MaveriX (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[airy music.]
- [music intensifies.]
- [dirt bikes rumble.]
[dirt bike doesn't start.]
[dirt bikes rev.]
Righto, warm up.
Take it easy.
It's not a competition.
[rock music.]
When are they going to get not everything is a race? [Angie.]
Come on! Start! [drill buzzes momentarily.]
[rock music.]
- Stop cutting the track.
- What are you gonna do about it? - [dirt bike revs.]
- [welder hisses.]
Training is not about driving each other into the ground.
We are here to win.
You're at MaveriX to work on your skills.
Drive each other to be better.
Yeah, that's right.
And Alice Springs Race Day is coming up, so we've got to lift our game.
I'm ready to help these guys whenever they want.
If you don't shut up, I swear I'm going to - [riders exclaim.]
- Oi, oi, oi! [Griffo.]
The team is the base from which we all launch from, yeah? And the team is made or broken on what you do here.
That one of the ones you stole? I didn't steal anything.
Well, I brought 'em back.
You're the one who stole my bike.
Oh, you mean rescued it after you bailed? Yeah.
You know it's gonna take a lot more than that to fix a cracked fuel line and a blown back shock.
[drops tool.]
You know what? Vic will sort it.
I don't need anything from you.
Might want to rethink that.
Yeah, and I might not.
Look, the sooner we get it fixed, the sooner you're out of my hair.
I do some jobs round here, you fix my bike.
- You don't have to do that.
- I'm not a charity! Deal? Righto.
Get some brekkie into ya.
Come on, then.
[loping guitar music.]
See, Jenny's got it.
If you wanna be the best, nutrition is the key.
- I am the best.
- I am the best.
- Food fight, anyone? - Ah! [others laugh.]
She's gonna be helping out around the place while we fix her bike.
Helping herself to what? [Tanya.]
Angelique, is it? Take a seat.
What would you like? We've got eggs, toast, spinach, bacon.
Just a light breakfast? Maybe lunch as well.
[upbeat music.]
You gonna let him take you? [slurps.]
[others chuckle.]
Yo, Bear-lievers, check it out.
Not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.
So what am I still doing here? Good question.
It's kind of like a community service.
These people need me, but I'll be back in Melbourne asap.
Not soon enough.
The K-man.
Bit touchy? Happens when you show people new moves.
- What have you shown me? - [Kaden.]
Ah, where do I start? More like when? How many times did I lap you yesterday? You're only here 'cause of your mum.
That's not true.
I had to get out of Melbourne.
Cops were after me.
Cops caught you, dude, just like every rider here.
[upbeat music.]
[outgoing call rings.]
[thoughtful music.]
More yoga? Really? - Can't we go back to the track? - Yeah, what'd we do wrong? This is the best thing for your core strength.
So we'll just have an easy warm-up.
Grab a mat.
- [riders sigh.]
- Come on.
Plant your feet, and big pelvis circles, all the way to the right and back to the left.
Come on, Kaden, big circles.
And round the other way, warming up those hip joints.
All the way round.
Now, let's have our first sun salutation.
Feet at the back of the mat.
Hands in prayer position.
And walk your hands out into downward dog.
- [riders groan.]
- Push out your back heel.
Hips up to the sky, Kaden.
Really lengthen that spine out.
You winning now, K-man? [Tanya.]
Running your nose along the front of the mat.
Going into a back bend.
Big exhale.
[riders exhale audibly.]
And knee right over the front foot, looking out over your front hand.
Arms to the front.
And look up to the sky.
Bear, this is your favorite position.
Lift your left foot up and if you can, have your hands in prayer position.
Kaden, if you just straighten that underneath leg - Need some pointers? - Mmm.
Kaden, if you just wanna follow along.
It's about the journey, not the not the position.
This is bull.
Ah, no, it's actually Bear totally owning you.
- At yoga? So what? - [Scott.]
I mean, today it's yoga.
Then it'll be jumps, corners, lap times.
You seriously think he can take me? - It's only a matter of time.
- Definitely.
