MaveriX (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 [commentator.]
And it's Lawson Tyler.
Lawson Tyler - Play it again.
- Oh, come on.
- Why are you torturing us? - It's not torture.
It's prep.
It's not like we don't need it.
Katzo are the best team.
- What are you talking about? - [Bear.]
Yeah, there's a new team.
You might've heard of them.
We're not coming back without the NT Championships, alright? We're gonna destroy Katzo.
And Lawson Tyler is going down.
Say that once more? Lawson Tyler is going down.
You heard it here first, Bear-lievers.
You're gonna see it when I win the championships.
- Alright, you guys ready? - I was born ready.
Born or hatched? - [laughs.]
- [Scott.]
Alright, let's do this.
- How long is this gonna take? - Takes as long as it takes.
I reckon we should go help him, you know, get this exam done.
Or, you know, sit down and relax.
Two minutes.
You should probably press the send button right now.
Make sure it's got time to upload.
Already submitted.
I was just buying some new knee pads.
I'm so sorry my conference got moved.
You know we'd come if we could make it.
It's okay.
Good luck, and don't forget to put enough time into your personal interest project.
Gotta be in by the end of the weekend.
Trust me, I've got it covered.
[upbeat music.]
[dirt bike revs.]
Hey, so what even is a personal interest project? It's an extra part of the scholarship.
So you decided to go with something that wasn't personal or interesting.
Big move.
What? I'm doing a video about MaveriX and the NT Championships.
Oh, no, that's awesome.
But you gotta hit them with something like adrenaline.
You know, like an X factor.
You want to stand out, right? [Richie.]
I want them to see how cool motocross is.
- Them and mum and dad.
- Well, yeah.
You've gotta give them a video that they haven't seen before.
Don't do it.
- How do I do that? - He did it.
The key to having a great video is admitting that you don't have one.
But it's fine, it's fine.
We'll get through this together.
[rock music.]
And it's a big Northern Territory welcome to the NT Championships.
We've got two days of some of the best riding you'll see anywhere.
It's gonna be a massive weekend of racing, folks, So get yourselves set up and get ready to hit the track.
Scrutineering is underway, and just wait your turn.
Why not treat yourself to a little something from one of the great food trucks we've got dotted around the place.
There's something for everyone [Jenny.]
This is it.
Some of the best riders are right here.
Some of the other teams will be good too.
Don't kid yourselves.
Like I said, you go top ten here, qualify for the Nationals.
- That's the plan.
- If you don't, it's much harder.
Your best chance as individual riders is to work as a team.
We look after each other.
This is it.
I can feel it.
Bring it in.
Yeah, one, two, three.
- [all.]
MaveriX! - Whoo! [Lawson.]
Hey, guys.
What are you guys doing here? - Um, how many concussions have you had? - Back off, Lawson.
Maybe you guys don't have to worry about scrutineering.
It's not like you'll make it to the finals.
Why don't you keep on walking? Why don't you keep walking while you still can? [scoffs.]
First bikes are rolling out, so I'll take this chance to remind everyone to keep your eyes and ears open.
We all want a fast event, but we want a safe one too.
- Where's everyone else? - [dirt bikes rev nearby.]
They just went to grab some drinks.
You know, you're growing into a good captain.
Sometimes that means protecting them.
Kinda getting that.
Not just from outside stuff.
Mostly from themselves.
Anyway, let me give you a hand.
[uneasy music.]
As we see our warm-up begin, ladies [P.
commentary continues indistinctly.]
all qualifiers.
Make sure you follow all directions from our fantastic marshals.
It's very exciting being here.
We all ride to win, but not everyone can win.
We can all ride, as you can see.
[Bear fake-snores.]
Oh, sorry.
I just nodded off back there.
I'm doing what you told me, with all the shots and stuff.
Yeah, but there's no X factor.
I'm trying.
No, Rich, it's you.
You're the X factor.
Look, they just want to know who you are, okay? So, why do you want to stay at their school? 'Cause mum and dad want me to.
No, Rich, what do you want? I don't want to let them down.
Look, you just gotta show them what matters to you.
They like it, cool.
And if they don't, stuff 'em.
And if that doesn't work, I could play you in the video.
[phone rings.]
Mate, how are ya? Just wait till you see the track, Dad.
I can feel a new video coming on.
Yeah, well, you'll see it when you get here.
Yeah, look, I've been caught up on a business thing, so I'm not sure I'm gonna get there.
Yeah, okay.
Um I've got some qualifying things I should probably [Craig.]
Kill it out there and throw up a video, yeah? Yep.
[sad music.]
[footsteps approach.]
You okay? Yeah, I'm awesome.
I know you are.
You don't have to prove that to anyone.
Yeah? You better get over here.
You gotta see this.
Fresh off the presses! What do you reckon? - I think it's a little - It's great.
- Cool.
- Nice work, Barb.
Squeeze in.
Let's take a photo.
Can you take it? [dirt bikes rev nearby.]
Thank you! [Vic.]
Okay, everyone.
