Max Steel (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Elements of Surprise: Part 1

This is the spot here.
Land! He's not gonna show.
[laughs] Oh, he'll show.
After all, I have something he wants.
I don't knowThere's no sign of him-- Whoa.
Help! Let go of me, you louse! [panic screams] ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it you want, dredd? It's not what I want.
It's what I can give you What's this? This is where your comrades, Earth, water and fire are being held.
This Is n-tek.
[hisses] It's taken time and men to get this information.
But now, it's yours.
After all, I am more than happy to help your people, As so long as they help me.
I understand.
You've proven yourself useful, dredd.
So long as you continue to do so It will not be forgotten.
I must warn you, n-tek is well fortified.
Getting inside won't be easy.
I'm counting on it.
Ugh!!!!! What did he say? What happened? You mean what's going to happen.
Max steel is about to meet his match.
[evil laughter] Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
[grunts] Sweet tunes, berto! Who we jamming too? Cole plante! I thought it might kick up your training sessions.
Up is right! Go turbo flight! - We have liftoff! - Better yet! He's doing an outdoor show this week in copper canyon.
And I scored some tickets, wanna go? Big time! And speaking of big.
Go turbo strength! Pumped up and -- [grunts] Good to go! [grunts] [grunts] [fighting grunts] [panting] Is this thing set to eleven or what? [grunts] And are we expecting a bunch of little red targets To invade sometime soon? Just testing your skills, fellas.
Well, I'd say we passed! Knuckles? For lack of a better word.
Ka-boom! Actually, guys, you did a good job destroying The targets you got to but You didn't get to them all.
No joke.
There were like a zillion of 'em.
Actually, 143 but who's counting.
That's just it - You've got super strength, Super flight but when it comes to pure reflexive speed You're a bitSlow.
Slow? Ya know, for a superhero.
So how do we fix it? Hmm, I'm not exactly sure Ya know what helps me think? A good shred! Especially when we got some good jams to go with.
Ya know what they say, all work and no play Let's rock and roll! You coming, steel? Uh, you two go on ahead, I have some unfinished business to see to.
- Hmm.
- Ah! Suit yourself, but don't work too hard.
Well, well.
What have we here? It is the abomination.
The traitor.
What do you want? I wantAnswers.
We don't answer to you! [roars] I know I'm one of you-- An ultralink like those in the isolation chamber.
ButWhat does it mean? [growls] They really haven't told you a thing, have they? You really don't know.
What are we? Where do we come from? You'll find that out soon enough.
And in a manner you'll never forget.
Then again, we could tell you everything you want to know If you let us out of here.
You could even be part of our little brotherhood.
Like you said, you're one of us.
How bad do you want the truth? Go on Do it Let us outNo one has to know [alarm wailing] What is it? Are we under attack? Is there an intruder? Yes, we do have an intruder.
This is a restricted sector, steel.
Do you know how many security protocols you just broke? How you just compromised the safety of this entire base? And I know this isn't the first time.
You've been sneaking your way into restricted sectors And confidential data files for weeks now! That's right, because I'm looking for answers.
Answers that you won't give me.
Ah, not this again.
I've already told you too much.
Well I want to know more! Who am I, where do I come from And what's n-tek's true mission? Get out of my face.
[zaps] Ahh! Step off my grill! You're entering into a world of hurt, scrap-head.
Bring it on, buttercup! Rargh! [grunts] That's right - who's your daddy?! What! [alarm wailing] Oh! Let me guess, your face is a restricted sector, too? Those are perimeter alarms.
Ahh! What! Sorry, shoulda knocked.
What's going on? Trouble, chief.
Take a look It formed right out of thin air.
And it's headed right for us! [alarm wailing] Security protocols in place, let's go! There are no inclement weather patterns in our vicinity.
Whatever this thing is, it's not natural.
Do you think it could be them? Are they finally making their move? I don't know.
But I'm not taking any chances.
Whoa, whoa.
What? Who's them? What's their move? [sigh] The winds that tornado's generating are strong, commander But not strong enough to infiltrate the main base walls! [growls] Air elementor.
We meet again.
Nice to see you, forgey pants! [screams] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [laughs] Here, ah, I'll help you up.
Let's take it down! Way ahead a' ya! Go turbo flight! And I got the perfect sound track.
Spin it steel! Consider it spun! [] What's up, puffy? [grunt] [gasp] Apparently he is.
So this is max steel.
I've looked forward to meeting you [nervous] uh, likewise [grunts] Ugh, I've had the wind knocked outta me before But never been knocked out by the wind [grunts] First fire then earth then water, now air? What's next? Bugger elementor? [laughs] Whoa! Whoa! [growls] [whoa] Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!! And it seems he's the strongest of them all Yeah, I'm gettin' that! Ahhhh!!!!!! Ugh!!!!! I'm really.
