Max Steel (2013) s01e25 Episode Script

Earth Under Siege: Part 1

Day after day of retooling a myriad of micro-processing boards.
Night after night of calibrating countless data modules And it all comes down to this Work please work Yes yes yes! I've done it! Master Dredd! What is it, Naught? T-the component we recovered from N-Tek I've finally repaired it.
Oh? It's fully functional - we now have access to N-Tek's entire network of transmitters! See for yourself! Hmm.
N-Tek's defense grid.
Oh I've waited for this.
The world is about to rain fire.
You're not the only one who's been busy Ahhh.
You see, Naught, with this map I now have targets for this arsenal.
N-Tek's precious grid along with earth will be defenseless.
What about Max Steel? Don't we still need him? I thought the plan was two-fold.
Oh he'll be playing the starring roll all right.
He just doesn't know it yet.
Time to commence the master attack! Let's go turbo! I'm Max Mcgrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
Molly, try and be reasonable I am being reasonable.
It's time.
You've kept Max and Steel in the dark long enough.
And you know precisely why.
Yes, to protect them.
But don't you see? They're putting it together themselves.
And it won't be long until they know everything.
So we'll deal with it then.
What if it's too late then? I know you're afraid about Steel.
That he'll turn on Max.
On all of us.
But that's a risk we have to take.
All we have is his trust If we lose that we could lose everything.
You have to tell them.
And you have to do it now.
Yaaaaaahh Hoooooooo!!! Isn't this the best, Max? Awe, sure is, Berto! But I gotta admit, I feel kinda bad Yeah, we probably shouldn't be using the jumpjets as ramps! No, I feel bad about convincing Steel to turn off his hover feature and join us! Where are the brakes on this thing?! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ohh Steel! Steel! Heh.
Hey, Uncle Ferrus.
What's up? Max.
Come with me.
Seriously, Uncle Ferrus, we promise not to do it again What's this 'we' business? I didn't want to do it in the first place! What! You said you wanted to try skateboarding! That wasn't skateboarding! That was a near death experience on wheels! - Was not.
- Was so! - Was not.
- Was so Would you two zip it? This isn't about skateboarding! Huh great.
This is about the truth.
Max, Steel, I know you've had a lot of questions for a long time Questions that I haven't exactly been forthright in answering.
I'll say.
But I'm now prepared to tell you everything.
What? Really? Mmm-hmm.
Oh, be still my beating algorithms! Whoa-ho-ho-ho! This is serious I suppose I should start with you Steel.
And just what exactly you are.
I'm all ears! You don't have ears.
Shush! Hmm Actually ah, maybe it'd be better if I explained where you come from first.
Come from? What do you mean? Uh then again, maybe it best I explain uh Who that other Max Steel was you saw in space On the other hand What in the? The defense network.
Ooh, yes.
Start there! The defense network! Yeah! What are all those transmitters transmitting? Not now.
Someone's hacked into the system.
The whole grid's been compromised! Commander, we've got a problem.
Give me a status report.
Our satellites have spotted Dredd in the desert lowlands He's activating multiple silos - each containing one of these Mother of Mars.
There's enough firepower there to take out the whole eastern seaboard or every transmitter we have positioned across the globe.
- Uh - Dredd's somehow accessed the grid.
He's what?! Those transmitters are built to withstand a nuclear blast.
No regular missile can take them out.
And Dredd knows that.
Which means these must not be regular missiles.
Maybe they're turbofied! - Huh? - What? Remember when Dredd test-fired that missile a while back? This must be what that was all about - what he's been working up to! And why he's been after you all this time.
To get turbo energy to arm those things! Only He never got you, Max.
Oh yeah.
Good point.
So he must've found another way to upgrade them.
Bottom line is if they launch, the results could be catastrophic.
Hold on, catastrophic how?! Max and I are still completely in the dark here! Those transmitters emit a defense field that protects the earth.
If they go down, the field goes down.
And we can't let that happen.
Now let's move out.
A defense field? That's defending us from what? Time to go turbo! Flight.
Dredd, you fool! This is premature! We need Max Steel's turbo energy to power these missiles! Yes, and since you've failed time and time again to fetch him I've decided to take matters into my own hands.
You can owe me.
And if whatever you're planning doesn't work, you can beg me for mercy! I know what I'm doing.
Yes, and it seems N-Tek knows, too Because here they come! Right on time! Dredd, you dolt! Didn't you realize N-Tek would spot us out in the open like this?! Let's just make the best of it, shall we? It's show time.
We cannot let Dredd fire those missiles If the defense field goes down, we're looking at a full scale invasion! Invasion? Invasion from who?! Oh! Ah!!! Ugh!!!! What's crackin', Max Steel? Aaahhhh!!!!!! Oh wait, I know! Yer skull! Gotta say, elementor Your trash talk is real rubbish! Go turbo! Strength! We'll see how clever you are When the sands are littered with Max Steel debris.
Ugh!!! Whoa! Uh.
Elementor has somehow altered the surface tension of this water to act as some sort of super reinforced containment envelope, fascinating.
