Max Steel (2013) s01e11 Episode Script


Would you hurry it up? It's your move! Okay, okay, fishy, relax You just happen to be a very formidable opponent.
Boy, you sure are a kook, xander.
I told you, the name is toxzon! Not in here it's not.
Not since max steel took you down.
Max steel.
What I wouldn't do for some payback! And we'll have it - Just as soon as we get out of here.
How much more time we looking at? Hm, let's see And that's with good behavior.
Not exactly our Strong suit.
NoWhich is why I have a different exit strategy.
They say chess is a game about biding your time And waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
Well, the same is true for life.
Wait, does this mean you're finally ready To make your move? No! It means the fools in this prison Thought that by draining my suit of its toxicity They were draining me of my powers.
But But?! But what they didn't realize is my pollutant power Comes from the very blood that runs through my veins.
Slowly, I've been reconstituting my toxic strength.
And now Now?! Now I've got a full tank.
This has been a long time coming Hey! What's going on in here?! Early release program! Ugh!!!!! [grunts] [fighting grunts] Ah, fresh air! At least, it was before you got here.
Put your hands up, xander! With pleasure [coughs] I can't see! [coughing] Huh?! [laughs] Freedom is mine! And soon, so shall be revenge! Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Ulgh! This just plain stinks! That's toxzon.
[jumping grunt] He always stinks.
I wish that were true But I just did a five mile perimeter search And couldn't pick up his scent at all.
How can someone so crazy be so good at covering their tracks? Xander was always a bit of a neat freak.
So what's our next move? With no leads, no clues and no way to predict What that psychopath will do next, All we can do is keep our eyes and ears open.
At least that spares our noses.
[laughs] what? You don't even have a nose, knucklehead.
Well, duh! Uh wait, uh hold on! A comic book? Yeah! Well, you guys are the closest thing To a real life superhero there is! So I thought you signing this would be kinda cool Fascinating.
Anyway, if ya wouldn't mind? Oh, right, uh, yah of course-- It would be my pleasure! Ahh.
Oh wow.
Hey thanks! This is the best day ever! [sheepish] you know, Aside from that homicidal maniac escaping n' all.
[chuckles] Ah-hem.
Ah, copper canyon The shining city on a hill.
Well, canyon, actually.
It's the place max steel calls home.
The place he's made it his mission to protect.
So So?! So what better way to have our payback Than by wiping it from the map! Ooh! Me likey! Go on! I'm gonna take this city by storm One they'll never forget! Hey, steel, couldja turn that down? I'm trying to sleep- Shh - max, couldja you keep it down? I'm trying to watch this [groans] Oh no, hero-man! Cobrasaurus is destroying the whole city With his mortal venom! How are we going to stop him! Like so! Ah! You lost, hero-man! Sometimes you must lose the fight to win the battle! Now, say goodbye to your precious city! [laughs] No! My venom! You mean anti-venom! At least, ever since I just injected you with this! Aw, gimme a break, that's so unrealistic! My work here is done! Until next timeAscend, ascend and depart!! Huh! Ascend and depart.
That's cool.
I see why you humans are so attracted To these superheroes! They're your modern myths! I must know more [snores] [yawns] Max! Max, could you come out here please? [yawns] What's up, mom? You tell me What's all this? Comic books? It's all superhero stuff! And on my credit card.
[sigh] You know better than that maxwell.
Me?! Bu-but I-- No buts, I want it all returned before I get home tonight.
Uhh .
[yawn] Boy, am I wiped! I was up all night reading about superheroes on the internet.
Oh sweet, my stuff arrived! Overnight delivery is so worth the extra expense! Check out my flying rodent man t-shirt! Does it fit? It's for a large infant.
[sighs] You are a large infant.
Don't be mad -- I got you one, too! [buzzing sound] It's n-tek.
Hey kat, what's up? It's toxzon.
We found him.
Ah that's great! So he's back in jail? No.
