MaveriX (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 [upbeat music.]
One of the hottest things to come out of Alice Springs in years is Team MaveriX.
And the team behind MaveriX is Brewin Auto.
Come in and see me for some of the best deals in Central Australia.
But best of all, help me to help these guys, including the NT's new number one rider, Jumpin' Jenny Chivas! Brewin Auto.
We're here for you.
And MaveriX.
That's right, and MaveriX.
- [cameraman.]
- [dirt bikes rev.]
Since when did we become Barb Brewin's dancing seals? When she decided to sponsor us, mate.
She pays, we play.
That's the rules.
Now you want to follow the rules? Too soon? [Angie.]
Look, we screwed up, but we've gotta move on.
- Maybe you do.
- We all do.
That's being a team.
Great job.
The locals are going to love our hometown heroes.
I've been running this Fun Day ad since the titles.
The response has been fantastic, so let's keep the love rolling for tomorrow, yeah? - Sounds good.
- [riders.]
So we finish off the day with a great big race for the punters.
- Sure thing, yeah.
- We will.
I'll see you later.
See, what did I just say? Dancing seals.
[Griffo laughs.]
Hey, looking sharp! [Tanya.]
Look, I know this isn't what you want to be doing But but if we want MaveriX to make it, we need to be working year round.
We need local riders.
We need all of Alice Springs on our team.
Alright? This Family Fun Day's really gonna help with that.
Alright, alright, alright, what's the score? Something's been off since the titles.
Who wants to start talking? [loping guitar music.]
- [dirt bike revs.]
- [welder hisses.]
- [Griffo.]
You cheated? - No.
- I didn't mean to.
- You didn't mean to? You saw Katzo get Angie disqualified.
What, so you thought you'd get even? No.
Lawson threatened to take Jenny out.
I just wanted to protect her, like you said.
I didn't say cheat.
We all make mistakes, yeah? I know I have.
What matters now is what you do about it.
I want to do the right thing.
[Griffo sighs.]
Then we better go to Oz Motocross.
[mysterious guitar music.]
This is a mistake.
Scott already confessed.
To us.
Not the head honchos.
Yeah, and the Oz Motocross Association might scratch all of us for what he did.
If you ask me, he should get an award.
Let's just make tomorrow amazing and then no-one will care about anything else.
If you guys wanna get some racing in, you should do it now, 'cause we've got a lot to do before Fun Day.
You don't want to train with the others? Uh, yeah.
No, I'll just do my tasks, then, um Then I'll just have the whole track to myself.
Hey, you OK? - [dirt bike revs.]
- [Griffo on video.]
Go, go! Come on, Bear.
Go, go, go! - [crash.]
- [Tanya on video.]
Bear? [Griffo.]
Stay there, stay there, stay there.
New post? No, just, um, something from a fan.
What are you doing here? Did Mum call you? Can't a guy drop in on his son? She keeps asking if I'm OK.
Well, are you? That wipe-out was pretty gnarly.
And you haven't uploaded anything from the championships.
Yeah, I'm good.
Did not qualify for the Nationals, so it's a bit awkward.
- You will.
- Whatever.
Really? You don't care? Look, it's not like I wasn't doing my own stuff before MaveriX.
So that's what you wanna do? 'Cause I'm working on some things in Melbourne that you could be a part of.
For real? Just say the word.
I mean, the team does kinda need me.
Well, when it's all over here, could be cool, you and me, together.
Think about it.
- [Richie.]
So you told 'em? - [Angie.]
And what happened? Are you OK? Are we all good? The local Oz Motocross guy said coming forward was a big tick.
I've only been disqualified from the NT Championships.
Head office still needs to sign off, but I should still make Nationals.
Yeah, with your second in Adelaide and the starting points from Alice Springs? [Kaden.]
Wait, with you cut, everyone moves up a place, which means I came third! - Podium finish, people! - Way to make it all about you.
It's not just him.
Bear moves up to 10th place, and top 10 means You just qualified for Nationals.
All we gotta do now is get you through.
I think we've got all the miracles we're gonna get.
Thanks for that.
[light rock music.]
- All good? - Yep.
Hey, I just wanted to come say sorry.
You've said that.
Couple of times.
I know, it's just What you did, being the first girl to win and all that, that's a big deal.
I won the championships, that's the big deal.
And you almost messed it up for me.
I I just don't understand why.
Lawson just got in my head, I guess.
