Max Steel (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Secret Identity Crisis

Yeah! Huh? [siren wailing] Come on let's go! Let's go! Where we going? Can I drive? What is that? I don't know, But we gotta get outta here! Floor it! I am! Something's holding us back.
Sorry guys, But you've parked in a "no armed robbery" zone.
Ooh, I love that.
What is it, cashmere? Aaaaah!!!!!!!!! Uh, Steel? A little help? That's what I'm here for.
Some superhero Need a lift? Whoa! All yours, boys.
Whoa! Oops, guess I don't know my own turbo strength.
I'd say that's our cue to leave.
Go turbo flight! Gotta fly, See you next time citizens! Once again, the mysterious max steel has saved the day And while we may not know who the man behind the mask is, We sure are glad he's here.
Ahh yes, here.
And here And here And here And here.
Max Steel certainly has been busy But so have we.
Charting all the recent max steel sightings, We reveal one recurring point of origin.
Copper canyon high school.
This is where we'll find max steel.
This is where we finish what we started.
Let's go turbo! I'm Max McGrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
We take on the bad guys and save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are max steel.
Yeah, it's weird I haven't seen Kirby either.
I saw him this morning in french, But never since then.
What's up guys? Kirby? [laughing] Butch is at it again.
It's not all bad Your mom makes an awesome pb & j.
[alarm wailing] Whoa, what's that? I said your mom makes a great sandwich! That would be Ferrus' ringtone, I thought it appropriate.
It seems he wants to see us.
Now! Really? Wonder why I think it's the way she trims the crust All the way around.
It's awesome! Crustless.
Wait, what? What? I I gotta run, my cat needs some Uh Emergency uh Dental work.
I'll see ya! He can be so peculiar at times.
For reals.
Sorry mister.
Don't mention it, accidents happen.
Uncle Ferrus, you wanted to see Wipe that goofball grin off your face! What took you so long? Uh We left as soon as Steel got your message.
Oh, so it's your fault, is it? I've known toasters more reliable than you.
I beg your pardon? Name one! I've had it with you two.
You need discipline! I order you to clean berto's lab and do his laundry.
And while you're at it, make him a roast beef sandwich, With extra mayo! Hold the pickles.
What? What is going on here? I don't know, but if I have to start answering to two of you I'm outta here.
Berto! [laughing] I'm sorry but I had to test it out.
It's a holo-bot, I thought it could come in handy for cloak and dagger stuff.
Pretty cool, no? Extraordinary! So lifelike A bit too much hair in the ears though.
Uh that's the real Ferrus.
[chuckles] Wait, so did you want to see me or did he want to see me? Me.
I thought I told you to keep a low profile.
I know but there was a robbery, I knew I could help.
Why must they always get my bad side? This is serious.
Max, unwanted attention attracts unwanted trouble.
I had the mask on I just I wanted to help, I don't see what the problem is.
Listen, there's people out there who are gonna wonder About max steel, and even come looking for him.
What happens if they track you to your house? What if they find the people you care about? Commander? We've got trouble.
This isn't an n-tek problem, Alert the copper canyon fire department.
Sir, it's Max's high school.
Syd Kirby Uncle Ferrus, I gotta go.
I gotta go! Max! Wait It'll be faster if we take the hopper.
Uh, Max do whatever you have to.
But, no max steel.
You've been in the public eye too much already and this It's way too close to home.
Okay, understood.
Kirby, where's Syd? I don't know, I can't find her.
Whoa! We gonna be okay in there? The steel suit is fully operative even in cammo mode, We're fine.
Syd! Anyone? [coughing] Too much smoke, we need to get them outside.
Great plan, except for one thing What's that? Heads up! [coughing] Okay, we should get outta here.
Like Ferrus said, keep a low profile.
Ferrus said no max steel.
I'm in my civilian mode, I blend.
Blend? You just kicked a hole through a concrete wall.
That's a good point.
[coughing] Need a hand? Ahh! Ugh!! Look! That young man pulled that girl from the fire! Son, you're a hero.
Did I? I did! [cheers] alright butch! You're a hero! Once a hero, always a hero.
I found him, I found max steel.
[cheers] This is the great max steel.
Who knew someone so young could wield such power.
But sheer power is of no consequence if say A dose of knockout gas renders you unconscious.
Why then, you're all mine.
[crash sounds] [growl] I mean Ours.
Now then Go fetch.
Man, I can't believe everyone thinks that mouth breather Is some kind of hero.
You're overreacting Max, no one thinks he's a Can I have your autograph mr.
Butch? Hey, my dad's mr.
You can call me mr.
[giddy] Regardless, we have a bigger problem.
My analysis of the fire indicates it was no accident.
Someone set it.
What? Who? Someone with access to high-tech military grade incendiaries.
Oh no Oh yes! No, no I mean look.
I can't look, I'm in a backpack.
Hello! Oh hey McGrath! What'll it be? Autograph, lock of my hair? Uh, Sydney? What are you doing? Having lunch with butch, why? Um But don't we usually have lunch? Uh, Max? Yeah, but I just thought I'd sit with butch today.
Max, really This is a wee bit urgent! I can't believe this.
You also can't take a hint.
Beat it, McGrath! Maxwell, there is a bomb under the table! What? I said beat it! We need to go turbo.
But Ferrus said to keep a low profile.
Now! Fair enough.
It's turbo time! What's going on here? Perhaps I know These bots are after butch? Yeah And as tempting as it is to let them have him, Let's take 'em down! [fighting grunts] Oh! What happened? Oh My head.
