Max Steel (2013) s01e17 Episode Script

The Secret Admirer

[frightened cry!] [traffic sounds] [frightened cries!] That's fourteen screams in the span of 43 seconds.
Judging from the frequency and vocal pitch My guess is a knife- wielding mugger.
Hmm, I dunno, I'm kinda feeling out-of-control - School bus on this - Betcha a soda pop? You don't drink soda.
You don't drink period.
You take the fun out of everything.
[cries] My money says an overgrown gorilla looking for love.
Mine says good old-fashioned road rage incident.
Maaah! Ah, didn't see that coming.
Let's not beat ourselves up about it - Whoa! - [crash sounds] After all, I think that's his plan.
[grunts] Well, betcha he didn't plan on this Go turbo strength! Umm, I thought I said turbo strength? - [traffic sounds] - you sure? I was uh, under the impression you said scuba.
Scuba! Why would I say scuba? - [traffic sounds] - [yelps] I definitely said strength mode.
Yah, I definitely heard scuba mode! [traffic sounds] We're in the street, steel.
Clearly, scuba makes no sense! Ahh! I thought it was stupid too! I can't figure out why you said it.
Steeeeeel! Go turbo strength! Ugh! Huh?! [grunt] Think he's down for the count? Yah, if we're counting to one.
[grunts] - Hah, glad that's over - Is it? HmmSeems pretty quiet.
- [growls] - ahhh! Why did we open it? [grunts] Didn't we take down a nut like this just last week? And another the week before? I mean, they weren't exactly the same but But there were similarities.
Yeah, you're right Something's up.
Question is, what? [tires screech] [devious chuckle] Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
[doorbell] Hi, delivery for molly.
Uh, are you sure You got the right place? This is molly mcgrath's residence, isn't it? - Wait, these are for my mom? - What's this? "to my darling, molly.
Not so long ago, you changed my life And one day soon I hope to change yours.
"yours truly, a secret admirer.
" - [huffs] - ooh, good golly, ms.
Molly! Seems someone's got the hots for you! Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Yeah, steel, don't be ridiculous.
What's so ridiculous? Your mother's charming, intelligent, And, if I do say so myself, quite fetching! But perhaps most importantly, she's available! Steel.
Max, I'm sure it's some kind of mistake.
But then again, you never know.
Like steel said, I am pretty fetching.
[gags] mom's aren't allowed to be fetching.
Would you prefer I call her a 'dish'? Ughh! I'm not listening! - Or perhaps 'babe' or 'doll'? - [laughing] - That's a good one! - Make it stop! [laughing] Hey, thanks again for checking into this, berto.
No problemo.
I was able to snake some dna samples from those uglies You've been taking took down over the last few weeks.
Check out what I found.
Each a' these guys were just average joes Until they were infected by some sort of virus.
A virus? Yea, but the strange thing is, each virus was a bit different.
Which is why each ugly was a bit different, too.
So this virusIt's evolving? Seems like it, yeah.
But into what? And why? Chill your bones.
These things take time.
But I'll get to the bottom of it.
Hey, fellas, what's shaking? Mysteries, mutants, and mayhem.
- You know, the usual.
- I hear that.
Say, uh, berto, just wanted to say thanks For fixing the rear thruster on my jump jet.
She's flying like a dream now.
- No prob, j! - Later, guys.
Oh, and, max, tell your mom I said 'hey' wouldja? Hey, jefferson, what's that supposed to mean? Uh, what's what supposed to mean? 'tell your mom I said hey.
' what's that mean? It means next time you see your mom tell her I said hey.
- So it was you.
- Me what? Uh, max-- Don't play dumb with me.
You sent those flowers! Max, really-- I've got news for you, jefferson.
My mom hates flowers.
Okay? And she's not interested in your jump jet With rear thrusters that run like a dream either.
Okay! Huh? You got that! Ugh! [groan] Uh-oh! [groans] Max? You know we're bros and I'd do anything for you.
