MaveriX (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I spread my wings And I start to fly ♪ I fell from the stars And I touched the sky ♪ But they ain't ever Told you this story ♪ My heart full of pain and glory ♪ I spread my wings And I start to fly ♪ I fell from the stars And I touched the sky ♪ But they ain't ever Told you this story ♪ My heart full of pain and glory ♪ And I touch the sky ♪ My heart full of pain and glory ♪ Jenny, you're back.
So, who missed me the most? - Scotty boy.
- Scott, definitely.
So, hey, when did you get back? This morning.
And the doctors are okay with you coming home so soon? Reckon they would be if they knew I was gone.
Guys, I got discharged, and it's not too soon.
They couldn't wait to get rid of me after you almost ran over that nurse with a wheelchair.
Hey, a race is a race.
I hear that.
So, who's ready to be crushed? Well, I guess we could do a few laps, you know, before brekkie.
If you're up to it.
Okay, you know what? Team meeting.
Right now.
I know I freaked you guys out, but it's type one diabetes.
And I'm on it.
- Really? - Yeah.
I've got a glucose monitor and as long as I have this disc on my arm, I can check my levels whenever I need to.
And I have my hypo kit and insulin with me wherever I go.
You know how to handle all that stuff already? She's probably been teaching the doctors.
She's like the biggest nerd here.
And I've got a full nutrition plan.
She'll be eating better than the lot of you.
Jenny's parents left Alice last night and they're okay with her staying, as long as she follows through with her treatment plan.
You can roast me if I don't.
If you don't, you'll be going home.
I've got this, I swear.
And you guys have been amazing, coming out every day.
I just wanna get back out there and race.
So, who's with me? She has to upgrade all of the bikes today? Well, Barb's really excited about the team.
We want to encourage that.
Yeah, and it's Saturday.
Take the day off.
Have some fun.
I'm up for it if you guys are.
Count me out.
Mum and dad want me home for lunch.
Yeah, me too.
I've got a lunch as well.
Sounds cool.
Just gotta pick up a package my parents sent me.
Won't be long.
We can drop you lot.
Food in the fridge.
Whoa, where are you guys going? I don't know, listen to some music or something.
- Watch a movie.
- I've been stuck inside for ages.
- Let's do something.
- Like what? I don't know! Hang out, have fun.
We'll figure it out on the way.
What are you talking about? On the way to what? I don't know.
Come on.
Hey, hang on.
Jenny! Man, what is the rush? Hello? Hello? - Whoo! - Surprise! Oh, no way! - What are you guys doing here? - We're the package! Yeah, flew in especially just for you.
Come on.
And that's not it.
Look at that! Happy birthday! - Are mum and dad here? - Ah Well, we worked this out with them, but they couldn't make it, you know? But look, they've put on all this stuff.
Look at that, man! The MaveriX guys are gonna love this.
Hey, whoa, dude.
MaveriX? We came here to hang out with you.
You know, just like old times.
Oh, just thought you wanted someone to smash 'Cause it's not gonna be me! Whoo! Whoo-hoo, let's do this! Kaden, come on, man! My legs are killing me.
Jenny, slow down.
- Are we there yet? - Where? Wherever we're going.
Come on, Jen.
Do you need some help with that? With all the injuries I've had, I'm basically a doctor.
Uh, thanks, but I'll pass.
You an undercover doctor too? No.
Does that thing measure mad skills? No, but it does measure freak factor.
Levels are good.
Lower body's done.
Lower body? Oh, so this is a workout.
I thought we were supposed to be having fun.
Yeah, totally.
And I know where we can go next.
So follow me.
Hey, we could just stay here.
Still feels like lower body.
Ange! Hey, didn't you hear me? - Look, I can't talk right now, okay? - Why not? Are you in trouble? Yeah, 'cause I'm totally dodgy.
I didn't say that.
My brother's been busted and they want 500 bucks bail.
What about your other brother? Or your parents? Can't they come down? I tried them, but I don't know where they are.
Come to my house, have lunch.
I'll get you what you need.
No, I'll handle it.
I've got Christmas money I've been saving.
- You can have it.
- I'm not taking your money.
It's a loan.
Get it back when you can.
You feeling it in your upper body yet? I can't feel my body at all anymore.
Come down, then.
Let me have another go.
You just gotta focus on your center of gravity, that's all.
It changes every time I move.
Yeah, that's what makes it so fun.
Watch and learn, boys.
Watch and learn.
Whoo-hoo! Ready to go again? Best time wins.
Don't you wanna rest for a bit or something? You don't rest in the middle of training.
- So we are training? - Jenny, can we just Hey, you wanna slack off, that's on you.
But I'm good to go.
Make it stop.
Lovely to have a fresh face at the table.
You told your family you were coming over, right? Yeah, they said to say thanks.
Your family must be really proud you're on the team.
Uh Yeah.
Hey, NT Championships are coming up next week.
Don't worry, I've marked it on the calendar, right next to your scholarship exams.
Please tell me he's been studying.
I've been quizzing him and everything.
Oh, great.
Well, let's see how you go over lunch, then, eh? Kidding! Don't worry about him.
Whoo! So I smash you on bikes and go-karts now? - It's your birthday, bro.
- Yeah, we let you win.
Must have had a lot of birthdays back at home, then.
Ah, hey.
We've been training heaps since you've left.
Yeah, for real.
Dane's dad hooked us up with our own track.
Fully upgraded our bikes too.
Yeah, our bikes are being upgraded right now too.
You should come out to MaveriX after.
Oh, come on.
They're cool.
And you can see what they can do.
We saw the Race Day video.
What about it? Just feels like you could've done better on another team.
