly, sailing out to a massive lead.
Into the home straight, on the run to the finish.
Looks like it's all over.
Hang on, I spoke too soon! Number 24 has come out of nowhere to snatch the win.
What a finish! Another fantastic heat.
Who was that guy? Oh, too slow, Scotty.
Guess you're used to it by now, right? Big win, especially for a chick.
Nope, just a big win.
I'm Jason Cox from Katzo Racing and this is Lawson Tyler.
I know who he is.
That's right.
Current national champ.
Not for long.
[rock music.]
I like her.
- Oh, you killed it! - That was so good, love! - [Scott.]
Hey, I know that guy.
- Go to work.
Hey, it's Richie, right? - You remember me? - Yeah.
Seen you round the track in Alice.
Mate, that was an amazing race.
Richie? Rich? Richie? Thanks, uh I can't.
I've gotta go.
Richie? What'd you do? [sighs.]
Hey, you crushed that race.
[speaks indistinctly with mouth full.]
Was I meant to understand that? Tell me something I don't know.
Me and my dad, we're starting an academy for elite riders.
Who are you guys? - Oh, I'm Scott - [laughs.]
You sucker.
I know who you are.
What I want to know is whether you guys are supplementing the track work.
Yeah, course.
With what? Heaps of stuff.
Like? - Well, we're gonna We - Nice try.
But why would I come to Alice Springs? You're not even sure what you're doing.
[gentle music.]
Great start to the season here, folks.
And the good news is we're gonna finish up here as well.
The Australian Motocross Association is proud to announce that the MX Nationals will be held at this very track.
So take a good look because some of you will be back here soon fighting for the crown.
Hey, did you work these levers? With tools or the power of your mind? Do I have to do everything? See anything you like? It's awesome gear.
Pity, though.
Guys with the best kit are always the worst riders.
[rock music.]
Gold Coast boy Kaden Li chewing up the track out there.
It's only his second season on the national circuit, but he is really making his mark.
And as they turn for home, he streaks away to book his place in the final.
What a day of racing we've had so far! Him! We want him.
Where's my protein shake? [Griffo.]
You got time for a chat? Hey, Mr.
Griffin! Oh, Griffo's fine.
Just wanted to talk to you about a new development program I'm starting.
Me and my son, actually.
Cool, yeah.
We were joking around before.
It's called MaveriX.
Wanted to know if you're up for the challenge.
That sounds amazing.
I've just gotta contact my dad.
Cox, I'm Kaden Li.
Right, yeah, I got your emails.
Yeah, I know Katzo's recruiting and I'm getting other offers.
You're a good rider, but I've got plenty of those.
You beat my number one rider, Lawson Tyler, in the final, we'll talk.
Thanks for dropping in! [Lawson.]
I am gonna win the Nationals again this year.
Trying to convince me or yourself? I'm not trying to convince anyone.
It's just a fact.
- What do you want, Lawson? - I wanna help you.
You wanna help me? Someone's gotta tell you that you're not your dad.
And building a team around you isn't going to change that.
You better walk away now.
You don't have to get hurt, Scotty.
Just don't get in my way.
All the heats are done.
All the gates are loaded.
The best of the best ready and raring to go head to head in the final.
First points for the season are on the line.
And there we see the last bike in, reigning national champion, Lawson Tyler.
Come on, mate.
Let's do this.
Thirty-second board is up.
Marshals are clearing the track.
Riders are set.
It all comes down to this.
["Eagle" - Southeast Desert Metal.]
And they're away in the final of the Adelaide Invitational.
Lawson Tyler punching to an early lead.
But into the first corner, Scotty Griffin, riding for new team MaveriX, is taking it to him.
High above ♪ With the clouds I fly free ♪ [announcer.]
Hemmes and Clements from Katzo, Peterson and Li all in the hunt.
Up front, the competition's fierce.
Griffin and Tyler neck and neck.
But creeping up is the winner of heat two, Jenny Chivas.
Ooh, and Tyler and Griffin lock horns with Griffin coming off second best.
Now it's Tyler and Chivas charging on with Hemmes and Clements right behind.
Scott Griffin and MaveriX have got a lot of work to do with this pack storming away.
But here comes Griffin.
Up front, Jenny Chivas is making her move, keeping Tyler in check, the rest of the pack breathing down their necks.
Behind them, Griffin is fighting back.
Look at him go! And he's not the only one.
Alice Springs rider Richie Peterson taking an outside line there.
The battle for position is red hot.
But it's Tyler and Chivas wrestling for the lead.
Griffin's not giving up, though.
He's making up ground.
Kaden Li isn't gonna be left behind either.
Sweeping around into the home straight, it's Tyler and Chivas and Scotty Griffin with a late charge.
They're leaving it all out on the track, folks.
But it's Tyler, Lawson Tyler, taking the flag to win the Adelaide Invitational with Scott Griffin a courageous second and Jenny Chivas third.
[applause and cheering.]
Thank you.
Go, Scotty! Yeah, thanks.
[cheering and applause.]
I told you, you don't have to get hurt.
Go, Katzo! Whoa! - I'm in.
- Yeah? You were on fire out there.
Can't wait to destroy you at the MaveriX track.
- [woman.]
You were amazing! - [Griffo.]
Hey, check this out.
Hey, that was a big move out there.
You've got good instincts.
You wanna make the most of them, we've got a spot for you at MaveriX.
