Max Steel (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Live by the Sword

Ah, is there anything better than the first day of summer? - For real! - Nothing I can think of Whoa, except maybe this! Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen?! - Ugh.
- [laughs] Guess they didn't have one size fits all back then.
What?!!!! Ugh.
[groans] - [ugh!!!!!] - [giggles] Didn't I tell ya, steel? Flea markets are the best! Yes, people selling their garbage Instead of throwing it away.
Quite a spectacle.
Hey, this stuff isn't garbage! There is hidden treasures all over the place.
Yeah, priceless.
For the last time, I know ya got it so hand it over! I don't know what you're talking about! Quit playing dumb.
The sword.
What sword? I don't anything about a sword.
And besides, the legend is not even true! You don't know about the sword But you know about the legend? UghUgh.
Whoa! This is the mother load of cool! Ha-ha! How tough do I look! Yah, tetanus is quite the deterrent.
[ugh!!!!!] hey! Watch it! Whoa! Whoops, sorry! Once ya get one of these things going, It's hard to stop.
[fighting shouts] Urgh .
Beat it.
All a' ya.
This booth's closed.
Dude! Terrible customer service, man.
Oooooh! Check it out! Antique silverware! Ah, old metal things people have stuck in their mouths.
The treasure hunting continues.
Now then, where were we? Please listen.
You must not trifle with the sword, It is very powerful.
No kiddin', that's why I want it.
And that's why I'm gonna do whatever I have to, To get it! Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Were you able to retrieve it? No.
But I'm sure dredd will be happy with this haul.
Dredd? I told you This does not concern dredd! He has his ambitions and I have mine! Sorry, mr.
You keep the weapons then.
Better than some sword if ya ask me.
It's not just some sword! It's the cursed sword of murakami! It has great power! Now Go find it! And be ready for anything Because whoever has that sword Will be a force to be reckoned with.
[scared yelp!] Heh.
Someone oughta really sharpen those things.
Hey, kirbs, you having fun? Oh yea! I've won tons of carnival prizes so far.
Ah! Sweet! I wanna see.
Oh, uh, well, I gave most of them away.
Ya know, to various charities.
Guess they passed on this one? Wait, that's not mine.
Well I'm pretty sure the pier has a 'no deadly weapons' policy.
You might wanna get rid of it.
Like, pronto, kirb.
[nervous] ugh yeahGood point.
Whooaaa Yah!!! [pretend fighting cries] [ugh!!!!!] Huh? [struggling grunts] What in the--?! Whooaaa [screams] Hey, this is our spot! Yeah, no trash allowed.
ButThere's trash all around here.
This is a dumpster.
Shut it! Now get lost or get pounded-- [grunt] [fighting cries] [whimper] [ugh!!!!!] [gasp] [ugh!!!!!] [panic cries] [grunts] [fighting cries] [screaming] [ninja cries] Is that Kirby? What's going on out there? Uh I dunno.
But uh, I just remembered, I've got a dentist appointment today! Hope no cavities! Hmm, something's up.
Guess, he decided to keep the sword.
Go turbo flight! Let's go, let's go! [ninja cry] [traffic sounds] Foul-tempered beast! Be silenced! [screams] You! Drop the weapon and get on the-- Uh, carry on [fighting grunts] [screaming] Alright, kirb--er,d-er whoever you are! Drop the sword! No one will stop me from my mission His mission? Not even a flying whelp like you! Whoa! Hey, buddy! Take it easy would ya? [ugh!!!!!] [grunt] Something tells me this is not just kirby We're dealing with.
Then we'd better find out what we are dealing with Before the entire city's destroyed! I found 'im, mr.
Initiate offensive maneuver z-5- alpha-2-0.
Otherwise known as phase 2.
[grunts] [screams] [grunts] We gotta stop him before he hurts someone! Yes, including himself! [grunts] - The sword, max! - Whoa! - I think it's what's behind all this! - Why? Because it's emitting some kinda hi-brainwashing tone? Or oozing some trance inducing chemical? No! Because it's glowing! Uh, yeah, that's what I meant.
[screaming] C'mon, let's take it off his hands! [fighting grunts] Whoa! [ugh!!!!!] That's not how I saw that happening.
You again? Look, I don't wanna hurt ya.
Don't worry.
You won't.
[fighting grunts] Hey! Cut it out! That's not cool! You're telling me! That sword is seriously testing the integrity of the steelsuit! - Hmm-hmm! - Then it's time to quit messin' around.
It's time for turbo strength! [grunt] Hmm! What sorcery is this?! The kind that's gonna leave you empty-handed! Come on, let go! Give it up man! I'll getcha another one! [struggling grunts] Could this be anymore humiliating? Incoming! [grunts] [ugh!!!!!] Oooh! Uh, sorry, kirb! You okay, buddy? - Yah! - Ow! I'll take that as a yes.
That answers the 'humiliating' question.
- He's gone.
- What now? Does someone wanna tell me why there's a pint-sized ninja Destroying downtown copper canyon?! [sigh] Now, my guess is we report to n-tek.
We're coming to you.
Magic sword? You've got to be kidding me.
This from the guy who spends his days With fire monsters and spaceships.
What's the old saying? Magic's just science we don't understand yet? Well, maybe that's what we're dealing with.
This was the sword's rightful owner.
It took some work, but I track him down And told him what was up.
His family history helped me to discover the secret of.
The cursed sword of murakami.
This slicer has a serious back story.
Long ago, There was a great and powerful ninja Who wished to rule the world.
