Max Steel (2013) s01e21 Episode Script

Making the Grade

[crows cackling] We'll never make it, max! We've got no choice, steel! We have to! Loopty ooo! Time's running out! You have to let this go! Not gonna happen! Oooh!!! Ahhh!!! Seems we've hit the morning rush! No prob - we'll take the express lane! Woohoo! Ok hot shot.
What now? Dah!!! Go turbo! Flight! Whoo-hoo!!!!! Only 20 seconds left! Go turbo! Speed! [panting] Woah! Really? I'm a role model steel, gotta set a good example.
Clocks ticking [grunts] [panting] It's down to the wire! Huh, PhewMade it.
Now can you tell me why getting to class today Was such an emergency? Mister mcgrath! I have your results for yesterday's exam Oh yeah You failed! Uh, any chance I can get a, a make up? What you need is a make up for your entire student career! Ever since you enrolled here at copper canyon high, You've been constantly late, repeatedly absent, And academically atrocious! Don't suppose it would help to explain We've been saving the world every other day? I've had it with you, mcgrath.
Unless you get your grades up I'm not just going to flunk you Now do ya see the emergency? And I thought dredd was scary.
Uuuhh no.
I'm going to see to it, you're expelled from school! Oh boy Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
When you tapped into my ultra link, I realized the magnitude of your linking abilities.
Now it's my turn, to tap into you And unleash the power of all my forms combined.
[evil laughs] [bell ringing] Don't be so down on yourself, max.
It's not like you've been skipping school To hang at the local comic shop.
We've been fighting off super villains! Hey, that's no excuse for missing A good education, steel.
Tell me you're at least passing gym? It sure smells like you're putting forth the effort.
Yo brofessor, heard what happened.
Yeah, thornhill can be a real jerk sometimes.
Sorry max.
Thanks guys.
I-I guess I'm just gonna have to really buckle down and, Get my grades up.
Hey, it may be easier than ya think Yeah The school science fair counts for, like, half our grade.
And thornhill runs it dude.
If you ace that, you're golden.
Yeah Yeah that's totally it! I'll wow him with some super cool project And be home free! When are they due? Ah, you're joking right? Max, they're due today.
[chuckles] dude, check out mine! It's a diorama of the solar system! Looks more like diarrhea to me.
Mister mcgrath! Nearly all the science projects have been turned in.
So, where is yours? Oh, um, well-- [evil giggle] Oh, let's just get this over with hhmm Hey! The sooner I can flunk you, The sooner I can expel you! No, a, wait! [startled grunts] Hey! Uuuhhhh Hhmm UhICan explain you see Aahh, testing, testing.
Huh? Interesting.
Come, come, let's have the others.
Haha, 'when are they due?' good one, max.
Yeah, you had me fooled.
Ah crud [grunts] [mutters] Sometime this year would be nice, max I'm comin', I'm comin', Don't get your electrodes in a knot It's not my fault thornhill clocks in A twenty hour work day.
Ha-ha! Another failure! Yes, the man seems to really love his work.
[grunts] Always running out of red ink! Huh! Good thing I always keep a spare pen.
Ah, would it be too much to think you might try studying You okay, buddy? Let's just go.
Right W-woah.
What? If you leave, I don't have a science project.
So? So, you heard thornhill earlier.
My entire academic career is on the line here steel.
Just what are you suggesting? Oh you got one right, oh, surprise surprise.
Look, no one recognized you.
And if you stay still no one will.
As long as we link up once every eight hours We'll be fine! But what am I even supposed to be?! Hm, good question I'm sure you'll think of something! I gotta run! Gotta run? Don't leave me! [falling scream] Go on, touch it.
Aahh, I dunno C'mon, it's the only way I can prove my thesis! Um, okay [yelps] [laughs] And what exactly is your thesis, butch? [laughing] That there's a sucker born every minute! I got kirby down for 8:33am.
Who's next?! [pain yelps] Steel? Steel?! Where are ya, pal? Up here! Behind the curtain.
[sighs] I've been looking everywhere for you.
It's almost been eight hours! What are you doing? Don't ask me.
