Max Steel (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Come Together: Part 1

Whoo!!!!! [laughter] And that's why they call me captain kaboom! Ferrus to skyteam one.
Kat, any sign of the ultra-link yet? No visual yet commander.
Ultra-link coming up on scopes now.
Time to target: T-minus 30 Right.
Nice and easy people.
Remember, we want to capture the blasted thing, Not activate it.
Uh-oh! We've got three unidentified spacecraft.
Unidentified hostile spacecraft.
[laser fire] These guys are packin' some serious firepower.
[laser fire] Do not lose the target, Jeffer-- A little busy right now, old man Whoah! [laser fire] Engines 2 and 4 are gone! [laser fire] The cake is in the oven.
And our friends here still wanna slice! Skyteam one to base.
We're comin' in hot.
Ultra-link's ready for unload.
It's in the airlock guys.
Wonder why this one's not locked up? Well that one hasn't been functional for years - A relic from the past.
[struggles] Really, Max? You're bringing your weights? You never use them.
No wonder they're so hard to lift.
It's really gotta just be the stuff we need.
We're gonna miss you, Max! Yeah, I'm gonna miss you weirdos too.
Say, anyone interested in a slightly used weight set? Hey, is this you? Uh, no.
That's uh That's my dad.
He's - - he's not around anymore.
Hey uh, why don't you guys help yourself To whatever's in this box o' goodies, huh? We got stuffed animals, action figures Thanks, Max! Video games Ahh!! Heh I guess they don't make 'em like they used to, huh? Alright, now you go on, get outta here! And keep in touch you crazy kooks! [sigh].
Okay! New town, new job - whaddaya say, kiddo? Ready for a new adventure? [sigh] Are we ever gonna stay in one place? They're on the move! Copy that, commander.
It's our heart.
It's our soul.
Here at trans-human industries We are creating the future-- Today.
From the food you eat to the air you breathe, this is transforming the human experience.
Let us become part of you.
And your hair, impeccable! Order a blanket media buy.
And-- [phone ringing] Alright, get lost.
I've got business to attend to.
[beep] You have news, mr.
Naught? Good news, sir.
[nervous chuckle] Sales are up.
What of the ultralink? Well, I'm afraid the news on that front isn't quite as Rosy? Our forces were driven off By uhN-te.
N-tek! N-tek! [coughs!] [gulp] If we do not find a suitable energy source To keep me alive, all that I have done, All that I have planned, schemed, Stolen will be for nothing.
I must have turbo energy! We'll redouble our efforts.
Do not fail me! If this clock reaches zero, it won't just signal my end, Mr.
[gulp] Now let's get a move on.
We both have big first days! Me at work and you at school! Ugh.
C'mon, it'll be great! New friends! Cafeteria food! Tons of homework! Yeah, a regular paradise on Earth.
[sigh] Have a nice trip, See ya next fall! [laugh] Really? People still say that? Nah, it's pretty much just him.
Don't tell me.
School bully? What's his name? Moose? Biff? Flash? Bartholomew.
But they call him butch.
The stereotype lives.
Welcome to copper canyon high, new guy.
A wretched hive of scum and villainy.
I'm Kirby.
And I'm Sydney.
[bell ringing] Well, see ya around.
Come on, guys, this is the twenty-first century.
Don't you do your bullying online these days? So I help the kid getting picked on An' now I get picked on.
That's not very original, Bartholomew.
Huh!!!! "see ya next fall!" After him!! What? Whoa!! [crash!] There he is! [panting] What's happening to me? [cell phone rings] Hey, mom, can't talk right now Max? It's Sydney.
From school? Sydney? AhOh, hey! How'd you get my number? I didn't.
I got your phone.
And you've got mine.
Musta gotten mixed up this morning.
How'd I miss that.
? Let's meet up tomorrow and swap.
Uh yeah! Yeah, sure.
I uh-- [gasp] [chuckle] Who's headed fer a fall now, hero? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!! Whoa! Ugh!!!!!! Whoa!!!!! Ugh!!!! Agh!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! What's happening to me [moans] Get him! [fighting grunts] Let's get outta here! [panicked] ThatWasAwesome! I'm awesome! [electric charges] What is happening To me?!?! Sir! We just recorded a massive surge of turbo energy! There is no turbo energy on this planet.
Except for the boss.
And he's almost toast Largest turbo surge ever recorded.
In this city! Well don't just stand there jabbering! Sound the alarms! Release the hounds! Do whatever it is you do, But bring me that source of turbo energy! [moans] He's waking up.
Call Forge.
Give us a minute.
Uncle Ferrus? What're you doing here? Ow.
Where am I? Whoa.
What the heck you wearing? Welcome to n-tek.
Uncle Ferrus? What's happening to me? Come with me, kid.
I'll explain.
SirI have incredible news! Tell me you've found an ultralink.
Even better! We've detected a massive surge of turbo energy.
Point of origin: Copper canyon.
Suspend all ultralink capture operations immediately.
We're going to hunt down this new turbo source! And I know just the hunter for the job.
You?! I told you if you were ever to contact us again I would-- Yes, yes, hurting, breaking, maiming, I remember.
But I have an assignment mutually beneficial To both of us, elementaur.
I amListening.
Something I can help you with? Oh, mr.
I thought you were gone for the night.
I was told to place these reports on your desk.
This is my private office.
I'm sorry, sir -- It's my first day on the job.
It won't happen again.
[sigh] Your father, he started all this-- You worked with my dad? We founded n-tek.
Well, us and miles.
Miles dredd.
He also passed.
This is crazy-I - I had no idea N-tek is a secret organization.
