MaveriX (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Good one.
Got it done.
And, you, bringing it home for the team your first podium finish.
Not like there's actually a podium, or a team.
Hey, guess what.
You know what else? With that win there and your points from the other races, you just qualified for the Nationals, Ange.
OK, got a couple of hours to get to the next qualifier.
One podium down, two to go.
Hey, Dad, the bikes are a little bit high.
I know, it's running hot.
I'll check it when we get there.
- Ready to smash it again? - Yeah.
Really? 'Cause it sounds like you're ready for a nap.
I don't know, it's just I'm not even sure if I deserve to qualify.
You messed up, fessed up, took a hit, and now you're earning your way back.
You deserve this.
Just doesn't feel right without the team here.
Not bad.
Not bad.
- I can do better.
- I'm counting on it.
And so's Barb.
She likes to sponsor winners.
You'll be right.
I haven't seen a rider with a work ethic like yours since me.
- You were amazing.
- And you will be too.
That's why I'm coaching you.
People would see that sooner if you rode in the women's comp.
Not this again.
I told you I wanna do I can make you Australian Junior Women's Champion.
I want to beat the boys.
I want the open.
You would own the women.
You'd open doors for a lot of girls.
Well, I want to own everyone, OK? Your times will need to be way better.
You've got a cardio HIIT session in five.
Go and get ready.
Central Australia comes alive with the Atomic Adrenaline bikes, tonight at the Alice Springs Raceway.
Bear, mate, I've got some good news.
Scott's cheating hasn't thrown any shade on you.
You know, I thought we were going back to Melbourne.
We've been here for days.
I thought we were going home.
We will, but it will be via Darwin.
Darwin? I've been talking to two social media dudes up there who love your work, and they're pumped to get you sponsored, turn you into an influencer.
That's pretty cool.
I even snagged the last two seats on the flight there tomorrow night so we can nut things out in person.
We've just got to seal the deal with a fresh video, something that shows off your mad skills.
Look That crash would have freaked me out too.
But it was on the track.
That's not you.
We just need to get you back to what you love.
I just want to chill with you.
That's what this is all about, you cranking out the videos and me managing things.
We'll be hanging out all the time.
Yeah? - Want me to try Vic again? - I've tried three times.
He must be out of range.
Make yourself useful, get in here.
Got your photo.
- How good do I look? - Yeah, good.
I mean, you know, fine, OK.
- Where are you now? - Isaac's Peak.
Scott coasted back into the Nationals yet? Mm, it's not really like that.
His bike's kinda cactus and Vic's not here, so Griffo's Making it worse.
Can't tell whether I should be scared or sad.
Let me hear the engine.
Did you get anything from that? Isaac's Peak's a higher altitude than Alice.
The air-fuel mix it too rich.
- Put a smaller main jet in it.
- Got it.
Owe you one, Rich.
Hey, just thinking, have you tried a smaller main jet? - I still can't see it.
- See what? Kaden in a Katzo suit.
Heard you both podiumed this morning.
At least one of you made the Nationals.
Hmm, think the portable toilet's overflowed.
Let's get to the starting line.
Come on.
- That's it.
Hold on.
- They're gonna box him in.
He needs to place in every race, or he's done.
- Third.
He came third.
- Yeah.
You held your ground.
But Yeah, I know.
Gotta get a first in Darwin.
We'll sneak in some time on the track at home tomorrow before we head up there.
Whatever it takes.
You know who would have loved that? Have you talked to Jenny at all? Well, she's not really answering my calls or texts.
You could always go see her.
You could always shut up.
Look forward to seeing you at the Nationals if you make it.
I'm gonna enjoy wiping that smile off his face.
I'm thinking you start back here, get a good run-up, and then, hey presto, we got these ramps here, so you hit this one and then that one and then you land it on that tabletop up there.
And I'll be waiting right there for you to look down with some classic Bear magic.
Hey, what's all this? I'm getting this guy back to doing what he does best.
What is that, Craig? Uh, yeah, we're just setting up some new stuff to get some new sponsors.
Yeah, some social media guys have been chasing me about Bear's channel.
They reckon they can supercharge it.
That is excellent.
Um, you know, Bear qualified for the nationals, which means he's one of the best riders in the country.
Maybe he'll still ride, if it fits in with his brand.
His brand? He's Bear Wallis, wildcard.
Thousands of fans waiting to see what he does next.
Is this what you want? Uh, yeah.
Could be pretty cool.
These guys know an excitement machine when they see one.
Stop it.
Yeah, main line's cut up pretty bad, so I need you to start wide and sweep in earlier.
No, that means I can't power off the rocks on the corners.
You want to beat the boys, make adjustments.
Do what I'm telling you.
Protein-load for dinner.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Rocket Lynch is your new coach.
- She's a gun.
- She's different.
So, how's it all going, you know? - Being out here on your own? - It's OK.
Hey, I could suit up, you know, let you whip me for a few laps.
Don't you have qualifiers to get to? Yeah, I've already done two today.
One to go in Darwin, so I'll end up there tomorrow.
So, you know, I got time to mess about, or train, I mean.
Um, Rocket wants me to practice some stuff.
Yeah, right.
All adrenaline, all the time.
