Max Steel (2013) s01e15 Episode Script


[siren wailing] "ah, a piece of cake," you said.
"a slam dunk," you said.
"a walk in the park!" Hey, how was I supposed ta know that lab had a silent alarm? - Man, why do I listen to you? - We made the heist, didn't we? And we're gonna get paid top dollar For this sweet little piece of biotech -- whatever it is.
[sirens wailing] Uh, uh-ohI -- I can't shake 'em! Over there! [sirens wailing] Boo-yah! Pull in there! [tires screeching] [sirens wailing] Nice, but the city's still swarmin' With cops lookin' for us and the stash.
[sirens wailing] Whadda we do now? We just walk away Are you nuts? We let the heat die down.
Then come back tomorrow and we're home-free.
Hey-hey, uh, wait for me! Eah, piece a' junk! Yup-yup, yah.
C'mon, this is the place.
Supposed to have the best deals in town! I dunno, kirb.
Looks kinda sketchy.
Dude, it's fine! Trust me, we're gonna pick you out a real winner For your first car! I want that case by tomorrow! Or you'll get another taste of-- [growls] Your old friend.
[roars] Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Did we really have to bring kirby along? It's my first car, steel, I need all the help I can get.
Besides, kirb took auto shop last semester Ahh! [struggles] Although I'm not sure he passed.
Ahh! I'm okay! Plus, homecoming is coming up.
I really wanna ask sydney and be able to pick her up myself Like it was a real date.
This is important, steel.
Excuse me, fellas.
Did this quality, pre-owned vehicle catch your eye? Ah-ah! More like it caught me! Well, you're in luck! Today's our big, one-day barnburner sales event.
- [laughs] - we're just browsing.
My driver's exam is in a couple of days.
Son, you don't need a license to own a car.
If you've got your permit and a licensed driver with ya, You can drive off the lot today.
I'm a licensed driver! Yet another reason to always buckle up.
Perfect! Ha-ha! Okay, we grab the car and everything's cool - Hmm? - [register rings] [groan] Take this beaut for instance.
They don't make them like this anymore.
[clanging sounds] Probably a good thing.
Hmm, maybe ya like something a little sportier, huh? I can let you have this baby for only six grand! I've only got 600.
Yah, kid, you're killin' me! Hey! Would you hurry up already? [muffled] hmm-mm, okay-okay, I'm coming.
How about this one? Ehhh, it's uh, it's uh [clears throat], Uh, not in my inventory Must be a computer glitch.
Hmm, here we areHah! C'mon, make me an offer! I-I dunno Just imagine yourself cruising down the road Your special lady sitting by your side, HuhThe whole world on your horizon Where shall we go, max? Wherever the road takes us, my darling Ugh, this really stinks! [laughing] I'll take it.
I like you, kid.
Let's do the deal for 600.
So, what's her name? Sydney.
Sydney gardner.
Woo-hoo! [laughs] suckers - [slurps] - the car.
It's gone! [laughs] alright you! Hey.
Hey, get back here! Oh, this ain't a parking lot, you knucklehead.
It's a used car lot! Don't sweat it.
We'll get it back! Oh yeah, we'll get it back? How we gonna do that? However we gotta.
Hey boys! Hey, have you heard about our one day barnburner sal-sal-- oh, heh.
(kirby) uh, max, why are you driving with the floor mats? Oh, uhI just uh, I just like the feel.
Guess we didn't really think through your whole turbo touch problem, did we? Yah, tell me about it.
- About what? - Oh, uh, About what a great driver I am.
[yelps] Uh oh.
[screams] what was that?! That Was my car frying! [screams] waaah! [screams] - Use the handbrake, max! - The handbrake? The handbrake! [screams] [relief] Maybe we should've taken a test drive.
You know this could take a while, kirby.
You oughta just head home.
Sorry, max.
