MaveriX (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 [rock music.]
- Whoa! - Hurry up! Hang on! Hey, wait! Kaden! [Griffo.]
Oi, oi! What are you doing? [Griffo.]
Are we a team or not? Six riders, zero finalists yesterday.
Anyone wanna guess why we crashed and burned so badly? Well, coach, there were several reasons.
The main one is you were all selfish.
Like hogging the air con.
Alright, the fact that we snagged Barb Brewin as a sponsor is a miracle.
We've got a photo shoot with her tomorrow.
There's no point if this is the way it's gonna be.
You've gotta know how to bring out the best in each other, and that didn't happen yesterday, did it? Some of us were unlucky.
Yeah, me.
You took me out in the middle of my race.
- You were in my line! - [Griffo.]
Enough! If this is the way it's gonna be, we might as well wrap up MaveriX right now.
- Come on.
- No, we don't want that.
Then show us that you mean it.
Ride out to Dillon's Rest this afternoon.
We'll leave some fuel down there.
And come back together.
What's the point of that? I wanna know that you really can ride like a team.
[rock music.]
- [dirt bike revs.]
- [welder hisses.]
What's Dillon's Rest? It's a rest stop.
Edge of a national park.
A rest stop? Bear-lievers are gonna love that.
Get eaten by something out there and you'll get massive likes.
More if he feeds you to something.
[Bear chuckles.]
Hey, my old bike suits ya! My old bike suits me more.
Maybe you shouldn't have bent the frame back at Race Day.
She didn't.
Katzo did.
Still, don't expect your bike back in one piece.
How far's this rest stop? It's about an hour each way.
West past the water tank.
So, we gonna do this? [Scott.]
Yeah, just waiting on you.
Now you know how it feels out on the track.
[all laugh.]
OK, we stick together, yeah? It can get pretty rough out there.
Stick to the track, don't tear up the bush.
- I'll lead.
- [engine revs.]
["Legend Of The Devil Dance" - Mambali.]
This is the story about a lonely place ♪ Where the legend of the devil dance ♪ My song comes from ♪ Take me away ♪ Far away, to my place ♪ Drifting away ♪ Far away to my country ♪ Take me away ♪ How good is this? Another hill.
Follow me.
What's up, Bear-lievers? Bear in the wild.
Out here, anything can kill you.
- Including your teammates.
- Hey! [Scott.]
Come on, guys.
[loping guitar music.]
That peak there is MaveriX.
And that one over there is Dillon's Rest.
So not that far, then.
Not in a straight line.
It's further than it looks.
The track snakes around.
People stack out here a lot.
Last one there's a loser.
[active music.]
You OK? [Bear.]
K-man! You're really out here winning.
[rock music.]
Vic, what are you doing here? Bringing a message from Griffo.
You're camping out tonight.
This is everything you need.
Including fuel for tomorrow.
Uh, that'd be a no.
- [Bear.]
Nah, don't think so.
- [Vic.]
Well, that's too bad.
Racing is about expecting the unexpected.
And Tanya says be back for the photo with Barb Brewin by ten a.
or don't come back at all.
Well, we can't stay out here alone.
You're not alone.
The spirits of the last kids who camped out here are watching over you.
[Vic chuckles.]
Youse all got out here together.
Get home that way.
[car engine starts.]
Is he serious? How's dumping us in the desert helping anything? You guys wanna explain it to him? [dolorous music.]
Oh, come on.
Just one bar! [Bear.]
Mummy and Daddy can't save you up here.
I'm not calling my parents.
I'm trying my mates back home.
Really? You've got mates? Yes.
Real people, not followers.
Hey, can't get more real than a Bear-liever.
This thing is dead.
Interesting place to park.
Uh, yeah.
I think it's Clemmo's.
My brother's dipstick friend.
Probably not here long.
Might just be out of fuel.
Have you tried to start it yet? Don't have the key.
When's that ever stopped ya? Come on, Ange.
I was joking.
Let me pop the bonnet and see what's going Gotta stay sharp, right? [sighs.]
Tough ride, eh? Need help putting up your tent? Was gonna ask you the same.
Oh, great! OK, let me know when you're done.
[Jenny laughs.]
Bags the site by the fire.
Dude, teamwork, remember? Not everything is a competition.
[active music.]
Have you been camping before? Yeah.
Just not with a tent.
And not always in the bush.
[riders chatter indistinctly.]
