Max Steel (2013) s01e24 Episode Script

Thanks, I Think

Hey, you two! I was thinking about heading over to thi.
- Wanna join? - Are you nuts? No way - I'm sticking to late night tv For my zombie fix nowadays.
Aw, c'mon, kirb, it's totally safe now.
And they've got a new fully-immersive 5d holo-sim Video game system in development! Eh Nah, I'm good.
Syd? How 'bout you? They just opened a brand-new science wing! Got lotsa super cool cutting-edge tech! Sorry, max.
We got something else going on.
C'mon, kirby What gives? Something I've long suspected: Sydney and kirbyAre an item! wise guy.
Something's up And I'm gonna find out what.
I gotta say, boss, I'm glad we're finally outta The revenge business and back to - Good ol' fashioned grand larceny.
- Seriously! I'm way behind in my finger puppet of the month club dues.
What? It's relaxing! Besides, taking on max steel Was becomin' real bad for our health.
Actually, your health mostly.
I told you Don't mention that name.
eh Sorry, boss! Don't mind us! We're stupid! How 'bout we just change the subject, huh? yeah, good idea.
So what's this big heist we're doin'? Bank job? Some billionaire's pad? Jewelry store? That.
Copper canyon natural history museum? Good call! Uh Museums have tons a' priceless stuff! Indeed they do.
Timeless, even A new exhibit is on display and it's time for this hunter To extroy a little vengeance by going prehistoric Let's Go turbo! I'm max mcgrath.
Here's my buddy steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max steel.
Hey, you two.
So what are you guys doing? We're creating a statue to honor our hero, max steel! Oh, they shouldn't have.
They truly shouldn't have.
We wanted to do something to thank him For all he's done for the city.
And for us.
After all, max steel has saved kirby and I I don't know, how many times has it been, kirb? - HuhI've lost count.
- Exactly.
Wow, that's really nice but you guys don't have to do this.
I'm sure max steel knows how you feel.
How would he? Um, turboClairvoyant mode? He's got that, right? Ya Okay.
No offense, max, But you probably can't understand.
You're never around when max steel is.
Kirby's right.
The only thing you two really have in common is your name.
Gaaah! Sorry - forge's ring tone.
Aaaah! I thought you were gonna change that.
Change what? Extroyer is on the prowl again.
- Where? - Huh? - Downtown! The museum! - Then let's roll! - Where?! - What? Uh? Oh.
To the car wash.
For a haircut.
You know what I mean.
I never know what he means.
No But he is right.
We shouldn't have done this.
We should do something even better.
Whadaya say we put the pedal to the metal? I say 'steel' is the most metaly of metals! Woohoo! Told you to get that tail light fixed.
Berto said he fixed it.
Shall we try this again? Let's go stealth.
Not smart.
There's the museum.
But where's extroyer? Aaaah! I'm guessing inside.
Oahhhhh! c'mon, extroyer! Everyone knows you're not supposed to touch the exhibits! You should know better than to interfere in my affairs! Go turbo! Strength! Guess I'm just all brawn and no brains, huh? So what's up, ex.
Looking for a little culture or what? Ugh! Whoa! Come on, it's this way! Then 'that way,' it is! Go turbo! Speed! Ugh! I am extroyer! Go turbo.
Pulse! Alright, nature boy.
Where'd he go? I don't knowThere's no trace of him.
What's that? I don't get it.
I mean, what was this all about? I don't know but I do know extroyer So I guess he's up to no good.
What happened here? Max steel got into it with that extroyer psycho.
That nut just won't let up.
Okay, folks, it's over, go on home! Ya know, kirby, I think I figured out How we can properly thank max steel.
How's that? By taking down extroyer.
I still don't see how we're gonna take down extroyer.
Even max steel hasn't been able to do that! I'll tell you how, kirby-- Because we're just a couple of teenagers.
He'll never see it coming.
There's no way we should stand a chance! Yeah, we shouldn't.
Because we don't! That's the problem! We don't.
Which is why we're here.
Hey, guys, ya ready? Huh? Ready for what? Syd said you wanted to check out all that thi tech, after all.
Oh, right I do! Totally! Eh, then right this way.
So much has changed since the last time you were here.
Our safety protocols have been completely revamped.
They're cutting edge.
As you know, thi is tirelessly working To advance the exploration of space.
To that end, we've designed some technologies That experiment with suspended animation Ohh, you mean like cartoons on pause? no, kirby, Suspended animation is inducing a kind of hibernation.
Hibernation? So, um Those things put you to sleep? They're still in their developmental phase But they're quite promising.
And potent.
- Distract them.
- Huh? Distract them! Ow! Uh, uh, uh, video games! Is this the new 5d holo-sim video game system Max told me about? - NoThat's the office phone.
- Oh.
Now if you'll follow me Still, sweet ergonomics.
Sorry we let max, er, that guy get the jump on us, boss EhYeah, promise we'll do better next time.
