Max Steel (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Uncle Sam Wants You!

[laser fire] Hey steel! You know what I hate most About chasing down arms smugglers? What's that? The arms! Faster, steel, they're getting away! Then may I suggest piping down and revving up! Yah! You may indeed! Huh!? [laser fire] I'm beginning to think they don't like tailgaters! What makes you say that? We gotta get in front of them! Then let's find a shortcut! Quick! Swing left here! Whoa! This is your shortcut, steel?! It's a dead end! For the turbocycle There are no dead ends! Oh boy.
Whoa! Augh! Max, keep the skyscraper skid marks at a minimum this time! Will do, uncle ferrus! Sheesh, sometimes it feels like-- We're a dog on a leash? Exactly, but one with some real cool tricks! Well, we're in front of them.
Now what? Now We hit 'em with the high beams.
I was afraid you'd say that I uh, think I blew a fuse.
Hah-ha yeah! You know for the good guys, we sure are bad! Up high! Ugh! Ugh!!!!!!! [gasp] Uh, sorry steel.
You okay? Next time, a firm handshake will do.
Alright, guys, you know the drill, Weapons down, hands up Oh.
Huh! You got a head start.
Yes, and uh, we may want to join them.
We're surrounded! Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Did copper canyon just get invaded and nobody told me? They have us completely surrounded, max.
Why would they want us? Look, we don't want any trouble [grunt] Hey, where do you think you're going? Steel, set it to stun.
Ugh!!!!!!! [cries] Shots fired! Uh-oh! No wait-- [laser fire] Turbo strength? Turbo strength.
Go turbo - strength.
[grunt] I don't know exactly what's in this thing But I'm pretty sure it all goes boom! [grunts] Whoa! [grunts] Go turbo flight! [laser fire] Go higher, max! If you say so Heh! Altitude sickness.
[grunts] [laser fire] Hold your fire! We mean you no harm! Could've fooled me.
Colonel jasper f.
The army? Wait You're on our side? Affirmative.
And you're max steel, I presume.
I've heard a lot about you, son.
Well it must've been some pretty bad stuff! Why'd you declare war on us back there, colonel? Hey, easy.
We thought you were attacking us.
The arms those punks stole? They were ours.
Sir, all the men are safe and accounted for.
However, half a dozen of the vehicles In our convoy have been reduced to scrap.
[laughs] Oh, uh, sorry 'bout that.
Don't be.
Major parker's new to our company.
He doesn't understand you were just defending yourself.
And doing so with a great deal of skill.
I must say, I'm impressed.
Well, thanks.
Say, how about coming back to the base with me.
Let me show you around? Heh, that an order? No.
It's a It's an invitation.
So this is an army base My, it's very Tidy.
I know it's probably not what you're used to.
Certainly different than n-tek.
You know about n-tek? I think what he means is What's n-tek? Now, now.
Give me some credit.
Sure, I may not know a lot about your organization But I know enough.
But that's not why I brought you here.
Then why did you bring us here? Major parker? Dredd?! This is a treasure trove of information Even more than what n-tek has You didn't think you were the only ones Onto this joker, did you? We've been gathering intel on miles dredd Ever since that little stunt he pulled back at thi.
Very nice work by the way.
So nice, in fact, I was thinking You should come work for us.
Beg your pardon? Howzat? I saw how you handled yourself against my forces.
Imagine what we could do together.
My intel and your powers? Dredd wouldn't stand a chance.
Think it over, son.
Are you out of your gourd?! You met with the army?! Well, not the whole army.
That would take forever.
Relax, uncle ferrus, colonel castle's on our side.
He's looking to take down dredd, too.
Max, there's a reason n-tek is a private organization.
Kat's right - Other agencies have their own agendas.
It's not always clear who you can trust.
Funny, that's how I feel about certain people here.
What's that supposed to mean? It means the colonel told exactly what he was after And why he wanted our help.
The honesty was refreshing.
You should try it sometime.
You're not to meet with him again.
What? Why not? I don't get it, uncle ferrus, You're always telling me and steel That we can't always work alone.
How is this any different? Because it is.
Yo, chief! Er, I mean, commander forge Our satellite-feed just spotted jason naught And a whole squad of dreddnaught's downtown! What? [screaming] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! All right, you heard dredd, Take down anything that moves.
Copper canyon is officially under siege.
[screaming] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! [screaming] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take no prisoners.
Max-- Loud and clear! C'mon, steel! Let's take it to 'em, turbo style! With pleasure! We'll be right behind you! [alarm wailing] Ahhhh!!!!! Go turbo strength! Hey naught! Why dontcha try picking on someone your own size! Or a smidge bigger for that matter.
Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! Let's do this! [laser fire] [grunt] Or let's not.
[laser fire] Keep pushing! Hit 'em with everything you got! [laser fire] Looks like your army buddy beat us to the punch.
And speaking of punch Castle sure does pack some.
Restrain him and take 'im back to base.
Belay that order.
Colonel castle I suspect.
What can I do for you? None of your concern.
But I will be taking naught.
Ergh! I don't think so.
This man is an enemy of the state.
And besidesWe were here first.
Hey! Hey guys, I'm sure we can come to an understanding here-- Hey! Stay out of this.
Why should he? This is his business as much as it is yours.
OrIs there something you're hiding from him? Huh? What-what are you talking about? Why don't you ask forge here.
Huh? That's right, I know who you are.
And, as I told max, I know a bit about your organization.
Perhaps it's time you tell him what n-tek's true mission is.
True mission? Er.
That's what I thought.
Take naught to the interrogation brig.
And max? My offer still stands.
If you want to be part of a family And work for someone you can trust Let me know.
