Max Steel (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!

You're sure you're not peeking? I'm not.
Steel might be though.
You know how he is.
You know how he is.
Is that your impression of me? Is that your impression of me? Gentlemen, please? Introducing the all new, mega-improved, And disturbingly handsome Cybernetic tactical robot operative -- Give it up for Cy.
! Really? Another one? Okay, the previous models may have had some Issues But with this one I've worked out all the kinks! Hmm.
Well, he's certainly agile enough.
What else can he do? That Was a cheap shot.
I'll give it to ya, berto, he's got some moves.
He's got more than just moves.
Whoa! Ferrus wants us to be ready for anything, right? Well, I figure having a walking armory in the field with us Could come in handy! Sweet! Now I've got two sidekicks! I beg your pardon? Did you just refer to me as a sidekick? Oh I'm sorry, do you prefer second banana? Understudy? Mascot? Junior assistant? Fan club president? Uh, guys? Look, it's max steel, okay? I can't be the sidekick - I've got top billing.
Then perhaps we should call ourselves steel max.
Guys!! What if we call ourselves max knucklehead? Max knucklehead sounds like a perfect fit for you! Uh-oh.
Uh I guess I forgot How my turbo energy overloads technology.
[grunt] YesPerhaps we should do something about that Let's go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy, steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
Take on the bad guys, save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are max steel! Ugh! [sniffs] Hey, hey, whadaya say? Ah! Stay back master of disaster! As far as you're concerned, this is an sta.
Sta? A sensitive technology area.
Aw c'mon.
It was an accident, berto.
I didn't mean to break your little science project.
My "little science project"? Really? You're a people person.
I am not leaving this lab Until I solve that turbo energy overload problem of yours.
Aw, put it on the back burner.
Grab your board.
You can do that later! Huh.
You really can't.
The good news is we're close.
Really close.
Turns out steel and I make a pretty good team.
Am I right? We're callin' ourselves "steel-to!" Notice who gets top billing? Gimme some aluminum! Oh yeah! Yeah! Your own secret handshake.
Heh, yeah, we've kinda bonded over this project.
Not unlike how we bonded that ionized binary wrench To the quantum stasis mechanizer.
[laughs] Oh neat.
Inside jokes, too.
Oh hey - ya wanna see something we have finished? Not too close Behold, the new and improved And still incredibly handsome -- Cy.
! Hey bro, considering what happened to your predecessors, You might wanna make a run for it Unauthorized personnel.
Remain where you are Or you will be neutralized.
[laser fire] Steel and I reinforced his defense matrix, Jacked up his weapons systems, Installed alpha-900 flight capability And seriously enhanced his remote functionality I'm telling you, anything you want done, Cy.
Can do! [alarm wailing] Whoa, what's up? I dunno but let's check it out! C'mon, steel! 'c'mon, steel?' Ew-yuck.
What's that smell? [gag] Is somebody frying garbage? An intruder met our security measures.
An intruder trying to get into one of the chem vaults.
But why? I don't know but it looks like he wasn't alone.
What exactly is a chem vault? The place we lock up all the bad stuff.
Split up in teams of two.
Search every square inch of this place.
Come on, let's take the intruder down! Bert-max to the rescue! Max, don't make this awkward, Berto and I have formed an awesome super science team.
The brain trust! Actually, guys, I was thinking That is what you do best, buddy! Tell him, berto ol' pal! That you two should stick together.
Ya know, cuz a' your whole "I need turbo energy" thing And your "I need not to blow up" thing.
Oh yeah That.
Besides, cy.
Is my teammate.
I'm sure I was his second choice though.
Dream on! Whoa! Ugh!!!!! Oh gross Time to boot up, big boy.
Huh? Eww! Max! Steel! Which one of you goofballs moved cy.
's remote control? Hey, you don't have an auto-start.
? This is not cool, pal! [gasp] Totally seriously not cool! All I'm saying is berto and I are bro's, buds, besties! You two are just colleagues which isTotally different.
No you're right.
Berto and I have a friendship based on intellectual respect And scientific understanding Where yours is based on Skateboarding and pizza eating.
And chili dogs! [scream] ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Berto! [gasp] You okay?/ What happened?! It's cy.
He's gone! [laser fire] Oh no.
He's headed for the chem vaults! And it looks like he wants to make a serious withdrawal! [laser fire] Wow, you weren't kidding, berto.
You really did overhaul his weapons systems.
Ferrus is gonna kill me.
Uh-oh Berto, shut that blasted thing down! [laser fire] I-I'm trying.
Something's wrong.
And my controller's gone missing! Of course it has.
[laser fire] It's no good.
We're not even slowing it down.
When this thing is over We're going to have a long chat! Again! Hey, I got an idea! Remember what happens when I touch technology? Oh no! Max! Oh yes! Huh! Can you believe that guy? After all you've done for him? I'd say he's not friend material at all.
[sigh] Alright big boy Time for your nap! Boom goes the dynamite! Ugh!!!!! Ow!!!!! Oh.
Did I forget to mention that upgraded cy.
Is impervious to your turbo touch? My bad.
It's quite the breakthrough.
Thank you for the heads up.
That thing is tearing the whole base apart! You can't shut it off Then we shut it down.
Hey steel.
Let's scrap that runaway robot.
Gah! Not again Go turbo! I don't know where this gunk came from.
But I aim to find out.
Unauthorized personnel.
Remain where you are or you will be neutralized.
[laser fire] [grunt] That was my best Sunday punch! Used to be you so much as looked at cy.