Good luck! Man, this stinks! My turbo energy's gonna fry the electric system of any car I touch! Then perhaps instead of calling for a tow we should call someone else Upgrade your ride? My pleasure! The only question is Where do I start?! Hmm, this the place? Yah, that's what the car guy said.
Apartment 414.
Yah, we're not exactly inconspicuous sitting in this thing.
It was a fair trade.
We get the car, he gets to keep his kneecaps.
Now we just wait for this mcgrath kid to show Must be the kid's mom.
Could be trouble.
Go take care of her Hey-ah, beat it, lady, and no one gets hurt.
I beg your pardon? Go getta cup a' coffee or somethin'.
I have a better idea [grunts] Ow! Ohhh! Ahhhh! Ugh! - Back off, lady! - [grunts] The real estate lady told me this was a nice neighborhood.
You wouldn't want to make her a liar now would you? - Uh-oh! - [grunts] Ugh! Crime doesn't pay, boys! - Ahhhhh! - It hurts! Ow! Let's get out of here! Urgh! [cries] man, she's almost as bad As that tiger mr.
Winters sicked on us.
Don't remind me.
[terrified screams] ahhhhhhh! I've told you, the name is extroyer now! [growls] You have not delivered to me what you were ordered to fetch! We had it, I swear! But then some kid took it! I don't want excuses.
I want what is mine! What will soon make me the true king of the beasts! [panic cries] Now do what you must, But get me that case! Hey, mom! We're home! Hi honey! Whoa, tough day at the office? Nothing I couldn't handle.
How was your day? Pretty good! I, uh, bought a car! What?! I think I'll just leave you two alone Ugh! Coward! Listen, mom.
You're always telling me I should be responsible.
What could be more responsible than saving my money And buying my own set a' wheels? Not doing it behind my back.
I was gonna tell you but - it just kinda happened.
I got a really good deal.
Well, you are taking your driver's test tomorrow Just promise me it's safe.
Safe? It's totally safe! In fact, berto's doing a tune-up as we speak.
Why does that not comfort me? Whoa! Like you asked, I overhauled everything So your turbo energy wouldn't short things out anymore.
Just in time for my driver's test! But then I thought, why stop there? You've got a turbo cycle.
I figured, why not a turbo car? So, I installed a turbo interface.
(both) turbo interface? Go on, steel.
Try it out.
Whoa! And it's complete with a heads-up digital display - And? - A hidden flip-out armory - And? - And a stealth mode That renders this baby nearly invisible! And what's this do? Oh man! Oops Yah, don't do that during your driver's exam.
The car lot guy said max had the hots For some chick named sydney.
[school bell] [kids murmur] Ah, here we are See you tomorrow, guys! Bingo.
- Sydney gardner? - Uh, yeah? [phone ringing] I don't get it, I've texted, I've called, But sydney's not answering.
How about you concentrate on your driver's test first And your big date second? Ahh, I'm mr.
Jones, And I'll be administering your driving test today.
Remember, young man, driving is a privilege, not a right.
Now then, mr.
Uh, pull out and turn right.
Ahah! Yes sir.
[car starts] Mmm-hmmm - [cell ringing] - [gasp] - It's sydney.
- [cell ringing] Hey, syd.
I can't talk right now.
I'm in the middle of my driving-- Max! I've been kidnapped! These guys say you have something that belongs to them And unless you give it back, they're gonna-- Syd! Hello?! Syd, hello?! Uh, what was that? Uh, who's taking a nap? Uh, what's going on? [whoops] Ahh, my glasses.
Ah, dear me.
Uh, can't see a nickel without 'em - We'll find her, max! - Let's do this! Find who from what now? I've locked on to sydney's cell signal.
She's headed south on thompson street! - Hang on, mr.
Jones! - Hmm?! I'd say that's got your boyfriend's attention.
Huh? Is that max steel? Whoever it is, lose 'em! Time to see what this buggy can do! Remember to mind the speed limit and obey all Right! [car horns] Ah! [screams] ahhhhhhh! Ah, mr.