Ugh!!!!!!! Getting that.
And I'm getting berto's point That we're not quite up to speed! Max! Max! [hisses] Aim for the orb in his head! That's not good.
Okay, if laser blasts won't hurt you Maybe blast waves will! [growls] Ah, this guy's good.
Jump jet 1 approaching target.
Hey, I'm jump jet 1.
Jump jet 2 approaching target.
Lock in wind in 3, 2 Whoaaa!!!!!!! I have the target in my sights.
Then he's in double trouble.
Hit him with the vortex interceptors! Haaargh!!!!!!!!!! It's working! Hit him again! Huh? Ah crud.
What gives? He's changed the composition around us! It's too thin - The missiles don't have enough thrust to stay airborne.
And neither do we! Jefferson, get outta here! It's no good - everything's jammed up.
I'm going down! Say goodbye to mama for me.
Ahhhhhh!!!!!! [grunts] Huh? We good, steel? The thin air has our turbo propulsion systems In overdrive, but we're okay! I owe you guys one! [groans] Sorry, must have misread that one.
You think? [growls] [roars] [cries] [laughs] [growls] Ah, forget this Let's party.
Ya know, max, I'm starting to think That taking on a massive air beast by air Isn't the smartest move.
Good point! Go turbo strength! The orb, max! Take out the orb! Right! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!! [growls] [cries] Thought you could use a hand! Or, more specifically, some weaponized silver iodide! Huh?! Ever hear of cloud-seeding? See, how it works is-- Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya know what, I'll explain later! Oh-no! Max, we gotta take down that orb, And you're the only one with the firepower to do it! What firepower? Say no more! [grunts] Steel? Let's lock n' load! SteadySteady [grunts] Max! I think we broke wind! Thanks, berto! And, uh, sorry about cy.
Whadaya mean? And why is everybody upside down? Ah! [laughs] Oh-boy.
Huh? [breaths deeply] Looks like someone's finally out of breath.
[breaths] What!? The elementor! I'm talking about the elementor.
Take him inside with the others.
[quiet chuckle] [growls] How in blazes did that thing know where to find us?! We don't know, commander.
Better yet, what was he after? That part isn't so clear.
And why would he risk an all out attack? Oh.
Ah, guess it's my turn.
We're not sure, chief.
[sighs] Fools! How can you be so careless as to get captured?! Ha! Is that some kind of joke?! Yeah, you're in here, too.
I am.
Just as I planned.
What's that supposed to mean? It means breaking into n-tek is all but impossible.
But put on a good enough show And they'll open up the front gates for you.
Yeah, so they can put you in stasis [growls].
With you.
With all of you.
And that's exactly the point.
What's that? A stasis inhibitor.
Inhibitor? You mean-- I mean this is why I allowed myself to be captured.
Don't we know anything? Isn't it frustrating to not have answers When you want them so badly? You really want to start this up again? Just sayin'.
[growls] Now's not the time! I beg your pardon but didn't we save your keister today? I thought you owed us one! I've had enough of you, steel.
Jefferson, toss this overgrown circuit board into the brig.
[gasp] Now steel, just take it easy - Ow! - I'm not going anywhere! Steel, relax! Ow! Not cool! Ugh!!!!!!!] No alarms.
The inhibitor has disabled N-tek's alerting systems as well.
For all they know, We're still completely contained.
Then let's get outta here! No.
You three weren't the only ones.
If we release the ultra-links, Our army grows and we'll be unstoppable.
[grunts] Guys Ow! Steel! Guys!!! Ahhh! Cut it out! Stop it! Guys!!! Huh?! You meatheads can waste your time arguing.
I'm going to get some answers.
- Meatheads? - Don't look at me.
My matrix is 100 percent vegetarian friendly.
[sighs] We need to get in here.
[grunts] No! I told you, brute force won't work! You'll only activate n-tek countermeasures-- As I was saying.
This is all your fault, you air head! [growls] Get us out of here! Yeah, like you did before! With that inhibitor thing! Idiots.
The inhibitor was designed specifically For stasis containment fields, There's no telling what might happen If used against this energy field.
Well I say we find out! No! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world?! [growls] Zap me again and I'll have you turned to scrap! You couldn't scrap a tin can! [pained shriek!] Huh?! Kat.
[grunts] [heavy breathing] The elementorsThey're gone.
Kat?! [pained grunts] What happened? Who did this to you? Where are the elementors?? Uh, berto, You know that show we were going to hit up later this week? Yah? Well, I'm not so sure we'll be around to make it.
[blood curdling roar]