Max Steel (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

The Truth Hurts

[laser fire] [siren wailing] [gasp] Ah, nothing quite like a day at sea! The salt in the air, the wind in your hair [laser fire] And super charged laser blasts whizzing past your face! [grunts] [gasps] [beeps] [explosion] Ha-ha-ha! And by the way, Steel, you don't have hair.
An ultralink can dream.
Go turbo-- scuba! Looks like we're home free! Ha! All that's left to do now is count our loot! Heh! Isn't it weird how boats don't have brakes? Huh? Go turbo - flight! [grunts] Whoa, way to go, ro-bro! Back atcha, tur-bro! [buzz sound] Max, I'm picking up your cell phone.
'scuse me, I oughta take this.
- [coughs] - hello? Hey Max, where are you? The movie started ten minutes ago.
Oh, hey sydney.
Oh right.
The movie.
Um You forgot again, didn't you? Who, me? No-no-no, never.
I'll be there in a flash-- Uh, never mind.
I'm not in the mood anymore.
- Hello? - Ahh! - Syd? Hello?? - Woo-ahh-ahh! - Yes? - [sighs] What's that, like the third time in a row You've stood that poor girl up? Yeah, this week alone.
Uh, still, she's got to accept it, Max.
That's life as a superhero.
That's the problem, Steel.
Sydney doesn't know I'm a superhero.
Ah, yes.
Good point.
So maybe it's time I tell her.
Come again? I've known syd for awhile now.
She's not just some girl I have a crush on, She's one of my closest friends.
Someone I trust.
Max, don't get me wrong.
I like sydney but what she doesn't know can't hurt her.
Yeah, but it can hurt our relationship.
Seems like it already has.
Okay, then it's settled.
Tomorrow, I tell her the truth.
Tomorrow, I tell sydney that Max Mcgrath Is actually Max Steel! Why don't we go after him? Yeah, he's right there for the taking! We could destroy him! No.
I have something even better planned for little Max Steel.
And believe me.
It will be well worth the wait Let's go turbo! I'm Max Mcgrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together we combine into awesome turbo modes.
We take on the bad guys and save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
Here ya go Large egg cream, extra whip.
Thanks Max.
And thanks for not standing me up this time, too.
Heh, yah, I deserve that.
So, you said there was something You wanted to talk to me about? Yes.
Uh, actually there is, ah This is it.
- Hmph.
- See, the thing is-- No turning back now.
What I want to tell you is-- Just blurt it out.
Really quick.
I, uh-- Go on, it's just like ripping off a bandage.
No, it's not.
Huh? Oh.
I said Nose.
Is Snot? You always act so weird at this coffee shop.
Tell me about it.
Okay, look, sydney, what I want to tell you is I'm Max And I'm sydney.
But I think we've met.
No, what-what I mean is [gulps] I'm Max Steel.
No you're not.
Uh, what? You can't be.
I saw you and Max together.
At the same time.
When that dredd guy attacked us at the bridge, remember? - She's got you there, buddy.
- Hush.
Look, syd, I'll prove it.
Lemme guess, this is Max Steel's secret hideout.
Okay, now, just stand back and get ready.
I am Max Steel.
See for yourself! Go turbo - flight! [grunts] Ugh!!!!!!!!! Ya know, on second thought I'm not so sure this is such a good idea.
I mean, what if sydney has a heart condition? The shock of this could cause her to keel over and-- Not now, Steel.
Steel? Who's Steel? - You're about to find out.
- No, she's not.
Hey! Just transform us.
Let's just sleep on it one more night-- Wha-wha-hey! Where are you taking us? Stop! Cut it out! Whoa!!!!! [grunts] Ya got some nerve! Yeah, nerves of Steel! Uh Whoa-whoa [grunts] what are you doing? Whoa! Whoaa!!!! Whoaa!!!! Uh, Max.
I think I'm going to be going now.
No! [grunts] No wait! Syd wait, if you just turn around, you'll believe me.
[sighs] [disbelief] I think she believes you.
By all means, mighty elementor! Take a full squadron of my dreddnaughts! - [growls] - whatever it takes to fetch Max Steel.
After all, the sooner we have him The sooner we will be able to execute our master attack.
And we won't forget your role in this, dredd.
[laughs] now then, off with you.
Find Max Steel.
Then, bring him to me.
Hmmm That's what we were waiting for? That pathetic human's robot soldiers?! We shouldn't be taking orders from him! Agreed! Dredd is a worm.
It's bad enough we have to associate with him at all.
Yes, it is.
Which is why soon, we won't be.
What are you doing?! The reason we waited, The reason we came to see dredd was not for these bots ButFor this Schematics that illustrate how dredd's turbo siphons function.
How did you get that? With this technology and the data I've compiled On how we four came to be one We'll no longer need dredd to make use Of Max Steel's turbo energy We'll simply make Max Steel part of us! [evil laughter] Whoo-hoo! This is awesome! You sure this isn't too fast? Wait, does that mean you can go faster? Well, yeah.
Then punch it! So let me get this straight, Steel, You're the one who gives Max his powers? Not exactly.
Max's turbo energy gives him his powers.
I'm more like a conduit that helps put those powers to use! Wait, so where does Max's turbo energy come from? My dad.
See, he invented it.
Okay, so then, he invented Steel, too? Uh, not exactly.
See, that's what we thought at first but-- It turns out I'm from another planet.
You see, I'm an ultralink! Whoa, so you're an alien?! - That's the rumor! - That's So cool! Why thank you, sydney! Ya know, you're pretty cool yourself! Yes Exactly what kind of alien are you? I mean, what's an ultralink? And how did your dad hook up with Steel? Good question! Unfortunately, that's all kinda confidential.
Aw, come on, you've already told me this much! No, what he means is, n-tek is keeping it confidential from us.
