Max Steel (2013) s01e19 Episode Script

X Marks the Spot

This is all your fault! If you had fetched the transmitter at the dam, Our mission would not be delayed! Human slug! The blame is yours! Yeah, you're the one who let forge ferrus get away! Hmph.
He had all the information we needed! For the last time, I did not let him go.
He escaped! Yeah, cuz of your stupidness! Huh-oh, you're one to talk, flame brain! I'm earth, not fire! Who can keep track of you idiots? Y'urgh! Ugh!!!!!!! [evil laugh] You'll be sorry for that [grunts] Gentlemen! We are not going to get anywhere Fighting amongst ourselves! Now, it's true we didn't get the transmitter, But we did garner enough intel from forge to understand A bit about how it works.
And I've used that intel to create this An app that will lock onto the transmitter emission frequency! You dolt.
N-tek encodes all their frequencies.
That device is as useless as you are! Finally, something we agree on.
They'll see.
My device will work.
I will find that transmitter.
And when I do, they'll be sorry.
Dredd, elementor, but most of all Max steel.
Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Yeow! He-ha, you're it! [grunts] Not for long! Wa-ho-ho.
Ugh!!!! Oomph! Ugh!!!!! Nooo! Face it steel, I'm the king of turbo tag.
Well, king is about to get his comeuppance.
Yao! Ha! How ya like me now?! Not as much as I'm gonna like doin' this! Hey, who turned out the lights? The same guy who just shorted out the auto-doors! Ohhhh!!!!! Hah-ha! You okay, steel? I-I think so.
Good [yelps] Cuz you're it! [roars] No, you're it! No, you are! Ha-ha-ha-ha! You're it! You wish! Take that! Ow, that's my ear! Ha-ha! Urgh! [grunts] Ha! Take that! Ow! [laughs] [clears throat] Ahh [nervous laugh] Sorry.
Ahem! Yes, uh, very immature of us.
Hey! You're it.
Game over.
No take backs.
[sighs] Playing games.
Maybe that's why we still haven't captured dredd.
[sighs] It's been weeks since we began canvassing his mountain lair.
How many places can he be hiding? Actually, quite a few.
There's a network of tunnels down there That stretch a hundred miles long.
And dredd makes use of them all.
We'll get him, uncle ferrus.
We just need some time.
Time? We may be running out of time! The transmitter at the dam was nearly captured! It may not be long now until-- [clears throat] Uh.
Uh Uh, until what? This meeting is adjourned.
[sighs] Hey steel, what was that about The transmitter back at the dam? I don't know and you can bet they're in no hurry to tell us.
Yah, so we're out of the loop again.
Big shocker.
Not necessarily.
Ever since we caught a glimpse of that thing I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.
What's it do? Why do dredd and elementor want it? How come n-tek won't tell us anything about it? It could hold the answers to all our questions.
Who I am.
Who that other max steel was You really think that hunk of tech is that special? I do.
Which is why I swiped it.
Huh What's it do? I don't know.
There's always been too many prying eyes To try activating it.
At least, here at n-tek So.
Turn it on.
Why do I have to? Well, because you took it.
So I have to do all the work? 'kay, fine.
I'll do it.
Hmm Wait.
What? Maybe we should do this outside.
I mean, what if it's some sort of thermonuclear weapon? Then being outside probably won't make much Of a difference, now would it? Hmm, good point.
Well? Ah! Find anything? Nothing yet, mr.
Well maybe you're not looking hard enough! Or maybe you've tainted my genius device With your own stupidity! [grunt impact] How about we just turn it on together? OkayOn three OneTwoThree! Lousy.
Urgh! Urgh! Uh, mr.
Naught, somethin's happenin'! Nothing's happening.
We're still alive.
That's always a good start.
Hey, what are you doing? I dunno.
It's not doing anything.
Gimme that.
It seems to be trying to connect to some sort of network.
Whadaya mean 'network'? I don't know.
I thought this thing was supposed to give us answers! I told you, it's only part of the transmitter.
It just keeps spewing out a set of coordinates.
To where? Here.
Well then that's where we're going.
Ha-ha-ha! It's working! I'm a genius! Yes! I'm brilliant! Should I alert mr.
Dredd? Absolutely not! He had his chance but decided to insult me instead.
Now we'll fetch the transmitter And all the power that comes with it! Just the two of us? But what if there's trouble? [chuckles] Don't worry.
We'll be ready.
So, tell me again why we can't just fly to this place? It'd be a lot quicker.
Because your uncle ferrus has been on me like White on rice lately.
If we take an 800 mile joy flight, He'll notice and probably try and stop us.
He won't track your car And besides, I've always wanted to take a road trip! Ya know, come to think of it, so have I The signal's moving, mr.
Follow it.
And alert me when we're within range.
Ooooo! Look, the world's largest ball of twine is at this exit! Ooo! The world's tallest thermometer! And it's just up ahead! I don't understand it, max! These are your world's greatest wonders And you're just passing them by! They're not wonders, steel, They're gimmicks to get you to stop And spend your money.
Gimmicks?! Huh! I had no idea.
To think, I was almost taken in By something so ridiculous as [amazed gasp!] The world's longest hot dog?! Amazing! Hey!! Whadaya doing?! [scared cries!!!] Steel!!! I take it you wanted to stop? Heh.
Just to see what the suckers were spending their money on.
[beeping] We're closing in on the signal, mr.
Excellent And I'm closing in on coming into my own.
Soon everyone will respect and fear jason naught! Oh boy.
