Max Steel (2013) s01e20 Episode Script

Gone Fishin'

Ah, this is the life, huh, vin? Yup, heh, I've been needing this.
[sigh] Nothin' but you and me and a dark, vast, empty horizon.
Nothing to mess with us out here.
Away from extroyer, max steel, and that dredd guy.
I've been needing this.
Yep! Real far away Uhhh Let's just row a little closer Woa! Hey, I really got something here! This is the big one! Ha! [struggling] Almost [struggling] Ah! Huh? II don't know about that one.
I hear what you're sayin' too small to keep right, I gotta throw it back? [sighs] Hand me the measuring tape.
Come on! The measuring tape!.
Gah! Aw, there goes my catch of the day Uh, I think we've got bigger problems! [yelling] I can't swim! [gasps] Help me dwayne, I'm dwowning! [yelling] [coughing] Thanks, pal, I owe ya one! [aah!] Ah come one!, I'll take lessons, I promise! [shuddering] it's not that.
It's your hand Hey!!! Uh!!!! What is this stuff?! [screaming] So what are we dealing with here, people? We've taken water samples but are still awaiting results.
Whatever it is, it's infected The entire copper canyon coastline.
Not to mention a couple of unlucky fisherman But what's causing it? If I had to guess? Toxzon.
Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Whoa, whoa, what? Toxzon? Didn't we leave him 20,000 leagues under the sea? Right - the hypertonicity of the ocean Negated his powers and finished him off.
I'm not saying it didn't.
So then how's he behind this? Because we never recovered his body.
It's still down there somewhere.
And my hunch is, leaking out all that gunk.
Makes sense.
That suit of his was packed with All sorts of poisons and pollutants.
Then we scour the ocean floor and this time, We don't come up until we find him.
Let's move! What do we see? So far nothing, commander.
Yeah, some strange stuff but no sign of toxzon.
And stranger still, There's no trace of that yellow gunk down here.
So maybe it's not emanating from the sea floor? Hold on.
Huh, we'll check it out.
Something's showing up on my sonar.
What is it? Remember those fishermen? Huh? I'd say it's what was biting that day! And what's about to bite us! Aaah! [panicked breathing] Ow ow ow Ow.
How 'bout I lend a hand, chum! What? Oh no Ahhhh!!!!! Get it? Chum? Heh, like what they feed to sharks-- I get it - now let's get them cuz there's more coming! Go turbo strength! Huh? Steel?! What gives?! What gives is we're 500 feet underwater.
Turbo scuba will have to do but don't worry It's got some bells and whistles! Well then let's bust 'em out! Aye, aye, cap'n! Ugh!!! Max! Behind you! Now that's what I call fishing! Yeah, and don't worry about catching the limit Because there's more where they came from! Form a perimeter and unload on 'em! Like fish in a barrel! Ugh, another fish pun and I think I'll be sick.
SeaSick? Heheh.
Ow! Oh no.
[scared cries] Ready for the whistles now, steel! Right! Woaaa! [grunts] Bells, whistles, don't suppose we have anything else? Some uh-chimes? Maybe a kazoo? Aaaaaaah!!!!!! Phew! That was a close one! Thanks UhWho saved us? I'm baaack! Toxzon?! But you're-- And unless you give me what I want, The whole world will feel my wrath! Well, what do you want? Revenge? Riches? Glory?! No! I want fishy back! I'm sorryWhat? Return him, or these toxic seas and poisonous piranha Are just the beginning! Gah! Aaaahhh! Ugh!!!!!!!! What in blazes? Well I found toxzon.
Fishy?! You mean that fake plastic goldfish we found After we deep-sixed toxzon? The one he's always talking to? And thinks can talk back to him?! Yep, that's the one! And if we give it back to toxzon, He'll put a stop to all this? That's what the mephitic man says.
Then there's nothing to discuss.
We give him the fish.
It's just a worthless piece of junk.
We have nothing to lose by handing it over And everything to gain.
Case closed.
Toxzon is not getting that fish back.
N-tek is built on the principles of defeating these madmen, Not giving into their demands.
It goes against everything we stand for Everything we are.
We do not negotiate with terrorists.
Besides I threw that fish away.
You what?! You're kidding! Seriously? How was I supposed to know we would need it? You geniuses told me toxzon was finished! I still don't understand how he's alive! I'll tell ya how.
Remember those big tubes we found on the sea floor? Well I did some digging and they're not tubes.
They radioactive waste silos.
Dumped in the ocean before we had laws against it.
So what, they leaked open? No.
These things were built to last.
Triple fortified.
Shatter proof for a thousand years.
Once something's in there, it's not getting out.
UnlessSomeone let's it out.
Correcto! That's how he survived.
Best I can figure Toxzon sank to the bottom of the ocean Just like we thought But before the salt water took him out He encountered the silos And used the waste inside to rejuvenate himself! [laughs manically] Mother of mars.
So not only did it give him the power to survive in water But it gave him all sorts of new radioactive powers.
Like creating super fast super vicious zombie fish? And turning the oceans radioactive? Bingo.
And if we don't change them back quick, The entire aqua ecosystem could collapse! Can we develop an antidote? The only antidote is to suck up all the radioactivity And the only person who can do that is toxzon.