He's at the copper canyon hazardous waste plant! What? That's just a few miles from here Whoa! Not good! Not good at all! That's a chemical fire! Toxzon! [sirens wailing] We gotta hurry! If that fire spreads Who knows what kinda damage it could cause! C'mon steel.
Okay, let's do this! Right! Go- Go turbo .
Huh? Super flight! Gahh! What is this?!! It's our new look! Sweet abs, huh? Turn us back! We look ridiculous! We look awesome! Ascend, ascend and depart-- No! No, we're not departing anywhere like this! What's with this cape?! It's perfect! Why is it sticking straight out? So, it looks like we're flying.
Steel, we can already fly.
But now It looks like we're flying all-the-time.
This is the greatest day ever.
This discussion is not over.
[panic cries] Those workers are in trouble! Indeed! We must save those innocent civilians from certain doom! Why are you talking like that? It's hero-speak, old chum! Okay, let's just try some hero moves! Time to give this scorcher a spritz! [panic cries] Of course, water isn't always effective Against a chemical fire.
Now ya tell me?! We need an inert solid! Something that will suffocate the flames This fire is making me angry.
Huh? You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Wha-wha-what are you talking about?! Hey! What are we doing?! Gimme back control! Go turbo - super strength! This isn't funny.
Uh, steel smash! Steel, you have no idea what you're doing.
Give me back control.
Uh, huh-ya! Ya! [grunts] [cheers] All in a day's work, citizens! Our work's not done, we still gotta find toxzon! He was heading to the factory processor! To the processor then!!! Whoa!! Careful, max, My turbo sense is tingling.
Your what? My turbo sense.
It alerts me when there's danger afoot.
We don't have a turbo sense.
We most certainly do.
No, we don't! Just cuz you read about it in a comic book Doesn't mean that we have it.
Well, well, well If it isn't max steel.
See? Danger.
Would you shush? Nice outfit.
I see you've taken to your role as copper canyon's protector.
I see that you've gotten a little makeover yourself.
The color really brings out your eyes.
You might not like it as much when I destroy the city! Wrong, you treacherous snake! Your villainous ways end here! Steel, let me handle this? Max, I got this! No, I-- Ugh.
Hey! C'mon! Pleeaaseee Do you two need a minute? Okay, okay fine! Now put up your hands like a good super villain.
Whatever you say, turbo boy! Whoa! Ugh!!!! Ugh! Super move, super steel.
We must return to the fortress of steelitude and regroup.
That fire xander started was bad But not bad enough to destroy the whole city So you think he hit up that waste plant for another reason? Looks that way.
The question is, what? [laughing] Sorry, max.
It's just How many abs do you have there? Like 20? [laughs] I didn't know that was anatomically possible.
You know, I've had fond memories Of reading comic books as a kid.
You've just ruined that for me.
Hey! Don't tell me, tell steel! This is all his doing! Yes, it is! And you know what? You're all just jealous! After all, not everyone is superhero material! Heh, you're right, some of us have our dignity.
Hmm! Guys! [sighs] What is it, berto? I checked the security footage of toxzon leaving the plant And look what I found Ha! Ha-ha! What's that? Some seriously nasty stuff.
He went to that waste plant to rip it off! The fire was just a diversion! And it gets worse, I analyzed all the various ways These chemicals could be combined And kept coming up with the same thing Well spit it out.
A large scale liquid-based contaminant.
I think toxzon's planning To poison the city's water supply! Jefferson, take a team to the copper canyon reservoir.
Kat, hit up all the city water utilities.
Nothing comes in, nothing comes out.
Berto, you work on counter-agent For whatever it is toxzon's cooking up.
What about us, uncle ferrus? Scour this city.
Hopefully we can find this maniac Before he makes his move.
To the turbocycle! Love the cape by the way! Dude, don't encourage him.
This is serious, steel, can we lose the get up? You're right, max.
This is serious.
