Max Steel (2013) s01e23 Episode Script

Pick Your Poison

[panting] Ugh!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ugh!!! [growls] [grunts] Ya know, sometimes I wish I was attached To the back of you.
When we're taking on elementor [grunts] I really don't think it matters.
Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Go turbo! Strength! It doesn't matter how strong you are, max steel Not with the four of us finally working as one Yes, you've given us a common cause And it's to cause you pain! Ugh!!! I'm kinda getting that.
Go turbo! Speed! [growls] Whoa! [grunts] Ah! Go turbo stealth! [grunts] Ah yuk!!!! That's it, you asked for itGo Turbo cannon! [battle cry] Ugh!!! Uh, go turbo, turboSteel? Line? Anything with us begging for mercy seems appropriate.
[grunts] Ugh!!! You're finished, max steel! [grunt] Looks like we're late to the party! [grunts] [growls] Taking attack formation-- No! Ascend and go super sonic! But-- do it! [growl] Ahhhhh!!!!! I don't understand, commander, why didn't we engage him? Because we would've lost.
Huh? Just like we've lost every other battle with elementor Since he reconstituted himself.
He's been after you for weeks now, max.
And it's been sheer luck that we've been able To fend him off But luck won't last forever.
The truth is, for the first time ever, n-tek is out-matched.
Whoa, so what are you saying, commander? That we should just give up? No, we have one last option.
It's a long shot, incredibly risky.
But it may be our only chance And max's only hope.
Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Max, steel, listen up.
Elementor has been kicking our butts for weeks now.
So far we've been able to stop him But it hasn't been easy.
We've lost scores of battle craft And some of our best agents have been injured.
We're sorry, uncle ferrus, steel and I feel terrible.
Yeah, we're the ones supposed to be saving the world, Not needing to be saved ourselves.
It's not your fault.
Since the elementors started working with a single purpose, They've become more powerful than ever.
And we've become more desperate.
But what can we do? It's like you said, n-tek is out-matched.
Which is why we're going to look for help from someone else.
Someone elementor will never see coming (all:) toxzon?! Aye yai yai.
Think about it: If we can get toxzon to cooperate, His twisted genius could help us cook up a formula That will take elementor down for good.
Why would toxzon ever cooperate with us? I'm sure you two will figure something out.
Wait-- Us?! You two are the only ones who have a relationship with him.
This relationship, needs a therapist.
We're out of options.
Elementor will stop at nothing to get to you two.
We need to act.
Uhhh Ahh! So the radioactive cat says, "nine lives? Try 18 half lives!" [chuckles maniacally] Get it? Have I told you this one before? [sigh] Only about a million times! Well excuuuse me! Same ol' toxzon.
[grunt] You! Aah! How's it going? Since you vacuum sealed me in this unbreakable waste silo? Argh! Argh!!! Argh!!! How do you think?! Perhaps not the best way to start.
What do you want?! Oh, uh, nothing really.
Just kinda wondering if maybe, Ya know, we could, heh heh, I don't know get your Uh Your help? [laughs maniacally] Uh, is that a 'no'? Of course it's a 'no' you n-tek stooge!! But-- No, max, forget it.
This was a bad idea.
Let's just go.
Steel, what are you doing? Trust me After allToxzon's probably not smart enough To help us anyway.
What? Not smart enough? Oh, don't get me wrong.
You're bright and all.
But it would take a real genius to figure this out.
Figure what out? Oh, just how to take down a fifty foot elemental monster.
Elemental monster? Yeah, we're kinda stumped on how to beat him.
Ha! Of course you are! You and all your n-tek cronies are imbeciles! Imbeciles? Now just wait a minute, okay? That's completely-- Completely accurate.
We're all total and utter Buffoons.
Which is why we need you.
Allow me confer with my associate.
What do you think? Yes, yes that's true.
Ah, I see.
Uh-huh, good point.
Very good point.
Very well.
Okay then We have some conditions.
He wants what?! Two dozen throw pillows Cable tv with the premium channels.
A loofah body scrubber Some scented candles No vanilla.
Right, no vanilla.
And a stationary bike And what do we get in return? He says he'll consider it.
Consider it!?! He wants to see what we're up against first.
So then, what? He wants to view our data discs on elementor in action? No He wants to see him up close and personal.
A little lumpy but it'll do.
[sigh] I can't believe we're doing this I know! We barely survive elementor when we're doing Everything we can to get away from him! Now we're seeking him out? Wait, I thought you were all for this idea! I thought you were! Can it, you two, seems we won't need to seek out Elementor after all Oh thank goodness.
He's already found us! Max steel! Come out and play! Aaargh!!!!! Brace for impact! Max already has - look! Go turbo pulse! [grunts] Ooh.
Pretty colors! Everyone ok? Ugh!!!!!! Woaaaa! But where'd all these stars come from? C'mon! [roars] Whoa!!!!! HmWater, air, earth, and fire All working together as one.
Intriguing He really is quite the specimen.
Glad you're impressed! So have ya seen enough?! No! No no no; I need a compositional sample! Say what?! If I'm going to develop a plan of attack I need to know his corporeal structure! Steel, care to translate? Sure: We're gonna need to get waaay too close for comfort! [growls] Aw, I was afraid you were gonna say that Argh!!! If I can just get within wing's reach of elementor, I should be able to scan him And get the data toxzon's looking for! [roar] Yeah, and what's to stop him from crushing us like a bug? A new turbo mode! After our last run-in, I figured we could use one! [roars] I'll say! How's it work?! [growls] Perhaps it's best I just show you.