And without that stupid fish he'll never do it! Wait! We might not have fishy, but toxzon doesn't know that.
What if we just create a knock off and give that to him? Yes, I can generate a visual composite from my memory files! Then it'd just be a matter of fabricating a replicate model.
We don't have any other choice.
Do it.
And do it fast.
The tail doesn't look quite right Uhh The color seems a bit off here Ay carumba! Well, it's taken every state of the art, Bleeding edge piece of technology n-tek has got But I think we've done it.
So who's gonna make the hand off? We will.
Uh, so how exactly do we find toxzon to make the exchange? I dunno.
Maybe he'll find us-- Good call.
Have you met my demands?! Yeah! I have him right here! I give you Fishy! [excited gasp!] Hand him over! First de-radiate the ocean! You're in no position to negotiate! Aaargh!!!!!!!!! Okay, okay, here! Oh, fishy! How I've missed you! Did they treat you well?! Fishy? You're being awfully quiet.
Uh oh.
Relax, he's gonna buy it-- Impostor! Then again.
Fishy's right eye was one millimeter off-center! These eyes are perfectly aligned! Oh, uh, well You tried to trick me! [grunts] Go turbo speed! Aaahh! Woaaaa! Well, that didn't go according to plan! Good thing we've got a backup! Target toxzon and take him down with extreme prejudice! If he won't stop this radioactive fallout Then we'll stop him! Roger that, commander! Let's light the skies.
Fools! Perhaps I have failed to make it clear How powerful I have become! It's not just your oceans I can destroy! It's your entire planet! [growling] And since you refuse to give me what I want - My precious fishy -- That's just what I'll do! Oh boy Farewell max steel! Farewell world!!! No! So, whadaya think, steel? I'd say it's a million to one! What, our odds at winning? No How many of these radioactive goops We're up against! [growling] [growling] Go turbo strength! [fighting effort] Go turbo flight! Well, the good news is these things aren't built to last! But the bad news is toxzon has increased the potency Of the radiation! Go turbo stealth! Hey, well that's what the steelsuit's for, right? Yeah, about that There's only so much we can take before we start to breakdown! [fighting impacts] Breakdown? Then what happens? Then we're done for! Uh-oh.
Keep looking! That blasted fish has gotta be in this trash dump somewhere! Any luck, chief? No! What's our status? [buzzing sounds] No bueno! The whole world's starting to turn toxic! It's an environmentalist's worst nightmare! Wait a minute.
That's it! Everyone, follow me! Last time you n-tek stooges used the ocean against me! Well, now the tides have turned - And to a lovely shade of radioactive yellow! This stuff's shutting down all our main systems! We've gotta ditch! [screaming] [screaming] HmMaybe we should've thought this through a bit more Uhhh How bout a lift?! Huh? Yes! [grunts] Steelsuit is at 97.
3 percent radiation exposure, max! Hey, if you have a better idea, I'm all ears! Guys, heads up! [laser fire] Fools! You can't win! Uh [growls] Enough!!!! I can't believe I'm doing this.
Call off the goop squad or the fish gets it! Fishy? [anxious giggles] Is it really you? Of course it's me, you idiot! Oh, fishy, how I've missed the sound of your voice! Wow, you really are a head-case, toxzon.
Give him here! [clumsy catching yelp] Oh fishy, my fishy.
I thought you threw him away.
I did.
But then I realized - I tossed him in the recycle bin.
N-tek is an environmentally friendly Top-secret agency, after all.
And speaking of We had a deal, toxzon! Now return the oceans to normal! Deal? What deal? I said I'd suck up all this radioactivity I unleashed If they returned you to me.
Do it.
[grunts] It's workingIt's working! I can't believe he actually kept his promise.
Now let's get out of here, fishy.
What? Are you out of your mind? All that pollutant power you were about to destroy The earth with is now inside you! We're even more powerful than before! Oh [chuckles], I did miss you, fishy.
Now we can destroy n-tek and max steel once and for all! Ah, you're a genius, fishy! Why poison the whole world at once, When I can savor each and every moment! [fighting grunts] [fighting grunts] Go turbo flight! Say hello, to my little friend [grunts] Ow ow ow!!!!!!!!!!! [pained gasping] Goodbye, max steel! Ahhhhh!!!!!! Max! [laughs maniacally] [grunts] Now watch, as I destroy your precious city.
No! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!! Triple reinforced? And shatter proof for a thousand years.
Now that's putting a lid on things.
[laughs] [panicked cries] You can't keep me in here forever! No, but seeing as you have already escaped prison once, This will have to do.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to taking a long hot shower.
Yeah, me, too.
Extra soap.
[panicked cries] [sobbing] Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into Well, at least we're in it together! I can't believe it I'm saying this But it kind of makes me happy to see them back together.
Yeah, me too.
I guess in the end they kinda need each other Just like you and I, huh, steel? Hah! Yeah.
Of course, you're the fish in that scenario.
What? No way! You are! Am not! Are too! Fine.
Then you're one of those goop monsters.
The resemblance is uncanny.
That's, that is low.
You sure about this, dwayne? Sure I'm sure.
We can't let one bad experience spook us forever.
But you do realize We're fishing in the middle of the park fountain.
Baby steps, vin.
Baby steps.
[caw] [screaming]