MaveriX (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 We're all packed.
You ready? You tell me.
No, no, we'll give the Nationals a miss, eh? Well, coaching has been pretty dodgy.
You can only work with what you got.
You've come a long way from jumping barrels in the backyard, mate.
I've had a bit of help.
You do well in Adelaide, you're away.
Senior pro teams'll snap you up.
A win wouldn't hurt MaveriX either.
So no pressure, then? Win or lose, I'm proud of you.
Yeah, just try and get this.
No, you can't.
You're too short.
- But obviously win, right? - Obviously.
Well, folks, it's welcome back to Adelaide, to where it all began, for the one we've all been waiting for, the MX Junior Nationals.
Races are run, the points are in and all the big names are here, including Scott Griffin, who qualified late in Darwin.
The only question now is who wants it more? This'll be the cover of the newsletter, Richie.
We've got a great day of racing for you, ladies and gentlemen, and the Australian Motocross Association would like It's revving too low! Mate, she's purrin'.
Can we Can you just give the idle screw half a turn? Let him do his job, son.
Smile, love.
This is what you've worked for.
Griffo and Vic should be here any minute.
I'm gonna meet them.
You guys get registered, yeah? Hey, this is about you signing up, not about getting them to sign up to your channel, correct? Oh.
Someone's going home early.
Kerry! Kez! Uh, it's Bear, uh, Chivas, Summers and Griffin for MaveriX.
Guess Kezza's not a Bear-liever.
There's a Bear-liever in all of us, Jen.
Look out.
Watch your starting gates, guys.
Scotty Griffin's back in town.
Blow it out your exhaust, Tyler.
Hey, ignore him.
Can we get some marshals and medics down to the south gate? Just focus on your own races today, OK? Nothing else matters.
Hey, excuse me.
What happened? There's an accident with a team Ute.
Scott? Dad, what happened? Are you OK? - No, you can't come in.
- Let me through.
You OK? Course I am.
What's it look like? Everything's gonna be OK.
Just sit tight.
So what do we do now? We get our bikes.
Hey, talk to me, Dad.
You'll be fine.
This isn't even a top Team Griffo crash.
- You'll be fine.
- Don't make me laugh.
Keep talking.
Remember that time you crashed into the tire wall? Your fuel tank exploded.
That was a stack, yeah? ABC, guys, what am I talking about? - Always be crushing.
- Uh, always be crushing.
jumps, competitors, fear, crush 'em all! Alright, guys, let's go.
Suit up.
Now is a good time to remind everyone Come on, push.
that safety is our first concern here at the Nationals.
So keep your eyes and ears open and let's What's going on? - The accident, it was Griffo and Vic.
- What? Vic walked away, but Griffo - Is he alright? - He's tough.
The format today is sudden death.
No second chances.
We've got two semifinals still, with the best junior riders in Australia vying for a place in the final.
The top ten from each race go into the big one, so let's get to it.
All riders for semifinal one, make your way Well, what do we I mean, do we This is what we trained for.
Yeah, but Griffo - He'd want you to race.
- Scott too.
Plus if you don't, I'm gonna beat you.
There we see the last few riders coming to the gate, including Richie Peterson Seriously, it needs half a turn-in or it'll stall when I brake.
Stay in your lane, mate, alright? MaveriX teammates Angelique Summers and NT champ Jenny Chivas.
It's been a roller-coaster of a season.
Let's see how they do.
Board is up.
Riders set now.
Here we go, riders blasting out of the gate.
Peterson and Chivas stamping their authority early as the pack screams down to the first corner.
- Go, Rich! Come on! - Come on, son! - Come on! - Come on! Whoa, Peterson's in trouble.
Looks like an engine issue.
The rest of the field roars around him.
- Oh, no! - Come on! Peterson stops dead as Clements from Katzo takes command, closely followed by Elliot, Chivas and Perry.
- Peterson's firing again - Go, go, Richie! - Yes! - Go! He's got a lot of work to do.
Up front it's Katzo and MaveriX fighting it out for early bragging rights.
Elliott and Clements boxing Chivas in and surging past her.
Perry, Bruce and Middleton snapping at their heels.
Over the first tabletop they go.
On the back side, there's a tangle in the corner, and Chivas is down as Katzo runs away with it.
Chivas scrambling to get back up.
What's this? Angelique Summers has stopped to help.
The bike's up, now Chivas is away, racing with Summers right behind.
Whoo! Go, Jenny! Chivas carving into the pack, flying back into contention beside her old teammate Richie Peterson, recovering from a bike problem.
And it's Peterson punching through the middle, but Chivas is bouncing through the hooks, picking up riders as she goes.
