Max Steel (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Elements of Surprise: Part 2

- Previously on "max steel" - This is n-tek.
[laser fire] Take him inside with the others.
- [buzzes] - [roaring] [screaming] The elementors They're gone.
[blood curdling roar] Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
[blood curdling roar] [blood curdling roar] [laser fire] [blood curdling roar] [laser fire] Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Hold on to something! [continuous roars] [cries] [blood curdling roar] Everyone okay? Yeah, I think so [coughs] I'm alright [groans] What was that thing? I'm guessing not one of the good guys.
Commander forge Commander forge? Uncle ferrus? Where is he? My-my, what a difference a day makes.
There wasAn accident.
I'll say.
A four ultralink pile up it would seem.
[growls] So the jailbreak was a success? Not entirely.
I was unable to release the ultralinks.
But it did reap some rewards [groans] I thought he'd come in handy.
Forge ferrus.
My old friend.
N-tek's commander-in-chief.
Ho-ho, yes.
Yes, indeed.
He'll come in quite handy.
There's quite a bit of information in here Very useful information.
And I have ways of getting at it.
Wait, so you're saying that thing was All four elementor's merged into one?! It's all here on the security feed.
It was some sort of chain reaction When our tachyon energy field encountered a stasis inhibitor That air elementor snuck in.
Uh, I'll take your word for it.
We need to act.
But with forge gone, First, we need to figure who's in charge-- Not it! Huh? Heh, I'm more of the anti-authority type.
Tell me about it.
Commander forge has never been mia But I'm sure n-tek has some sort of command structure.
Oh, here we goUh.
Just say the word and I'm ready, berto.
Right, if duty calls, I'm up to the task.
According to this, The next agent in the official chain of command Is the chief science officer You've got to be kidding me.
No way.
Which would be me.
Ah, I guess forge created this Back when your dad had my job, max.
Well, if we're gonna find commander forge We're gonna need to find that elementor! But how? It didn't leave any tracks or clues where it was going.
The weather.
Huh? Right.
That ultimate elementor is made up of natural elements Like wind and water, right? A common weather satellite might just be able to track him.
It would show just a slight anomaly There! It's headed toward a mountain range northeast of here Yah, and so are we! Wait, max! You'll need back up! Keep up if you can! [groans] [laughs] You're a tough old goat, forge.
Thanks for the info.
[grunts] Miles dredd! Here are the coordinates for the first target.
We'll have the others soon enough! I will see to it.
That's the mountain range, there! Right! Only, it seems elementor is moving away from them now.
Quick! Turn around!! [groans] What has happened to me? You mean us! Yeah, all of us! SoYou three survived the fusion after all.
That's right Despite your best efforts to suppress us! And now we want out! [grunts] Would you imbeciles stop?! You ain't running the show here anymore, airhead!! Right, you're the one who got us in this mess! So you're the one that should pay! [struggling] There he is! Elementor! ButWhat's he doing? Looks like he's attacking himself.
Ah, think he'll take himself out.
That makes our job easier.
Now what kind of superhero would stand by And let his villain beat himself up? Yah, you're right.
As per usual.
Fools! Look at what we've become! Together, we are stronger than we ever were apart! And I think I know just how to prove it.
Uh, I think we've been spotted.
Glad to see that you're finally paying attention.
[growls] What have you done with forge ferrus?! Nothing compared to what we're about to do to you! It's payback time! Absolutely.
Crush him!!! [screams] [groans] Uh?Whoa!Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!! You see, my brothers? Four elements are better than one.
I can see that.
Yes, we are! [roars] I gotta agree! Cuz now I get to pummel all of ya with just one punch! We can take this guy, steel.
We just need to stand tall! I'm ready when you are! Go turbo strength! [growls] Of course, elementor is still taller than us.
[growls] [grunts] I think we can do something to even out the odds.
Ah, I'm reading your mail.
But we need more power.
More power I got Go turbo! [grunts] Here we go again! Whoa! [grunts] Whoa! [laughing] UhWhoa! [grunts] Ugh!!!!!!! Oh boy.
Uh! [hisses] First we capture forge ferrus And now the mighty max steel Such a day.
Grab him! No - wait! [grunt] Whoops.
- Gotcha! - [groans] Twice the fun.
We have work to do.
- [groans] - you guys okay? [coughs] you were right We should've waited for backup.
I'm guessing you found elementor.
That was the easy part.
Taking him on Another story.
What about commander forge? He wasn't with him.
We'd better figure out what our next move is and quick.
[struggling] Well, well, well Look who's up.
Ready to resume our little conversation? I'd rather rip out your windpipe.
- [chuckles] - hmph! OhhCome now, that's no way to speak to an old colleague.
Tell me something, dredd, When exactly did you become such a raving psychopath? [chuckles] What?! [clears throat] You know, forge, I have a great many reasons to hate you.
But do you know what I've come to realize? I don't need any one reason.
I hate you simply for what you are.