So Absolutely not! Ulgh!!!! We've checked every corner of this city and nothing! We're at the reservoir and there's no sign of him here.
All quiet at the city utilities.
I don't get it.
How's toxzon planning to poison copper canyon's water If he's not near any water? Huh? Looks like rain.
Not just any rain.
Don't worry if ya forgot your umbrella! This stuff would eat right through it anyway! Acid rain?! [panic cries] Say goodbye to your precious copper canyon! Steel! Let's fly! What is this stuff?! It's just like berto said! Toxzon's contaminating the water! Only, he's doing so while it's still in vapor form! The steelsuit should be able to withstand the toxins But copper canyon won't be so lucky.
Are you telling me the whole city could melt away? 'melt' isn't really scientifically accurate.
Dissolve, corrode, acidify-- Okay, okay, I got it! Well, let's stop it! Ulgh!!!!! [cries] Ker-blam! [fighting grunts] Really with the superhero sound effects? Part of the culture! Whoa! Ugh!!!!! Oh, yeah? Is gettin' our butts kicked part of the culture, too? Cuz that's what's happening! Then it's a good thing you've got backup! Well if it isn't my old friend cy.
I'd love to stay and catch up but I have a city to poison.
We don't have time for this! Then let's cut to the chase! Now you're talking! Steel? I'm on it! Literally! Sweet! Yaah! It's a super hero team up! [fighting grunts] Yah! Whoa! [fighting grunts] Ha! No problemo! You were saying? [growls] Let me worry about this! Here! It's the counter-agent! If you can release it At the very epicenter of the storm cell It should counteract the poison! Sounds like a plan! Ascend, ascend and depart! Almost at the epicenter! Ready the counter-agent! Right! Release in threeTwoOne 'fraid not, hero! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! You're not saving the day this time! Ulgh!!!!!! Whoa! He might be on to something.
Max, I'm taking the wheel! What? Why? I have a plan! You sure it'll work?! No! Ugh, berto? Are you sure you're okay? Of course, I got him right where I want him.
Why? Uh? No reason.
Okay, steel.
Go for it! [laughs] [fighting grunts] Ugh!!!!!!! Whoa! Too easy! Ugh!!!!! That was your plan?! We just totally got our butt kicked! And look, toxzon's deploying the rest of his gunk! Indeed he is.
Burn baby.
Burn! Uh, huh?! Way to go guys! The clouds are reverting back to normal! How'd you do it? YeahHow'd we do it? Sometimes you must lose the fight To win the battle.
I injected toxzon with the counter-agent.
What!? No! You've decontaminated my contaminant! Just like hero man.
Huh! And they say cartoons aren't good for ya.
Now, to serve justice to that evil-doer! Right! Let's do this! Turbo team! Assemble! They got us in checkmate! Let's beat it! There's no escape you sinister cad! You'll never outrun sweet justice! Ha ha! Yeah! Prepare for detox, evil do-er! Whooa! Oops.
[grunts] The turbo team needs a bit more practice.
Copper canyon sustained Some serious damage from that acid rain, But it could've been a lot worse.
All in all Job well done, team.
I'm just sorry that we let toxzon get away.
He'll be back.
Insane tragic gadget-based super-villains Always make a return appearance.
At least, in the comic books.
Steel, enough with all the comic book stuff already.
I mean, seriously, what's the deal? Beg your pardon? No, I'm begging you! The constant references.
The sound effects! The costumes! I can't take it anymore, man! - You're obsessed! - I am not.
It's just It's just what? Tell me! Please! Max, comic book characters all come from mysterious pasts And far away worlds Just like me.
I don't know who I am or where I came from, But when I put on this costume, I feel like somebody.
Aw, steel, I had no idea ButYou don't need a costume to be somebody.
You are somebody.
At the very least You're my pal.
You're my pal, too.
Thanks, max.
You know what, let's forget the costume.
Really? Yeah.
But can we at least keep the abs? Ha-ha.
Sure, steel.
But just six of 'em.