Max Steel (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Come Together: Part 2

- Previously on Max Steel - What is happening to me?! Welcome to N-Tek.
He's going critical! Steel? That's not possible! You ain't seen nothing yet.
Is that a fire monster coming at us? Whoa!! Let's go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
We take on the bad guys and save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
Steel, before we hit rock bottom literally, I just want you to know one thing Yes, Max? I blame you for this! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Gah!!!!! We're alive! Strap up and pipe down.
What is going on?! What was that thing?! A giant fire monster.
But what I wanna know is how on earth you're still alive? Well, uncle ferrusSorry to disappoint you but-- I'm not talking to you.
If you're referring to me, sir, I can assure you it is no thanks to thisBoy.
Hah! Me? If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in this mess, Ya glorified hard drive.
Can it the both of you! What were you thinking? Attacking N-Tek agents? Stealing N-Tek ordnance? We were escaping, obviously.
Escaping? You weren't a prisoner! I wasn't? Hm.
My apologies.
I just can't believe you're back Steel! Hold on! You told me this Thing was my dad's science project.
You didn't say anything about him being Your long lost buddy.
We all thought you were Well after the accident-- with jim-- It's good to see you.
I wish I could say the same sir, But I have no recollection of you.
Yeah he says his memory core is damaged or something.
On the bright side, now that you two are ultra-linked, Steel can help regulate your turbo energy.
You are ultralinked? If you mean do I hear his annoying voice in my head? Yeah.
And sadly for me, it is completely irreversible.
No, that can't be right.
You can get him offa me, right?! Nope.
So I'm married to this toaster? Yup.
My life is ruined.
Tell me about it.
Here's the drill: One -steel, you're going to suppress Max's energy signature.
Huh? That's how the fire elementor tracked him, isn't it? Yes.
And others will follow.
Uh Initiating turbo dampening protocols.
Signature suppressed.
Sir, I-- er-- I have some bad news.
Two - tomorrow you both report to N-Tek for testing.
And three - no one is to mention any of this to your mom! [in unison] she'll kill us if she finds out.
What do you mean we've lost the turbo energy signature?! WellI don't know.
It just vanished! Shall we resume our initial plan--? No! You will find me the source of that turbo energy Or you will find yourself terminally unemployed! Well alright then.
[clears throat] Thanks for the ride, Uncle Ferrus.
Remember, keep a low profile.
Whoa! Max? Is that you, hon? Oh no, oh man.
- Busted! - Whoa! Max is that-- what are you wearing? Oh, this? Uh Is it a bit nippy in here or is it just me? Is everything okay? Are you coming down with something? No! I meanI mean yes! YesMaybe.
That would explain the coat, right? Well, good night! Ha! That door was closed.
[sighs] Oh boy Forge? We need to meet.
So much for hoping it was all just a bad dream.
Steel? Max! [knocking] Oh no.
Hey mom, everythingGood? Just wanted to make sure you're up.
You need to be out the door in 15.
Love you too, mom.
[sigh] [yelp] I'm okay! Situation normal.
What is wrong with you? Utilizing security protocol zed795, I spent the night scanning your clothing So I can replicate your rather, uh Unique look.
It's unsafe for you to remove the steelsuit, yes? But, through the use of Sophisticated holographic refraction processes And advanced tactile warping algorithms I can make it seem as though you're wearing Your everyday attire.
- SoCamouflage mode? - That's what I just said.
And you didn't mention this yesterday because? You didn't ask.
[yells] My mistake.
This was an outfit from your mother's closet.
What were you doing in my mother's-- Whoa.
Not bad if I do say so myself.
You are still safely contained in the steelsuit, But now dressed in your typical fashion.
And I use the word fashion very loosely.
Nice! This is the thanks I get? [bell ringing] Hey Max, thanks for the other day.
Those bullies were just about to seriously damage - Their fists on my face.
- No prob, kirby! Let's totally hang out sometime.
Lemme give you my number.
Sure! Dude, what's with the pink communication device? Oh, man.
I totally forgot! [sigh] Sydney's gonna kill me.
Who exactly is this Sydney fellow And why does he want you dead? Syd's a she, not a he- look, it's a long story-- I destroyed her phone.
May I see the device? Man, I really messed this up May I see the device? Ow! Not so loud.
- Huh? - Max! There you are! Cool, you remembered to bring my phone! Uhhh Oh! This? Yes, sure! Here it is.
And totally not broken.
Oh! Max That's Amazing! You made me a playlist! - I did? - You did.
Oh, hey, you know, just uh No big deal.
Picked out some cool tunes and-- But how? My phone couldn't even play music before.
That would be because I Tinkered with it.
I can't wait to listen to it! See ya soon, maxwell mcgrath.
A playlist?! She's nice.
For a human.
- I can see why you like her-- - zip it.
We gotta get to N-Tek.
Where did uncle ferrus say the entrance was? - Strike 1! - Huh.
[excited yells] This is awesome! Ready to get started? Ready.
Go turbo! Today, we're interested in learning everything we can About your powers and your link with Steel.
Knowing your limits will help us keep you And everyone around you safe.
