MaveriX (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Any chance you could go faster? Not much, no.
How you going with "Romeo & Juliet"? Oh, yeah, it's good.
It's awesome.
What are you doing? I'm already late.
Glove box.
Doesn't look too well read to me.
You had a deal with me and your mum, mate.
No study equals no MaveriX.
Simple as that.
We're trying to set you up to succeed, Rich.
Not just for yourself but for the family, your community.
- Now, get reading.
Come on.
- Now? - Now.
Three scenes.
- Two.
"Two households alike, both in dignity, never came" Is it just me or is me winning again starting to get embarrassing? It's just you.
If we race like that on Saturday, we're toast.
Jen, you look spent.
OK, I reckon you should take it easy.
Sometimes the best prep is no prep at all.
Wow, thanks, "Confucius".
Seriously, dude, how many times do I have to say it? Jump for show.
Corner for dough.
I do and my fans love it.
Good talk.
You know we're trying to build 'em up before the race, not tear them down, yeah? - We've got to watch every cent.
- Can't be that bad already.
OK, maybe it can.
I mean, if Angelique and Scott were paying we'd be OK, but not factoring them in, we need a sponsor.
I've got someone coming to watch us race.
Just need a good result.
Yeah, we're just doing final prep.
You, um, you're still coming, right? Yeah.
Yeah, OK, cool.
Alright, Dad.
I'll see you Saturday.
He's doing a lot better.
Keeping it that way's the problem.
Hey, ready to go straight after, alright? Oi! I know.
I'm late.
Blame my parents.
My deal's not with your parents, Rich.
Go and help Vic.
If you're lucky, he won't make you scrub your bike.
Pass me a ten-mil, will you? Lucky guess.
I could help.
Do you wanna help? Here, clean this.
How do you know about cleaning spark plugs? My Grandad Joe taught me.
I've always loved pulling things apart and putting them back together.
- My parents call it tinkering.
- Nothing wrong with tinkering.
Sign of intelligence mostly.
Let's see this tinkering.
What else here needs doing? If you're not out of here in 30 minutes, I'll send a rescue team.
Bring that here.
Whoa, wow.
It's beautiful.
The best bike I ever rode.
- Kanga? - Kanga.
You ride her wrong, she'll kick you right off.
So, you used to race? - Can I have a ride? - You're not riding "Kanga".
She's too powerful for you.
No more being late, 'cause I'll blame you every time.
Now get your backside track side.
One on one after? Gonna have to wait.
I'm going to work with Bear on his jumps.
- Do you feel like showing me up? - Let's do it.
Since when did he start taking training seriously? Since his dad said he was coming to watch him race.
Hey, Griffo's alright.
Yeah, he's good.
So, what happened to you? Impressive.
You're a natural.
Convert some of that hang time into distance, you're gonna be a threat.
- What are you doing? - Uploading your jumps.
Let's take flyingfogey.
Really thought I was gonna have to call the cops to get you out of that shed.
Like you would ever call the cops.
But then I realized you were just scared to race me.
- Need me to rescue you? - See you tomorrow.
I don't want you hanging around that girl.
- Angelique? - That family's trouble.
We're on the same team together.
We're paying for you to ride, not muck around.
New track.
Same process.
Remember, there are two races.
The race to the first corner And everything after that.
The first corner is gonna come up pretty quick tomorrow, right? It's a tight left.
I'm here, I'm here.
Only ten minutes late this time.
Right, so we're gonna wanna carry our speed into this back straight.
We've got three big jumps here.
If you're not careful, they'll cut you off guard, OK.
Try not to jump into the crowd, Bear.
MaveriX, big day tomorrow.
First race.
Walking the track? Didn't know that was still a thing.
Yeah, there's a lot you don't know, Lawson.
Smile for the camera.
Show ponies.
Hold your ground.
They're just trying to psych us out.
Um, it's working.
Please, I need more power.
You've got enough power.
No, I mean I've gotta blow everyone away to prove to Mum and Dad motocross is worth the time.
You can win.
You've just gotta know your bike better.
Then you'll know what it can do.
Strip that engine down and rebuild it.
Nice bike.
Best bike I ever rode.
So you've ridden it? Yeah, sure.
Vic trusts me.
So where we taking it? Wow! That's really fast.
And you really suck.
Mamang, I'll call you later.
- My turn.
- Oh I should really get it back to the workshop.
Why? Vic trusts you, you trust me.
That means Vic trusts me.
We can call him if it's a problem.
No, no.
It's cool I guess.
- Hey, is that "Kanga"? - I am so next.