Well, if he can take me, he can take any of you.
Fine, so ramp it up.
Whoever wins the most sessions by the end of the day wins.
Wins what? My new brake and clutch levers.
It's just bling, man.
We're supposed to be training together.
We will be.
All of us.
We should get back out there.
Bring it on.
You don't care about this bike.
- What? - Your bike.
It's in terrible condition.
- Talk to my brothers.
- I'm talking to you.
It's precious.
Understand? You gotta look after it.
I look after myself, alright? You look after your bike, it'll look after you.
When you ride you're a team.
[loping guitar music.]
Build another wall with those tires.
OK, bench press.
Ten reps.
Then ten crunches, ten push-ups.
Got it? What does this have to do with racing? Strength and conditioning.
I condition every night.
I'm cool.
- Alright.
- [Richie exhales.]
Nice and even.
[gritty music.]
[Kaden groans.]
You seeing what I'm seeing? Wasting time watching me.
Bike's not gonna fix itself.
[Vic chuckles.]
Right, jump in.
[Scott mutters.]
Eleven, twelve.
Thought we were only supposed to do ten? Hey, do you have a warranty? I reckon these ones are malfunctioning.
Alright, that's enough.
Pace yourselves.
I don't think you're a charity.
Time Vic's done, be better than before we ditched it.
I'll get more money for it.
You're selling? Getting outta here.
And and going where? Darwin, Adelaide.
You mean you're you're running away? I can't keep going like this.
Like what? Look, Ange, if you Don't worry about it.
[soft music.]
- [Jenny gasps.]
- Whoa, hey.
- You alright? - Yeah, um Yeah, I'm fine.
Kinda seems like you're not.
No, I just, um, I pushed myself a bit hard, that's all.
Yeah, I saw that.
- But you don't need to like - Tell anyone? I wasn't going to.
You can ride.
Probably be even better if you weren't carrying stuff.
It's it's cool.
[outgoing call rings.]
- There he is.
Bear! - Dad.
Dad, where have you been? Have you been getting my messages? Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry, mate.
I've just I've been busy down here.
I've been, uh, looking at a new business opportunity.
Dad, you have to get me out of here.
I've been watching your videos.
Looks like you're having an awesome time.
I'd rather be with you.
Yeah, me too, mate.
Me too.
It's just, you know, the thing is I've got my hands full.
Probably have more fun where you are.
They're not my peeps.
They don't want me here.
Well, if it's really not working out, then we can talk about it.
In the meantime, keep those videos coming.
I love ya.
[melancholy music.]
- [rock music.]
- [Griffo.]
There are two races.
The race to the first corner, and then the rest of the track.
Races are won and lost on the start.
[both rev engines.]
Second gear, front brake on, revs up.
Ease the clutch out till you feel the bike wanna go.
Trick is keep your weight over the front of the bike so you don't pop a wheelie and lose time.
[dirt bikes roar.]
You're gonna get mauled by the Bear.
[rock music continues.]
The Bear rides alone.
What's that all about? Oi! [riders chuckle.]
[engine stops.]
Cornering is your secret weapon.
Eh! It's not so secret if everyone knows about it.
What I mean is it's not about who's got the most powerful bike.
- It's all about - Cutting sick.
It's about technique.
Get off the brakes early, come in wide, stay light on the bike and carry your speed all the way through.
Or you could just cut sick.
Can't wait to see that.
What is your problem? [Griffo.]
Alright, alright, alright.
Get out there.
Work on the corners.
And remember, don't race.
[rock music.]
Richie, stand up! [Jenny.]
Dude, those new levers are mine.
Not after we go again.
Guys, we should wait for the others.
Griffo said not to race.
Guess who listened.
[rock music continues.]
See that air? I'd like to see any of you do that.
- Jump for show - [both.]
Corner for dough.
Corner for what? [Richie.]
Don't let them get to you.
The old guy round? I think he's working on the track.
He looks scary, but he knows bikes.
You don't let him work on yours.
No, I do.
Just like working on it myself.
And not hanging out? It's not like that.
