Max Steel (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Cleaning House

What do ya think? I think it's quiet Too quiet.
How can something be too quiet? Quiet is good, quiet is peaceful.
Quiet is bad! Bad! Bad! [fighting noises] We wouldn't happen to have a turbo ninja defense mode, Would we? No.
In that case Go turbo strength! [fighting noises] Ha ha! Piece of cake.
I hope you're in the mood for seconds.
Actually, I just lost my appetite.
[loud roar] [fighting grunts] Any last words? Yeah, this is a really disgusting way to go.
[fighting grunts] Clear the chatter, focus on the enemy.
Whoa! I Nice job.
You're both dead.
[chuckles] Killed by a sewer monster Embarrassing! Not as embarrassing as your hairdo, berto.
Hey! Max, steel You have to do better.
You need to use your heads not just your powers.
Think on your feet, be resourceful, Use the environment to your advantage.
I hear you uncle ferrus, and thinking on my feet now, I gotta go! I'm late for lunch with Kirby and Syd and mom.
You know how she can get.
I do indeed.
Get outta here.
Thanks uncle ferrus, and good luck.
Good luck? With what? With this Ahh! Ha! Ahhhh!!! [laughing] Let's go turbo! I'm Max McGrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
We take on the bad guys and save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
Clean, clean, clean Must be bright, shiny and clean.
The new ceo of thi wants to meet with me today.
The previous regime never acknowledged my genius! But at last, I'm getting the recognition I so richly deserve.
Titus octavius xander, Things are certainly looking up! Doctor xander, While your work in environmental science has been intriguing, Your methods have been reckless, ill advised And downright dangerous.
Dangerous? Ill-advised? How dare you accuse me of Doctor xander, shouldn't we do this with a mechanical arm? Nonsense! From a safe distance? You're perfectly safe.
Now go on, pour the uranium into the vat.
Uh oh Doctor! Help! Oh, the horror! Oh god! [screams] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! What? That? She was just an intern and I learned so much from that We do not sacrifice interns here at thi doctor xander.
Thank goodness she's okay.
Your own colleagues describe you As increasingly unstable, obsessed.
They say you talk to a goldfish.
What? Why, that's madness.
Yes Madness.
Doctor xander, I'm sorry but You can't fire me! I gave this place my genius And this is how you repay me? I'll be back! Oh wow, and I thought this trip was gonna be boring.
Oh! Uh, kids Welcome to thi.
Thanks again for inviting us here ms.
My pleasure sydney.
This place is awesome, You have the coolest job in the world! Oh, I don't know about that Kirby.
Since I took over and started cleaning house, I've been discovering all kinds of unsavory experiments And initiatives.
Oh no, not again! Like I said, awesome! I must admit, it's rather nice to be here Without fear of being incorporated Into some kind of genocidal doomsday device.
I'll say! Huh? You'll say what? Uh, I'll say that you Sure do look nice today, sydney! Oh, thanks Max.
So uh, who was that guy They were dragging out of your office, mom? Doctor xander? A research scientist gone bad.
He was supposed to develop a formula that could eradicate Every type of pollutant known to man.
But instead, he created potions more dangerous Than any pollutant could ever be.
Anyway, he's gone now.
Perfectly clean Hah! They dare throw me out of my own lab.
They dare call me mad! They're the mad ones.
Absolutely! Our work's never been reckless or dangerous.
Never! Well Not much.
And our work, our work is to defeat the pollutants, yes? To neutralize the toxic, to clean Exactly so! To clean the filth, to purify the putrid The fools! They can't stop our work.
Together we will cleanse the world! And let's begin by scouring thi Off the face of the planet.
Yes, yes! I quite like that idea.
And over here Is our new research and development wing.
Thi used to be all about making money, But now thi is all about using technology To make the world a better place.
Wow, that is great ms.
So great in fact, that I'd like to volunteer My time and services to your video game division! The technology in my little finger is more advanced Than this entire facility.
You don't have fingers! My point exactly.
You feel free to continue on this snooze-o-rama, I'm going to explore.
Have you blown a fuse? We can't split here, Kirby and Syd see.
I'm bored to tears! Either I go investigate Or I practice my bombilating vocalizations.
Your bomba-what? My humming.
Please stop.
[humming] Steel Steel, stop it! [alarm wailing] What's going on? Perhaps I should go find out, hmm? Hmm? Hmm? That's our chemical hazard alarm.
There must've been a breach.
Breach? Containment failure, toxic venting, chemical seepage Nothing good.
Uh I suddenly feel itchy? Communications are offline.
Come on, I need to get you kids outta here.
Come on itchy, let's get outta here! Whoa, wait up! All right sir hum-a-lot.
Go find out what's going on.
Finally, some action! Oh! Pardon me miss, do you happen to know Where I might find the "off" switch for this infernal alarm? Hello? Come on kids, let's go.
Everybody out! Yaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Okay, get back everyone! It smells awful! Try not to breathe any of it in.
Uh Is anyone else feeling itchy? What is going on here? Excuse me, are you okay? [screaming] Mutants! Not mutants, more like Zombies! But seriously candy, It's amazing you keep this figure with all that junk food You ingest.
Candy! Ahh! [groaning] Ahh! [groaning] [fighting grunts] [groaning] Phew.
[fighting grunts] Don't worry, nothing else is going to go wrong.
You've got to be kidding me! Uh, auxiliary power will kick in any minute.
Mom I can see if steel can open the exit door, Or if worse comes to worst, I can just punch our way out.
No, the doors are down for a reason.
Whatever the breach, it can't be allowed To get out into the city.
The toxins must be contained inside thi.
We'll have to do what we can from this side.