Don't miss Bike Spectacular at the Alice Springs Raceway So you're not even answering my texts now.
Yeah, I And what's this about you not riding at Nationals? I don't know what's gonna happen.
I can't believe this.
Well, look, it's not like we have much a team left.
Only 'cause you guys are idiots.
Yeah, you would say that, 'cause you've got nothing else.
What have you got? I'm a brand, OK? I've got a ton of people just waiting to see what I do.
Who even are you? Alright, mate.
Do your thing.
You good? Um Uh, yep.
Well, get some speed, hit the ramp, whoosh-ka! Looking good.
Sounding good, mate.
Let's do this! What's the problem? Just wasn't feeling it.
You will once you get started.
- I don't know.
- Yeah, well, I do.
It's time to shine, like we planned.
Bear, what's going on? Where are you going? - It doesn't feel right.
- It doesn't get more right.
This is a warm-up compared to some of the videos you've put up.
I wanna get out of here.
You've got to show these investors you're Bear Wallis, online superstar.
- Maybe I'm not.
- Of course you are.
- What if that's not me anymore? - Then what am I even doing here? Bear Can you pull it tighter, please? Did you go see her? Who was more awkward? You or her? It was you, wasn't it? It was fine.
Can we drop it, please? She'll be cool, eventually.
- Bear here? Call you? Text? - No.
Why? Been trying him for the last hour.
Hey, what's up? Where's Bear? I think I pushed him too hard.
He took off on his bike.
He's not answering my calls.
- I don't know what to do.
- Well, we need to find him.
We'll start with some of the places he might go, yeah? If he comes back here, call us.
Be ready to go when we get back.
Bear? Call me, seriously.
What do you want me to do? Just don't make anything worse, Craig! Do you think we should call the others? You think they want us to? What up, peeps? I've been on the down-low recently.
That's because I've been cooking up something.
Something massive.
Check it.
I am gonna be jumping this bad boy and it is gonna be epic.
Uh, so I know where Bear is.
I do better when I'm being chased by a pack.
Everyone has to plateau.
I was always improving at MaveriX.
I've coached three national women's champions.
I'm the current NT Open champion.
Every time I push you push back.
Hey, we're talking here.
You wanna leave that? - I have to go.
- We're training.
My team needs me.
You're not on that team anymore, Jenny.
You need to decide now if we're gonna make this work.
This is crazy.
Like, even for him this is insane.
I called Tanya.
They're on their way.
If we cross-country, we might just beat them there.
You don't have time for this.
You've gotta go to Darwin.
Vic's a demon behind the wheel.
It'll be alright.
- How'd you know? - Felt the vibes.
- Seriously? - I texted him, stupid.
Let's keep moving.
Jenny, you came.
Bear's in trouble.
Wouldn't be anywhere else.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm Bear Wallis and this is what I do.
It is go time, Bear-lievers.
You're never gonna see anyone else give you a ride like this.
It is gonna be epic.
Strap in.
No-one else is gonna take you on this ride.
Bear! Don't do it! - Not like this! - You're just in time! Bear, no! Just wait! Bear, you're not a brand.
You're more than that.
I'm Bear Wallis and this is what I do.
We need to get in there.
You're not gonna stop me! - Bear, just wait! - I don't care what you say.
I'm gonna do it.
The Bear-lievers want it.
So do I.
You mess this up, you take me out too! Fine! You take us all out! You don't believe I can do this, do you? Yeah, we do.
Just not like this.
Not when your head's not right.
My head's fine.
You think I'm over? No, but if you're gonna do this you've gotta do it right.
Have you worked out how much of a run-up you need? Start across there, sweep around, give yourself a good lead-in.
What gear are you gonna be in when you hit the ramp? I don't know.
I was just gonna send it.
It's a 50-foot gap, mate.
You're gonna want to be in third and roll on the throttle.
Power on when you land.
Focus all the way through.
I mean it.
You really think I can do this? I know you can.
Bear, if you're gonna do this, do it now! Bear! Bear, stop! Don't! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Good job! Mum, I'm sorry and You have nothing to prove.
- Do you hear me? - Yep.
And you are grounded for a month.
You did good.
You reckon? We've been banned from the speedway for a while, but.
The thing is we don't have time to get to Darwin for the race.
You're a champion, mate.
Don't need a trophy to know that.
You right there? Well, seeing as I totally just saved Bear's life I'm pretty sure we were there too.
I figured you'd be happy to give your room back to me.
What about Rocket? Taught me everything I need to know.
Oh, yeah? Is that right? My best chance at winning the Nationals is on this team.
Hey, mate.
You still going to Melbourne with your dad? I'm not going anywhere.
Except to Nationals.
You have a plane to catch.
You still want to see me.
Never let down a true Bear-liever.
No, mate, I'm not a fan, I'm not your manager.
I'm your dad.
And I'm never gonna stuff that around again.
I mean, if I lost you It's cool.
Still got those plane tickets to Darwin.
I was gonna cash them in at the airport.
You reckon you can hold onto them? You still want to He's got a race to get to.
Oh, they're all yours.
But I don't think your bike will be carry-on.
I've got a bike sorted for him up there.
Well, go for it.
Best of luck.
Luck? I'm his lucky charm.
I should go with him.

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