[sighs] Let's move out! I don't get it, commander, Naught attacking no one in particular in broad daylight.
Something's not right.
Hmmm Uncle ferrus? Can I come in? Yah, sure.
Of course.
So, what did colonel castle mean? Does n-tek have some secret mission That I don't know about? Max, our mission, as I've always told you, Is protecting the world-- No, no there's more to it than that.
I know there is uncle ferrus and I want to know what.
Max, it'sComplicated.
The truth isn't complicated.
And that's all I want - the truth.
The truth? That's it, huh? Fine, max, here it is: The truth is The truth is The-the truth is that you know everything you need to know At the present juncture.
Ya know, I used to think that when my dad passed, You were the closest thing I had to a father.
But I was wrong.
You don't care about me.
All you care about is n-tek.
Max, wait [sighs] [loud beep] Forge? Is everything okay? [sighs] Molly, it's max.
He's getting more and more curious by the day.
I know.
Perhaps it's time we tell him.
Well we better be sure.
Because once we do, There's no going back.
Oh, let me guess, another warm and fuzzy heart to heart With your uncle ferrus.
I don't want to talk about it.
He's rubbing off on you.
[beeps] What is it? A message from colonel castle.
He wants to see us.
Turns out naught looks a lot tougher than he is.
It took less than an hour for him to spill Everything he knows about dredd.
Wait, so you know where he is? We do.
He's staging something in a remote region Of the copper canyons just south of here.
And I want you to help me take him down, son.
Whadaya say? Will you do it? Absolutely.
I second that emotion! Excellent! Then let's take to the skies! And take it to dredd! Max, transfer over your n-tek tracking frequencies So we can jam anything that might alert dredd To our presence! You heard the man, steel! Roger that, we're cutting the leash! Max's frequency has gone offline.
What! Where was his last known location? Uh, at colonel castle's base, sir.
That's it, up ahead.
Hmm, homey.
What have we here? I'm taking this creep down myself.
Colonel castle, wait! He gets points for bravery but not for smarts! [laser fire] [groans] Ugh!!!!!!! Nooo! Colonel castle Gah! Don't fret, ol' maxy boy, I'm fine.
Ah! We both are.
Ugh!!!!!!! [pained cry] In fact, I'm feeling better than ever! What's going on?! That's what I'd like to know! [pained cry] It's quite simple, max, I work for dredd.
And so does my entire team.
With the exception of major parker.
Like I said, he's new to our unit.
You traitor! But Why?! Ha! Why else? To get you right where we want you, From your friends at n-tek and surrounded By my friends.
Now, max steel, you belong to me.
I'm flatteredBut no thanks! Go turbo strength! [growls] Steel! Call in to n-tek.
[fighting grunts] Let 'em know where we are.
[fighting grunts] I can't - castle's jammed our tracking systems! Oh yeahSo much for cutting the leash! This whole thing has been a set up from the get go Starting with those arm smugglers.
Take down max steel! [laser fire] Ugh!!!!!!! I'd say calling the army's out.
[groans] You could've told me that you sent me downtown Just to get max to fall for castle's bluff.
Ah, must've slipped my mind.
Now pipe down and watch the show! [grunts] Ugh!!!!!!! Why'd ya do it, castle? Why'd you turn your back on your country? Ha - do you have any idea how much dredd is paying us?! What in the--?! I've got a visual on max! Roger that - now let's give him some back up! [laser fire] How did n-tek find us?! I - I don't know! [laser fire] Whoa, I think we might actually survive this! You were saying? [roars] [laughs] Cy.
O! Fight fire power with fire power, I always say.
Consider that a dishonorable discharge! Am I glad to see you! [screams] [laser fire] [sighs] [laser fire] [laser fire] Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [laser fire] Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [laughs] No! [grunts] [grunts] [coughs] [lsaer fire] [grunts] If they want a war, let's give 'em one! Seems I'll need to see to this personally! [lsaer fire] [grunts] Ah! Aaargh!!!!!! Now it's my turn! C'mon cy.
O! Yah! [lsaer fire] Okay.
Now it's max's turn.
[groans] I told you, max.
You belong to me! And now, I'm taking you.
[grunts] Ugh!!!!! Uh, excuse me, sir.
You've been relieved of duty.
Max, fire the turboblaster! What for?! It won't hurt him! Trust me! OkayIf you say so Here goes nothing! Ha-ha-ha, he-hah, Is this all the power you have left? Me, yes.
My friends? No.
No! [screams] Whoa?! What was that?! That was turbo energy as a laser locator beacon Thanks for hooking me up with the bull's eye, steel.
I do what I can! [screams] Ugh!!!!!!! We've rounded up castle and all his men, chief.
And dredd? We went searching for him right after the missile strike but-- Let me guess.
He was gone.
Along with naught.
Hold it.
Major parker? Ah, commander forge? Uncuff this man.
He's on our side.
Turns out I wasn't the only one suspicious of castle.
When you got in contact with me I checked you out.
You were the only soldier in that unit worth his salt.
I'm just glad you received the coordinates in time.
Huh, and I'm glad you sent them, major.
Let's keep in touch.
As for you You disgrace the uniform you wear.
Take him away.
Are you okay? NoNot really.
I feel awful.
None of this would've happened if I just listened to you.
Uncle ferrus, I'm so sorry.
I'm not your father, max.
But I did promise him I'd look after you.
And that's a promise I intend to keep.
No matter what.
Now then, we'll discuss your punishment for going awol When we get back to base.
Aw, punishment? Let's move out! Ya know, steel, There may be a lot of stuff we don't know about n-tek But at least we know one thing for sure.
They're the good guys.
Eh, I suppose that's true, max But still, there are other truths out there.
Perhaps it's time I find out What they are through another source