We work towards solving the big problems - Global warming, alternative fuel sources-- SoWhat's the awesome tank for? C'mon.
This way.
There's something I think you'll wanna see Dad? Whoa Your father was an amazing man.
He had discovered one of the rarest, Most powerful types of energy in the universe - Tachyon unlimited radiant bio-optimized energy - Turbo energy for short.
But there was an accident.
All of your father's work was destroyed Along with your father and miles dredd.
This was the last thing your father was working on Before the end.
What is it? Nothing.
Not anymore.
So this turbo energy my dad was working on? That's why I'm fritzing things out and blowing myself up? I was exposed to the stuff? Now it seems you're generating the stuff.
We've been watching you for a long time, Wondering what would happen.
AndYou can help me? We can definitely help.
What is this place? This the turbo chamber, Max.
It'll keep your power levels under control.
Heh heh So-- I'm your prisoner? Right now this is the only way to keep you, And anyone who comes near you, safe.
What? [struggles] [grunt] [whistles] Whoa! Uh The chamber's great and all uncle Ferrus! But I think it's time to go! He's going critical! Route all auxiliary power to the containment field.
No good! He's too powerful! [screams] ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Human, you are about to overload.
Huh?? Stteell? That's not possible! [panting] What's happening to me? Human, if you're agreeable [gasp] My matrix can halt your turbo detonation And together we can ahFlee.
You can stop me from blowing up and get me out of here? Did I not just say that? What do I have to do? Just sit back and leave the driving to N'baro akstteell x377.
N-bagel ecchh-who? [sigh] Just call me Steel, yeah? I- this is crazy.
Crazy? You ain't seen nothing yet.
I-I feelAmazing! [alarm wailing] Stop them.
But don't hurt them.
Initiating countermeasures in 3 Whoa, whoa Are you inside my head? 2 Uh Steel?! 1.
Whoa! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!! Sorry!! Ahh! Whoa!!!!!! Argh!!!!! Sorry, uncle Ferrus! Hey, the helmet's a nice touch.
Wait! I can't drive this thing! You are not driving.
Deactivate holo-bridge alpha-bravo 9! I'm really sorry about this! Ah! My turbo power's effecting the bike! It's out of control! No matter.
It's not much use to us now anyway.
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really?! You couldn't mention this thing comes with a parachute? What is your designation, human? Oh, oh, my name? Maxwell.
Maxwell McGrath.
And And what are you? I am a techno-organic x377 omega class Bio-parasitic ultralink warrior.
My matrix is powered by turbo energy.
You have reactivated me.
My mistake.
Now Get this monkey suit offa me And get outta my head would ya? Cease striking this unit.
Hey! Ow! You hit me? You hit me with my own hand! Ow! Not cool, okay? How are you doing that, anyway? We are ultralinked.
I am designed to absorb and control my host's energy.
Once an ultralink has bonded with its host, The connection is unbreakable.
Unbreakable? Wait, are you saying I'm stuck with you For the rest of my life? [sigh] No, I am stuck with you for the rest of my life.
Aw, this totally stinks.
Ahh!!!! Ugh!!!!! I think I hate you.
This is no time for rest.
Up! Hey! Hey!! Shhh! Running complete diagnostic of core matrix functionality.
Hmmm [grunts] Ugh!!! Everything seems to check out Except Damage to my memory core.
But I-- I can't remember how-- Listen, robot mcspacepants.
Maxwell McGrath is nobody's puppet -- Hey! What're you doing? I am not doing anything! Your energy output is overriding my turbo dampeners.
Well, make it stop! Detonation in 3 Oh no, no, no - don't countdown again.
2 What should I do! 1 Throw me.
What? Throw me now! [grunt] [yells] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! [crash sounds] Stteell?!!! [panting] You okay there, buddy? Apparently, Maxwell, We make a painfully explosive combination.
That was pretty awesome.
I wonder what else you can do? I mean, we.
Us? My technological acumen Combined with your turbo powers? Probably a great deal.
Well, let's find out.
Um Go turbo? Hmm.
I don't feel any different.
"go turbo"? Really? I d'no.
I thought it'd be cool.
Like a catch-phrase or something? Like a superhero? You know Up, up, and away? Oy.
Let's try it again.
Go turbo! Gah! We're on fire! What did you do this time? It wasn't me! Well, it [sigh] It wasn't me! It.
Me! [growl] I never thought I'd hear myself ask this question, But: Is that a fire monster coming at us? Affirmative.
I don't suppose you can whip us up a fire-extinguisher? Negative.
Look out! Come with me or meet your end.
Ya know, I'm not having such a good day today, So thanks but uhNo thanks.
So be it.
[grunts] Whoa.
Can we take him? Hmm.
Insufficient data.
[fighting grunts] Whoa! Uh Maxwell? Your hands.
Yahh! [grunts] Ugh!!!! Okay, this isn't working.
What if I throw you again? Let's not and say we did.
Whoa! What we need is more power.
That I can do! Hold on Scanning for modes.
Ah! Try this on for size! Go turbo strength! Look at me! Defense protocol x795.
Yeah, alright.
Turbo strength mode it is! Ahh! You are ultralink? No matter.
[grunts] Yes.
Make this interesting for me.
Surface temperature rising rapidly.
We need more power! [growl] Mm.
Shall I turn up the heat?! You can blast me all you want, you pyromaniac.
The suit's fireproof.
And air conditioned.
And then I'll simply rip you from your shell.
[grunts] ughhhh Core system offline.
[grunts] Oops.
Don't suppose this suit has a built in parachute?! That's a negative.
Well then, it's been nice knowin' ya.
Really? No.
Not really!!!!!!!!!!!!!