Max Steel (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Come Together: Part 3

- Previously on Max Steel.
- Since when can we fly? What is that? Get mom to safety! You got it! [gasps] [growls] We're going to be chums for a long, long time.
[evil laugh] Let's go turbo! I'm Max McGrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
We take on the bad guys and save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
The clock is ticking, people.
We need an omega priority rescue scenario asap.
What do we know? Not much.
No after-battle trace of the elementors Or Max's energy signature.
We're blind.
Not for long.
Analyze these, stat.
I want a brief and an action plan in thirty.
Yes sir.
[struggles] Ah.
Welcome back, my friend.
Feeling better? So am I, as you can plainly see.
Thanks to you.
And as soon as you generate more turbo energy, I'll feel better still! Okay.
This is where Max was grabbed.
Factoring time and optimal underground travel speed Of the earth elementor, We believe Max is somewhere within this radius And that's transhuman industries.
So thi wants the kid's turbo juice? Who are these guys? Molly, the files you swiped from thi? Priceless.
Check this out.
This is thi tower.
The plans look ordinary enough, until Steel? Until you activate the hyper encrypted cypher-code Buried deep within the datafile.
This place is a fortress.
I don't know how you got in and out of there In one piece, molly.
They weren't expecting company.
They will be now.
Still, we did find one way in.
There's an exterior maintenance duct Between tower levels 58 and 59.
Aerial approachRappel down along the south side UhWe said it's a maintenance duct, Not a doorway.
Too small for a person.
But not too small for me.
Why are you doing this? Why? [evil laughs] Why does anyone do anything? For power.
Why are you working with n-tek? N-tek? Never heard of it.
You were seen with my former colleague, The insufferable Forge Ferrus.
And you remind me of another old friend.
He dreamed of saving the world by harnessing The most powerful energy source anyone had ever discovered - Turbo energy.
An energy I knew could make us all rich Beyond our wildest dreams.
Rocc to beach-ball.
Status? Approaching thi tower Level 56.
Maintenance hatch achieved.
How are we on time? It'll be close.
Close? Max and Steel are ultralinked.
They can only be apart for eight hours.
After that, Max goes critical with turbo energy.
Actually, Max is not in danger of overloading I can read his turbo energy signature from here And it's quite low.
And, unfortunately So is mine.
That's the other problem.
If steel can't link up with max He runs out of juice and shuts down.
And so, I decided to simply take what I wanted.
Surprising twist.
While I couldn't understand How he was creating the turbo energy, I was able to build a device That could siphon and store this energy for my own purposes.
The siphon worked.
But the storage? Hmm.
The resulting turbo energy explosion permanently embedded My siphoning device into my body.
Horrible, really.
But thanks to my device, My body absorbed the turbo energy.
Alas, my colleague He did not survive.
C'est la vie.
How's our boy doing? So far, so-- [scream] Steel? Sorry for the outburst.
It's just that this access duct Is some kind of sewage line! Lo siento.
That one massive blast of turbo energy Has sustained me for 16 years.
It has given me power unimaginable.
But nothing lasts forever.
No matter.
I have you now.
My new best friend.
Given the story 'bout your last friend I'm not really feeling all that chummy.
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be the man I am today.
In a deliciously ironic way, I owe it all to Jim McGrath.
JimMcgrath? [struggles] Ah! Your turbo levels have recharged even faster than anticipated.
What do you say we eat? [struggles] [laughs] yes! Ugh!!!! Ahhh.
What a rush! Let's do this again, shall we? Say, in an hour? Release the boy or else! Steel? An ultralink?! Aaargh!!!!! Am I glad to see you! The feeling's mutual now quick, let's-- Duck! [grunts] A turbo powered boy and a functional ultralink? This is my lucky day! [fighting grunts] [laughs] [fighting grunts] Too weak.
Ulgh!!!! Ugh!!!!! Too little.
Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Too late.
Steel! [gasp] SorryRunning on fumes here.
Not for long! Ah, much better! Now let's get out of here! Go turbo flight! Let's jet! Huh? Whoa! Maybe I wasn't clear.
You are never leaving this place! Scary man is creeping me out, Max! Give it all you've got! No! Dredd says no! [struggles] Max! Stteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll! Whoa!!!!!!! Ulgh!!!! Ugh!!!!! [out of breath] Whaaaaaa!!!!!! Max! I don' wanna go school today Ow.
He's okay.
Mom, he has Steel.
Who has him? Dredd.
Miles dredd.
Dredd? That's not possible.
Dredd Died 16 years ago.
I was there.
He knew all about n-tek.
About you, Uncle Forge.
He knew about turbo energy.
And He said he was behind what happened to dad.
[evil laugh] [grunt] I'd have thought you'd be less jovial, What with your plans being foiled and all.
For an amazingly sophisticated automaton You're not very bright.