Thornhill plopped me down on this thing after prodding at me For hours last night! Yikes.
Well Did he seem impressed? Is that all you care about? You're right, you're right.
I'm sorry.
This was a bad idea.
C'mon, let's just get you out of here-- Mister mcgrath! You're not allowed to be up here! Down with the others! Uh, ok, a yes, sir Everything okay? No, it's not.
I blew it with thornhill.
He didn't even put my project on display.
[clears throat] A-attention! Attention! Thank you.
Ah, thank you all for participating In this year's science fair.
You all did very, veryAdequately.
All of you except for one.
[sighs] Here it comes.
Max mcgrath! It was nice knowing you guys.
Congratulations! Huh?! You've won this year's top prize with your fine invention [cheers] The self automated shoe warmer! Come everyone, hoho, come on, a, give it a try! Huh? He's gonna kill me.
Haha, way to go, buddy! Wow, a shoe warmer, huh? Uh yeah, I-I guess that works.
Ay yi yi Do you have a 4? Go fish.
Hold on it's my turn.
No it's not.
Yeah it is.
Uh! You two imbeciles be quiet! I'm trying to read the copper canyon high-school times! I don't get why he reads those stupid high-school papers.
Me neither.
Go fish.
I read them for the articles.
Kids are smart these days.
Need to know what they're thinking.
Go fish.
What's this? Science project? That's no science project.
There you are my little ultralink.
I found you.
I don't know what you're doing At some school science fair, and I don't care.
Me neither.
Go fish.
[grunts] [yelps] All that matters is soon, you will be mine! I am destruction! I am extroyer!!! Go fish.
Seriously, dr.
Thornhill, I'm glad you liked my project and all But --ah - can I get him back now? Ha, 'him.
' hoho, it's lovely the way you Anthropomorphize your inventions.
Is that the secret to your success? Uh, yeah, yeah, sure.
Ah, so, where is he? Well max, you must understand, When one has a truly great idea, That idea no longer belongs to just you.
Oh no, it belongs to all of humanity.
But dr.
Thornhill, it really wasn't that great of an idea-- [laughs] I beg to differ! Why else would I have received the call I did this morning.
Call? What call? Someone offered the school a rather sizable grant Just to get a look at your little gadget.
What?! Who?! Oh, I never did get their names.
But I made the hand off just moments ago.
You might still be able to catch them [panting] Steel?! I'm right here! In the back of the car! Max!!! Steel!!! This isn't good.
Oh, no! Ugh!!! That's it, thornhill! I'm not some shoe warmer I'm-- [yells] I know exactly what you are.
And I should be going.
[fighting grunts] [yells] [growls] [fighting grunts] Ha! Going somewhere? I think not.
[fighting grunts] There is no escape.
Aaahhhh!!!!! I should destroy you for all the trouble you've caused.
[moans] Ever since our little scrambling incident I've been thinking [yells] When you linked up with me I truly went haywire ButWhat if there was a way to control that chaos Control it and use it to not only to destroy max steel But to destroy anyone who crossed me! Sure you don't wanna just take me out As originally planned? NoYou have a different fate.
You're going to help me achieve great things.
Great and terrible things Whadaya mean steel is missing? I mean he's gone! And I don't know where.
He's must be out of commlink range.
But how? What happened? Well, uh, you seeUhMy teacher gave him to someone.
(all): Your teacher?! Aye yai yai.
What was your teacher doing with steel? Look, it's a long story But the point is I think he's in trouble! We have to find him.
I'll say.
Eight hours without linking up and you two are goners! How long's it been so far? Oh I'd say about Seven and a half hours.
Then there's no time to lose.
We've tracked steel's energy signature before, There's no reason we shouldn't be able to do it again.
I have something, commander.
That was fast.
Is it him? II'm not sure.
There's some kind of interference.
Like steel's signal's being crossed with something else Not something.
Look! Ahhhh!!!!! That's right, come to me.
What better way to test the new me Than with an old adversary Extroyer.