No apologies! Everything went just as planned.
Huh? But we had to book it before we could grab any swag! Yeah, all ya ended up getting was that one lousy rock.
Thick-skulled galoots! This is no rock! It's amber! Fossilized tree resin! Oh.
And that's better because? Because of what's inside it A single blood sucking mosquito.
And that's better because? Because 60 million years ago The blood this mosquito sucked was from a dinosaur! And now the precious dna of that beast is mine.
This was never about money! This is about stopping max steel! Don't you see? Until he's destroyed we're not the hunters, We're the hunted! Not about the money? Aw, those finger puppet people are gonna kill me! So then it's revenge? Again? No, this time will be different.
This time Max steel will face the most powerful creature To ever walk the earth! So it is revenge.
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Uh Ya know, on second thought, I really think a nicely-worded thank-you note Would let max steel know how we felt just fine.
This spot is perfect.
So what now? We wait and hope extroyer makes an appearance and You zap him? HaOf course not Ah! The max steel outfit from the statue? I thought we ditched that idea.
We did.
But we need a lure.
Something to bait extroyer to come at us.
And there's nothing that doesn't get him drooling like max steel.
Whoa whoa whoa - wait, you want me to pretend to be max steel? I would do it myself but I'm a girl And it just wouldn't be believable.
Though it may still be more believable than this.
Maybe if we just fill it out Uhh EhSorry.
Well, for what we lack in realism We make up for in fire power Time for a turbo blue light show! What have we here? Go turbo! Uh, turbo Turbo, I'm kinda hungry? Oh, brother.
Whoa, did I just do that? Sweet! Uh.
Go turbo: Kirby's awesome! Whoa.
Hey, syd! I think I'm gettin' the hang a' this! - Check it! - Um.
I'm invincible! Ahhhhhhh! Extinction time, max steel! Ahh! I just wet my pants.
Ahhhhhhh! Kirby! Run! Say good night! Ahhhh! Huh?! I feel funny.
Guess those things weren't made with dino skin in mind.
Kirby! Come on! Stay still, you little runts.
Ahhhhh! Syd.
Ahhhhhhhh! Syd.
But I'm afraid the nose knows.
aha! Ahhhhhhh! Huh, you're not max steel! No! Hey, pea brain.
Ugh! Max steel.
I think you've been out in the sun too long, extroyer! You're lookin' a little scaly.
Go turbo! Canon! You guys have to get out of here.
Now! Ugh! Gah! Ahhhhhhh! Go turbo.
Nothing beats hi-tech like old school! We'll see about that What's wrong, ex, No upper body strength? It's true, t-rex wasn't the most 'hands on' type.
I suppose I'll just have to think on my feet! Uh-oh.
Ugh! Ugh! Oh boy Ugh! Bad news, max.
His striking power Is greater than anything we've faced! Whoah! Ugh! - Meaning? - Meaning there's only so long we can last Before the steelsuit is scrapped! NoWe were supposed to help max steel - Not help extroyer take him out! Hey Is this where I catch the trolly? Can I get a seat in the sleepy car? Huh? Ugh! The inoculator! Go turbo-clone! Ya know, I finally get how no one knows What took down the dinosaurs 'cause I have no idea how to take down this one! Then may I suggest we do What all the other critters did back then? - Run! - Gah! Go turbo! Speed! Last one! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Five thousand pound dino coming your way! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Ugh! Oh no Ahhhhhh! Ugh! We've gotta lead him away from all these people! There's no escape, max steel.
Max! One last burst of turbo power! Ahhhhhhhh! Go turbo! Strength! Ugh! Yes! I've been waiting for this a long time, max steel.
I've often wondered what turbo energy tastes like.
Max! Catch! No! I am vengeance I am destruction I am-- Ahhhhhhh! W-whatIsH-happening? NoNoo.
Noooo Yes! Okay, now I really need a shower! you saved us again.
How can we thank you? I should be the one thanking you, syyyy-vilian! Uh.
It was your quick thinking that meant extroyer Finally got his snack.
And now he's in a serious food coma nice outfit.
N-tek? We got a pick up for ya And it's one for the ages.
Woohoo! Wow, that's an unbelievable story! So You lured extroyer out! Ya saved max steel from getting eaten alive! Then helped zap that one-man menagerie to sleep? I mean, kind ofI guess.
I'm still pretty sure it was just a video game.
Well, sounds to me like max steel Owes you two a big thank you.
Really, ya think so? Yeah? Absolutely! And you know what that means? What? You don't have to thank him anymore! Huh, maybe you're right No maybe about it! Max is right! Max is right! But then again, Extroyer's just one of max steel's arch rivals There's still elementor, dredd, toxzon Oh, makino have mercy, This is going to be a thing with her, isn't it? Yeah, you may be right Great! Then let's start planning! Wait! No-no-no! I wasn't talking to you.
Then who were you talking to? No one.
I mean, myself.
- I mean-- - oh, let's just drop it.
Kirby, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.