It was butch, he saved us! Again! Yeah Yeah that's right! It was all me.
I took down these Robot things.
[chanting] butch! Butch! Butch! That's max steel! He must've transformed right as the bomb went off.
Those dread-bots didn't stand a chance.
Of course they didn't.
I'm sorry, sir.
Yes you are.
Sorry, pathetic man! Aaahhhh!!!!! And now that I have been reconstituted Uh, thanks to I will see to taking max steel And all the turbo energy he possesses, personally.
This is so awesome! I love half-days.
Yeah, if only killer robots would attack Our cafeteria more often.
[nerdy laugh] What do you think? The fire, the gas bomb, And as butch so elegantly put it, The "robot things" I think something's up.
But what? Whatever it is, butch seems to be at the very center.
Yeah, and he's the center of attention too.
Ah, ah, ah!! Gotta get him somewhere isolated, Somewhere where there aren't so many people.
Hmm You mean like not on a school bus full of students? Hey, butch.
You again, McGrath? What are you, my biggest fan? Look, this might sound weird But you gotta get off this bus, man.
Something's not right.
Everything seems right to me? No, no I mean it.
You're in danger.
In danger for stealing your girl cry-baby? Listen, butch.
You need to get off this bus, okay? Now.
Do you understand? Hey Max, hey Butch.
Yeah, I understand perfectly.
Man, the dumb galute won't listen.
I've run a complete diagnostic on the bus And there's nothing out of the ordinary.
Yeah Maybe as long as we keep moving We'll be okay.
[explosion] Whoa! Dread? Ugh! Hello kiddies! [gasps] No way, dread? But But dread's dead.
If so, he looks remarkably well.
It's over.
Come quietly and I'll allow your classmates to live.
You've lost, butch.
Huh? You do remember these, don't you? Ahh! What is this? You said you've found him! I did, that is him.
That's Max! Did you say Max? That's Max! Right over there.
Max McGrath.
Mcgrath? As in jim and Marley McGrath, Former n-tek agents, pioneers of turbo energy? How could you have been so blind, nort? It's obvious! Yes You do look like your father.
Oh Little max mcgrath.
Or should I say max steel? Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [screams] Max! Or not.
Dread! [gasps] Would you care to step outside? By all means.
Ralgh!!!!!!!!!!! I thought we settled this.
Remember when I overloaded you with turbo energy And you exploded into a zillion pieces? Ulgh! But hey, if you want a repeat performance No prob! [fighting grunts] There'll be no repeating what happened last time.
Aaargh!!!! Ugh! I've made some modifications to my battle suit Now there's no such thing as too much turbo energy.
[laughing] Yes! [fighting grunts] I can handle all that you have and more! [fighting grunts] Let him go! Hmm This kitten's got claws.
[screams] Ugh! No! Wait a minute! He'll only get stronger.
We need a new strategy.
Your mine now max steel! [fighting grunts] I'm open to suggestions.
Aaargh! If you can't get him close he can't power up.
What do you say Steel, up for some heavy lifting? Oh, absolutely.
Go turbo strength! [fighting grunts] [laughing] [fighting grunts] Whoa! [fighting grunts] He's too powerful! Turbo fight! Wait, I thought the point was not to use Turbo energy on him.
Who said we're using it on him? Okay.
You missed, Max! No, no he didn't.
[fighting grunts] No! Ahh! Whoa!!! If Max can be a hero, so can I.
I'm getting us out of here.
Raaargh!!!!! Out of ammo? What a shame.
Fortunately I have tons.
Oh no! Hold on! Oops! [chanting] Kirby! Kirby! Kirby! It's over, dread.
It's not over! Don't you realize, Now I know who you are.
Max McGrath.
Is it true? Is that really you in there Max? Whoo! Now, that was one long schlep.
How? Who am I supposed to be again? Don't move! [evil laughter] Ah crud.
Max, I'm so glad you're okay.
I was so worried about you.
Oh, really? But uh, what about butch? What about him? Well, I thought you liked him now.
I mean, he did save your life.
That's what he says Which is why I agreed to tutor him in french.
I didn't tell you because he was embarrassed about it.
But it's not like he's some superhero, Cuz trust me he's really not.
Ahh! You can have your autograph back, butch.
I'm a Kirby fan now.
Ahh! I like hanging out with you, Max.
And I like hanging out with you.
Like, really, really, really like it! Whoa, whoa, whoa dude! One 'really' was totally enough.
Hey, you called me.
Now, is there anything else you want me to say? [chanting] Kirby! Kirby! Kirby! Nah I think that says it all.
All right berto, I'll give credit where credit is due.
Maybe this bot does have some practical applications.
Whoa chief, watch that button! [laughing] So peculiar.
[sighs] I can't believe dread is back.
Don't worry, we'll find him.
He won't get away with this.
I get what you were saying now.
Someone came looking for max steel, Only they found my best friends.
I guess being a real hero means Staying out of the headlines sometimes, huh? You're learning, kid.
Wait, so no more front-page photos? What about my good side? Both your sides are the same, Steel.
Oh, you're just being kind.
No, seriously! You're perfectly symmetrical.
Bless your heart but you don't have to say that.
I know I don't.
It's true.
Now we know who's not max steel! After all, when you think about it There really are quite a few McGraths in the phone book.
Never mind who the man behind the mask is.
To take Steel it's going to take strength Not subterfuge.
This isn't over.
It's just the beginning.