This almost makes camping worth it.
Toasted marshmallows are the best! OK, whoever can get the most firewood in the next ten minutes gets all the marshmallows.
[frantic rock music.]
Vic better have left matches.
You don't know how to make a fire from scratch? [Kaden.]
How hard can it be? [animal barks.]
What was that? Dingo.
We should go back.
[dingo barks.]
Why? We just shouldn't go out there.
'Cause the dingo told you not to? How dumb do you guys think I am? What? I don't think you were No, it's OK.
You talk to your animals.
I'll be winning the marshmallows.
Anyway, guess who it was.
Jason Cox! No way! Dude, you dropped a milkshake on him? Hey, guys, check this out.
Good one.
No wonder Katzo are in our faces all the time.
Hey, I'm pretty sure I win with this thing.
You win.
Hey! That's for the winner.
Mate, there's plenty of them.
No, that's the prize.
They were and now they're not.
No biggie.
You say we're a team.
Only when it suits you.
Can you relax? We're trying to be a team here.
Yeah, we train together, but we race for ourselves.
'Cause that's the way it is, everyone for themselves.
- Kaden - Stuff this.
I'm going back to MaveriX to do actual training.
[tense music.]
Hey, mate.
Don't! You're not gonna have enough fuel.
- Let him go.
- [starts engine.]
Hey, Kaden! Kaden! Kaden! We can't let him go alone.
It's his choice.
Doesn't know his way around out here, guys.
And we did go pretty hard on him.
Fill up your tanks.
We can't let him get too far.
[tense music.]
He could've gone anywhere.
He's probably trying to find a shortcut back to MaveriX.
You and Ange head up the hill, see if you can spot him.
Why can't we just wait here? Yeah, why don't we leave? It might teach him not We have to find him quick.
This could go bad fast.
It's easy to get lost out here.
Get mixed up, fall down, break something.
One local, one city kid.
Leave markers so you can find your way back.
I'm fine by myself.
Jenny, you go with Scott.
[intriguing music.]
[dingo howls in distance.]
[dingo barks nearby.]
[bird chirps.]
- [Jenny.]
Kaden! - Kaden! Where is he? - Kaden! - Kaden! [pants.]
Hey, we gotta keep up the pace.
Find him before sunset.
Yeah, sorry, um just had a headache.
Are you cool? You seem a bit off lately.
Just the heat.
Kaden! Can't see him.
Your side? Seriously? Uh, well, if the sun bounces of the phone, he might be able to see us.
OK, look, I didn't get any signal down there, and the last clip didn't send, so I thought I could get some up here.
Kaden! [dingo howls.]
[animal pants.]
[mysterious music.]
Hey! You right? I was walking back to MaveriX and I I couldn't, I just stopped.
And then I didn't, I was It's OK.
You're alright.
I didn't think anyone was coming.
No way we'd leave you out here.
So how'd you know where to find me out here? I I didn't know.
- I - You what? [Richie sighs.]
My Grandad Joe led me to you.
You saw a ghost? Not a ghost.
A dingo.
It's part of my Dreaming.
My family's Dreaming.
You think it's weird, but I love it.
No matter where I am, what I'm doing, they are with me.
I wish I had that.
[pensive music.]
My mum and dad don't even have time to come to half my races.
[Scott sighs.]
No sign of him.
- It's gonna be dark soon.
- What do we do now? - I should probably ride back.
- Kaden! The K-man returns! You OK? That's for making me worry! You look awful.
Stand next to me in the photos tomorrow.
I'll look amazing.
[all chuckle.]
Alright, we've got two choices now.
We can head back to MaveriX or we can finish what we started.
We still have those marshmallows to toast right? [Bear.]
What kinda person would do this? [Angie.]
The four-legged kind.
Your grandad must have been hungry after helping out.
Go down to Dillon's Rest.
Camp out.
Become a team.
No-one said anything about getting lost and going hungry.
This will get us through till tomorrow.
Oh, yeah, they will.
Sports gel.
Nice! I've had worse dinners.
K-man to the rescue! - Cheers, dude.
- Cheers! [all chuckle.]
What, so you're you're saying there's a witch? [Jenny.]
It's not exactly a witch.
She's, like, half-woman, half-vampire.
Her face is scarred.
She hunts at night.
I'm not making this up.
I mean, all the Filipinos know it.
It's the aswang.
She's always with us.