[struggling] Steel! Two ultralinks truly are better than one! Now, not only can I bend the laws of nature, I can break them! [growl] Whoa! Oh no! Mother of mars [loud roar] [loud roar] Blast that thing to atoms! No! You'll hurt steel! Sounds like we need a more precise method of attack! Uh How is that more precise? Don't worry, max, these rockets are laser guided And I've set their trajectories to only hit extroyer! No bueno! He's knocked cytro offline! Ugh!!!!! And now he's coming for us! [fighting growls] He's on our hull! And ripping us to bits! [grunts] Let's just hope max doesn't blow us to bits first! [grunt] Without steel, I can't contain all the turbo energy I'm generating And without turbo energy, steel can't stay powered up.
If steel deactivates, Extroyer won't be able to use him But then he'll be lost for good.
Not an option.
Which is why I'm goin' after him! [panting] Max wait! You'll need back up.
And this Unless you want extroyer having face time with max mcgrath.
Argh!!!!!! Let's not tell your mother we did this.
[grunts] I may not have my turbo modes without steel But I've still got turbo power! Raaargh!!!!!!! I'm comin', buddy! Did thornhill give us an 'a'? What's this?! Whoa-oa! Hey ugly! It's party time! [pained shrieks] Ah crud.
[grunts] [laughs] [grunts] Still got it.
Uncle ferrus!! [grunt] Steel! You okay, buddy?! What's it look like?! Yeah you're right, dumb question! Hey! What do you think you're doing? Aaargh!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!! I preferred being in the shoe! [grunt] C'mon, time to get the band back together! Yessir! Go turbo! [yells] Max steel! I should've known! And you should know better than to take me on! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! It's not just him, eight-eyes! Yaaa!!!! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!! Oops Steel! Steeeeel!! [grunt] Like any other pest, You're nothing the back side of my boot can't handle! [grunts] Try squashing this! Heh heh Nice little kitty [growl] Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! Gotcha! ThanksBut you do realize I have a hover feature.
Ah, steel? Not to alarm you or anything But We're seconds away from being blown to bits.
Aw, you really did miss me, didn't you? Well, I missed you too.
Hurry! I'm empty! Go turbo flight! [fighting grunts] Holy toledo! [struggle] How about a nice barbecue forge kabob! I'm not anyone's dinner.
[loud growl] No? How about lunch? Not today! Go turbo strength! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! It's over, extroyer! For you, maybe! [growl] [laugh] Seriously! What is this, hot potato?! The drone is mine! Not gonna happen, nature boy! [struggling grunts] I don't know about you guys, But I don't want to hold hands anymore! Let him go or all three of us are through! If that's what it comes down to, fine! But I'm not letting him go.
Not again.
[growl] You're crazier than I thought, max steel! Aaargh!!!!!! Whoa!! Go turbo flight! Ugh!!!! You okay, steel? I am now, max.
[sighs] [gasp] This isn't over! I don't need steel to defeat you! I still have all manner of beast to ravage you with! [roars] Yeah? And I've got all manner a' turbo modes that say otherwise.
Go turboSpeed! Scuba! Stealth! Strength! Ha-ha! We have more! And don't forget about us.
No sudden moves.
[sigh] Except one.
The insidious little device you hooked me up to? Come on.
Hand it over.
Very well After all, these little pieces of tech Can be so unpredictable.
He rigging it to blow! Catch! [grunt] Get out of there! Fire in the hole! Ah crud.
Uncle ferrus! Are you alright? Never felt so alive.
Let me guess Yep.
Extroyer's gone [nervous laugh] My bad.
So I decided to create a new science project! Yeah, and one that you did by yourself this time.
Even though that stinky old klutz dr.
Thornhill Gave away my last science project.
Mcgrath! I see you've created another science project.
Uh It's quite a step down from your last one.
[nervous laugh] But uh, you show potential and if you work hard enough You might yet be able to pass this semester.
[nervous laugh] [bell ringing] [siren wailing] Looks like trouble.
Whadaya say? EhI sayLet the police handle it.
Well, at least, this time.
After all, I've got homework! Mcgrath! You're late! Yeah I know.