Max Steel (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Extroyer Unleashed

Hey, lew! Who do you like Tuesday? Mah, my money's on the hogs to go all the way You kiddin'? No way they make the playoffs.
Not with russell at center.
You gotta admit, the kid's got some pep in his step, ah! - [slurp] - and cotton between his ears.
[crash sounds] Huh? Probably those sewer rats again.
They're almost as messy as you! If only the boss'd pony up for an exterminator Whoa! I don't wanna see the rat that did that! [deep growl] [gulp] [growl] [screams] ahhhhhhhh! Ugh! [growls] Ahhhhh! If you value your puny life, Run! - [terrified screams] - [roars] [running cries] I am vengeance! I am destruction! I am extroyer! Let's go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes.
Take on the bad guys.
Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are max steel.
Its eyes I'll never forget Those eyes Like a demon's Tell me again how some rinkadink break-in Is any of n-tek's business? When the break-in's prime suspect looks like this What is that thing? Whoa, what a mess! A bit like your room.
Minus the smelly tube socks.
What is it? I'm not sure.
It's not human But not animal either.
I can't match it to any living specimen in my data files.
Whatever it was, it was trying to get in here.
And completely clean it out.
Not completely.
Sweet! It's a next-gen microprocessor! This bad boy was in development at thi Back when dredd was running the place But it was never put into production.
So, how did it end up in a vault across town? I can answer that.
Turns out dredd set up a bunch of shell corporations To hide thi's assets.
This lab, paragon research, was one of these shells.
I'm sending you a list of the others I've found so far.
But what was dredd building in these labs? That part's not so clear-- Whoa, check it out! Most of these places have been hit in the past few weeks! By the same thing that raided the paragon labs? Uh, lemme just hack into the police digi-files And how.
So someone's coordinating these break-ins against dredd.
Whatever dredd was developing, he went to a lot of trouble To keep it secret.
Which means it's bad news.
It could mean even worse news If it winds up in the wrong hands.
Okay So what's the game plan? We hunt down these monster beasts? Launch an all-out offensive? Go turbo on their furry behinds? No, we stake out the remaining labs and And?! And We watch.
Wah We watch? It's not all blasting lasers and kicking butt In this job, kid.
[sigh] Kale chips, check.
Nori crackers, check.
Roasted red pepper hummus, check Ah! You thoroughly disgusting me, check.
[mouthful] what? I've seen the movies! This is what ya do on stakeouts.
No, what you do is stay quiet and keep a low profile.
- So shush! - Sheesh, fine, alright.
[shivers] can I at least turn on the heat? It's kinda chilly in here-- [alarm wailing] [yelps] whoa! Da! Not the heat! Oops! No! Turn it off! Ah-ha! All better.
Heh-good! That gets us back to being perfectly miserable.
Miserable? Man, what crawled up your sprockets? Sorry, it's just [sigh] Looking out here at the stars I can't stop thinking about that spacecraft Water elementaur was building And his ultralink.
How am I connected? Look, steel, I know it can't be easy Not knowing where you came from.
Growing up like I did, I had a lot of questions too-- - Quiet! - Hey, I'm just trying to relate here! No, I heard something.
Is this our guy? That's not the creature from the security footage.
Hey! You! [grunts] You! I would advise not to interfere with me! Have we met? [gasping] Whoa! [growling] What is he doing? [growling] Whoa! That is our man! And I use the word "man" quite loosely.
Just another reason to Always neuter your pets.
[growling] Ugh! Whoa! Looks like someone skipped lunch! Argh! Save the wisecracks Before we get cracked! [fighting grunts] Shall we? Thought you'd never ask! Go turbo.
Strength! Whoa! [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] [alarm wailing] [moans] No lying down on the job! Who is this guy? [roars] Troy winter?! And the ultralink! Go turbo flight! Ugh! [moans] Dredd's a hard guy to get a bead on.
But his tech sure isn't.
Since I can't find him, I'll just wait 'til he comes looking for me Then make him pay for what he did! Argh! You got another tip for me? Yeah, 'nother one of dredd's labs.
On canal street.
He's gonna be taking delivery on some fancy new tech stuff At midnight tonight.
I'll be there.
I hope whatever mr.
Winter paid you To turn on us was worth it But then again, is anything worth your life? No! [panic cries] No need to answer now.
You'll have a long, long time to think it over.
So, you're saying that troy winter Has been behind all these break-ins? That's right.
But not the troy winter we've come to know and love.
A new, gnarled up version of him! He had what looked to be an ultralink embedded in his body.
My guess - it's the device he stole from you.
Hmph! But all that surveillance footage we saw Right, that creature Yeah, well apparently the new troy winter has a-- Way with animals.
A way to become one.
To harness their strength and savagery.
- But how is he doing it? - We don't know.
I wouldn't have believed it myself unless I'd seen it.
And felt it.
Umm, The important thing is you're okay.
Uh, no, the important thing is that we get this guy, right? Right, and find out exactly what's going on here-- You two have had a long day.
You're shaken up.
Why don't you get some rest.
I get the distinct feeling there's something - They're not telling us.
- Same as it ever was.
We know where he's going next, mr.
Hmm, excellent.
And this time, we'll be ready.
Look, steel, I want answers, too.
And I know it's gotta stink not knowing Where you came from or what you are but - [zaps] - whoa! Is shorting out the trash-bin really the answer? It's making me feel better.