And he'd blow up.
[grunts] [laser fire] Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Ugh!!! You just had to upgrade him.
Who knew? He was supposed to be on our side.
Whoa! Incoming! [grunts] Ugh!!!!! The bigger they are, the harder they hit.
[laser fire] Open fire! [laser fire] Find cover! Return fire! We need more muscle to take gigantisaur down! Go turbo strength! [grunts] Sa-wing batta' batta'! [laser fire] [gasp] [grunt] He's entered the chem vault! Move! Highly toxic.
Significant radiation footprint.
Definitely traceable.
Gotcha! [laser fire] Max, cy.
Isn't mindlessly trashing the place.
He's searching for something.
A wrench to tighten the loose bolts in his head? [laser fire] [grunt] Alright.
Enough fun and games.
[grunts] It's time to take the tin man down! Ugh!!!!!!!! There you are Whatever you are.
[grunts] Uh, max Busy right now! Max, really- sorry [grunt] He's going down! Maxwell! Look out! [grunts] Sorry.
I shoulda knocked.
In the stall, max! The intruder! Ewww, do we fight that thing or flush it? Gimme that! Who are you? Uh--what're you after? [growls] [disgusted] blech!!!! Gentlemen! There's an unstoppable robot out there That we could really use your -- Ugh, and I thought things were bad out there It's all good, commander Good, he says.
I've got cy.
's remote back! [laser fire] [grunts] Daddy's back, cy.
O! And you're grounded! [laser fire] Kids today.
They just don't listen.
I don't understand.
Why isn't it working? Maybe because it was covered in disgusting glop? No.
Wait a sec What? When we enhanced cy.
's remote functionality We also extended the range you can control him from.
What if someone Hijacked his control signal! And that gloopy thing activated it! Someone else has been controlling cy.
This whole time! Why? What are they after? [laser fire] Careful! This vault contains the most horrifying chemical weapons The world has ever known! Confiscated from kooks and madmen! Whoa!!!!!! Including the worst one of all: The tox bomb! A biological weapon that combines All the other chemicals into a warhead so toxic It can wipe out everyone Within a 40 kilometer radius of the detonation! Or, be the cure to what ails me! (both): Toxzon.
Now it all makes sense.
Good to see you again, max steel.
Nice entrance! You really like it? I really do.
You've been practicing? Does it show? It totally does.
[clears throat] Unfortunately for you, I won't be seeing you again.
Because you and your friends are about to go Boom! I hope I don't live to regret this [grunts] [laser fire] Farewell! For good! Duds? Not duds.
We just got to them before they had a chance to arm themselves.
Right, I knew that.
[laser fire] Kill energy bridge Now! [laughs] [sighs] We've gotta get the warhead back.
We got 'im uncle forge.
Go turbo-- NoToxzon will see you Following cy.
From the air.
I have a better idea That? How am I supposed to keep up with a rocket powered Flying robot on a motorcycle? Turbocycle.
See, with steel's help, We figured out a way for you to use technology Without shorting it out or blowing it up.
Believe me, it wasn't easy.
Using steel as an interface, you'll be powering it.
Turbofying it! Well, what are you waiting for? Get on! Huh?! We'll explain on the road! You are not going to believe what this baby can doo--ooo! The tox bomb! At last! So appropriately named! Gimme! Gahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estoy bien! You! You're supposed to be A smoldering pile of atomized ash! And you're nuts! Oh, you have no idea.
Yes I am! If by nuts you mean brilliant! Detonation in t-two minutes.
The poisons contained within this tox bomb Will make me even stronger! Whoa, whoa!, easy there, stinky! Even more toxic! But what to do with you two.
Fishy? Yes.
Oh, oh! Oh yes! Fishy? Oh, yeah, about that, toxzon here likes to chat With a plastic fish.
Does it talk back? Not to me.
Oh yes, yes that's a grand idea! Let them watch as I become more powerful! Gentlemen.
Here's to a more powerful me! And a toxically diseased you! [laughs] I didn't command you to do that! No --I did.
Tox bomb deactivated.
[growl] The bomb! Get the tox bomb you fool! [fighting grunts] So, three on one, is it? Well, technically four, but let's not split hairs.
[grunts] Perhaps it's time you met some of my associates! Say hello to my little friends! [fighting grunts] [grunting] Ugh!!!!!!!!! Steel! Go turbo flight! [growls] Tox bomb deactivated.
[growls] Max lookout! [grunts] [struggles] You know, I'm glad the robot didn't finish you off.
It's so much nicer to do these things-- [grunts] No!! With a personal touch! Countdown initiated.
Berto! Lil' help here?! Argh!!!!!!!!! Cy.
's weapons are offline! He's all clogged up! Detonation in t minus 10 seconds.
Except one Guys, heads up! Whoa! Enjoy your last pathetic breath.
[grunt] What?! Fire! Aaargh!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!! I hope you don't expect me to clean this up.
Tox bomb deactivated Barely.
[grunts] [laser fire] [laser fire] Great job you three.
Toxzon's in custody, The site is secure and we should be going.
Oh hey, uncle ferrus.
How is it that toxzon knew anything about n-tek? Before he was fired from thi? He was fired from n-tek.
He has a brilliant mind.
Too bad it's a crazy one.
You know, I gotta hand it to you, guys.
The turbocycle, the turboblaster.
You two really do make a great team.
[sniffs] ooh! Max! You need a bath.
I need a bath? You need a bath! You both need a bath.
[laugh] I do kinda stink!