As they swing around and shoot for the back step-up, it's Clements and Elliott from Katzo soaring high.
Into the back corner, sweeping into the home straight, it's Katzo one and two, Katzo taking the flag, with Perry and Middleton three and four.
Bruce, then Peterson with a strong finish.
And not too far behind, Chivas with a near-miraculous comeback, Denuto, Zhou and Tanner rounding out the top ten.
- Come on! - Whoo! What a first semi, eh, folks? Couldn't ask for more.
- I thought I would be toast.
- Me too.
Man, I sucked.
No, you didn't.
Yeah, I stopped.
Total rookie mistake.
Um, you are a rookie.
And you saved me.
And that was cool.
You'll smash it next year.
- Transporting him now.
- Copy that.
Severe abdominal bruising and labored breathing.
- Transporting now.
- Hey.
Get out there.
I'm fine.
Medics reckon I got lucky.
Says the guy who can hardly breathe.
Dad, I'm coming to hospital with you.
This is the first call for all riders in the second semifinal.
I mean it.
Get out there.
Sometimes being a leader means you take the hard road.
It's just motocross, OK? It's not everything to me.
No, I know.
I'm alright.
Be back if I can.
That's how we do it.
Go rehydrate, warriors.
We'll debrief in five.
And for those of you about to race, ABC! ABC! ABC! ABC! ABC! Wait up.
Strategy meeting.
This year's mine and not yours.
What? It's how it works.
New blood helps out the number one rider, and that's me.
Well, you need any tips, let me know.
Take out your mate, Scotty boy, straight out of the gates.
I don't take orders from you.
They're not from me.
Just do it.
We good? All sorted? Knew you were a team player.
This is the final call to riders for semifinal two.
We're minutes away now.
Go hard or go home! You only have to finish top ten! And remember, no risk, no reward.
Wait, what? The first jump, it's a real monster.
Hey, Scotty, how's your dad? - Yeah, Scott! - Go! - You got it! - The field is in.
Scott Griffin taking his place.
The first corner, he's down.
Make sure of it.
Thirty-seconds board is up.
Marshals are clearing out.
This is on the radio ♪ Set now.
This is getting air time ♪ Quitting all our jobs ♪ Sweating in our cars ♪ Now we've hit the big time ♪ Kaden Li, riding for Katzo, scoring the perfect holeshot.
Come on! Into the first corner and racing away there.
Tyler second, Bellam for third, with Wallis, Sharma, Griffin, Romea, Gidron, Kotek and Fidelis.
- K-dog, crushed it.
- Yeah, you too.
Maybe you can ride.
Hey, if you, uh, need to talk Made the final.
Only just.
- I let Lawson get to me.
- Yeah, he does that.
What was that?! Technically, that was a flogging.
Thought you had your orders.
And you went ahead and won anyway.
Guess you know your ABCs.
Give it up! But he didn't even follow the race plan.
Plans change.
Suck it up.
Congratulate our new number one rider.
On the plus side, you got your lousy racing out of the way, so you're clear to smash the final.
Not all of us.
I know it sucks, Ange.
Hey, you should be proud of yourself.
It was fun while it lasted.
So, what, you gonna live? Looks like it.
Just bruised a couple of ribs.
But don't worry about that.
Focus, alright? This is motocross.
Anything's possible.
I won the Hutt River Invitational - We've gotta go.
We've got 30 minutes.
- Twice.
- Sorry.
- Twice.
Get some rest.
Just let me say Griffo really is OK.
Yeah, I know, it's just train for everything and something comes up out of nowhere.
- You're kidding me, aren't ya? - What's wrong with it? Someone's put sump oil in the two-stroke.
- How'd that happen? - I don't know.
I only refueled one bike.
Should be OK.
What's wrong with them? Someone sabotaged us.
Yeah, wonder who that could be.
Hey, Ange, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Everyone got the memo? Protect the number one rider.
I don't want so much a stray pebble slowing down Kaden's ride.
- Angie, wait, stop.
- Ange.
- You're going down for this.
- Excuse me? Think we don't know it was you? Ange, come on.
Hey, we're gonna beat them, yeah? But not like this.
Come on.
Get away from these dogs while you still can.
This is not you anymore.
- What was that about? - You tell me.
Pressure must be getting to them.
No, no, Griffo, you just stay there.
Yeah, yeah, we've got it, um we've got it all under control.
We're on in 20.
We need more help.
Just let me get this going.
It wants to start, it just won't.
Mine's dead.
It's hopeless.
No, it's not.
Let me hear them.
- What have they done? - Fuel, air, spark.
- Back to basics.
Good lad.