- Nah, me.
- I'm next.
- Does Vic know about this? - Yeah, and I'm next.
Ange! It just it took off.
Kanga! I said no.
Too much power! Vic.
Vic, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! Vic! You said we could ride it.
I trusted you.
A bloke goes out of his way to show you the ropes and you flog his bike? - I said I was sorry.
- Why, 'cause you got caught? - How we looking? - It's just sprained.
But we'll keep an eye on it overnight.
So sorry, Griffo.
We don't know what's gotten into him.
- We all make mistakes.
- He can't afford mistakes.
He's holding on to his scholarship by a thread as it is.
What did I tell you? I think it's best if we pull him out of MaveriX.
- What? No! - Hey, no.
This is a one-off.
Hey, Richie's a really good kid with a lot of promise, and not just on the track.
Sorry, but I think it's the best for everyone, yeah? Come on, in the car.
Come on.
Let's go.
Scotty, you showed up.
Welcome to the local derby, ladies and gents.
Alice Springs Race Day.
And what a day it is today.
Absolutely perfect.
Come on.
The track's in great condition.
Don't let him get in your head.
So get registered and get moving.
Dad, where are you? We're almost starting.
Call me back.
And don't forget, we're just a couple of weeks away from the MC Championship.
Hey, guys, look what landed this morning.
They actually don't suck.
Fastest way to qualify for the Nationals is to go top ten at the Territory Championships in a couple of weeks.
Our run starts here.
This is where we iron out the kinks.
If we don't, it's a rough ride all through the Regionals.
And we don't want that.
So let's get this right, yeah? Let's show the world who MaveriX is.
And let's impress that woman.
Barb Brewin from Brewin Auto.
She's our new sponsor.
If we win.
Hey, we haven't come this far to lose to those jokers, alright? Any one of you in this tent can win today.
- Richie could have won it.
- Yeah.
- So let's win it for him, yeah? - Yeah! Yeah! Riders for heat number one of the Junior Opens are at the start line.
Any remaining riders, get there now.
Strong field for this one, folks, led by Lawson Tyler, current Junior National Champ.
Good luck.
See you at the finish line.
In your dreams.
Board is up.
They'll be going on the flag.
Here we go, folks.
And they're off! First heat and it's red hot out there.
- Jenny.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Go, Kaden, come on.
- Yes! - Let's go, come on.
New kids on the block, MaveriX, making their presence felt.
- Come on, Jenny! - Come on, Jenny! Yes, Yes! Yes! Jenny Chivas and Kaden Li neck and neck out front.
Oh! Lawson Tyler asserting himself Come on! Chivas and Li are down.
But Chivas is back up and back into it.
Not wasting any time, picking up right where she left off.
Go, go, go! Katzo in the lead, Lawson Tyler out front.
- Jenny, good job.
Keep going.
- Yes, yes.
But it's Jenny Chivas - Go, Jenny! - bringing it to the field.
She's taken another rider launching over the back jump.
Whoa! Chivas over the side of the jump there.
She's going hard.
And she's back in the race.
Into the final corner, the pack is tight.
Chivas still closing, but it's Lawson Tyler for the win, followed by Jenny Chivas for second with a great ride, and Dave - Yes! - .
comes in third.
- Whoo! Yes! - Yeah! What a great family event.
Nah, Jenny's radiator's cracked.
I gotta go back and get a replacement now.
- There they are.
Gutsy finish.
- Hi, Barb.
Thought I'd come over and say g'day.
Yeah, I'm glad you liked it.
I'm sure the kids would love to meet you.
She, uh, is really good.
Well, that sucked.
Thanks for that Jenny.
Alright, here we are with heat number two of the Junior Opens.
Another strong field.
Another chance to fight for a place in the finals.
Hi, you've reached Craig.
Leave a message if you're cool.
Yeah, Dad, Dad, where are you? I mean, we're about to start.
Seriously, are you are you even still coming? - As they get set - Go time! it's interesting to note the track here in Alice Springs Low and fast over those jumps, you're in with a big chance.
Traction's a real challenge for these riders.
Then you add the dust.
Alright, so we're down.
But we're not out, right? We might see a few upsets here.
Last of the riders coming down from the staging area into the line.
You keep your heads.
You got this.
- Yep, OK.
- We're with the starters now.
Hey, Bear, Bear! Bear, no, stop! Stop! One of the MaveriX riders, Bear Wallis, I think it is Showing us one of his party tricks and getting himself disqualified.
Good on ya, mate! The board is up.
They're set.
We're ready.