Jones, you okay? [snoring] Uh-oh! Ha-ha-ha.
They're toast.
What!?! Nooo! Max, let's try to avoid the six o'clock news.
Remember what forge did the last time we made the headlines? Yah, don't remind me.
Let's go stealth! Finally, we're in the clear.
Now where are they headed? Hopefully, away from your adoring public.
Time to give your boyfriend our demands.
Call him back.
Hi, I would like to order a large anchovy pizza with Why you little Ah, man, I don't even like anchovies.
Ugh! - Ohhhhhh! - Uh [screams] ahhhhhhh! Man, where does this max kid find these dames? - Uh, max!? - Yah Go turbo! Let the girl go and no one gets hurt! I am extroyer! - Extroyer?! - I didn't think he survived His little plunge into the pacific.
Whoa! Argh! No! [grunts] You've interfered for the last time, max steel! Ahhhhhhh! [struggling] Where did your boyfriend hide the car? His car? What are you talking about? There's something in it that belongs to me! [grunts] As I was saying - let the girl go! No! Not 'til I get what I want! - Whoa! - And what he wants is apparently in your car, max.
Uh, I have it! I took it from the kid earlier! Show me! Uh, max, we don't even know what it is.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Yeah, me too.
It's gotta be in here somewhere.
Uh HmmHuh [snarls] Here we go.
[snoring] Max, wait, considering the lengths Extroyer has gone to get this case, - Is it really wise to give it to him? - He's got sydney.
We don't have a choice.
[growls] What is it? Living dna samples Extracted from the world's rarest and deadliest creatures.
Huh? We went through all this For some stinkin' science project? Fools! With these, I can transform Into the most dangerous animals on earth! With these, I'll answer to no one! Not miles dredd.
Not max steel! Allow me to demonstrate With this black cobra! [roars] Yeah, we shouldn't have given him that case.
Let's not dwell on the past.
In fact, let's not dwell at all! [grunts] Go turbo speed! [grunts] [grunts] Ugh! - How can I help? - By gettin' outta here! Wait - I don't even have my license! No problem! - [roars] - ugh! I've tweaked the gps to take you to the nearest police station! - Wow, thanks! - You're very welcome, miss.
I really appreciate you guys saving me From that weird tiger monster.
Miss, it's our duty and our pleasure.
- [grunts] - now of with you! Let's get you to safety.
Now where were we? - Steel!? - Ah yes! Go turbo -- strength! [grunts] Go turbo -- flight! Missed us! Did I? I stand corrected.
Whoa! Ahhh! Ugh! - You're not standing at all! - Ugh! Sorry! [grunts] Now then, how shall I finish you off? Polar bear? - Steel, take the wheel! - Right! Harpy eagle? Or perhaps a saber-tooth tiger? [roars] You're roadkill, extroyer! Ugh! [groans in pain] W-what have you d-done? - [groans] - blech! Ugh.
I think we destroyed extroyer.
Then let's head back before father time wakes up! I say we roll, too! Yeah, and I say we stop working for this psycho! Huh, I don't think that's gonna be an issue anymore [sirens wailing] [grunting] Uh, mr.
Jones? Wha? Who? Howzat? Oh sorry, musta dozed off there! Guess we should probably schedule a retake, huh? Retake? Ho-ho! Nonsense! We got back in one piece, didn't we? Congratulations, mr.
Mccrud, you've passed! Wow, a snake monster? Ahh, well I'm just happy you're okay.
Yea-yea, I wanna hear all about it at school tomorrow.
That's it? What about the homecoming dance?! You didn't even ask her! Wasn't that the point of all this? Ya know, steel, part of having your license Is making responsible decisions And I've decided syd's been through enough today.
You really have earned your license.
So, since sydney's not going to be riding shotgun just yet Whadaya say you and I go cruising? I sayLet's roll! So, max, where are we headed? Wherever the road takes us, steel, Wherever the road takes us [tires screech] - Woo-hoo! - Vegas, baby!