[chatter] Look at the robusticity of that bun, Look at the glisten of that dog I mean, look at this ridiculous gimmick! Then can we go already? We're almost at those coordinates and besides This thing's not that big.
[gasp panic cries] Ugh! Not anymore.
Was that really necessary? I like to make an entrance.
Jason naught?! Wha- c'mon! Now where's the transmitter? Over there.
[evil laugh] Fancy meetin' you here, naught! Max steelWhat an unwelcome surprise.
I can only assume you know what I'm here for.
Well, if it's to see the hot dog I've got some bad news.
Grh! Hand over the transmitter! Transmitter? He must have somehow tracked the component I stole.
Not happening, naught! Huh-hah, then the hard way it is.
Destroy max steel! Well, if that's your attitude Go turbo strength! Ugh!!!! He-hah! Seriously, I hope you recycle these things Cuz this is really a waste! It's true - You do have a way of trashing the dreddnaughts Which is why I installed a fail-safe.
[grunt] A fail-safe? [grunt] What fail-safe? [laughs] When they fail You're not safe.
Max, throw it away! [groans] [groan] Naught's rigged them to blow! You don't say! It's like we're in a mine field! We've gotta get out of here - fast! [grunt] Ugh!!!! Fast it is, go turbo speed! [evil laugh] More on the way So how do we take them down without them takin' us down?! Whoa! I say by using our height advantage! Go turbo flight! Now let's blast 'em! Puh-lease! Don't you think I thought of that? Whoa! They explode on impact.
Steel - follow me! Well I'm certainly not staying here! That's right, come to pappa Uh, they're not just coming, pappa, they're gaining! Ready, steel? Ready for what?! No time to explain! Just wait for my cue! This had better be one great cue! What the---?! Now - veer left! Nooo!!! Epic fail for the fail-safe, naught! FoolDid you forget? I'm designed for just such contingencies.
Whooooa! Ugh!!!!! [grunt] Hey, at least we scared him off.
I don't think that's it, max.
Why? What do you mean? I mean the transmitter component - It's gone! Beats me what it was doin' in that carBut now It's ours No It's mine.
But this isn't the whole transmitter - It looks like just a piece of it.
And it's only giving me a fragment of the data Is should be - just a single set of coordinates.
Set a course.
We'll get to the bottom of this yet! We gotta get that component back from naught! Right, if he gets to those coordinates Before we do then, thenWell, I'm not sure what happens but it's probably not good! All the more reason for us to step on it! Go turbo! Consider it stepped on! Now what? Now dig.
It's just over that mountainside.
[grunts] [gasp] Out of the way! [laughs] Finally, dredd will no longer be a concern.
Ugh, let me guess, max steel No.
The opposite, in fact.
D-dredd?! I-I was just about to relay my coordinates to you-- Ha-ha.
No need.
I had a tracking bug planted on your aircraft long ago.
And it seems for good reason I, uh, have a thing! Gotta run! [cries] Ah! You've been holding out on me, naught.
And this isn't the first time.
But it will be the last.
Your punishment will now be permanent!! Ugh!!!!! World's biggest ball of twine.
Pretty cool, huh? Now step away from theThe-D'ah, Whatever that is! Urgh! Max steel.
[roars] Whoa!!!! Go turbo flight! We've gotta get a look at what's in that box! [grunts] Let's concentrate on surviving this first! Whoa! Whooa! [grunts] Go turbo speed! [grunts] Whoa-oh! [grunts] [out of breath] We can't keep this up all day! We don't have to! Go turbo stealth! Huh? Where'd he go? [grunts] Not far! Go turbo strength! Ugh!!!!! Urgh! I'll show you shock and awe! [evil laughs] [grunting] [struggling] Ah, that's the stuff! [grunting] No! Whooa! [grunts] This may be the final curtain, steel No, there's one more act Que pasa, guys! Can I lend a hand? Ugh!!!!! Grh! Or, more accurately, Some photon rocket stingers and ionized laser incinerators? N-tek dogs! [grunt] [grunt] I've taken down the missing component, chief! Thank the stars.
N-tek's entire fleet is here! We have to retreat! We? I just topped off my turbo supply.
I can out fly their fastest jet.
What's your plan? [stutter] You've got to take me with you! I'll do anything.
I swear! Hmph, remember that.
[grunts] Whoa, what was that? That was dredd getting away Do you realize what kind of danger you just put us all in? If dredd had gotten away with that component you stole, Do you have any idea what could've happened?! Actually, uncle ferrus, we don't - Because you won't tell us! That's why steel stole that component! To get answers that you won't give us! Yes, to find out what's in this box! [sighs] You've gotta be kidding me.
It's just another transmitter like the one at the dam? There are thousands of them located across the globe.
It's a network.
A network you linked into.
But since you only had one component of the transmitter You only received coordinates to the transmitter You were closest to.
And since you activated that component Without any of n-tek's encoding hardware, Naught was able to track you down.
Our bad.
ButWhat do all these transmitters do? I mean what's the network? And what's dredd want with it? I think that's enough for today.
Let's move out! Hah! I could've called that.
Now, naught, as for the debt you owe me You will use all your technical acumen And make it so this device shows me n-tek's entire network.
Do this for me Or -else.
Yes, master dreddHeh.
Well, it wasn't exactly what we planned.
But a pretty unforgettable first road trip, huh? Oh, I don't know about 'unforgettable.
' Then again, there's still the trip back home! Huh-huh! Lemme guess Yep! World's largest thermometer, here we come!