And they're racing, with Scotty Griffin from MaveriX rocketing to a handy lead.
Stay loose.
Packed tight through the first corner, but Griffin isn't letting up.
Around the second corner and he's pushing hard.
Oh! Down he goes! Scott Griffin's come off and the rest of the pack goes onwards.
He's up.
He looks OK.
But he's not gonna be happy with that.
Another blow for team MaveriX.
I mean, where was your head? You pushed way too hard.
It's no good for us.
Yeah, tell us, Scotty boy.
Where exactly did you go wrong? - At least I started.
- Enough out of you.
- At least I didn't stack it! - Oi, oi! Oi! Oi! Enough! Hey! Get up! Get up.
Get off him! What are you doing to Kanga? Ah, I was just fixing her.
Straightened the forks and I was just about to No, you've done enough.
Not bad.
Vic, I'm sorry I busted your bike.
Kanga's always taken me everywhere I needed to go.
Saved my life a few times too.
I should go.
Yeah, maybe you should.
To the track.
They need you.
Angelique Summers pushing wide but she's still in the lead as they launch into the back straight.
This might be her first race, but you'd never know it.
This MaveriX team is showing they have the speed.
Can Angelique Summers hold it together? She's right in the hunt, but she's not in the clear yet.
Summers has been pushed wide.
Ooh, and she's down.
Welcome to motocross, Angie.
What was that? Try pushing me over now! You wanna go, huh? Alright, then, come on.
Let's go! - Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- I'm talking to you! - Hey, hey.
Calm down.
- He pushed me off the track.
You know what? That was your first race.
- You did a really great job.
- No, I sucked.
- No, you were wonderful.
- Alright, only one more heat.
You're going to make the final.
So I want you to Whoa, Jenny.
You alright? - Grab her some water.
- Hey.
Sit down.
- Let me have a look at you.
- What happened? I don't know, but she can't race.
I'm fine.
I just haven't been drinking enough.
- Dehydration? - Yeah, um, you know what? Stay here, have some water and some food.
Um We've gotta get her off the track.
This is not happening.
Folks, that brings us to the final heat.
All riders to the staging area.
- Hey, Richie.
- What's going on? Young fella's here to race.
They've just called the last heat.
There's no time to get his bike scrutineered.
- He can take mine.
- Final heat of the day, folks.
Took your time.
Last chance to qualify for the finals.
I guess we'll worry about registration later.
Go! There's the board for the final heat.
The revs are up.
What have we got here? Bit of a mystery rider on Scott Griffin's bike.
- Come on, Richie! - Go, Richie! Come on! Go! Here they go.
On the flag.
I've just got word, the mystery rider is none other than local boy Richie Peterson.
What are you playing at, Griffo? I thought we specifically told you Richie's out of the team.
- Stop the race now.
- I can't do that.
- I'll find someone who can.
- Murray, wait.
Look at Richie Peterson cutting through.
Come on, Richie! - That's it, Richie! - Go, Richie! Katzo making a strong play for the last slots in the final, but Richie Peterson is riding out of his boots.
You can do it! You beauty! Big air there from Richie Peterson, flying the flag for MaveriX.
Go! - Get past them, Richie! - Come on! Go! Into the final turns now, and Connor Franks looks like he has it, but Richie Peterson cuts inside.
And again! He's gonna take the flag! That completes our heats for the Junior Opens.
All eyes now turn to the board for a complete list of our finalists.
Great ride, son.
See, you know the bike, you know what it can do.
Hang on, we have a protest - Uh, guys.
- ladies and gentlemen.
- Get out of it.
- What? He won that fair and square.
Subsequent to a challenge, unregistered rider R.
Peterson has been disqualified.
Boo! Oh, come on! Boo! Oi! You got a hide asking me for money.
Your team's a bunch of yahoos, pulling stunts, brawling, playing musical bikes.
No wonder the crowd loves youse.
Now, you've got guts.
So I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna throw some money your way for the Territory Championships.
And then we'll see what's shaking.
What do you say? Alright.
Thank you.
Now, you all got talent.
Don't blow it.
Never in doubt.
I just got us our first sponsor.
No, did you see that? She loved my stunt.
Alright, I hope you're all happy, 'cause we've got a lot of work to do before the NT Championships.
Keep up your studies and you can stay.
Only if you keep him honest.
They can't do that unless I'm there full-time.
In camp.
- Yeah, can he stay? - Yes.
Looks like we better get you packed, then.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.
" Mate, what? Speak English! I'm back! It's alright, you guys.
- Bring it in, MaveriX.
- Yes.
Yeah! We fight another day!
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