He was known as murakami.
This ninja's thirst for destruction was so great, Even his weapons couldn't keep up.
So he soon sought out a sorcerer And ordered him to forge a sword that would be more powerful Than any weapon on earth.
The sorcerer did as he was told, But also placed a curse on the weapon So that whoever handled it, Would be sealed in its blade forever.
The ninja soon came for the sword.
He picked it up and He became trapped inside the blade.
The sorcerer warned that if anyone else Gripped the sword's handle, The ninja would once again be released And be free to wreak havoc again.
Whoa, that's one spooky bedtime story! It's no story.
The ninja's inside kirby! He mentioned something about a mission.
Do you know what it is? Yah, I think it's pretty obvious - To pick up where he left off.
To conquer the world! Oh, is that all? We have to stop him! We have to save him! That's my friend under that mask! So how do we reverse the curse?! I dunno.
That part's not so clear.
Well first we have to find him.
Done! Turns out a ninja slicing and dicing everything in sight Draws a little attention! - Get in closer.
- Roger that, commander-- What in the blazes?! We're taking fire! From who?! [evil laughter] Take that n-tek stooges.
The sword is mine.
All mine! [grunts] What manner of beast is this?! No matter.
It shall soon be no more! Ya! Come to papa! Follow that ship, jefferson! [grunt] That blast knocked our navigation system offline! [evil laughter] We're back up! That ship's halfway to the horizon! Kirby [evil laughter] Job well done, mr.
Of course it was.
I did it.
Take the controls.
I have some business to attend to.
Seems the stasis pen is mightier than the sword, huh? Now then, to relieve you of thisUh, curse.
A 1000 volt jolt should loosen your grip [laughs] Though it may leave you a bit on the uh, crispy side.
[ninja grunts] Huh? [screams] [ugh!!!!!] - Whoa! - You dare try to stop me? Prepare to meet your end! [grunt] I don't think so.
[evil laughter] [ninja grunts] Enemy craft in sight, commander.
Don't shoot it down! Kirby's on board! RightThis'll be tricky.
Berto, you figure out how to break this so called curse.
We'll come up with a way to save this kid from naught.
Get in closer! And get a bead on naught! [fighting grunts] You've ripped the whole ship apart! We're going down! [fighting grunts] - Where'd they go? - I dunno! I lost 'em! Ah, don't tell me Ya!!! [fight grunts] They just slashed the main power drive! We gotta ditch! But you don't! It's up to you now, max! Ugh! [grunts] Sheesh, these two sure don't stay put very long.
[ugh!!!!!] Game's up, naught, I'm shutting you down! Whoa! [ugh!!!!!] [fighting grunts] Whao!!!! [fighting grunts] Sorry! But your turbo touch doesn't pack the same charge it use to.
At least not on me, I've made upgrades! Huh? Ugh! So even max steel wants to harness the power Of the sword of murakami.
[urgh!] You dope! The power of the sword can't be harnessed.
It harnesses you! [ugh!!!!!] Hey! I'm on your side! [battle cry] [fighting grunts] Let it be, naught, before ya get hurt! Now perish! Mind if I crash this party? [ugh!!!!!] Time to take matters into my own [crying out] hannndddd! That mech suit of his can fly, right? Ugh!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking no.
Bring on all your greatest warriors! I will destroy them all! [ninja cries] Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go turbo .
Flight! Wha!!!!!!! Say, berto, you didn't have any luck with that whole Breaking the curse thing? Did ya? Hey, I didn't just stop by to say 'hi'! Uh, pretty sure I'm not gonna win a sword fight Against super ninja here! [ninja cry] That's not just any sword.
That's a turbo sword or it will be once steel links in! And this is gonna work, why? Remember the story? The sorcerer forged a sword that was more powerful Than anything on earth.
[nina grunts] Steel isn't from earth! You break the sword.
You break its hold on your friend.
[ninja attacks] No offense, berto, but I don't think This thing's winning in a game a' mercy [grunt] It will once steel plugs into it! Then you can turbofy the sword.
Wait, so the plan is to bash me against That razor sharp blade?! Hey, we don't call ya steel for nothin'! The things I do [fighting grunts] Oh [grunts] Is it half time yet? Just a little more, it's working! [fighting grunts] One more strike should do it! - No!!! - Huh? That sword is mine!!! Ugh!!!!! Ugh!!!!!! Whoa.
Awesome! [ninja grunt] Max!!! [fighting grunts] - [groan] - kirby? D-er, er, I mean, uh-citizen? You okay? He is fine.
We have been making sure that sword did not get Into the wrong hands for generations.
Ever since my great, great grandfather forged it! [groans] I just had the most awesome dream! Hey, what happened to my room? Whoa, max steel! Whoa!!! Big huge robot guy! Whoa!!! The vendor from the flea market!! We should get outta here.
Looks like naught already did.
[siren wailing] So, you still got those nunchaku for sale? Uh, how about this foam bo staff.
Ah, you can have it free of charge, my friend.
Uh, for your troubles.
Wow! Thanks! ButWait what troubles? Just tell me it's not cursed.
Watch this.
I think it's safe to say, that the only thing cursed Is kirby's technique.
Ah! You, uh, wanted to see me, sir? Indeed I did, mr.
My loyal lackey.
It seems you have not been So loyal.
They made me tell him, mr.
Naught! Wait, I can explain! I know how it looks-- Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ugh!!!! It seems you two need a refresher course In why you serve only me One you will not soon forget!