Okay, but isn't there something more Constructive you could do? You know, write down your thoughts.
Or paint how you feel.
Uhh [awkward laugh] I'm here to help, man.
Just tell me what I can do.
Anything? I don't mind letting you do the driving But could ya at least tell me where we're going? Certainly.
Just as soon as we get there.
But wh-ooaaaa! [grunts] Oomph! You'd think dredd would have better security.
Been waiting for you, winter! [roars] The name is extroyer! I'd remember it if I were you! [roars] [fighting grunts] You're nothin' but an overgrown pussycat! [fighting grunts] Work for dredd, pay the price [fighting cry] Most impressive Dredd I've been hoping to catch your attention.
You thought blasting that ultralink would destroy me But you were wrong.
It only made me more powerful! And now I'm gonna use that power to make you suffer! Ha-ha-ha-ha! You know nothing of true power, mr.
But allow me to give you a taste.
Raaargh! I could destroy you as easily as I could swat a fly, But I have bigger plans for you, mr.
[gasp] That will fetch me max steel.
Whoa! Enough, steel, If you're not going to tell me where we're going, I'm taking back control! Relax, we're almost there! Whoa! Where's there?! Troy winter's compound.
And you know this, how? I stuck a tracking bug on his butt During our earlier encounter.
Okay, first of all, eww.
And second of all - Gah - Whoops! Aaaaahhh! Ugh! Are you nuts? Uhhh.
This must be troy winters' secret bunker.
This must be where he was hiding When we were here with n-tek.
I need answers, max.
If I can get my hands on the ultralink winter stole, I just might get some.
Besides, I ran a scan of the property.
Troy's not here.
A gyro stabilizer, industrial diamonds, Sub-zero insulators This must be what winter stole from dredd.
- What's it all for? - These components could make up The inner workings of a missile.
I didn't do it! Hmm, this transponder must be part of The telemetric navigation system.
The whole system must've just been activated.
Missile? Activated? Steel, these aren't good words.
If I can tune into its subfrequency, I might be able to triangulate where it's located Got it! Go turbo flight! Hey, that's my line! Whatever - let's fly! [grunt] Huh.
Looks like some kinda test site.
And troy winter's running the test! Stop right there, winter! - Huh? - [fighting grunt] Ugh! Uh, not that I have any idea what you're doing Max steel.
You have an annoying habit of interfering with my plans.
Being annoying is my specialty.
- I can vouch for that.
- Hey steel.
Not in front of the super villains.
Go turbo.
Strength! Mr.
Winter, we have unfinished business.
So let's finish it.
[painful grunts] - [fighting grunts] - bad breath.
How many lives does a cat have? Nine, and I say we try and take them all out, right now! Go turbo! Flight! [grunts] [fighting grunts] And then along came a spider.
That's how he does it! [painful grunts] He extracts the creatures' abilities, Adding those properties to his arsenal.
In essence, ex-stroying it.
- Did you just create a verb, steel? - Look out! Whoa! Ugh! Whoaaa! Ugh! Steel! Steel, where are you? Are you okay? Max, over here.
[evil laughter] Raaargh! Steel! Would you hurry up already?! A little caught up at the moment.
This stuff is tougher than it looks.
You look like you could use some extra muscle.
Go turbo.
Strength! [fighting grunts] Ugh! Let's see if he can ex-troy this! Hey! That's my verb! [evil laughter] Bull's-eye! Say what? He means I needed a jolt of turbo energy To power my little project and why waste My limited reserves when you have so much to give.
You didn't really think you found me by accident? I activated that transponder As soon as I saw you break into my compound.
ButYou were stealing from dredd.
That's before I understood the bigger picture.
What are you talking about? And what about the ultralink? And that spacecraft?! And why is your breath so bad? So many questions.
I need to find out just how powerful This turbo-nuclear missile head is.
- Go turbo-- - I got it! Go turbo flight! Don't just stand there! Get him! With pleasure.
We gotta stop this thing! This thing must have a guidance system or something.
Whoa, it looks like we've got a tagalong.
I wouldn't do that if I were you! Oh-no! [struggling grunt] Come into my den said the spider to the fly.
Sorry! [laser fire] Ugh! [struggling] whoa! Time to wrap this up! [struggles] This should put a stop to your squirming.
Not if I stop you first! Gah! Nooooo! That guy was really starting to bug me.
I get the pun, but spiders are arachnids, not bugs.
[grunts] thanks for the science lesson.
Now let's stop this missile and get me out of here.
Primitive, but effective.
[straining grunts] Ugh! Uh, whoa! [strained] Seems it's back to the drawing board No.
We've learned the megaton force of the turbo explosion.
It will serve its purpose well.
Build the rest of them.
Uh, what about troy winter, the so-called extroyer? Hm, not as useful as I'd hoped.
Oh well.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
What were you two thinking? Going after winter without backup?! Things could've ended up much differently, max.
You put all of copper canyon in jeopardy.
We're supposed to be a team! We're supposed to be able to trust each other-- Yes, forge, we are supposed to trust each other.
Just who do you think you are?! Whoa, hey-hey, he's right.
That's why we went after winter.
To get answers.
Because you wouldn't give us any.
It's my life.
Just give me something.
What am I? Where do I come from? How many more like me are there? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions.
Seems like the more we look for answers, The more questions we find.
But hey, at least we solved the extroyer problem, right? Millions? ILive