MaveriX (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

What's up, Bear-lievers? Giving a big shout-out to all my fans.
This could be my last race ever.
But, hey, whatever happens, sharing is caring.
Oh! Nailed it.
Look at that! I will admit my son does get a bit carried away sometimes Matthew's lucky he wasn't carried away in an ambulance.
Uh, well, no, it's "Bear".
Fans actually call me Bear.
He was racing an unregistered bike without a license.
Oh, that's good.
Can I use that quote? Look, I'm tearing my hair out as much as you are.
- He's been like this since his dad left.
- Mum But I can assure you that underneath these crazy stunts, he really is a sweet boy.
"Boy"? And he promises to never do anything so stupid again.
Right? Yeah.
You so much as fart without a permit, it's Juvenile Justice.
Got it? Sign this.
And, uh this.
It's for my daughter.
It's just you and me.
- Hello? - Wha? Hey, where's Griffo? He's in town grabbing supplies with Scott.
Real professional.
Thought he said training started at 8:00 a.
It does.
He gave us some warm-ups to do while he's away.
Warm-ups? It's a million degrees out there.
Not gonna happen.
How do people even live this far out of civilization? There's 70,000 years of civilization here.
Open your eyes.
Yeah, it's cool here.
Compared to what? An oven? Uh We should keep running.
Why? We should be riding.
Wait! Guys! Hey, look.
- We're famous.
- Wow.
Front page! Right below a story about the rabid emus.
Hey, what idiot's been stuffing round with my bike? This idiot! I replaced your carby.
It was full of dirt, like your mouth.
Who's that? That is the neighborhood freak show.
Uh, let's, uh suit up.
Just saying, fuel supplier doesn't turn up tomorrow, I'm sending a posse out.
First day of training, I look like an idiot.
- Yeah, you're pretty bad at this.
- Oi! You mean we're pretty bad at this.
Look, seriously, it's not your fault, alright? Well, it's still my problem to solve.
That's being a leader.
Tan, g'day.
How are ya? And Bear? Oh, right.
Sorry to hear that.
Oh, no, no.
Um, I'm sure he's a great kid.
MaveriX is Uh, we're booked out.
Yeah, I've just signed my last rider.
So Yeah, no Well, good to chat.
Maybe next season.
Right, see ya.
Bear Wallis wants to join MaveriX.
Like we need that walking impulse-control problem.
No, we've already got one of those.
Tell your story walkin'.
Huh! That old guy actually got my engine running better.
Still not clear.
Few riders stuffing around on the track.
Hang on.
Hey, show us some tricks! - What have you got? - Yeah, come on, mate.
Locals, come to check us out.
Show us some tricks! These hicks want a show? Let's give 'em one! - Uh - Come on.
Let's go! Come now and get here fast.
What's up, Bear-lievers? Giving a big shout-out to all my fans.
This could be my last race ever.
Why do people watch that clown? The stacks.
Check it.
"Nice skills.
" Not.
We're an elite riding academy.
We're not a circus.
I've got this.
Oi! Bring it in! Yeah.
Oi! No racing! Guys, bring it in! Oi! MaveriX! Here! Now! I got this.
You get the fuel.
And you lot, get out of here! Go on! Go on.
It's not a circus.
Get out of here! I know your mum, Phil! Angie, what are you doing here? Just came to see the show.
Figured I'd pump my tires while I was here, if that's okay.
- Hurry up! - Yeah, yeah.
Keep your pants on! You dirty thievin'! I'll kick-start you! - Meet us back at the house.
- What? No, I'm only lookout! You just got promoted! You! Give that here! Could I have been any more clear? No racing without adult supervision! It's the Summers girl! She's ripping us off! Team meeting in five.
This isn't gonna work if I can't trust you lot.
What happened to showing some responsibility? I mean, you were the one late for training.
We were ready at 8:00.
Our fuel guy didn't turn up, okay? Well, maybe if you planned ahead, we wouldn't be wasting time.
- You want to talk about waste? - Mm.
- That bike's wasted on you.
- You two! - Yeah, I could whip your butt.
- Yeah? Let's do it, then.
Sit down! Right, rule one.
For the next six weeks, MaveriX is one big family.
I thought rule one was: "No racing unsupervised"? Alright, I want tanks filled, chains oiled, check tire pressure by the time I get back.
You mix the two-stroke.
- Tanya! Didn't you just call me from - Eighty clicks south of Alice.
- Who's that? - My dad's mate.
It wasn't my idea.
Bear made me drive up here.
He really wants this.
Dad, you have to get me out of here.
Mum's kidnapped me to some redneck hellhole.
Darling? Hey, guys, you remember the legend Griffo? No, of course you don't, 'cause he didn't have his own channel.
But, see, I do and sharing is caring, peeps, so don't forget to like me.
- Is that, um - Bear Wallis.
Hey, what's your wi-fi password? Your reception out here sucks.
No? Okay.
Good chat.
He will grow on you, I promise.
He just needs his energy channeled.