You better get it together before the Nationals, OK? 'Cause I'm gonna smash both of you.
[phone rings.]
Mum, hey.
It's incredible.
OK, yeah, cool.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Anything you want to tell me? - Don't sneak up on people.
- And? And I guess I got the scholarship.
You guess you got it? I definitely got the scholarship.
Just tell me you're still here for the Nationals.
I'm still here for Nationals.
[laidback guitar music.]
Hey, don't be shy, people.
There's plenty of food and fun to be had at Fun Day.
And don't miss Team MaveriX out on the track later this afternoon.
This is a time to have fun, people.
We've got sausages, we've got fairy floss.
You can win a date with Vic.
There he is.
Look at that beautiful man.
Get a photo with former champion Cameron "Griffo" Griffin.
We've got Brewin hats.
There's Barb in her beautiful pink hat.
Line up, kids.
This is a day of fun.
One of the best things about being at MaveriX is the track time we get.
We ride most of the day.
- All together? - We do everything together.
That over there is Kaden and Jenny Jenny Chivas! NT junior champ! You're so lucky to ride with her.
She's also pretty lucky.
That group there with Scott are the slow riders.
- And slow riding is about - Balance and bike control.
What you might not know is there's a lot of cool things to do today and you should feel free to do all of them.
Oh, my God! Bear Wallis! Can I get a photo? Yeah, sure, anything for a Bear-liever.
So good.
Here, get a photo of us, get a photo of us.
[dirt bike revs.]
Thank you, thank you.
OK, here, you get in.
I can't believe I'm gonna see you jump live! [camera beeps.]
That's so cool! [tense music.]
Here, one more together again.
Turn around.
Let me see your, like, your Bear haircuts.
Don't say I never bring you anything.
Your sisters made them.
Choc peanut butter cookies.
To celebrate.
School called back.
They loved your video so much they're going to sponsor you.
They want you to ride at Nationals, and in school colors.
But he's riding for MaveriX.
Uh, yeah, I'm on the team here.
This is a big opportunity, Rich.
They'll get you all-new gear and a dedicated mechanic.
All you have to worry about is the riding.
- You deserve this.
- Absolutely.
We're so proud of you.
G'day! What do you want? Came to offer you a place at Katzo.
We can take you to the next level.
- Come over to you? - And why would we do that? [Lawson.]
We got trainers, a physio, a chef and access to the best tracks.
- Oi, take off.
- We won't be here long.
You won't be here at all.
Keep going.
- They need a lifeboat.
- This team's done.
This team made the Nationals.
Not your captain.
All his points have been stripped.
For the season.
I've only been cut from one race, mate.
- Your whole season's wiped.
- [Griffo.]
Don't listen to them.
- It's Katzo mind games.
- Sorry, Griffo.
Got the inside scoop from a mate at head office.
I'd jump before this ship sinks.
You guys gonna draw straws for captain, or what? [Griffo.]
An example? No, hang on, hang on, hang on, mate.
He's been riding for years without I will lodge a complaint.
It's not over.
We're gonna sort this out.
- It's gonna be fine.
- [Barb.]
Griffo! What's this I'm hearing from Jason Cox about Scott? [Tanya.]
It's, um, been a misunderstanding, Barb.
- We're sorting it out.
- Did he cheat or not? Huh? Did he cheat or not? He made a mistake, which we've all done.
And he owned up to it, Barb, which shows a lot of integrity.
And what about my integrity? I can't be seen sponsoring a cheat.
You've got to drop him from the team.
What message does that send? He's messed up and he's put it right.
Well, it's a bit late now.
Look, I'm sorry, Griffo, but business is business.
It's him or me.
You've got 15 minutes.
[tense music.]
Alright, I guess we'll have to do without her.
Who needs her anyway? We do.
Our bikes do if we want any chance at the Nationals.
Guys, it's not fair if I stay.
- I'm quitting.
- Whoa, back up! We should have a say.
We're the ones who ride with you, so we should decide.
Come on, let's go.
We can't ride without Scott.
We can't ride without good bikes.
- We did before.
- Yeah, and we sucked.
What if we all just bail? - You know, make a stand.
- No one is leaving.
Scott got us into this.
Teams are supposed to stick together.
Exactly, we've gotta protect the team.
Richie? Are you going to say anything? Scott did start MaveriX, but does that mean he gets to end it too? Alright, fine.