What? You call this a new mode? I look almost exactly the-- Wha! Yes, exactly the same-- three times over.
Huh? What? I call it turbo clone mode! And I call it awesome! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Which one's the real max steel? That one! [panting] Hey! You! Huh, that one! No, it's that one! Hah! Good to go! Then let's get gone! Go turbo, flight! [panting] [roars] [chuckles] [growl] [taunting laugh] [roars] He got away! Again! The data steel collected is exactly what I needed! Now let's go, we've got work to do! Oh, and also I have a few additional conditions.
[sighs] Give him what he wants.
Let's just get this done.
It's simply a matter of concocting a toxic formula That will neutralize all four of elementor's natural properties And undermine his xenogenetic composition Wow, he really is good.
What's that, fishy? You need a bathroom break? Very well Everyone turn around! Crazy.
But good.
Where'd you learn your lab technique? A sandwich shop? Now thiiis is more like it.
Uhhhh, what's the thread count on this robe, I do hope it's over 1000, Can you check on that for me.
I know n-tek wouldn't want me to be uncomfortable.
You show all the attention to detail of a toddler! Set those things right over there.
Remember! I said no vanilla candles! Those better not be vanilla! Thanks to me, You might actually make it as a scientist one day.
Just what are we looking at here? You're looking at my genius! This serum will render elementor completely powerless! It's some complicated stuff but I think it adds up.
A direct shot at elementor's ultralink core Should do the trick What in blazes?! It's elementor He's attacking the base! [roars] No more runnin' away max steel We'll flush you out [screams] ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Turn up the heat And leave you gasping for air! Now how could I turn down an offer like that? [roars] [evil laugh] You sure this is gonna work, steel? Seeing as how elementor has taken down All of n-tek's defenses, agents, and battle crafts? It's got to! He hasn't taken down every agent! Woo! Max needs to fire off a direct shot At that elementor's core for the serum to take effect! We need to buy him time! Consider it bought! Wakey, wakey, cytro! [roars] He's distracted! It's now or never! Berto, now! [yelps] [laughs] Who's idea was it to add tactile feedback? Ahhh!!!! Uh-oh, steel? Let's improvise! Uhh.
Ugh!!!! Woa! Ugh!!!! Huh? Where'd he go? I'm close, max steel And so is your end! Aaahh!!!! Aaaahhh!!!! Woa! Ugh!!!!! [groans] Max is down, we've got to do something! No, wait! Aaahhhh!!!!! Ugh!!!!! [growls] What Is Happening To us?! Never thought I'd be saying this to you xander, ButThank you.
No, no.
Thank you.
[growls] Uh, what gives? [roars] You really thought I was helping you Take down that thing for a lousy loofah? You really thought I needed to prove to you How I smart I was? I know I'm smart! I'm a genius! That's how I was able to do what I did! Uh, what did you do? I didn't concoct that serum to take down elementor! [roars] [yelps] I created it to put him under my control! Aaah! We're under attack! Elementor! [gasp] Unbreakable silo? We'll see about that! Elementor, let's blow this joint! What's elementor doing?! From the looks of it Whatever toxzon wants! Urgh!!!!! I'm back, baby! Arghhhh!!!!!!! Ah! I've got to hand it to you fishy, This was a fine plan.
I do what I can.
Enjoy the moment cuz it's not gonna last! My friend here begs to differ Sick him, elementor! Uhhh Argh!!!!!!!! It was tough enough dealing with all four elementors Working as one Now toxzon's in the mix, too? [grunts] Ugh!!!!!!! Aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!! Woaaa! You know, I've never really been much of a dog or a cat person Ugh!!!!! So it quite pleases me To have finally found my perfect pet! Again, elementor! [struggling grunts] Good boy! Aaah! Whoaaaa!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!! Let's hear it for teamwork! [groans] Wait, that's it, teamwork You're finished max steel! Argh!!!!! No one can save you now! Take it down! [roars] Hull breach! Code red! Move! Move! Let's go people! [siren wailing] [panting] Oh no! [hisses] Alrighty thenAll together now! [roar] Max steel is, no more! The deed is done! Max steel is finished! [roar] N-no no no! It's those stupid clones! Destroy them all! [fighting grunts] Too many maxes [grunt] And not enough toxzons! [fighting grunts] Go turbo strength! [roars] [growls] Huh? W-whatWhat happened to us? Someone was controlling us The serum It's effect is wearing off! Don't just sit there elementor, attack! You! We've been under your control this whole time!? Yeah, I did it! So what?! So this! Uh oh.
Time to roll! Stay back! You're supposed to do what I say! Now, heel! We are not your personal attack dog, But we can still take a bite out of you! Hold still! Hmm, should we go after them? So they can turn all that rage against us? Steel's right, Elementor's attack left n-tek totally compromised.
Head back to base and regroup.
The good news is that even though toxzon escaped, His formula should help give us a whole new range of tactics To take on elementor.
So does that mean n-tek is no longer out-matched? Affirmative.
In factWe're upgrading our battle craft right now.
If toxzon or elementor try anything, We'll be ready.
And so will we.
Huh? Yep.
Every last one of us.
Uhh Heh.
It may have taken some of our worst enemies working together But now we realize Whoa!!!!!! Teamwork's a beautiful thing.
Wouldn't you agree, coach?! Hey! What are you doing?! Knock it off! Come on, I mean it, put me down! That's an order! [laughs] I'm your commanding officer.
W-what! Put me down!