Max Steel (2013) s01e26 Episode Script

Earth Under Siege: Part 2

[Screams] Come on! [Grunts] Take cover! [Running grunts] Whoa! How do we take cover? [Grunts] When that thing's blowing all the cover up?! This way! [Running grunts] [Grunts] Come on guys! [Jump grunts] Hold on to your rumps.
Whoa! [Grunts] Whoa! All N-Tek battle craft, fall back and return to base to regroup! What on earth is that thing?! That thing is not of this earth.
Then what was it? [Sighs] You're one of them, Steel.
I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but Steel, it's your species at the helm of that ship! And they won't stop until they've destroyed us all.
[Screams] Let's go turbo! I'm Max Mcgrath.
Here's my buddy Steel.
Yeah, he's an alien.
I generate the power, Steel has the alien tech to control it.
Together, we combine into awesome turbo modes Take on the bad guys Save the world.
You know, hero stuff.
We are Max Steel.
[Mumbles and grumbles] Uncle Ferrus, whadaya mean Steel's species is up in that spaceship?! Are you saying there are ultralinks up there?! Yes, and just like you, they are programmed to weaponize and take over their hosts.
Well that's not me.
They're part of makino's invasion force, and their function is to destroy the planets defenses, so that makino himself can devour and absorb the whole planet.
And the true mission of N-Tek is to keep that from happening on earth.
This is your secret? What have I ever done to make you think this? Ever since you reactivated there was no way of knowing if you'd go back to those ways.
Telling you was a risk I wasn't willing to take.
Well, now you've told me.
Are you worried? Should I be? You've lost my trust, forge Ferrus.
I hate it when your mom is right.
We've been preparing for this day ever since fending off the first makino invasion.
What do we got? Hold on! First invasion?! This happened before? We've done a preliminary diagnostic of the craft and it's not all that dissimilar from makino tech we've faced in the past So what are we waiting for? Let's go blast it! Easier said then done The ship's got some sort of new energy source generating a shield around it.
I can't figure out a way to infiltrate it.
Then we'll have to come up with something on the way there.
Because they're already moving to their next phase of attack The ground assault.
[Mumbles] Ugh!!!! [Growls] Whoa.
They're just like us Steel.
They're nothing like us, Max.
Let's move! Human, you've proven useful.
You have earned the mercy of the makino.
As we ravage your planet, you will be spared.
That's all I ever wanted.
N-Tek is back.
And in force.
And we are ready.
Hey Steel, you okay, buddy? You've been awfully quiet since, uh Since learning I'm a war machine bent on universal domination? Uh.
Uh? Whoa! [Growls] [Mumbles] Whoa! Ugh!!!! Whoa! Ugh!!!! [Grunts] Not on my planet! Nice shot, Jefferson, but I hope you're just as good with moving targets cuz we've got company! Yeah ahaha! Guys! I've got a clear shot at the target.
Kat was right about that shield! We can't blast through it! What's our move, commander? I'm working on it Makino tech has no problem infiltrating the shield Umm, chief? You gotta death wish or something?! Max I need you, and more importantly, Steel to meet me in the drop zone.
Stat! Yes sir! Oh no! [Grunts] Hah! Uncle Ferrus! It's okay! I could sure use a lift though! On it! Gotcha! Haha, you just decide to get some fresh air or what? The makino energy frequency is the only thing that can penetrate that shield.
And we're going in.
Steel! We need ya! Oooh! Suddenly I'm your best pal again.
Whoa! Kat, Jefferson, hold 'em off and wait for my signal! Don't make us wait too long cuz we're about to brave the elements! Perish, N-Tek slugs! [Battle cry] [Screams] Yeah! Alright! Whoo! Yeah! We did it! We haven't done anything yet.
I beg your pardon? Quick! Through that drop chute! Soo this is, home.
We have to find the shield generator and shut it down.
Bullet, hold on, I want answers first! [Sighs] Max, this isn't the time How did my dad know Steel? [Gruff snarl] Let's walk and talk.
Your father and Steel met many years ago.
When they did, they formed a bond.
Much like the bond you and Steel have now.
But I thought Steel was evil Oh good, this again.
Let's just say your father helped change his mind.
But my dad was just a scientist.
Your dad was the other Max Steel Huh? Whodathunkit.
Wait! Why didn't you tell me this before? Question of the day.
Ding ding! I made a promise to your father to protect you.
Bonding with Steel was never part of the plan.
When he reactivated, there was no way to know if he would re-set to his original makino programming.
There was no way to if he would be good, or evil or what you guys would be capable of.
We still don't know.
Oh no [Screeching roar] [Growls] We're taking a beating here! Not sure how much longer we can hold on! At least three times as long now! Whoa, three cytros?! [Grunts] [Growls] [Grunts] Ugh!!!! [Grunts] [Running grunts] Go turbo strength! [Grunts] I can do this all day.
They're not so tough! [Grunts] Dah you and your big mouth.
[Growls] Ugh!!!! [Grunts] Whoa!!!! Ugh!!!! [Grunts] Max! Turn up the volume! [Grunts] [Pain grunts] [Grunts] [Running grunts] Cranking it to 11! Come on, before we attract any more unwanted attention.
We have special guests.
Eliminate forge Ferrus and Max Steel.
Special guests, indeed.
It will be my pleasure.
I can't believe it but we might actually be winning! And you guys always said playing video games was a waste of time! Dah!!! Those three bots are blasting us from every angle! Yes, their new strategy of attack is quite effective so perhaps it's time we come up with something new of our own! Like nothing they've ever seen before A fire cyclone! Uh, this wasn't in the forecast! Burn! This is it.