But you ever touch me like that again And I'll mop this place with your face.
We cool? Totally cool.
And you owe me a corn dog! Well, guess maybe I'm a little more sensitive About my mom having a secret crush than I thought Ya think? Ahh.
[coughs] [snoring] Yah! [surprised] oh! Little close.
[yawns] mornin', mom.
Hmm, mom? Here's your breakfast, honey.
Huh! And what exactly is it? Oh, just some leftovers.
Yes, leftover noxious chemicals and waste it would seem Are you feeling okay, mom? Of course, max.
Never better.
Whoa, stop! You dare touch me?! [growling] Mom Chill.
It's meIt's [grunts] It's max [grunts] WhoaWhat just happened? Oh, did I do that? Ha! I'm such a klutz Actually, mom, why dontcha just go lie down for a minute? Ahhh! Uh, yeahYeah, maybe that's a good idea.
[coughing] Mom, are you okay? [gasp] I'm fine, sweetie.
Not much of a morning person, is she, your mom? Something's wrong.
I've never seen her like this before.
Well, love does do funny things to a person - Urgh.
- What? - It's a joke! - [loud crash] [grunts] Mom! Aargh! My mom's gone crazy! I'm thinking we should go after her.
Ya think?! [crash] Hah, oops! Where is she going?! Not sure but she's going there awfully fast! [grunts] [traffic sounds] That's it, time for a family meeting! [struggling] [yelps] Yargh! Mom, what on earth's going on?! What are you doing?! Who is this 'mom' you speak of? I only belong to one! Urgh! And I thought breakfast would be the most disgusting thing I saw today.
You won't stop me! Wanna bet?! [whoa] I think he might.
[growls] Whoa! What is this thing?! And how'd it come outta my mom?! I don't know But I say we make quick work of it! [grunts] [screams] ahhhhhhhhhh! Hmmm? [grunts] Eh? [groans] Oh-no Duck! [groan] Go turbo speed! [grunts] Is it just me or is there something a bit familiar About this goop gargantuan? Kinda busy trying to take this thing down, steel Hey you! [growling] Ugh! [murmurs] [grunts] Go turbo strength.
- Blehk! - Quick, my mom! Go turbo flight! [grunts] She couldn't have gone far! - But somehow she has.
- [beep] It's n-tek.
Max, I found out what's going on with that virus-- Forget the virus, berto, we've got bigger problems! My mom's gone totally berserk! Wait, whadaya mean? How? I mean she just shot a giant sludge monster At me and steel! I think you'd better come in.
[sighs] So I dug deeper into that virus we discovered And found something not so good.
It's man-made.
Those hulked out mutants you took on? Someone dosed 'em on purpose.
The virus was changing cuz someone was changing it-- Trying to perfect the recipe until it was just right.
And, max? The way this virus is transmitted Is by an airborne inhalant.
Like perfume or a car freshener or Or flowers.
Like the ones your mom got.
But why would anyone want to hurt my mom? Revenge.
Max, didn't I tell you that goop monster we fought Looked awfully familiar? I knew there was something fishy about those flowers.
I am here my master.
Yes you are, ms.
I'm so glad you were able to follow my directions.
After all, there are many more to come.
It's like I said in my note, You changed my life on that day you fired me from thi And now, we're gonna change yours! Take us to the last place you saw molly, max, we'll find her! And make toxzon sorry he ever crawled Outta the polluted pit he came from.
No mistakes, people.
This one is personal.
It all began with you, ms.
On that fateful day at thi Not only did I become the man I am today But I was introduced to that insufferable max steel! Don't you see it? All the pain I've had to endure! All the humiliation It's all your fault! So what better way for you to make amends Than by joining my cause? I think you mean 'our cause', boss! That's right, fishy.
We have a new partner in crime now! And her name is Toxziana! [deranged laughter]! This is it! This is where my mom just disappeared! I'm checking out copper canyon city schematics - There's a large underground waste canal right beneath us! Sounds like toxzon alright! Kat: There's a drainage shaft just ahead! She must've snuck in there Whoa What!? Aaargh! Max steel! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you! [screeches] - Mom - Careful, max.