And she only comes out to feed.
- [all gasp.]
- [Jenny laughs.]
You know how weak that was, right? You jumped the highest.
You're not hungry? - I'll take it off your hands.
- We'll play knuckles for it.
OK, I'll referee.
Best of five.
Five? Yeah, I'm going to the bathroom.
Try not to let them break any fingers before I get back.
Come on, knuckles up! [Bear.]
Ow! - [Richie.]
Ohh, that's gonna hurt! - [Angie laughs.]
[birds chirp.]
Hey, guys.
I found some bacon.
Come and get it! - [Kaden and Angie laugh.]
- Oh, hey! Good morning.
- What are you doing? - Yeah, hilarious.
Jenny, up and at 'em.
There's no way you're still asleep.
Get your butt out here, Chivas.
Living on the edge, K-man.
She's gonna get you for that.
Jen, come on.
Gotta get back for that photo shoot.
- [Angie.]
Jenny? - [pants.]
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You right? No, don't move.
Don't move.
Come and sit down.
Come and sit down.
You're right, you're right.
Come and sit down.
- You're fine.
- What happened? - I just feel sick.
- It's OK.
Just relax.
It's fine.
I just wanna sleep.
- Were you bitten by something? - No.
Maybe it's a concussion.
Hey, did you hit your head? Her heart's beating really fast.
You've got first aid.
What do we do? Um, well, you keep her awake.
Keep her talking.
Stay hydrated.
Make sure she drinks water.
You do that, yeah? We can't waste time like this.
We've gotta get her back to MaveriX.
If she can't stand, she can't ride.
Hey, you reckon we can get that thing going? [tense music.]
Hey, it's gonna be alright, OK? Engine seems fine.
Tank's empty, so we'll need to use the fuel that Vic left plus what's in our bikes.
Should be enough to get us home I think.
We just need to find a way to siphon the fuel.
I've got this.
[slow rock music.]
What about that? [sighs.]
Help me jam this under the back wheels.
This is gonna take all of us to lift.
We don't need it lifted, just need to get it started.
Thought you'd never ask! Show me the duck face you're gonna make for the photos.
[starter motor whirrs.]
One, two, three.
Push! [engine revs.]
- [groaning.]
- Awesome! Alright, let's do this.
OK, everyone.
Grab a side.
Ready? One, two, three.
[rock music.]
Take it easy out there, yeah? It's rough tracks.
We're here with nothing to hold us down.
We could fall out the side.
Hey, you're right.
Sit up.
You're right.
Stay awake, Jen, OK? That's it.
Hang low, guys.
Keep it tight.
We've got nothing holding us down.
[horn toots.]
I know you've got a repeater, so don't even use the excuse of no signal, Bear.
- Call me, please.
- [Barb.]
Yeah, good! [Griffo.]
Wondering if you might do me a favor.
Oh, anything.
Oh, what's all this? Ha! Been a fan since your first NT Championships.
- Oh! Hey? [chuckles.]
- [Tanya.]
Ha! No worries at all, Barb.
My my great pleasure.
Her heart's really racing now.
[engine putters.]
Oi! Down.
Won't be long now.
Why didn't you tell me you felt this bad? Alright.
Think about how you're gonna try and beat me at Nationals.
[soft music.]
If they're not here in five minutes, I'm heading out.
So, Griffo, when are these kids turning up? 'Bout now, I reckon.
Where'd they get that? [Vic.]
It was broken down at the camp.
[siren wails.]
Hey What Hey, what happened? It's Jenny.
Jenny, are you OK? She's nauseous, she's got no energy and her heart's racing.
Yeah, she's been really tired, um getting really bad headaches and drinking tons of water.
It's alright, darling.
Just breathe.
When did this happen? Why why didn't you call? Repeater at the camp was down.
Yeah, and then triple-0 kept me on the line.
So you got this old rust bucket going yourselves? Yeah.
Ange used her special skills and everything.
That's teamwork.
Emergencies only, alright? [Tanya.]
Blood sugar? I don't know what's going on.
It's Mum.
She just heard from the docs.
It's diabetes.
What does that mean? Can she still ride? Yeah, course.
Right? Try and keep her off her bike, eh? [playful music.]
Sharing is caring, K-dog.
Shove over.
[playful rock music.]
You snooze, you lose, K-dog.
Guess you'd know, the way you ride.
[others chuckle.]
[theme music.]

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