The shield generator! [Screams] Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Whoa.
Did you feel that? Feel what? The generator is producing a kind of gravitational pull, only it's not attracted to our physical mass, but our energy output.
It's trying to suck out our turbo energy.
So, how do we deactivate it? You don't.
At long last, this is your end! [Grunts] Ugh!!!! Whoa! [Grunts] Max! [Grunts] Wow, that's quite a vacuum! Oh, good.
I was hoping it wouldn't be that easy.
Aaahhhh!!! And thanks to makino, I've been upgraded.
Huh, you're just full of surprises.
Go turbo speed! Aaahhh! Huh? [Pain grunts] Ugh!!!! Aaaahhhh!!! Aaahhhh! Ugh!!!! Seems dredd's packing a bit more power these days.
Hahaha! All systems failing! I can't thrust outta this thing! You and me both! Kat, if we don't make it, I just want you to know, I've always lov- can I lend a hand? Sandwiches! I-I always loved sandwiches.
[Screams] Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Alright! Yes! I thought you shut down thi's weapons program! I did.
Then I started up its covert defense program.
Even N-Tek gear can be upgraded! And so can that anti-elemental formula toxzon whipped up! [Grunts] You see, at first it was all about getting your turbo energy [Grunts] Then I began to think 'big picture' And it doesn't get any bigger than the makino.
[Grunts] Ugh!!!! Whoa! [Grunts] Their track record is quite impressive.
Countless worlds bested, a multitude of civilizations crushed! [Grunts] Ugh!!!! Joining them was a no-brainer And I don't have to be the only one Aahh! [Screams] Ugh!!!! [Grunts] The makino could use someone like you, Steel.
You are one of them, after all.
You belong to them Steel! Don't listen to him! What has N-Tek ever done for you? You can share their secrets with makino.
And be heralded a hero! Respected among your own kind.
Come, join us.
And be on the right side of history.
[Grunts] And you, forge Ferrus, are about to be history.
- [Grunts] - You ok? Ugh!!!! You're about to be relieved of duty, forge Ferrus! Permanently.
Hey, red hot! [Grunts] Ooh! That felt good! Again! Go turbo! Strength! [Grunts] Ah ha, bliss! Oh Max Steel, we've gone over this You can't overload me with your turbo energy [Grunts] I can take all you can give! No Max! [Grunts] Ugh!!!! What do you think you're doing? You're only making dredd stronger.
Max, I have a plan, you're just gonna have to trust me.
I'm taking control of the body.
Hope you know what you're doing buddy.
I am embarro axe Steel x377.
I am an omega class 3 bio parasitic warrior.
I've heard your words dredd, and I choose to be on the right side of history.
With you.
[Gasps] I embrace my heritage.
Lord makino, and am yours to command, Miles dredd.
No! It's what I feared most Max, Steel's double crossed us! Ugh!!!! Haha, you're finished forge Ferrus.
With Steel on my side, there is nothing standing in our way.
You, N-Tek and planet earth, will all fall! [Evil laugh] Go turbo! Canon! Aaahhh!!! [Screams] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Dredd's evil turbo energy has a negative charge.
The reverse polarity should cause the generator to implode.
Whoa! Kat, Jefferson, the shield generator's down! Roger that, commander! Steel, I'm sorry I doubted you.
No, you're not.
I know what I am to you now, forge.
A makino.
Not to be trusted.
You don't care about me.
And you never will.
I'm sorry, Max.
But from here on, I can't be a part of N-Tek.
What? Steel [Roars] Steel, look out! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go turbo flight! They're clear of the craft - take the shot! No, Uncle Ferrus!!! Whoa! C-can't move That's the idea! I took the liberty of tripling N-Tek's stasis beam specs! [Cheers] We did it! Way to go! Max, thank goodness you're okay Thank goodness we all are! Not all of us.
Huh? Forge he didn't make it.
He he He sacrificed himself.
For me After I told him he didn't even care Now he's gone.
[Grunts] I am not cleaning that up.
[Gasps] Forge! Guess this means we're back on good terms.
Uncle Ferrus! You're alive! And there's barely a scratch on ya! Ohhh!!!!!!! Actually, there is one scratch [Gasps] Um, where's your arm? [Gasps] So, how's it feel, chief? Well, it'll take some getting used to [Grunts] Uh, your new hand may take a while to learn how to communicate with your brain.
[Giggles] Mom, why didn't you tell me before? About dad.
About Steel.
I just wasn't sure you were ready, Max.
After all, the truth is a powerful thing It can change someone without them even realizing it But there's still one truth I gotta know - how did Steel and dad meet? Yes, let's crack open that can of worms! Hhmm What? We still keeping secrets? Even after the makino have been taken down? Taken down? Well, yeah, elementor's been captured.
The mother ship is toast Max, that wasn't the mother ship.
That was just an advance ship.
To lay the groundwork for the full invasion.
Full invasion? All we did today was buy ourselves some time Time we'll need This new power source the makino have is no joke.
I don't know where they got it but it rivals Max's turbo energy I gotta sit down.
Me too.
And I don't even have legs.
Resting up's not a bad idea Because the real fight, is just beginning.
We suffered A setback Yes the humans were stronger than anticipated.
But they cannot possibly anticipate what's coming next.
From this day forward we will not rest Until Max Steel and all of mankind are no more!