Max Steel (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Hard Water

Step right up, step right up! Beat the game, win a prize.
You sir, win a prize for your lady.
Turbo dampeners off, All power being diverted to throwing arm.
I got this Ergh! Urgh! Cursed milk bottle! I will conquer you yet! - You do know this game is rigged.
- Rigged?! Yeah, I know, it's just that giant stuffed bear Keeps looking at you.
I think he likes you Maybe I like him, too.
What is it with humans - games that are fixed, - Strange courting rituals - So, what are you up for next? Graphical simulations of intergalactic warfare.
How 'bout graphical simulations of intergalactic warfare? Doh-er, wait, I mean Space invaders? Sure.
Hey, kirby.
How'd you get that? That's what I'd like to know.
At the 'throw the dart at the balloon' booth.
Only cost me $37 Oh! Which reminds me, can I borrow some money For a corn dog? [screaming] Uh, I gotta go To the bathroom.
- Now? - Yep! Yup, right now! Eh Water has that effect on some people.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Yep! Time to go save the day.
Time to go turbo! [carousel music] All yours, kid.
Go turbo - Flight! Go turbo-- strength! [gasps] [cheers] Nice work, popeye.
Thank you.
[laughs] Thank you very much.
- [screams] - max! The chain! [grunts] Let's go! Turbo!!!! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy, steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
Take on the bad guys, save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are max steel! [sigh] it doesn't make any sense.
There's no sign of the missing tanker Or any of her crew.
So we've gotta shipwreck with no ship? I detected an anomaly in the water -- It's been hyper hydrogenated at a sub-atomic level.
I'm not sure what it was but-- But it's a lead! Let's get out there and see what we can dig up.
Kat and jefferson are on this.
[sigh] Status update? Still nothing, chief.
But we'll keep working the search pattern.
Uh, uncle ferrus, did I miss something? Why can't we help? Because, I need you two for something else.
Something even more important.
- Oh, goody! - What'd ya have in mind?! Since we keep running up against elementors, We need to update and refine our firepower.
Soo Why us? Yeah, can't anyone pull the trigger? Oh, you two won't be pulling any triggers.
But don't worry; everything has been programmed To operate within safe parameters.
Safe parameters? So What's the target then? - Turbo time? - Yes, please.
Go - turbo! I can't believe uncle ferrus still thinks We haven't earned our stripes.
[laser fire] Sure, we're new here, but [grunts] I think we've proven we can handle the heat! - [gasps] - mostly Anyway.
For real though, what more do we have to prove? Argh! We saved copper canyon Ya!!! Taken out loads of bad guys! And uncle ferrus locks us in here to hit us with rocks.
And now water - apparently.
A water hose? We're not preschoolers anymore.
Uh! That must have been some preschool you went to! Only uncle ferrus would have a squirt gun That's dangerous.
Whoa! Whoa! Ugh!!!!! Earth, water, fire.
Wait, isn't one of them suppose to be wind? Yah -- enough is enough.
[grunts] [grunts] Huuh The clay content of the rocks Didn't just clog the pipe.
It actually hardened inside.
I defeated a garden hose.
This test is over.
- I got better things to do than be a bull's eye.
- Oh yeah, like what? Like get a good night's sleep before school tomorrow! Since when do you look forward to school? Since mr.
Thornhill gave us something to look forward to! Who's excited for the big field trip? [cheers] I can't hear you! [louder cheers] A trip to some field.
That's the big event? I think I preferred being a bull's eye.
Nah, steel, field trip doesn't mean we're going to a field.
It means we're leaving school for the day! In this case, for someplace awesome! [giddy] this so beats watching late night space trek - Reruns in slo-mo! - For real! I mean, what science class gets to go to a shuttle launch for a class trip?! One that's got an 'in' with the shuttle company's ceo.
Gantry arm is clear.
Commence primary fuel mixing.
Mom's job is so cool.
Huh, steel? Steel? Sorry, I'm still thinking about the tanker.
Where could it have gone? Ah, let it go for now dude.
After all It's lift off time! Hey, what's that? - What in the--?! - Huh? It sort of looks like a Tsunami! Stop the countdown.
[siren wailing] Alright everyone.
Let's just remain calm.
I'm sure the professionals have everything under-- Control Run for the hills! Get to the higher ground! Uh, I, uh Gotta go to the bathroom.
He really has a water thing.
And how exactly does one stop a wave? I dunno but I'm sure you'll figure something out.
Me?! [screams] - Steel, it's getting bigger! - Waves transfer energy With no permanent displacement of particles.
If that inertia was disturbed, Maybe we could alter its course! If we slice into its crest, we could slow it down! In that case, surfs up! Weird, I'm detecting hyper hydrogenated water again, Just like last time.
And I'm detectin' we're not cutting this thing down to size! Alright - mom got the crew out! Whoa! No way [gasp] [gasp] I've heard of catching a wave But a wave catching you? [screams] [panting] You okay, kid? Nevermind me.
What about my mom? The crew? [groan] At least we know she's alive, max.
The shuttle crew was all wearing gear That tracked their vitals.
They were all okay That is, Before we lost the signal.
We'll find her, max.
No I'll find her.
Me and steel.
What do we know so far? What's our next move? - Take it easy.
- Whadaya mean, take it easy? My mom's gone! And n-tek is on it.
Aren't we part of n-tek?! Seriously, uncle ferrus sometimes it feels like You don't even believe in us-- I know you think you ready to take on Whatever comes your way but you're not.
You both still have a lot to learn.
Stay here and leave this to the adults.
That's an order.
No way I'm sitting this one out.
For once, we agree.
N-tek is all over the thi launch pad.
Then I say we return to the original scene of the crime.
[boat engine puttering] Nope, port is to the left and starboard is to the right.
