Max Steel (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Thrill of the Hunt

Whoa! Is that what I think it is? Obviously, it's an alien craft.
Quite similar to the one that water elementaur Was trying to build.
Where did it come from? How long has it been here? We're looking for answers.
You two wanted to be in the fold? Well now you are.
We need your help.
I don't get it.
What do you need us for? To get inside, but there's one little hitch Nasty.
So you want us to pound it open? No prob! Go turbo - strength-- No! We want steel to go in and shut it down.
What am I? Your bio-mecha guinea pig! We've analyzed the force field, And we believe your particular atomic structure Can withstand it without significant damage.
Significant damage? Whoa! Ah-huh.
[grunts] What are you waiting for? Keep going.
'thank you's' are free, ya know.
Hmm Move on team leader! Use your trackers! [beeping] This way.
I wonder what they hope to find? I dunno.
But if it's slimy eggs and face huggers, I am so outta here! Hey, how'd you know how to disarm the force field? I'm not sure.
I don't remember being here before, Yet somehow it feelsFamiliar.
Sir, we've acquired the target objective.
Then let's move out! Now! [beeping] Steel, c'mon, you heard the man! Whoa! Ugh!!!!!!!! [crash sounds] [gasp] What were you thinking? There was something in there I thought I could get answers about who I am Who I was Looks like they got the package, mr.
Outstanding! And soon it will be ours! Let's go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy, steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
Take on the bad guys, save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are max steel! Look, it's okay to be spooked, steel.
I mean, it's not everyday ya see an alien spaceship! It's more than that.
No room for you two.
Whadaya mean? There's plenty a' room-- It's a lovely night to practice your turbo flight mode.
So much for being in the fold.
So much for it being a lovely night.
Go turbo -- Flight! Hit 'em hard and fast, boys! Look out! Ahhhh!!!! [grunts] Firing the lrad! Whaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! [grunts] Secure the package! [grunts] Ahhhh!!!!!!!! Aaargh!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!! Toss me that can opener.
[power saw] [evil laughter] [power saw] [groans] [groans] I've got the package.
No! [grunts] Stay down, old man! Ugh!!!!! The mission went off without a hitch.
The item you ordered is in the shopping cart.
Excellent, mr.
What happened? We were blindsided, ambushed And totally outgunned.
Hmm! Too bad you didn't have someone along who could've helped.
Like someone with awesome turbo powers.
You're right.
I guess old habits die hard.
So, what exactly did they take? That's none of your business.
That man definitely has trust issues.
Ya think? Whoo-hoo! Score! Huh! So, what're you gonna do with your cut? As soon as the bossman pays up Vegas, baby! I'm afraid you'll have to wait Until the client collects the goods for your twenty percent.
Ugh, twenty percent? After all the heavy lifting we did? Forget it! Of course, we could always renegotiate.
You want your fair share? Let's make a deal gentlemen.
Now, you're talking Hey-ey, what gives? You let us out man! [growls] Maybe, we should've just taken the twenty percent.
[roars] [panicked cries] Magnificent, isn't he? The good news is, he'll only hunt when he's hungry.
The bad news is, he hasn't eaten in days.
Hmm, the law of the jungle.
[car horn] Mr.
I trust you have the money? First, I need to inspect the goods.
No deal.
It's not in working condition.
And that's my fault how? You wanted it, I got it.
No one welches on troy winter! Now, pay up! Mr.
Winter, our agreement was For a complete and working item, And this one is neither complete nor working.
But that can be rectified.
How? I know where you can find the missing component.
It will be a simple job.
Your team should be able to handle it.
Ahhh I'm a little short-handed at the moment.
Don't worry, mr.
I'll provide all the reinforcements you'll need.
And my people will guard over the package While you're away.
Haven't you located the transponder In that blasted case yet? The hijackers must've disabled it.
But I may be able to pick up a trace signal.
Maybe steel can help.
He's pretty good with that kinda stuff.
Wait, where'd he go? Whoa.
What is all this? It's a holographic reconstruction of the spaceship From my memory files.