Richard Jupurrurla Peterson! Don't you move a muscle! Mum! Dad! - You're here.
- Don't play dumb.
You've been ducking us all day.
Look at you! Look at your uniform.
[his mother.]
The school called.
They know you've been sneaking out.
Now you think you can ignore our calls.
Mum, Dad, this is 'Griffo' Griffin.
They're all a bit of a handful at this age, eh? I could think of a few more choice words.
Hey, your dad used to take Richie to the track in Alice, right? He was incredible.
Thank you.
The way he worked with the bikes, the way he worked with Richie.
Anyway, we're starting up a new riding academy.
It would be great to have him.
Yeah, I'm gonna be workin' them pretty hard over the break.
The only thing he'll be working on is his scholarship.
If you don't pull your socks up, son, you're gonna lose it.
[his dad.]
We need to get back to Alice and you need to get to work.
Sorry, but the answer's no.
Move it, mister.
We've got a long drive.
Come on.
Thanks anyway.
- Can I just say that - No.
- The thing is I know I could - She said no.
But if I get all my work done Keep talking and you'll be walking home.
[Griffo grunts.]
You don't start talking soon and it's country music all the way home.
One rider.
That's all we got out of today.
No, it's not.
You got a taste of what it's gonna take.
I mean it, mate.
You want the championship, ain't gonna be easy.
- I know.
- [Griffo.]
- I'm glad you're disappointed.
- Why? You need a team to push you.
[gentle music.]
Where do I sign? You gonna get out and give us a hand? I thought you didn't like me tinkering.
We need to get on the road.
- Now's not a good time, alright? - I think now's the perfect time.
Richie! I really want to go to MaveriX and you won't even talk about it.
Not like this, we won't.
[subtle music.]
[starts engine.]
Should get us to a service station.
Thank you.
[his dad.]
It's good to be handy, Rich, but there are more important things.
The school's gonna kick you out if you don't pass the make-up exam, you get that? [his mum.]
You've only got till the end of the holidays.
And if we're even thinking of letting you do this MaveriX thing, we wanna know that you're gonna study every day too.
And you won't stay there.
You'll be at home with us every night.
[upbeat blues music.]
So that's the house.
We've got the chill-out shed.
There's a workshop up there.
And this is the track.
Starts here, loops around the other side of the hill.
The website said 'state-of-the-art training'.
- Yeah.
- This is false advertising.
What are you talking about? We just upgraded everything.
What else could you need? A gym.
A pool for resistance training.
Yeah, waterhole's two kay that way.
- This is not what we paid for.
- Yeah, it is.
We're here for Griffo.
Where are we sleeping? No way.
This is, like, against the Geneva Convention or something.
- We do have rights.
- Yeah.
You've got the right to sleep outside.
Well, I'm not sleeping next to her.
Oh, no.
She's sleeping in the house.
You get my room.
What? Why am I getting punished? - Why the special treatment? - Hey! Who's hungry? Come on.
Grab a plate.
[flies buzz.]
So, it's great having you all here.
If you've got any questions, any worries, I'm always around.
And if I'm not, talk to Scott.
That's it.
[Griffo clears throat.]
Train hard, do as I say, you'll be surprised how far we can go.
Alright, I've gotta make some calls, so, um yeah.
You really think you can beat Katzo? Yeah, I know we can.
Who's Griffo gonna back when I start owning you? Me, 'cause I'm gonna own both of you.
I've held places for them.
There's no way I can fill those slots now.
Oh, forget it.
Don't waste my time! [mutters indistinctly.]
Those two riders from Perth who were supposed to be arriving tomorrow They're not coming? Apparently they got a personal call from Lawson Tyler.
We'll do it without 'em, then.
The numbers don't work without them.
Dad, it's my last year of juniors.
If I want to get a contract, I need MaveriX to work.
And I need us not to go broke, mate.
Alright? I ploughed all our savings, everything we've got, into the track upgrades and insurances.
Without those riders, we need sponsorship.
For that, we need some kind of X-factor.
And we need it soon.
And it's Griffin, Griffin running away [Jenny.]
You've gotta admit, he's not bad.
- Told you.
- Whatever.
He's not gonna save you out on that track.
Save me? 'Cause you're such a beast? Yeah, I think I'll be fine.
Besides, you don't want to make my duwende angry.
Your d-what? [Jenny.]
The spirit that protects my family.
Like Filipinos are the only ones with spirits haunting them.
[engine revs.]
If we're gonna do this, we might as well start now.
Who's up for it? [engine revs.]
You took your time.
You ready? [Jenny.]
Ready to smash you.
Hey, did I mention the snakes? - What? - [Jenny laughs.]
Don't fall off.
[engines rev.]
["Lucky Stars" - Busby Marou.]
We're the fortunate ones ♪ Spinning round the sun ♪ Just getting through the nights ♪ Counting down the days ♪ We're all different but the same ♪ I don't pretend to understand ♪ The master plan ♪ But I'll make the most Of every breath while I'm awake ♪ 'Cause it's great to be alive ♪ Sit back, enjoy the ride ♪ Love somebody when you get the chance ♪ Sing and laugh to your own song ♪ Take time to get along ♪ 'Cause it ain't hard to see ♪ We're all dreamin' underneath ♪ The same lucky stars ♪ We're the fortunate ones ♪ [theme music.]

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