The boy has given me enough turbo energy To power me for a good long while.
And as for you, Well, let's just say I've made some serious plans.
How do you like this plan! Uh-oh.
Plans that do not, however, Require you to be conscious.
Dredd! To what do I owe this supreme pleasure? And may I say that you are looking fit and fabulous-- Mr.
Change of plans.
I have finally obtained the missing component For our original plan.
Splendid news, sir.
I will reinitiate our previous operation As soon as possible.
Destiny waits for no man.
Now, mr.
Now! [talking amongst one another] [gasps] Uh, commander Now what? Oh crud.
We're done being subtle.
Kat, scramble the troops.
On their way, commander.
On my way, too, commander.
No you're not martinez.
Aw maaaan! [evil laugh] [panicked] [screams] ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! We have to get out there and help! We have to rescue Steel! We will.
But we need to know what we're dealing with.
I have it boss but you're not going to like it.
The device seems to be An ultralink-based energy catalyst.
It's triggering a fissile reaction With the human body That's generating a tiny fraction of turbo energy.
Why aren't we affected? Because all of our gear is n-tek issue.
The device only affects people using thi devices.
Phone, watch, music player.
That's what's attracting these tendrils of energy.
Dredd must have been planning this for years! So dredd is gonna squeeze the life out of Every last person in copper canyon Just to get his next turbo energy fix.
With your buddy Steel making it all possible.
[panic and screams] [groan] Is that you honey? Oh, you.
Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [groans] [evil laughter] No! [fighting grunts] Release the hounds! Sir.
It appears we have guests.
Visitors from n-tek.
Deal with it.
And see that I'm not disturbed again.
You're harshing my mellow.
[fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] That's my ticket to ride! [fighting grunts] Max! [fighting grunts] I gotta save, Steel, mom! I think me and him together, we can stop all this.
I'll cover you.
I wish you were here to see him, jim.
Ah, company.
Can I get you anything? Would you like to use the executive washroom? Does everyone working here have a screw loose? Ah-ah.
I assure you, I am as sound of mind and body as you.
Better, in fact.
We don't call it trans-human industries for nothing.
Allow me to demonstrate.
"oh boy" Did you really think it was going to be this easy? Oh-no.
Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! Oops! [fighting grunts] Elementor! [loud roar] [fighting grunts] I may have to stay But I'm still gonna play! Sic 'em! Yessir! There's hope for that boy yet.
Steel! [whispering] Max! Didn't I recently risk my life getting you out of here? [whispering] well, now we're even [whispering] it's shielded.
[whispering] thank you contraption obvious.
[whispering] there's gotta be a switch or sumthin'.
Max! Look out! [moans] Aw, did you miss me? [fighting grunts] Whoa! [fighting grunts] [laughs] [fighting grunts] Aim for those orbs in their forehead! It's their achille's heel! [fighting grunts] [fighting growls] Let's finish this people! [fighting grunts] Max! The switch! [relieved sigh] Alright, dredd, you can dish it out, Now let's see if you can take it! Oh, I can take it! That's my whole thing.
Weren't you dum-dums paying attention? Any more bad ideas? Protocol x795? Worth a shot.
Go turbo Strength! [grunts] [evil laughter] Whatever you do only feeds me, Makes me more powerful! I'll drain you to a husk! I'll take everything you have! Then I'll just have to makeMore! Whoa! Nooo! Ah, the good soldier.
And the merry widow.
I'd love to stay and Chat, But it'll have to wait No! [laughter] I have to stop falling from high places.
[grunts] Joust anyone? [fighting grunts] Go turbo - Flight! Whoa! [growls] [grunts] Go turbo Strength! [grunts] Whoa! All this exercise is making me hungry.
[grunts] Hey, I have another bad idea.
What happens if I generate too much turbo? Uh, you go boom? SoooWhat happens if greedy gus over there Eats too much turbo? You're right.
This is another bad idea.
You with me? Well, duh! Let's do this, partner! Cowabunga! Hey, ya overgrown pilot light! Whadaya say we hug this out?! Go turbo flight! Turbo dampers off! Perhaps I hit you harder than I realized? You cannot harm me! You can only make me stronger! Max! No! This is the power I remember! The power I've dreamed of! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Uh-oh.
N-noooo! It's too much! Too Much! Just giving you what ya wanted! Oh, and miles? Jim McGrath sends his regards! [gasps] [gasp] Huh? Whoa! Seems we're still on the clock! How does it feel to have saved all of copper canyon? What can you tell us about thi? Are you a strange visitor from another planet? What's your name? Max.
And there you have it.
Copper canyon saved by its very own superhero Max Steel! What part of secret organization, Did they not understand?! You should be proud.
Heck, I'm proud.
Copper canyon is safe.
The bad guys are gone.
Now, we just gotta figure out Who's gonna sort through the mess at thi.