- Are you sure? - Positive.
I've acquainted myself with every nautical term possible.
Don't make me swab your stern, matey! This is where the tanker went down.
[laughs] alright then.
Let's get to the bottom of this.
How exactly? I don't know.
Uh, clues.
That's what you do when you investigate, right? Hey, look.
Right there, something's in the water.
And It's a used diaper.
[sigh] maybe uncle ferrus was right.
Maybe we don't know what we're doing.
Well, in all fairness, we usually don't.
What about that hyper-hydrogenated-whatever You were picking up on? Can you track it? Hyper hydrogenated water? I can try.
Then that's the plan.
We'll canvas the water until you pick up the scent.
Hold on! Auuugh! - Hold on to what exactly? - New plan.
We swim back to shore, rent a new boat and-- Actually, I have a better idea.
Whoa!! Whoa! Since when do we have a scuba mode?! And how come you didn't use it back at the shuttle launch? It was that little incident that prompted me To scan for this mode.
Of course, if you don't like it I can revert back to-- No, no! I like it, I like it! Kat and jefferson were right.
There's no sign of that tanker.
But I am detecting particles of hyper hydrogenated water.
The water's chemical make up has been manipulated, So the water itself could be manipulated.
Like it was alive? Yes sir And the vortex created by the animated water, Seems to have left a trail on the ocean floor.
Then we follow the trail! Aye, matey! Shiver me timbers! Swab the mizzen mast! Arr! Arrrr! Yee-arr! Yeee-arrrr! The hyper hydrogenated water readings are getting stronger.
And the vibe a lot creepier What in the--?! The tanker, the orbiter, Mom's suv-- it's all here.
And more There's the submersible kat and jefferson were using! So much for n-tek being able to handle this Look! Mom! Max?! Max! - Behind you!!! - Huh? Whoa! Um, about those chemically manipulated water particles?! Lemme guess! You're picking them up again! No, they're picking us up! Aaargh! What was that? I think we're about to find out! [roars] You were unwise to seek me out.
Whoa! Now you shall perish! [grunts!] we weren't seeking you out We were looking for all the people you snatched! [grunts] The humans are mine! You and this traitorous ultralink Will not take them back! Uh, steel? You know this guy? No, pretty sure I would remember a twenty foot water monster! Fool.
I am no monster.
I'm an ultralink just like you.
An ultralink?! Raargh!!!!! Ugh!!!! You've already met two of my comrades - Fire and earth.
Ah, I thought you looked familiar! Guess we'll just have to kick your tail Like we kicked theirs! Huh? Is that so? [grunts] That explains how he controls the water.
He's an ultra-link, like me.
Great - now can you explain how we're gonna beat him? Go turbo - Scuba! Whoa.
Gah! [dodging grunts] [screams] Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeees! Hey, water weenie! [grunts] Oh no! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!! - Max! - Did we win? Ohhh.
What's this? I know you're supposed to see stars When ya get knocked around but Spaceships? [grunt] And soon it will be operational.
Soon, I'll be home.
[gasp] I've repaired this ship with parts from all the crafts You see before you.
[moans] But, your planet hasn't the fuel to power my craft, So I came up with a Work around.
It turns out humans are good for something after all.
[screams] ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Once those power converters reach Full strength, it's over! Then there's no time to lose! Go turbo - Strength! Haven't you yet realized? You can't stop me! Aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know, I'm starting to think he has a point.
I'm not.
Max, the walls of these caverns are rich in limestone and clay.
Really, steel? You're taking up geology now? Back at the target range? Remember how we slowed down The water cannon stream? It can work here! If you say so Ah, here we are Almost at full power.
Hey, drippy! Can I interest you in a delicious mud pie? Urgh!!!!!!! It's working! It sure is! Whatever it is we're doing! Clay and limestone, max.
When mixed with water what does it make? Cement! Arrghh! [groans] no! What are you doing? I [gasp] Can't [gasp] Move! [gasp] Now whadaya say we make it permanent, steel? I say It's time to hang you out to dry! [grunt] [screams] ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Mom! Hmm An ultralink.
The tanker crew, the shuttle astronauts.
They're all safe and accounted for.
You guys really saved the day.
Not to mention our butts.
Guess we didn't have as much to learn as you thought, Huh, uncle ferrus? Yes, very clever with the makeshift cement.
How'd you suppose you came up with that? Wait a minute That wasn't just a weapons test earlier, was it? Like I said, you have a lot to learn.
And my job is to put you in positions Where you can do just that.
Still, you didn't think we were ready To take on this challenge.
- But we were.
- This time.
But I won't apologize for holding you back.
In fact you went against direct orders -- Whoa, whoa.
Easy, uncle ferrus.
We don't want an apology.
All we want Is for you to believe in us.
And perhaps one other little thing It's got nothing to do with power.
See, it's all in the wrist.
That way, you get action on the ball.
Huh, I guess we do still have some things to learn.
Thanks, uncle ferrus.
- No problem, kid.
- There you are, max! I thought you said you were going to meet us By the whack a mole.
Did I? Ah, sorry.
Um, hey, I wanna introduce you to someone.
This is my uncle ferrus-- Who? [laughs] he means the bear, silly! You finally won it! Nice to meet you, uncle ferris.
Careful, he bites.
I'll say.
Hey, who's up for hitting the beach? - Sounds great! - Yeah! Why not? Maybe we can even catch some waves! - No!!!! - Oh, right.
- You have that bathroom issue.
- Wait.
What? It's okay, max, ya don't have to be embarrassed.
Hold on.
Embarrassed about what? It's cool.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
My grandpa's the same way.
[sigh] can we douse kirby in cement, too? [chuckles] Yah.
That's good.
Laugh about it! That's healthy!