Max Steel (2013) s01e18 Episode Script


Ugh!!!!!!!!! You left me for dead twice before.
Woah! I promise you it won't happen again! [grunt] And I thought you animal lovers Were supposed to be the forgiving types! [snarl] Woah! Might wanna fact-check that one, max.
[grunt] [fighting grunts] Nice kitty! [growl] Ugh! Whadaya say we quit lying down on the job?! [fighting grunts] On second thought, maybe lying low's Not such a bad idea.
I say go turbo strength! [grunt] [fighting grunts] But we can take him, steel! Yeah, but that overpass can take us! Huh [fighting grunts] Huh? Woah! Ugh!!!!!!! Let's hope third time's a charm.
Is everything a joke with you? Hey? What's eatin' your circuits, pal? Never mind.
C'mon Let's make sure extroyer's really down For the count this time.
[grunt] He's gone.
Of course he is.
[deep sigh] Guess the waiting continues.
Waiting for what? It's not important.
Let's just go home.
Go turbo! Flight! [grunt] A cat may always land on its feet But to destroy max steel It's clear I'll need more than that I'll need more than what any of the beasts within me Can provide I'll need to become something truly primal [evil cackle] Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Hey, there ya are! I've been lookin' everywhere for you, pal.
You okay? Did you know that there are 200 billion stars in this galaxy? I could be from any one of them.
Working on your family tree again, huh? If they even have trees where you come from.
I wish you could understand, max.
I really do.
But you already know where you come from.
Your father was a great scientist and your mother -- Well, she's your mother.
And one of a kind.
Probably a good thing.
But what about me? Forge says there are millions of ultralinks.
Where do they come from? What do they want? Are they all like me? Let's hope not I'm serious, max! I'm so desperate for answers that II don't know what to do! Easy, easy buddy.
You always get worked up like this After we've tangled with extroyer.
He's got an ultralink embedded in him! If I could access it, maybe I could-- Whoa whoa, steel steel.
Keep it real, okay - that guy's nearly mauled us to shreds Every time we've met! Now you want us to get up close and personal with him? Come on! Forget it! I didn't say 'us' What do you mean? Sorry, max.
This can't wait any longer Wait steel! Come back! Hey come on! Can't we talk about this? Now that it's dark out, Extroyer's residual energy signature Should be easier to spot.
Score Time for the hunter to become the hunted.
[grunt] So majestic So fierce They're wise to fear you A creature like you has strength enough To crush anything orAnyone.
There it is That ultralink The key to who I am [grunt] I can feel it! Huh? Oh Hi there.
[grunt] Huh, max steel's pet drone! I am not some pet! Whatever you are, You're about to be exterminated! [grunts] What have you done to me? [roar] What? What is happening?! Uhh Ahh! Ahh! [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] Perhaps I should've thought this through a bit more Ah! I'll swallow you whole! Go for it! [fighting grunts] [coughs] [grossed out] talk about the belly of the beast! [groan] Now to finally get some answers [roars] S-something isW-wrong! Outputs aren't syncing Ahh.
Hey berto.
Have you seen steel? No, I haven't seen him.
You check your other pants? This is serious, berto.
Steel took off last night.
I shoulda followed him but, I thought he needed his space now he's mia! Huh? Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do Steel! You're back! And you're okay! Ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha.
I'm half crazy Half crazy Half cr-cr-craaaazy He's back alright, but I dunno about the 'okay' part.
Sunny and warm today with a chance of Mmm fried chicken - original or extra crunchy! What happened to him? I dunno.
He said he was gonna access the ultralink inside extroyer.
What?! Hey, good lookin'.
Wanna hit the town with me sometime? It must've shorted out his logic circuits You shoulda seen the other guy! Bam! [panting] Stupid droneHe fried us both [pained groan] Must find new energy regulator to repair the damage Good thing I know just the place to find one [grunt] Huh? Hello? Is someone there? Yes Your old friend troy winter! [gasp] But these days I go by extroyer! And if you want to live, you'll do exactly as I say! I heard you got a new look.
It matches your personality.
[grunt] You've got something I need.
What, a rattle? [fighting grunts] I am in no mood to play! Open the vaultThe one with the ultralink parts! Ultralink parts? But-- [grunt] Do it! Okay, no need to bite my head off! Don't tempt me What?! Where are the parts? Where's the nano energy regulator? That's what I was trying to tell you.
They're gone! Someplace you'll never get them.
Heh, aren't you clever.
Want a lollipop? [pained grunt] [fighting grunts] There's no escape! Steel, can ya hear me, buddy? Come on.
It's max! Max? M-m-mix? Tom mix Tex mex Fajitas! Frijoles! Muy caliente! That's terrible! His readings? No, his spanish! Well, can you fix him? I don't knowMaybe with a full reboot.
But that's risky.
Why? I'd have to shut down his main photonic pulse drive.
And in this condition, There's no guarantee it'd come back up.
What are you doing? Calling my mom.
Sounds like we're not gonna be home for dinner.
Here, I'll just patch you into thi.