Steel we gotta get out of here.
Time for the fireworks! Alright!!! Direct hit!! And I've got a direct shot at those missiles, commander! Though I still can't tell what they're composed of Should I take the shot? Negative! Blasting them could level everything within a hundred Miles of here! Focus all your efforts on stopping Dredd from launching! Might wanna save some of that effort for Naught, too! They say drowning is a peaceful demise, do you feel peaceful, Max Steel? Let's do turbo scuba.
I know, I know, we need to get outta here! Let's go turbo scuba.
What are you trying to say? Speak more clearly.
Scuba! Scuba! My bad.
He's expanding the water bubble! And thinning the skin! Let's hear it for centrifugal force! Go turbo! Cannon! Turbo Cannon gets him every time.
Talk about a heavy breakfast.
Well let's hope he's still hungry.
Go turbo.
Hey Jefferson, what do you say to a friendly bet? Ain't nothing friendly about betting you.
Highest score wins.
What's the wager? How about lunch? Every thing's food with you isn't it? Hold them off! Dredd needs time to initiate the launch! Ugh!!! Aw, yeah! You ain't so bad! And you're in over your head! Eh uh ah Uh.
You need a hand back there? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh.
I think that's the problem actually.
Ugh!!! Ay ya ya Now where was I? Oh yes.
About to end the world.
Ugh!!! Uh-oh.
Aw, you two look cute together! And together we'll crush you! Maybe pairing these two up wasn't the best idea Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Sweet turbo energy! Nectar of the cosmos! Max Steel Ugh!!! Always interfering Ugh!!! Always being such a nuisance Ugh!!!!! Then again, this makes it all worth while What are you waitin' for? Just finish him already! Hold it right there, you brainless behemoth.
Why? We can defeat him here and now! I don't want him defeated.
I live for this! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ah! The launch key! Oh, for me? You shouldn't ha Ugh!!! Ouch! My head! Yes oh no! Cytro you lummox.
What are you doing? Sorry boss! It's hard to hit the right target when you don't have a head Hey Max.
Catch! Huh? Ugh!!!! Cannon ball! Finders keepers, losers weepers! Nothing can stop me now.
Why does the key have to be so small? Give me that.
This is harder than it looks.
Let me give it a try.
Game over.
Yes it is.
Mother of Mars! looks like I win.
Oh no.
You've lost, Max Steel.
And now the world loses, too! Huh? My work here is done.
Farewell, Max Steel.
We'll see about that! Go turbo flight! No Max! What? We have to stop those missiles! How? That's how! Then it might help to have a tech expert handy! Hmm.
How 'bout a lift? Off, human slug! Ahhhhh!!!!!!! A simple 'no' would've sufficed! And that's my cue to go.
Tell me there's a way to activate the self-destruct on those missiles.
There is.
But it's triple encrypted and can only be activated remotely! Meaning? There is no way to stop those missiles.
Then we'll have to take each missile down individually.
We'll never reach them all in time.
Not necessarily Dredd made a critical mistake.
Uh what? He left the launch key and it allows us to access each missile's precise trajectory! So? So, if we could track those trajectories with a strong enough energy surge, we could destroy the missiles! What? Max, you up for it? Whoa, whoa, me? How do we know that's not exactly what Dredd wants us to do? What if my turbo energy is what arms those things? I mean that's what happened last time.
Negative These missiles aren't equipped with any kind of energy absorption tech.
Roger that - but I still can't detect what Dredd's armed these bad boys with Then let's just focus on taking them down.
I've reprogrammed this control board to act as a conduit.
Charge it up with enough juice and we should be good to go.
Ya know, Steel, we've been in the dark on so much for so long But there's always been one steady glow.
Turbo energy.
Maybe I can summon up enough to shed some light on everything Go for it, Max.
We're all behind you.
Here goes nothin'! Let's hope not.
More Max! A lot more! That's it, Max! We're almost there! Just a bit more! This is all I got! I think I'm tapped out! This is gonna be close Not if I can help it! What are you doing, Bud? You need those reserves to survive! Aw, you just don't want me sharing the credit for saving the world! Steel! We did it.
Steel! Steel! Talk to me, buddy! Steel! Say something! 'Something' What are you seeing, Kat? One awesome light show! Max's turbo energy is blasting toward the missiles! Dredd, you cretin! You've failed! N-Tek is using your own missile system against us! That's right, you imbecile! Because that's exactly what I intended for them to do.
What the?! The missile just self destructed.
Mine too! What in blazes? What's happening? N-Tek is as predictable as they are foolish.
It was simply a matter of setting the stage.
And now all that turbo energy is heading straight for my targets.
The self destruct function.
Someone must've activated it.
This whole thing was a ruse.
The missiles were duds! He was planning to use Max's turbo energy against us this entire time! Huh? So much for shedding a light on things No joke, looks like we've turned them all off! The darkness holds secrets, too.
Molly? Forge? What's up? It's begun! Huh? You were right.
I should have told them the truth long ago Uh? Because now they're going to have to learn it the hard way