A delusional, self righteous, goody-goody.
So that's why I never get a holiday card.
[chuckles] HmmIf so much as another sound leaves your mouth Your tongue will follow.
Uh, but-- ShhhNot another sound! [grunts] No! [grunts] Oh no.
Awesome! Well?! What are you waiting for?! After him!!! Uhf! I'm surrounded by nincompoops.
We need to canvas those mountains.
Elementor was there so maybe forge still is! But what about elementor? We can't just let him run amuck! We have to stop him.
So let's split up.
But there's strength in numbers.
Uh I'm telling you! Listen to me! We don't have time to waste! Trust me on this! Okay, okay, okay, okay! Just be quiet for a secUh, lemme think.
Think? Forge never had to think.
Look, I'm not forge, okay?! I wish I was but I'm not! I don't know what the next move is! Well we know what elementor's is.
Check out the security feed! [gasp] That's copper canyon dam! And he's tearing it apart He's going to flood the whole city! But why? [panic] [grunting] [grunting] Set a course for copper canyon dam! Incoming craft! It's one of dredd's! Take it down! Almost got a lockAlmost - Got it! - Jefferson! If you fire at me, it's going down on your permanent record.
Is that? Forge?! So, did you miss me? Uncle ferrus! You're alright! Good to see you, commander.
Yeah, seriously.
Uh, hate to cut this happy reunion short But we've got company.
They must've followed me from dredd's compound.
Take an attack position! Yes sir! Uncle ferrus! Elementor - he's at copper canyon dam, Ripping it to shreds! You and steel head him off.
Berto, back 'em up with cy.
! And hurry! In that case Time to take it to these n-tek dolts [murmurs] [growls] [screams] What are all these people doing up here? [screams] Remember that outdoor cole plante show I told you about? Yah.
This is where it's going to be! What? On a dam? Hey, you can't beat la vista.
[growls] How 'bout a lift?! Look who's back [growl] And with a friend.
[growl] [growls] Berto! Right! The turbosword! Let's do this! [grunt] [growls] [grunt] There's too many of 'em! [grunt] Too many plus one! There's no escaping me, forge!!! [grunts] [grunts] I think we may actually be winning! Fool! The tide of battle can change As quick as the weather.
Don't you see? I have all the forces of nature at my command! Ah I don't remember seeing this in the five day [electric charge sounds] Dah--game over.
- [gasp] - we're hit! - By who?! - By me! What!? I was aiming for dredd but all his aircraft Must be synced to the same auto targeting interface.
My missiles went after you! Well switch it, wouldja? Hm, not a bad idea [fighting grunts] Ugh!!!!!! So much for lightning never striking the same place twice-- Max, remember when berto told us Our one weakness was speed?! Whooa! Wah!I guess he had a point, huh? Indeed - which is why I started to try and correct the problem.
Go turbo -- flight! You did?! I haven't been able to give it a field test yet but-- But anything is better than this! [growls] Okay, what's the plan?! [growls] The plan is to pick up the pace with a new mode: Speed mode! OkayHope ya know what you're doing! [growls] Me too! Go turbo - speed! Well, I like the outfit [grunts] And I love the moves! [roars] Ugh!!!!!!!!! Ha, we're faster than the speed of lightning! Too bad this dam isn't.
It's about to bust! If you won't stand still, I'll simply have to make you! [grunts] Steel, I might have a plan! We gotta dozen missiles on our tail! They're closing in fast! We're finished, commander! No you're not! What?! What'd you do? I switched the auto targeting interface from you To dredd! Noooo!!! Then since we're not in the cross hairs anymore Let's take out the trash.
Ahhhh!!!! [growls] I hope there's more to your plan Than just running for our lives! [grunts] We'll see in a sec! [grunts] I like speed mode.
And I like your plan! Both the water and elementor have been frozen solid.
And spring thaw's already arrived! To beContinued.
[roar] Well, we may not have stopped elementor But at least we stopped his plot to flood copper canyon.
If that ever was his plot to begin with Why? Whadaya see, steel? I'm not quite sure.
Some sort of transmitter-- Job well done, you two.
Hey! You made it! You're okay! We did it! What's that old saying? The show must go on.
Works for me! [cheering] Huh! Ah, gross.
Yah!Ha! Ha! Huh? [clears throat] catchy.
Yah, well you know, if you like that kind of thing.
[laughs] Hey, I guess all's well that ends well, right? Only trouble is, this isn't the end.
- Huh? - Dredd's still out there.
And so is elementor.
We got lucky this time.
But there will be a next time.
And we need to be ready.
I want a full intel debriefing first thing tomorrow morning.
Commander forge is back.
And I, for one, hope he's never gone again.
[laughs] I'll tell you what intel I'd like to be debriefed on That device we saw inside the dam I guess that means we're gonna keep snooping around Looking for more pieces to the puzzle, huh, steel? Oh, not necessarily, max I think I may finally have all the pieces I need