[yell] Ugh!!! Incoming! Whoa! [chuckles] Go turbo strength! Huh? Heads up, berto! Max! Look out! Ugh!!!! [grunt] Whoa! Hmph!!!! - [nervous laugh] - tag! You're it! [grunts] Go turbo strength! [fighting grunts] [yelling] Whoa!!!!!!!!!! Steel?! Do something!!! Uh-huh.
Working on it.
Whoa! Uh Since when can we fly? Who knows? But I like it! Me too! [yells] [fighting grunts] Yeah.
- We bad.
- Uh-huh.
[screams] Hello? Oh.
Really? Okay Okay Bye.
That wasn't yer mom, was it? No! That was Sydney From school.
She just asked me out on a date! [gag] I can't believe you put me in this monkey-suit.
I can't believe you're fussing with a holographic collar That's not really there.
Shh! Here she comes! Whooooooaaaaa!!!!!! Wow!!!!! [chuckles] Well, aren't you all dressed up.
Lucky I happened to be in copper canyon When you called.
Quite the coincidence.
Though I guess I could have come to you.
The new secret copper canyon facility? Okay.
You got me.
You always were the best of us.
I still am.
Kirby told me how you helped him with those bullies.
That's pretty cool.
Most people wouldn't bother to get involved.
She likes you.
Say something funny.
Oh, but not so funny it looks like you're trying too hard.
And smart.
But not geeky.
Ooh! Play it cool.
Nice cool, not standoffish cool-- Uh, Max? Sydney.
YouUmWould you please excuse us for a moment? Us? Off.
Off! Now! What? What did I do? Do? I can't hear myself think! Yak yak yak! [gibberish] inside my head! Well You were blowing it.
I was only trying to help.
I know.
I do.
But you really want to help? Then just please, Let me be alone with her for like 30 seconds.
[sighs] thank you.
[sigh] What are you looking at? Seems to be some sort of giant energy collector But what's it for? Thi has invested Millions of dollars into this thing.
I knew thi was rotten.
So is that why you arranged a job there for me? Molly, you're 'retired.
' You knew I'd take the job And you knew I'd go poking around once I got there Once an N-Tek agent, always an n-tek agent.
AhEverything okay? Yes! Everything is great.
You're great.
I mean [nervous chuckle] listen Sydney - Yes? - IWell Uh-huh? I really like you - like a lot [giggles] And I just wanted to say-- Yeah? Sir! We've got it again! Scramble the troops! And this time, let's be sure to make big daddy happy, hm? Yes sir! Huh? You feel that? [dreamy] yes [gasp] That can't be good.
All bad.
[screaming] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! What is that? [screaming] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! You gotta get outta here.
What about you? I'll be fine.
[whistles] [tires screech] - Just go! - Are you sure? I'll call you.
[screaming] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [screaming] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Two of these guys? - Max? - Mom?! Uncle Forge?! [in unison] what are you doing here? Take cover! - Come on! - Wait! Whoa! Hey! Wait! What am I, chopped liver? Forge Ferrus! Why are two giant elementors chasing my son? - Uh - You gotta go back! We left Steel! Wait, what? Steel? I told you two to stick together.
Suppress your turbo energy signature! [beeping] Hang on!! [growls] Whoa! Maxwell McGrath, you tell what's going on, And you tell me now! I Promised Uncle Ferrus I wouldn't say.
Um [growls] Max! Wait up! Kids these days.
Always in such a hurry.
Whoa! Max [growls] You again.
The abomination.
I beg your pardon! I will remove the stain of your treachery once and for all.
Treachery? [roars] And a very good day to you, sir! [growls] - Hold on! - Whoa! - Steel! - I can't believe it I can get you to him quicker, But I can't guarantee the landing.
- Do it.
- Forge.
Don't you dare.
Brace yourself kid.
[grunt] Go turbo flight! Turbo strength! [gasps] [grunts] I'm likin' this turbo strength mode! This clown car come with all the N-Tek standard bells and whistles? Yes.
Hah, humans.
So inferior.
[roars] Nice shot! [grunts] [grunts] [laughs] [roars] Here, rocky, lemme give you a hand! [grunt] Boy.
Come with us And we'll spare the other two.
Oh, aren't you just the best? [grunt] That's some boy you've got there.
Don't I know it! [grunt] Get mom to safety! You got it! [grunts] Ugh!!!!!! He's making us look bad.
Feel free to pitch in! [grunts] [gasp] No! Mom! Uh.
What are you doing? Throw me! A controlled explosion should snuff out That hot-head's flame.
But I thought you hated this? Quick! Before I change my mind! Oh right.
Turbofly! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Steel!!!!!! [growls] Too small.
Too weak.
Too bad! [growls] No! Max! Molly, look out! [moans] [grunt] Max Awake? Ah.
I can't express how ecstatic I am to have you here.
[groggy] and where is here? Unimportant.
It's why you're here that matters.
I'm told you're special.
I'm told you're literally bursting with "special-ness.
" No idea what you're talking about.
Don't insult my intelligence.
We're going to be chums for a long, long time.
And do you know why? My sparkling personality? Because of your turbo energy Turbo energy that's about to be Mine! And believe you me I will put that power to use! [struggles] Yes, thanks to you, my new best friend, Miles dredd will truly be a powerful man once more!