Those bikes won't service themselves! I've got enough on my plate.
It's not just Bear that you get.
You get me too.
New set-up.
I've got skills, I've got an MBA You got a toolbox in there? Tan, I just I can't.
He's in trouble, Griff.
And I don't know what else to do.
Alright, come on.
What are you doing, losers? What are you doing? - I'm here for my money.
- What money? The 20 bucks you owe me for being lookout.
Where's our stuff first? I had to dump it when you bailed on me.
That's not our problem.
What? I did my job.
Pay up.
I'm hungry.
No tools, no money.
Here I am with my newest fan, amateur dirt-biker Scotty Griffin.
- Newest fan? You wish.
- Nice comment on my last post.
- I was being ironic.
- Oh, sure you were.
We know a Bear-liever when we see one, right, peeps? Hey, shouldn't you be in juvie or something? Relax! You don't need to feel threatened.
My dad's coming to pick me up from this dump any minute.
So, Mavs, new team, new place.
Thoughts, feelings? Yeah, this place sucks.
- Did I mention that already? - Yes! Harsh words.
What do you say to these allegations of suckiness, cap? Whoa.
He's not our captain.
- Yeah, I am.
- Says who? Let me guess.
Your dad? No.
Well, maybe.
But it makes sense.
Um, really? Yeah, how? Tell us, Scotty boy.
Get that out of my face! Look, I've trained here all my life.
I know the track inside and out and I What? Say it.
I'm the best rider.
Yeah, you know, it might just be me.
But I'm sensing some pushback here.
Ow! I'll race you for it, then.
We can't race on the track without an adult.
Who said anything about the track? Cross-country, around the water tanks and back.
- Winner gets to lead the team.
- Works for me.
Let's do this.
Whoo! Someone say: "Grudge match"? Get ready.
Oh, my foot's caught! Okay, don't move.
Okay, good.
Okay, waggle your feet.
Do you feel any tingling? Okay, good.
Now your leg? Okay.
Well, what? Are you dizzy? Do you feel any pain? Hey, wasn't my idea.
What were you thinking? Well, I wanted to It was a team-bonding exercise.
Yeah, Scott was showing us around.
- Making us feel at home.
- Yep.
Definitely Scott's idea.
Where did you learn first aid? Mum.
She's patched me up enough times.
Red Cross advanced certificate.
It's kind of essential with him.
Let's see what he can do after lunch.
He can use my old bike.
But if he's no good, you head home, let us get on with it.
- Can't argue with that.
- What? You can't make me.
Hey! Do you need an ice pack, you think? This isn't a tool library.
You know that, right? Hello? Here.
Just so we're clear, if he gets in, he's got the bed by the toilet.
Don't worry about it.
You've seen his socials.
He's all show.
Hey, do this for me.
Griffo knows what he's talking about.
I don't have to prove anything to that has-been.
How many followers does he have? Hey, film this for me.
I wouldn't want you to miss any of my tricks.
Looking forward to your disappearing act.
He's totally gonna crash and burn.
Richie! Time him for us, will you? Over the jump, round the shed.
Short lap.
Time to beat's 45.
Come in under that, you can stay.
Too easy.
Go! Decent start.
He's such a show pony.
Whoo! Short enough for ya? Am I gonna make it? That's a nice wheelie.
Whew! Did you get it? Oh, yeah, definitely got it.
"I want the tires cleaned.
" "Scott, you mix the two-stroke.
" The look on Griffo's face! I thought he was gonna have a stroke.
I thought your mum was.
I thought she was! Oh That's me.
It's been fun.
Guess you wanna get back to your mates? Your mob in Melbourne.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Same time tomorrow! - See ya! - 'Bye! "Those bikes won't service themselves!" Tough crowd.
It's like herding cats.
Hey, did you think that because you won a national championship they would hang on your every word? Because an elite academy requires structure, strategy, concrete goals.
Yeah, I can do all that.
You wash your socks in the dishwasher.
"Scott, you mix the two-stroke.
" Oh, I couldn't believe it.
Man! Oi! Can you do that tomorrow? Anything for a fan.
- Who are you? - Who are you? What's in the bag? Hey! What the Hey! Stop her! She's got my laptop! Angelique! Get back here! Stop! Bear! Don't you even think about it! - He's not bad when he focuses.
- What about her? So what happened? I think she flogged his laptop.
Don't think so.
It was actually just on the floor.
Hey, come back! Hey! Not a scratch.
Hang onto it.
- You can train on it till we fix yours.
- What? I'm gonna turn you into the rider you pretend to be.
What? He's got grit.
I can work with that.
As for you, you better dust off that MBA.
Team just got itself a new manager into the bargain.
Be ready to go in 20.
Oh, remember to like me.
What? No, no! Mum, you can't make me stay here! Mum! - Mum! - Oh, what did I miss? Everything.
Guess we'd better get into it, then.
Gear up, grab your bikes.
No! No, stuff that and stuff MaveriX.
The Bear rides alone.
Good luck with that captain.

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