But why? There's something about it that's still nagging at me Why did it feel so familiar? Why could I pass through the force field? Wait, look at the cockpit.
Those control ports look just like your face shield.
Impossible, unless Could this be like the ship that brought you to earth? And if so, why did forge destroy it? I want answers, and I want them now! We need to talk! I'm busy! Can't this wait? No, it can't.
Forge! We need to talk! What is this? An epidemic? Maybe I should open a chat line! I've been trying to clean up the mess that dredd left at thi And I found this.
Whoa! It's a lot of technology I've never seen before, But some of it looks familiar.
Hmm! MaybeOr maybe something worse.
What was that? Some kind of explosion We're under attack.
It's Mom! Reestablish that uplink.
There's no response.
Well, I'm not waiting around here while my mom's in trouble.
Go Turbo -- Flight! Let's move, people! Not good Stand guard while I search the lab.
Hm, here we are Now then, let's see what's on the shopping list.
Check! Ahhh [struggling grunts] Sorry, we're closed for business.
[grunt] You've got some spunk, don't you, darling? Don't call me darling.
[gasp] Whoa! Looks like someone brought some muscle.
So did we! Go turbo - strength! [grunts] [grunts] [fighting grunts] You've got moves.
I like that [fighting grunts] Ugh!!! [fighting grunts] We'll have to dance again sometime, But right now, I've gotta fly! Urgh! Ah! Oh, you're okay! Oww! Not so hard.
It was a grab and go.
He flew of that way.
You gotta stop him.
We're on it.
Go turbo -- flight! Okay, what are we looking for here? That! Sweet wheels.
It'll be a shame to ding them up.
Hmm, and so the hunter becomes the hunted But not for long! Whooa! Whooooa! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Hold still! You're only making it worse! But he's getting away! Not if I can help it The turbocycle? Good call.
He went that way.
Right! Ah-aaugh!! Not bad! Not this time! This guy doesn't give up! You have the part? Yeah, but someone's on my tail and I can't shake 'em.
Max steel.
Additional reinforcements are on the way.
Huh? Where'd he go? Game over! Funny, I was about to say the same thing.
[coughs] [roar] Huh.
Fire and earth elementaur, what brings you guys here? [laughter] I'd love to stay but I've got a previous engagement.
Ciao! Don't let them link up! [grunts] Whoooa! [roars] [grunts] Ugh! Arrgghh! Any last words? Any problems? Nothing I couldn't handle.
Alert forge! I've located the transponder.
[laughs] It works! Have you ever seen such raw power.
I can almostFeel it Hah, with this, We're that much closer to complete and total domination.
Not so fast.
If this is as powerful as you say it is, Maybe I shouldn't sell it.
We had a deal, mr.
Winter! Huh! Honor among thieves? Believe me, you do not want to cross miles dredd.
Take my advice.
Take the money.
I'll take my chances instead.
Aaaargh!!!!!!!!! Beat it.
And leave the money.
Now, you're mine.
All mine.
[struggling] You can't escape! You two are coming with us! Weak humans! We're going nowhere! [grunt] Go turbo -- strength! Hold your ground! Target the orbs on their head.
Well steel, you heard the man! Right! [grunts] Don't worry - we've got plenty left for you! This isn't over! [groans] Restrain and load up that elementaur.
[struggling] That orb in his head Is he-- No time to explain.
Berto's gotta bead on that transponder.
We know where the package is! Let's move! Hmm, let's see I wonder how you use this thing Augh! Mr.
Winter, if you're seeing this recording, It means you have betrayed me And therefore are about to pay the ultimate price.
Noooo! Goodbye, mr.
Ugh!!!!!!!! We're too late, chief.
The case is empty.
Spread out and search the grounds.
Maybe it's still here.
It would help if we knew what we were looking for.
Take a peek.
Look familiar? It can't be! It'sAnother ultralink! Sorry, chief.
There's no sign of it or the owner of this place Some character named troy winter Then let's not waste any more time here.
We've got to find out what dredd's up to.
We've got to find this guy winter.
Troy winter is no more Now, there is only exxtroyer! [evil laughter]