Yeah, but We had stuff going on, but it's all good now.
Anyways, we should stay here, smash out a few more laps.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Your sisters are excited about the Championships.
They've got your cousins coming around to make up some signs.
And Aunty Marg is gonna bake some bickies for the team too.
They don't have to do that.
Yeah, look reckon I could have my Christmas money? What for? - I wanna buy a console.
- Since when? The last one you got has barely come out the box.
I thought you were saving for a new exhaust.
- Nah, I don't need it anymore.
- Yeah, you do.
You should save your money.
You need all the power you can get.
We'll talk about it later, eh? Thing is there's a special and I don't really want to miss out.
Leave it with us.
It is my money.
There'll be other specials.
Can we have a word? Richie, what are you doing? Yeah, what's going on here? We know the money's not for the console, Richie.
Why are you lying to us? This is not what our family does.
- Did she put you up to this? - What? No! No, I didn't! I told you I would handle this.
I don't want anything from you.
- Richie - Her brother's in trouble.
It's not for us to get involved in.
You tell me family's everything.
Well, she's got a family too and they may be messed up, but they need help.
We can help them.
Yo, you've gotta say something to her.
Why me? Look, I think she might be trying to kill us.
And you're the captain, so you can go first.
I was thinking we could hit the pool next.
Or maybe we could just chill out.
You know, it's not supposed to be a training day.
Feels a lot like one.
Well, I'm behind in my training and I wanna be ready for the NT Championships.
Doesn't mean you should be pushing yourself so hard, especially since you're What? Sick? - Well, no, hang on - I don't need to chill.
I need to keep my edge.
Nothing has changed.
No way.
Kaden's at the go-kart tracks with some dudes.
There's a go-kart track? Happy birthday, dude! Check it out.
Our initials.
Our own team! We're gonna be awesome! We'd get sponsored for sure.
You want to form a team? - Yeah.
- Yeah! Come on, we'll crush it! Go on, put it on.
Yeah, put it on.
Yo! What up, K-man? Oh What are you guys doing here? What are we doing here? What are you doing here? Who are these guys? Uh, they're my mates from home, Dane and Chase.
So, what, you're having a party? Wait, is it your birthday today? Uh Sort of.
- Didn't want us to come, eh? - My parents organized it.
I didn't know it was happening till I got here.
We're here now.
Might as well eat.
And race.
We should race.
Angie, I'm sorry.
They shouldn't have said that.
They can be full-on, I know.
At least they care.
At least they show up.
Most of the time, it's just me.
Not anymore.
They said yes.
- I can't take your money.
- Yes.
You can.
You want what? Party pies.
I love party Come on, guys.
Let's do this.
- I'm ready to go.
- In a sec.
- It's so good, though.
- That's your second lunch! You wanna race? I'll race you.
Yeah? - Alright.
- Think you can finish this time? - What are you - What did you just say? You crashed and burned at the Race Day.
Let's take it onto the track, then.
He is dead! Go-karts are a little different to dirt Why don't you just say it? You don't think I can beat him.
You've been telling me all day to give up.
No, I haven't.
What are you talking about? I told you.
Nothing has changed, right? No, you can't do that.
- You said you had to keep this - Well, I just did, okay? Jen, you can't muck around with this stuff, you know that.
You have to check your levels.
We've gotta go now.
You wanna bail? No problem.
You know what dad said.
He will send you home.
Whoo! Yes! You blew her away, man! I've gotta get back to MaveriX.
See, man? You're totally wasted on that team.
You get that, right? You're better than them.
We're better than them.
We are gonna kill it.
Alright, let's go grab my stuff.
You okay? I'm fine.
You're the one who's freaked out.
- What are you talking about? - It's true.
You keep telling me to take a break, chill.
Almost passed out when I gave myself a shot at rock climbing.
- I'm not freaked out - Just admit it! We've just We've gotta look out for each other.
I'm not good with needles.
So this isn't about You don't think I'll drag you guys down? You're kidding? Are you kidding? Never.
And no-one else thinks that either, okay? You're the best all-round talent on the team.
I mean, you know, except for me.
So, you're just soft, then? Hey, look Some things have changed but, you know, that doesn't mean you can't be the champion you wanna be.
It's Kaden.
Man, this place is a dump.
- Come on, let's get it over with.
- Sure.
But first you have to get past her.
Wait, what's going on? You seriously want us to be a team? Prove that you're better than the team I'm already on.
Beat her now and I'm in.
You want us to destroy her? That's on you, man.
Hey, don't make them cry too hard, okay? She's gonna win, right? Go, Jenny! Whoa! She is back! I knew she would be.
She never left, mate.
- Go, Jenny! - Come on, Jenny! Whoo! Yeah, go! See, diabetes is, like, the perfect disease for you.
I knew you'd nail it.
No, I mean, like, you know, the whole science thing.
You know, measurements.
It's perfect for a nerd like you.
Except don't ever ask me to go rock climbing again.
So you're seriously gonna stay here with them? Yeah, she totally had home-ground advantage, man.
This is my home ground now, at least till I finish this.
Keep it, bro.
Just don't mess it up out here.
Last thing we need is you giving us a bad name.
Hey, no fair, okay? My arms are killing me.
Um, you barely made it halfway up the wall.
I still can't believe you didn't invite us to your party.
Oh, I wanted to, I just I wasn't sure you'd come.
Oh, mate, of course we would have, alright? You're one of us now.
Yeah, and 'cause it's your birthday, you can even have first shower.
Family ♪ Waiting for me ♪ I'm coming home ♪ Now, Bear! Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday, dear Kaden ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ - Hip hip.
- Hooray.

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