Bit of tension at the moment, but I'm kind of a B rider next to them anyway.
- No, you're not.
- That's nice, but No, you're not.
They stand.
They ride on the balls of their feet.
Makes them lighter on the bike.
Griffo's been talking about that, but how do you My brothers are idiots, but they know a few things.
Right, well, thanks.
[gentle guitar music.]
What's up, Bear-lievers? So what is it with [machinery rumbles.]
Yo, peeps.
So there's something I've been meaning to [Griffo.]
Sooner or later, you're going to have to deal with whoops.
I get whoops all the time.
Cheers, high-fives, fist bumps.
- [Bear.]
You guys will get 'em too.
- He means those.
Do they come with training wheels? [Griffo.]
Whoops are a lot trickier than they seem.
You don't even know what you're talking about.
What's your problem? Hey, guys, come on.
Your time Oi! You're everyone's problem.
You all think you're so special.
Yeah, and we don't need you stuffing everything 'cause you can't cut it.
- I can't cut it? - Don't say that.
- That's out of line.
- [starts dirt bike.]
Bear! [Griffo.]
Bear! Bear, bring it in! [gritty rock music.]
- [engine stops.]
- [music fades.]
- Hey, man, you OK? - [Griffo.]
Stay still.
Oi! - Come here.
Oi! Oi! - Gimme my bike.
- [Scott.]
Chill out for a second.
- You chill out.
I'm going again.
Bear! - Hey, what happened? - [Kaden.]
He couldn't do it.
Mate Stuff this.
I'm going back to Melbourne.
You can't stop me.
Dad wants me there with him.
[loping guitar music.]
It's just whoops.
What's the big deal? [Angie.]
You guys with your little club, all your gear.
- Hang on, this isn't on us.
- [Angie.]
Yes, it is! You're supposed to be a team and you're the captain, but you've been cutting him out all day.
- You've got no idea.
- No idea about what? What it's like being on the outside.
You don't know how lucky you are.
[loping guitar music.]
You said to drive each other to be better.
Healthy competition lifts all of you.
I don't know what that was today.
A good captain brings people together.
I thought you understood that.
If you didn't stuff around so much, none of this would have happened.
It's not all him.
Oh, so now you're on Bear's side? What sides? We're a team.
He's right.
Don't let it go to your head.
He shouldn't even be here.
- Why not? He's not bad.
- [Richie.]
Maybe Angie's right.
Maybe he just needs some friends.
You get friends when you win.
Can I come? You're a weirdo, you know that? I'm a weirdo? They watch your videos, you know.
Can't do half the stuff you can do.
Tell me something I don't know.
Would really suck for them if you could do everything they can do.
[thoughtful guitar music.]
[dirt bike approaches.]
[hopeful guitar music.]
You said something to him, didn't you? Just that you suck.
Maybe not all the time.
Might tell him that bit later.
- He's gonna kill himself.
- Probably still beat you.
Come in slow, power through to the end.
Grip with your knees.
Then you can show me how much air you get on your jumps.
Follow me.
[hopeful guitar music continues.]
Whoo! Nice! [Scott.]
Nailed it, mate.
Had to show you guys how it's done.
And, you, looking good.
- Light on the bike.
- Thanks to Angie.
She should be on the team.
Sorry, you want to We know she can ride.
And she's strong.
I mean, look what she's done today.
And she's smart.
She's brought us all together.
We need her.
She's definitely got something.
You all on board with this? - Yeah.
- Most def.
For sure.
Whatever it is, it wasn't me.
We want you on the team.
- I-I told you that I'm - You're not a charity.
I get it.
But we're stronger with you, and teams lift each other up.
So what do you reckon? [Vic.]
She's a beautiful old girl.
Look after her, hey? Wait a second, are those my Yeah.
I thought you could use some new brake and clutch levers.
- [Scott and Jenny laugh.]
- [Tanya.]
Don't just stand there.
Race day's coming up.
We should have a comp.
See who can fill their helmets up with the most heat balm.
[gritty rock music.]
[theme music.]

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