Remember, toxzon doesn't know molly's your mom.
I see you're admiring my new assistant! Allow me to introduce you! - Toxziana - [snarls] Max steel.
Max steel, toxziana! And now that the pleasantries are out of the way Destroy him! Argh! You're going down, n-tek stooges! She's got all the powers of toxzon! Ugh! Yeah, I kinda noticed that! So what's the plan here? To run! She's my mom! I'm not fighting her! Shame she doesn't feel the same way Hah! Berto, come in What's up, max?! So my mom's acting like this all because of that virus?! 'fraid so! Looks like toxzon's perfected his formula.
A formula that makes normal humans just like him! Wait - are you saying she's stuck like this forever? No! Unlike toxzon, your mom hasn't undergone A chemical transformation, She's just been exposed to a viral bug.
- That's treatable but - But?! But it would take me at least a few weeks to figure out The right combination of counter agents and antibodies! We don't have weeks! There could be another way.
According to my data, While the virus completely infects the body, It only has a superficial hold on the mind.
Perish, max steel! Could've fooled me.
If your mom experienced something With enough emotional impact, She could revert back to her old self, at least, mentally.
Emotional impact? Like what? Ah, sorry - kinda busy right now! Ha! Crash and burn, you hunk a' junk! Emphasis on burn! Aaah! Ugh! Why can't cy.
Come with three lives? Whadaya say we give some friends a ride on air n-tek? I say all aboard! We got some party crashers! And unless we shake 'em we'll be the ones crashing soon! Easier said than done! - Forge: So crash! - Say again, commander? Deep six the jump jets and employ the submersibles! But how's that take down toxzon? - Forge: Just do it! - You heard the man, kat! Let's make a splash! You're not getting away that easy! Time for a change of scenery! Max, I think I know how we can impact your mom emotionally! Steel, I really hope This isn't another joke about her love life! No, it's about you! - What, come again?! - Remember at breakfast? Your mom was in that trance but she snapped out of it when you two locked eyes! Perhaps it's as simple as that-- seeing the face of someone you love! Guess it couldn't hurt to try 'specially since there's no one around to see.
Stop! - [snarls] - she isn't going to stop, is she? Whoa! Ugh! [grunts] Yah! [grunts] So much for no one being around Max! Max! Max! Wake up! - [evil laugher] - max, wake up! Come on, max! Wake up! Max! Max! [grunts] Fools! Did you really think a little water could save you? Not just any water.
Huh? That's not possible! When there's enough of it, it can kill toxic bacteria.
Right - it's hypertonic! It destroys the bacterial molecules! Huh! That makes sense.
Oh my powers! They're not working! - You imbecile! - Help! You're a scientist! You should've known that! ButButNo! Fishy! [grunts] No! Ugh! Mom! Mom, please! It's me! - [evil laughter] - mom! Stop! - [grunts] - no! Huh?! Max.
[gasp] Steeeeel! Go turbo strength! Gotcha.
Are you okay? Max, uh, why I am I dressed like this? Let's just say you had your first date With that secret admirer And hopefully your last.
[sighs] [cheers] Feelin' better, ms.
M? Much better, berto, thanks.
This antivirus we whipped up Completely reverses toxzon's formula.
If he ever tries this again we'll be ready.
Fortunately that won't be an issue.
Our sonar indicates he sank to the very bottom of the ocean.
No one could've survived.
He's gone.
And this is all that's left of him.
[laughs] Admit it, max, now you wish it really was me Who sent your mom those flowers, huh? Uh, ha-ha-ha, sorry I lost my cool with you, jefferson.
I guess deep down I was just worried about Someone replacing my dad Max, your father will always have a special place In my heart.
I know, mom.
Delivery for molly.
Huh? Okay, which one of you was it this time? - [laughter] - you still owe me a corn dog.