Syd, you okay? I'm okay.
Auxiliary power is up! Still no network access, But I think I can at least cycle the upper vent shut.
Whoo! Nice work, mom.
That should buy us some time.
Now to figure out what's causing this mess.
Where's itchy? Itchy? Oh, hey itchy! Over here.
Kirby? [growls] Look out! Ulgh! Okay, everyone stay calm.
Mom! [groaning] Max, here! Everybody all right? I mean, except for Kirby.
Ahh! [groaning] Those doors won't hold forever.
We need to figure out why this is happening.
See if steel can get to the mainframe on the lower level And get the computers back online.
We'll have to head up to the monitoring station.
Through the hallways with the walkers? Ugh You hear that steel? We are linked, are we not? [groaning] Oh no! [groaning] Sorry about this, kirb.
Hey bucket-head, any luck? I'm stuck in traffic at the moment.
Why didn't somebody tell me it was zombie rush hour? [groaning] Steel to monkey-boy.
Mainframe sighted, over.
Well hello dolly.
Maxwell? Abra cadabra! Yes! It looks like the gas is dissipating In the upper levels, But it's still thick as pea soup in the lower ones.
And that's not all Remember the doctor xander fellow we met earlier today? According to thi's rather grumpy mainframe [in unison] xander's lab is the only one in the building That still has full power! Is there an echo in here? Testing, testing, 1 -- 2.
Oh no, the computer analysis of the purple gas It corresponds exactly with what doctor xander Had been working on.
Wait, are you saying he did this on purpose? Uh huh.
But how does something like that do something like this? [groans] Xander's formula was designed to break down toxins At the cellular level.
It dissolves chemical bonds, feeds on particulate matter, Re-sequences gasses and toxins.
If the potion had been stable, If xander had been stable, It could've been used to combat just about Any form of pollution.
But unleashed on human beings Breaks down neural inhibitors, Feeds on the parasites within us that keep us alive.
I gotta get down to xander's lab, Find some sort of antidote.
You guys will be safe here, Just make sure to keep the door locked once I'm out.
Okay? [groans] Mom? Sydney? No! [fighting grunts] Hey machine-man, Sydney and mom are zombies! Where are ya? The lower level, it's apparently the place to be! On my way.
I advise you to take the express route Maintenance chute coming up on your left.
Got it! Thanks for dropping in.
Thanks for having me.
[groaning] Shall we? Let's! Go turbo! [moaning and groaning] That's better.
[groaning] You know, for a bunch of innocent people That don't know what they're doing They sure are good at doing it! Oh, oomph! Oomph!! If only we could just blast them That's not such a bad idea.
Come on! Off!!!! On, off Make up your mind already! Now, nice and easy.
We don't wanna hurt them.
Turbo pulse! [groaning] Nicely done partner.
Now, let's go plug that leak.
Is that enough do you think? Maybe a touch more, for good measure.
Doctor xander, what do you think you're doing here? This is my lab, where else would I be? What are you doing here? Whoever you are You've toxically poisoned everyone in this building.
Everyone! Excellent! Hand over the antidote, xander.
I Don't think I will.
Oh! No, fishy! No! No! Fishy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what you've done! I'm coming fishy, I'll save you! [fighting noises] Whoa! Whoa! I'm coming fishy! Wait xander, stop! [struggling grunts] Uh What just happened? I don't know.
But if I ever start acting like that, Promise you'll deactivate me.
He's gotta have his antidote formula here somewhere.
Oh no, not another sewer monster! That ain't your Uncle Forge's sewer monster.
Doctor xander? You Hurt Fishy! What happened to him? What have you done to me? I'm soiled! You are a stain on the fabric of my life! A stain that I shall now remove! Man, all this over a fish? I think he's overreacting.
My job, my work My fishy! You will pay! Since when could he do that? Since he went for a swim in that toxic soup.
[grunts] Does he look bigger to you? Nothing escapes your keen eye.
Do I even wanna know what this gunk is? No.
Whoa!!!!!!!! You did this to me! I am dirty, filthy, toxic! And I'm Max Steel, nice to meet you toxon.
[fighting grunts] And here I thought we were gonna be friends.
[fighting noises] [laughs] [fighting grunts] You're just full of surprises.
Perhaps it's time we show him a surprise of our own.
Sounds like a plan.
Go turbo strength! He's as strong as he smells! And believe it or not, he's even stronger.
I'm going to make you what you made me! No thanks.
If I can't be clean, no one will be clean! I promise not to shower tonight! This is a really disgusting way to go.
Ferrus was right, We should've trained more, learned to think on our feet.
That's it! Our feet, look at your feet! Everybody into the pool.
How about a shower instead? Ugh, Blah, that was even grosser than I thought it would be.
Now for that antidote.
No luck, all the files are encrypted.
I know, I can make one! It's simply a matter of finding the toxins' Neutralizing agent.
I just hope all the ingredients are here.
That should just about do it.
All right, here goes Is it working? Something's missing Toxon's catalyst, the chemical key to his concoction.
But where would stinky-face keep it? Fishy? Fishy! Houston, we have antidote.
Yes! [groans] All toxins have been neutralized.
Then open sesame! What happened? Ahh! [screams] Awesome job buddy, let's cart that creep away.
Uh Oh.
Max? What? Uh oh.
Is everyone okay? Yeah.
Uh huh.
I'm feeling kinda Hungry! Weren't we supposed to get lunch? [laughing] And once again steel saves the day, And the crowd goes wild! Haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I give them my genius and this is how they repay me? Unconscionable! They haven't heard the last of titus octavius xander! They haven't heard the last of toxon! No They haven't.