- Yeah, nice, Richie.
- Griffo's on his way back.
- Here, hold this.
Get your hand right in there and push the caps back on the spark plugs.
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Oldest trick in the book.
Here he is.
Richie, they're about to start.
You need to eat.
Let's go.
Not just yet.
I'm almost done.
We know you wanna help your mates, but you've got the school and your own race to ride.
It's not my race, it's your race.
You mapped the course, chose the obstacles, you even picked the prize.
If you didn't want it, you should have said.
I've been trying to.
Mate, you can't ditch a full scholarship to a top school.
I'm not ditching anything, not my school or my friends.
I want both.
But right now, my team needs me more.
A half a turn.
Just do it! Come on, now.
You're not the only one Grandpa Joe taught a few things.
Put me to work.
I've got this.
Go for it.
Alright, better do what he says, huh? What did you do? You told me to protect Kaden.
You know, ABC and all that.
Just keep Griffin away from Kaden.
We'll talk about your future after the race.
Hey, you don't have to cheat for me.
You're number one rider.
It's all for you now.
What I said before about your own race, how nothing else matters? It's not true.
Alright, none of us would be here without each other.
Probably could have said it better myself, but that'll do.
- Got room for a gun rider? - Yeah, you know any? You just brought yourself a world of pain.
You come for one of us, you come for all of us.
That's the plan.
Kaden Li, pull him.
He can't race.
Not on that bike.
That's a Katzo bike.
He can race on whatever bike he wants.
He earned his place in that line-up.
Or I can lodge a complaint about our bikes.
This is gonna be a fair race.
That's all I'm after.
Hey, that'll be you next year.
Don't know if I'll be riding then.
You made the Nationals from a standing start in your first season.
You're not going anywhere.
Course, that'll require long-term residency at MaveriX to complete our extensive pre-season program.
Let me think about it.
Thirty-second board is up.
- Go, Bear! - Come on, Bear! Go, MaveriX! Let's do this, MaveriX! Come on, Jenny! We're with the starter.
Racing in the national championship decider.
Kaden Li and Scott Griffin getting a great start.
And it is fierce out there as the pack jams into the first corner.
Tyler, Griffin, Li, Peterson, Clements and Chivas all vie for position.
As they churn through the first bends, it's Li on a Katzo bike but in MaveriX colors who gets the upper hand.
But Richie Peterson won't be shut out, holding his ground riding for Adelaide Grammar.
Up front, it's Li and Griffin in the lead.
Through that sharp left-hander and Tyler pushes Kaden Li right off the track! Griffin and Elliott pulling away.
Back in the field, Middleton and Perry move up and Richie Peterson powers around the outside.
Chivas flies up into contention as Team MaveriX takes a stranglehold on this race.
Griffin and Li out ahead, but coming into the corner, Tyler, Clements, Chivas and Peterson catch them before they all battle over the back step-up.
Look at 'em fly! It's Griffin and Li in an arm wrestle for the lead.
Reigning champ Lawson Tyler still in touch.
Jenny Chivas charging hard.
Kaden Li back with MaveriX in a surprise move, pushing Griffin to the limit, and Griffin pushing right back, clean off the track again.
They might be on the same team, but there are no free passes here as Chivas makes her move.
Behind them, Elliott, Middleton, Zhao and Richie Peterson not giving up.
Go, go, go! Into the back corner, that lead pack is tightening, with Griffin and Li joined by Chivas.
Lawson Tyler surging at them.
In the home straight now, it's a four-bike race, Li, Griffin, Chivas and Tyler - Come on, Jenny! - It's anyone's race! The whole season comes down to this.
Griffin and Chivas edging ahead.
Griffin and Chivas.
And it's Griffin! Scott Griffin wins the national title by a tire.
Then Jenny Chivas, Lawson Tyler and Kaden Li.
Then it's Elliott, Peterson, Zhao, Middleton, Perry.
- Whoo! - What a race, folks! What a championship! Bear Wallis there, finishing in style.
Bear, really? Hey, we did it! Jen, we did it.
Look, I know it sucks, but look at all these other riders you beat.
All these other guys.
Next year, the title's mine.
Is that right? Whoo-hoo! You won! Hey! Guys, that was awesome! We're definitely taking enrolments, and I'll be happy to answer all of your questions later.
Thank you! Your grandpa would be so proud of you.
Yes, Dad.
Hey! Hey, Jenny! Mate, you did it! You did it.
MaveriX just became the hottest ticket in motocross.
Better start planning next season, eh? Oh, yeah.
Hey, how good is this guy? How good is that? Yeah! The ribs! The ribs.
Watch the ribs!
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