N-tek? What's n-tek? [growls] Time to make our move.
Yeah! Time to pound Max steel! So those green and white guys that show up sometimes? - That's n-tek? - You got it! They're kinda this top secret organization.
Organization for what? For what? - Uh, again - We don't know.
[sighs] you guys don't know a lot of things.
Both: Tell me about it.
Well, at least tell me what the 'n' in n-tek stands for.
- Good question.
- Probably "neurotic.
" - Whoa!!!!! - Whoa! You guys can shoot fire, too?! Uh, that wasn't us.
- Friend of yours? - More like the opposite! [growls] Elementor?! Steel, how did he find us?! Well, it might have something to do with us showboating All over copper canyon We've gotta get sydney outta here! - [growls] - I can't shake him! Steel, you need to disengage! What? Have you lost your mind?! You've gotta get sydney to safety! - But-- - don't argue! Just lock me into flight mode and go! [growls] - What's going on?! - Nothing I can't handle.
- [screams] - now, steel! I don't know about this, Max-- Steel now!!! [growls] How's it going, tiny? You're brave not to run.
[growls] brave but stupid.
Oh!!!!! [grunts] [roars] Ah! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!! That's the way the canyon crumbles Y'ah! No, this is! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! [laughs] What was that thing? What's going on?! That thing was elementor.
He's an ultralink like me.
Well, four ultralinks in one actually.
Take me up there, so we can make sure Max is okay.
- But I- - just do it! Ahh! Wait, Max is gone! Where is he?! Don't worry! I'm sure he's fine.
[struggles] I never thought I would say this, But I wish steel was here.
I could really use strength mode right about now! [struggling] Now, Max steel, prepare to become one with elementor! Yikes! [struggle] Where are you taking me? We can't just abandon Max! I would never abandon Max But what's most important now is to get you to safety.
Sorry, but I'm not that kind of girl! [whoa] Ah-ah! Where are you going?! Ugh, humans.
[struggling] I don't understand.
It should've worked! Max should be a part of us now! You idiot.
Let me take a look.
No, me! Betcha I can fix it! [fighting] [grunts] - Now look here, young lady-- - no, you look! That elementor left tracks from where he landed.
C'mon There's Max! You've gotta get down there and link up with him.
Your strongest when you're together, right? Yes but that's easier said than done.
How am I supposed to get past elementor? Let me worry about that.
- But ah-- - don't argue! Just wait for my cue.
Hmph! Her and Max really are a good match.
Try splicing that wire with this blue one No - use the red! Idiots, try the green one! Would you three just be quiet-- [growls] Ow, that stings! [grunts] [whispering] go Wh-whoaaa! - Looking for me? - Uh-oh.
[growls] [chuckles] [screams] [growls] No wonder the device didn't work.
We need the ultralink engaged with the human For the absorption to take place Mmph, Max.
Help! Sydney! I [laughs] Max, please.
[grunts] Heads up! Ahhh! [screams] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Oh! Hi.
Hey syd.
I thought I told you to get sydney outta here! I tried but she's as stubborn as you are! How 'bout you two settle this later and just make up! - Right! - Let's go Both: Turbo - strength! [gasp] sydney get to cover.
You will become part of me, max steel! Whaaaaaaa!!!!!!! [screams] ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! It's cool! He's with us! Nice entrance cy.
I came as soon as ya called, steel! [screams] [growls] I didn't know ya gave me the directions To elementor's home address! I'd say this calls for some heavy artillery! I don't think so! D'ah! He's stuck! [grunts] Ugh!!!!!!!! Syd, find cover! Go turbo - speed! [grunts] Go turbo strength! It's over, bumpy! Whoaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! For you, perhaps! Aim for the orbs in his head, max! Go team, good guys! [gasp] [growls] No! Max! [struggles] How much longer? It takes time.
He should be nearly finished.
Yah! Huh! [groans] [struggles] I'll deal with you in a moment.
[growls] Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!! [growls] [scream] ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Steel! What?! Stop him! Finish him!!!!! We need more turbo energy or we're finished! I'll give it everything I've got! [loud grunts] Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Sydney? Sydney?! Oh no, syd! Steel, is she okay? The shock wave of that blast was full of So many various ions and particles There's no telling how it may have affected her.
It could have mutated her cell structure, Metamorphosed her blood stream or-- [coughs] Max steel? Whoa! What are you doing here? And Where's here? Or it could've simply wiped out her short term memory.
- You're kiddin' me.
- Max, steel? You guys okay? Jefferson! Elementor He's He's gone, max.
Soon as we showed up he vanished into thin air Literally.
Thanks for giving us a hand, muchachos.
[grunt] Uh, who's this? This This is uh, this is a civilian.
And it would mean a lot to me if someone could make sure She gets home safely.
Oh, uh.
I'll see to it personally, sir.
Why thank you, soldier! And thank you, ma'am.
For saving me.
What? I saved max steel?! No way! My friends back at school are never gonna believe this! [sigh] Does this mean we have to tell her who we are - All over again? - Nah, let's hold off on that for awhile.
Turns out you were right, steel.
What sydney doesn't know can't hurt her.
- Or us.
- It's like you said, that's life as a superhero.
So? Where is max steel? I Could not find him.
I see.
Well, fret not, mighty elementor.
We'll capture him yet.
Let me know however I can Assist you.
Oh, I certainly shall.
So we're working with dredd again? Why?! Yeah, let's just rebuild that device And try taking max steel again! Fools.
Dredd is more clever than he looks.
When we struck max the second time with the ray - It should've taken effect immediately.
But it did not.
These schematics were fakes.
Seems dredd trusts us as much as we trust him.
We'll simply worry about him later.
The important thing now is to concert all our efforts And finish setting the stage for this world's annihilation.