Let's vote.
Alright, I've gamed it out.
You place in every regional between now and the Nationals, you'll make it.
You and Angie, you can do it together.
- It's a pretty big long shot.
- It's next to impossible.
Good thing I've already done it.
1997, coming back after I broke my leg.
You came dead last in '97, Dad.
Last in the national final, yeah.
Point is I made it.
So? What's the verdict? Scott stays.
He has been punished enough.
I mean, if we can forgive him, so can you.
And MaveriX needs both of you.
I mean, with Scott as our captain and you behind us, we can go all the way.
Well, there's nothing I respect more than loyalty.
Except my business.
Brewin mechanics, strip the bikes.
I want my parts back.
I like your fire, girly.
You ever decide to ride solo, you give me a call.
[loping guitar music.]
She couldn't wait for us to finish? It's a PR stunt.
Barb Brewin's big show of zero tolerance.
Should I send them home? No, we've got to do this right.
You said we need Alice Springs behind us.
What riders will want to join a team of cheaters and quitters? Richie, you and Vic can get the bikes sorted, can't you? What do you reckon? Maybe.
With a little help.
Come on.
Kaden, come over here.
I like you a lot ♪ - Go over this.
Put that on.
- But I can't promise much ♪ If you do your best ♪ I'll probably leave you on read ♪ I'm a menace ♪ This there femme fatale ♪ Has set the world on fire ♪ Make me your everything ♪ Guys if we're gonna do this, we gotta go now.
Right, K-doh, fire it up.
We need more time.
We don't have it.
People are leaving.
- [Bear.]
Man, that is rough! - [Angie.]
It's running, come on.
I want to hear some noise.
Scream as loud as you can.
- One, two, three! - [all cheer.]
We have Bear Wallis.
Angie Summers.
- Richie Peterson.
- Go! [Tanya.]
Scotty Griffin, Kaden Li and the NT champion, Jenny Chivas! That's your Team MaveriX.
It's over, boy ♪ [dirt bikes rev.]
MaveriX, go! [crowd yells.]
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! - What are you doing? - Come on! [crowd.]
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [dirt bike revs.]
[indistinct yelling.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Whoo! Are we having fun yet? What kind of stunt was that? You could have killed me! Don't blame me.
It was the bike.
- No, it wasn't.
- Are you calling me a liar? I'm saying the bike was fine.
- It was pretty rough.
- We shoulda just let this go.
- We should've let you go.
- Come on.
We nearly pulled it off.
We hardly had any wheels, like, an hour ago.
- Told you we needed more time.
- Didn't speak up, though.
- Yes, he did.
- You never do! Yeah, well, I'm speaking up now.
I quit! Say goodbye to Vic for me.
Richie, he didn't Richie, what are you doing? - Wait! - I'm done! He just quit! He's gonna ride for his school.
Well, stop him! Scott! We can still change his mind.
Ask your dad to drive us over.
Ange, can you let it go? He's gone, OK? - You could at least try.
- Richie does listen to you.
Maybe you should go.
What do you want me to tell him? Don't go to your fancy school with all your fancy stuff? No, stay here with us and our busted bikes.
- Why would I do that? - Because you cheated.
- You did this.
- I did it to protect Jenny, OK? You did what? Look, at the starting gate, Lawson threatened to take you out.
I did it to protect you.
I don't need you to protect me.
I did it anyway.
And I lost all my points because of it.
Huh! What have you lost? What what have any of you lost? [pensive music.]
Bear! Dad said I can go back with him once MaveriX is finished.
Yeah, but MaveriX isn't finished.
You're the only one who believes that.
Do you really want to go back to the way things were? You know, you're in the Nationals and you've come so far.
It's not over.
Well, it is for me.
Oh - [Tanya.]
- I'll call you later.
[tense music.]
[car engine starts.]
[music fades.]
Hey! Ange! - Wait up.
Where are you going? - Home.
- Wait, wait, what - What for? Everyone's left.
- What about Kaden? - Gone.
To Katzo.
- Jenny? - Gone.
Dunno where.
Ange, you can't go.
There's no team left.
We aren't just a team.
We're a family now, Angie.
We blow up at each other, then take off.
[dirt bike revs.]
[moody rock music.]
[music fades.]
I really am sorry.
Please don't go, Ange.
So how are we going to fix this? [hopeful acoustic guitar music.]
[theme music.]

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