Squeeze in.
Come on.
Smile! Winners are grinners! [Barb.]
Everyone say: "Winners!" [all.]
Winners! Winners! [Bear.]
Dad! - Dad, you came! - [Craig.]
Yeah, course! I did have some business, but I dropped it.
I just wanted to keep you on your toes.
Hey, babe.
- Hey, guys, this is my dad.
- [Kaden.]
Yeah, kinda noticed.
Kaden, yeah? Bear said you were pretty sharp.
Did you hit your head? Typical Angie.
Which makes you Jenny.
I've been watching the videos Bear's been putting up and I've gotta say, these other riders do not stand a chance.
You guys are monsters.
Brewin Auto monsters! Now, you go out there and you make me proud, kids.
Interesting uniforms.
She designed them, didn't she? [boys laugh.]
He seems okay.
I've been loving your videos.
You've got so many followers.
Hope you're taking tips from this guy.
He's a bit of a video master.
The last riders are coming in off their warm-ups.
All the action's about to start.
What's he on about? Well, every rider does two laps and the best time gets recorded.
Top 30 make it to the finals.
- [Craig.]
You'll smash that! - Yeah.
Ho-ho! Riders out to make their mark early.
Come on, we're up.
Oi! - Let's go.
- [Craig.]
Take no prisoners.
I didn't dump that deal, come all this way not to see some fireworks.
[soft music.]
Keep your eyes on the track, folks.
It's the Territory's own Team MaveriX, and first up is Richie Peterson.
So, I'm Richie Peterson and MaveriX is my team.
Yes, come on, Richie! [Barb.]
Come on, Richie! [Richie.]
I love motocross 'cause when I'm riding, I feel free, like anything's possible.
I mean, it's not easy, but when I'm out there, I know what I've gotta do.
[rock music.]
Let's go, Richie! Come on! [commentator.]
Now out on the track is rider number 24, Jenny Chivas.
Bring it in! Stay on that.
- Come on, Jenny.
- [Griffo.]
Nice and tight, Jen.
[onlookers cheer.]
She was unlucky not to finish the Alice Springs Race Day, but you'd never know it looking at her now.
Go, go! - [Griffo.]
Go, Jen! - [Barb.]
Go, Jenny! - [Tanya.]
Yes, go, Jenny! - That's good! [commentator.]
She's in scorching form! She's quick.
That's good.
There he goes, number 32, Kaden Li.
Come on, Kaden! [commentator.]
Taking a beautiful line there, rocketing around the corners.
Go! Come on, Kaden! [Richie.]
It can be scary sometimes, but with the team, I'm not alone.
He's quick over this bit.
And Kaden Li announces himself on the leaderboard.
Next up for MaveriX is Angelique Summers.
Whatever happens, we've got each other's backs.
The thing with motocross is things don't always work out the way you think.
[Katzo rider.]
Why don't you sit this one out? [commentator.]
Summers to the start line.
Calm down.
We've got a flag up.
Angelique Summers has been disqualified for interfering with another rider.
- That's Ange.
- [Griffo.]
Hey? [Richie.]
But you keep trying, right, 'cause as long as you keep trying, anything really is possible.
Next up is Scotty Griffin.
[rock music.]
And look at him flying high for MaveriX.
Setting a blistering pace out there.
Scott Griffin is throwing everything at this.
You want this title, here's the man to beat.
That's it, mate! Nice and tidy! [Griffo.]
This is good.
He's quick.
- Come on, baby.
- Get after it, mate! Go! [Tanya.]
Yes! Go, Scotty! [commentator.]
He brings it home the way he started: on fire! [people cheer.]
Now the last rider out for MaveriX, Bear Wallis.
Here he goes.
Come on, mate.
Whoo! Let's go, Bear! [commentator.]
Give the man a cape! Getting trademark air over the big center jump.
- [all.]
Go, Bear! - Come on! - [onlookers cheer.]
- [Griffo.]
That's it, mate! [all.]
Come on! - [Tanya.]
Whoo! - [Jenny.]
You can do it! [Griffo.]
That's it, mate.
First lap down.
He's in the finals.
Let's see his second.
Come on! Come on! [Griffo.]
Big one.
Bear Wallis chewing up the track.
- [onlookers exclaim.]
- [commentator.]
Oh, he's down.
Bear Wallis is down.
Hold the qualifying.
Let's get some medics out there.
- [Griffo.]
Stay there! - [Tanya.]
Bear! - [Craig.]
Bear! - [Griffo.]
Bear, you right, mate? - [Tanya.]
Bear! Darling? - [Bear grunts.]
Buddy? [commentator.]
If we can keep the track clear.
Let the medics do their work, folks.
- Hey, whoa.
- Hey, darling.
Whoa, whoa! Hold on.
Don't move.
Just lay your head back.
- [Tanya.]
Just don't move.
- [Griffo.]
You got any pain anywhere? [Tanya.]
Lay your head back down.
Just keep it there.
[tense music.]