What in the--?! [grunts] [grunt] Uh-max? [grunt] I'm, uh, kinda in the middle of something right now! I can see that! What's going on?! Max? As in max steel? No! The ultralink parts! The ones your n-tek pals took! I need one - the nano energy regulator.
Bring it here! And come alone, otherwise your friend is finished! [grunt] I've gotta save my mom! Have we got that nano-whatchama-thingee? Yeah, but how are you gonna give it to him? He wants max steel, and that means row, row, row your boat gently down the stream Snap out of it, steel! I need you! The party you are trying to reach is unavailable.
At the tone, please leave a message.
Beeeep! Uh, uh.
Steel? Go turbo speed! No, I said turbo speed Close enough.
Let's get that part and I'll jam over there on the turbocycle.
Uh- no way! If steel can't control your turbo modes, He certainly can't handle the turbocycle.
It's a long way to tipperary! I'll send cytro with you.
If anyone but me shows, he said he'll hurt my mom! Besides, you need to fix steel.
I'm on my own this time.
But, without your turbo wheels or n-tek backing you up, How are you even gonna get there? Max steel has his ways.
[chattering] I hope this is an express Just what are you hoping to accomplish here? [sneer] why, to kill two birds with one stone.
First I get the device to fix myself [pained grunt] After I'm repaired, I get my revenge and destroy max steel! You don't really expect him to just walk in here And hand it over to you, do you? [scoff] I've negotiated with him before.
He'd never do anything to endanger an innocent woman.
Well, he may be a gentleman But I'm not! [grunts] [screams] Then it's a good thing you're no longer of any use to me! [fighting grunts] No! Drop her! Huh? I mean uh, I mean hand her over! Max! [grunts] You have the device? [grunts] Take her! She's more trouble than she's worth! [whispering] you okay, mom? I'm fine, but you shouldn't have done that [grunts] Ah, that's better Oh no.
But for you, max steel, Things are about to get much worse You see, now that I'm fully functional again [grunt] I can show you my true wild side! [gasp] [loud roar] [loud roar] Looks like someone's cranky.
How 'bout I get you a nice banana? [roar] [grunt] Guess that's a 'no'? [fighting grunts] Woaah! Max! Ugh!!!!!!!!! [grunts] Extroyer's not the only one with a wild side.
[loud roars] My eyes! [grunts] I hate to be a backseat superhero But may I suggest going turbo? I can't switch modes! Steel's not here What? Then where is he? Take the following exit.
Albuquerque will be on your left Recalculating Recalculating Ugh, a complete motherboard sweep, A full syntax flux overhaul, and he's still getting worse! There's nothing left I can doExcept Risk a reboot and hope he comes back online.
Okay steel, now por favor, Por favor, por favorTurn back on.
Oh no.
He'sHe's [panting] [grunt] Playing hard to get?! [grunt] [scream] [fighting grunts] [laughs] Woah! Ugh!!!!!!!! Leave the hanging around to us apes.
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! No! Woahh! Going up? Go turbo flight! Steel! Cutting it a little close, weren't ya, pal? I should've never left you, max.
I'm sorry.
Not as sorry as extroyer's about to be.
C'mon, buddy! Let's go pound that primate! [fighting grunts] [growl] Miss me? [fighting grunts] Whoa! What is that? [grunts] He's heading for the top! Well he's not gonna get far.
[grunt] Woah! [grunt] Huh? Thought you wouldn't mind a little back up! You thought right! Sweet, then catch! Yes! [fighting grunts] [grunts] Ha! Missed me! [terrified screams!] Whoa!!! [terrified screams!] [cheer] [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] What's it take to get rid of you? More than you've got! Go turbo strength! [grunt] Ooh yeah.
I am vengeance.
Ugh!!!!!!!!!! I am destruction! [grunt] I Am Extroyer! [fighting grunts] [buzzing sounds] Ugh! Great.
Go turbo speed! [fighting grunts] Woah! [fighting grunts] I can't get him! Use turbo stealth! Wha? Woaah! Ugh!!!!!!! Turbo stealth only works for the turbo car! No, we used it when we took down that space ship! Space ship? Wow, you really did get your circuits scrambled.
Look! I'll show you.
Check this out! Go turbo stealth! Sweeet! [growl] Come to your senses have you max steel? Realized you're no match for my immense strength? [evil laughter] So.
Where are you hiding boy? Right here, bonzo! [fighting grunts] I've seen this movie And I'm not going down like that! [loud crash] [grunt] Go turbo flight! Don't you have something better to do? Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! No! [evil laughter] Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's gone.
[sigh] Hey I'm proud of you.
You did good.
But you do smell like a zoo.
Ha ha! Zoo.
So, you wanna talk about it? At first, it was just fragments, But the memories were so real.
But that stealth mode thing, I mean, we've never done that before.
But somehow we did! See for yourself! Wait, this isn't your memory, steel.
It's his - extroyer's ultralink's! This is all from his point of view! ButIsn't that us? Whoa.
That's definitely you but I'm not sure who that other guy is.
Unless Unless there was another max steel before me? But then, who was he? And what happened to him?! I don't know, max Well we gotta find out.