Hey, I think that we should go to the hospital, yeah? The medics said I'm fine, okay? It's Yeah, he made the final.
Yeah, that's not the point.
No, the point is that I'm fine and I'm clear to ride.
Okay, well, if you get a headache or you feel any pain, we're He will tell us straightaway.
Yeah? [Tanya.]
Okay, well, you're having more ice.
You really freaked us out.
What do you mean? I did it for you.
Did you get it? [Richie.]
The thing with motocross is things don't always work out the way you think.
It can be scary sometimes.
But with the team, I'm not alone.
Whatever happens, we've got each other's backs.
[uneasy music.]
What do you think? Yeah, yeah.
You went personal.
You nailed it.
Seriously, are you alright? Uh, yeah, I'm golden.
You right? Now all we need is an ending.
If you want me to crash out of the finals, forget about it.
[laidback guitar music.]
Sorry, I didn't know you were here.
It's actually a good thing you're here, 'cause I was wondering could you give me my shot? I knew I never should have told you.
I just don't get it.
I mean, you can jump, like, 20 feet in the air, but you're scared of a little needle.
It's just not the same, okay? - I - Oh, come on, don't go.
- We should get some food.
- We should eat something.
So, how many are you gonna have? How many you gonna buy me? Hey, mate, get out of the way.
Get out.
Hey, end of the line's back there.
What does it matter to you? I don't like cheats.
Cheat? I don't cheat.
I go hard.
So go hard, to the end of the line.
[rock music.]
I reckon he's really starting to like you.
Well, this sucks.
Angie missed the cut 'cause Katzo messed with her.
There are some regional qualifiers left.
Angie can still make the Nationals.
Just not today.
Wish I'd kicked more of them.
They were all over me.
Hey, don't let them define you, not who you are or how you race.
Guys? Look, Katzo are strong.
But we're stronger, okay? - I know I am.
- And if he is, I definitely am.
He's right.
They are strong.
We're stronger.
Just so you all know, I'm the strongest.
- [scoffs.]
- [Scott.]
Yeah, whatever, man.
The Australian Motocross Association is proud to bring you the NT Championships.
Qualifiers have been run.
Riders have given everything.
All that's left is the race for the title, the pride of the Territory.
Hey, watch out on the second corner, okay? Sand pushes a bit wide.
You're gonna want to turn down early.
Tell me how you go.
I don't have a rear-view mirror.
We've got the marshals out on the track and the riders are at their gates.
We're only moments away now.
One rider down.
Sucks to be you.
Mate, Angie's gonna make the Nationals.
She's just holding you back, mate.
And what's up with all these gender picks? Mate, Jenny's gonna smash you.
Jenny's gonna be under my bike at the first turn.
What did you just say, mate? Jenny's going down.
Let's clear the track! [rock music.]
Take the stands.
[rock music.]
Scotty! Oi! Go time, mate.
Come on! [Griffo.]
Let's go! [man.]
Light it up ♪ You're in my way ♪ [dirt bikes rev.]
Hold on tight.
This is it.
You're in my way ♪ Light it up ♪ You're in my way ♪ Light it up ♪ You're in my way ♪ [commentator.]
We're in the starter's hands.
Racing for the Territory Oh! One of the favorites, Lawson Tyler, has got himself all tangled up, but it's MaveriX and Katzo taking a stranglehold on this race.
And as they hit the first jump, they are flying! This is something you don't see often.
Bear Wallis, well, I don't know, has he overshot? In any event, he's straight back into it, desperate to make up for lost ground.
Jenny Chivas is all class out there, fighting it out with the Katzo boys.
But here comes Scott Griffin.
He's off the pace and he better get a move on if he wants to be in the hunt.
But it's Chivas powering through here, giving no ground to Katzo.
And Scott Griffin's taken a leaf from her book, shooting up into contention.
Here they come, storming down the home straight.
And it's Chivas for MaveriX, Elliott from Katzo, and Griffin rounding out the top three.
Coached by former Australian motocross champion Cameron Griffin, MaveriX got off to a rocky start, but, boy, haven't they come good? [Griffo.]
Guys, hey! [Griffo.]
Great! [Griffo.]
You guys! [Tanya.]
I know you didn't make the Nationals but you did so well.
That's not bad, mate.
- [commentator.]
As for the new - Hey, come here.
- [commentator.]
NT champion - What a race, hey? [commentator.]
first girl to win the title.
Get up there.
Hey, Jenny! - Go, girl! - [people cheer.]
- [applause.]
- [Griffo.]
Whoo! Yeah, Jenny! [commentator.]
What a finish, eh? What a fairytale! - [people cheer and applaud.]
- [Griffo.]
Alright, Jenny! [uneasy music.]
MaveriX! Hey, you missed team photos, mate.
Had to finish my video and upload it.
Oh, yeah, how's it looking? Why'd you do it? What are you talking about? Guys, come out here and take some photos of me.
Is that your personal interest project? I'm the star, right? Play it for us.
Yeah, let's see what you've got.
Do you have any idea what you've done? [theme music.]

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