Maxine (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Here you go.
Hey, come on.
I know it's you.
Shows you care.
What are you like?
You write that you've been
helping your father as caretaker
over at Littleport School.
Yes, I found I thoroughly enjoy the work
and it was actually him that told me
about your vacancy here in Soham.
You're currently in Humberside
but looking to settle in Cambridgeshire
with your fiancée for a better
quality of life
and to start a family.
That's the idea, yeah. Fingers crossed.
Well, the job comes
with a caretaker's cottage.
Three bedrooms, right by the school.
It's being redecorated. Um
The previous incumbent was
not wholly satisfactory. Yes.
Now, there are challenges, obviously,
working in school with young people
and it's important--
— Absolutely.
Need to maintain an appropriate distance.
Any concern, bring it to your attention.
Nip it in the bud.
Just a word about your name change.
You were Ian Huntley and you're now
Ian Nixon.
Changed to me mum's maiden name
when my parents split up.
No problem.
These are your references
from your previous employers?
How was it?
Don't think they like me.
Hey, don't be paranoid.
We did a good application.
They'd be lucky to have you.
They would.
Like I am.
Right, well, get your belt on.
Thoughtful, mature, about to get married.
References look fine.
So if you tell the personnel company
to issue the contract.
Do the background checks,
and assuming no red flags
Mr Nixon's our man.
This is lovely.
You called it the caretaker's cottage?
I thought it might be a bit
higgledy-piggledy, like in a fairy tale.
But this is wicked.
Come inside.
He's gonna bend it!
Hey! Tuck your shirt in.
Neat writing.
Who knows what comprehension means?
Miss! Miss!
Break time.
Nice work.
Your hair looks lovely, sweetheart.
Don't look now,
but guess who's got his eye on you.
He really fancies you.
Shall I get him over here?
Guess what?
My job's ending this term. But, yeah
Oh, hiya!
Yeah. They're advertising
a new full-time permanent TA.
Yeah, great.
Who was that?
Just a dad from school.
It's the next step, you know,
volunteering, then temporary.
And they know me. Y'know, the kids know me.
Yeah? What you smile at him for?
- What's his name?
I don't know.
- Right, come on, Sadie.
Ian, I don't care
I've never met him before! Ian!
You're the only bitch that likes me.
Come on.
I've never seen
- Get off me.
Why are you acting like this?
I've never met him before.
- Right, OK.
Yeah, we've worked really hard
- to make it ours.
- Good man.
The last fella didn't leave it
in a good state.
- Oh! Did he not?
- Yeah.
Ain't it lovely what they've done
with the place, Kev?
— That's lovely.
Well done, you. I like it.
- D'you want a beer, Dad?
Sorry you didn't get your job.
Well, they said there was
a better qualified candidate.
There always is.
— I was only on probation.
Thanks, love.
Thanks for having us.
Nice how it's turned out,
us all living down here.
Credit to Dad. Came down first,
told me about the Soham job.
How's Wayne?
Still married to Claire?
— Still a wanker, I assume.
Hey, don't call your brother names.
He's fine, thank you, Maxine.
Cheers, Dad.
Did I tell you I changed my name back?
— To yours.
Ian Kevin Huntley.
What we christened ya.
And how's your mum, Maxine?
Yeah, I'm going back to Grimsby
to see her for a bit.
- Yeah?
Well, we're going up next weekend.
We can give you a lift.
Save the bus fare.
Do what you want.
Where are you going?
—- Need a piss.
He's sensitive.
Ready to go.
- She can't wait.
Hot to trot.
It's only a few days back home.
A week.
- Come too.
Mum won't mind.
— No. No, thanks.
Bye, Sadie.
Look after my man.
And if he goes out chasing women,
you let me know.
When the cat's away.
You think you're the cat?
You're not the cat.
OK, I'm not the cat.
It's like walking on eggshells.
You're the one who's leaving.
—- I'm not leaving!
So serves you right if I do something!
- Yeah, well, you've done it before.
I've been waiting all day.
What for?
— For you to call me fucking back.
Had a good night, did you?
Yeah, it was.
Yeah? A good shag?
I didn't shag anyone.
- No?
Just flirted, teased?
Oh, yeah? "Look at me bumblebee tattoo!"
Fucking hell, Ian.
Sorry I didn't call you back sooner.
Sorry for spending time with my family.
I've been with Mum all day,
I'm seeing my grandad tomorrow.
Yeah? What about tonight?
Staying in?
Yeah maybe.
Or or maybe a
a quick drink.
You know, just a quick one.
You fucking slag.
Oi, mate.
Go on, then. I need a wee.
I love that colour! What's that called?
No, he fucking isn't.
Holly! Jessica!
Holly Wells!
— Morning.
It's Brian.
- Hi, Brian.
Just had a call from the police press office.
This is a preliminary. Ready?
Two ten-year-old girls
went missing yesterday evening
in the small town of Soham, Cambridgeshire.
Police have called
a press conference at 7am
- outside the girls' school. Stop.
- OK, thank you.
That's it for now.
—- Bye-bye.
Hello, Trouble.
They might be lost.
Er, yeah, yeah, that's possible.
Come on, back to bed, you.
Tell your mum I say goodbye.
- OK.
Hey, hey, hey.
Quick cuddle before I go.
Er yeah?
- Maxine.
- What?
What's going on? It's, like seven.
Sorry, er
Sorry. Something's happened, it's
These girls have gone missing.
— What girls?
I've been up all night,
like, helping search for them.
Right. So
— Just some girls.
Shit. Um
Can we talk later?
Yeah, sure, no problem.
You eating properly, I hope?
- Good girl.
Yeah, Sorry I got all, you know
on the phone yesterday.
— It's just because / love you.
I love you too.
Police are appealing to the public
to look out for two 10-year-old girls
wearing identical red football shirts
with a number seven on the back. Stop.
OK, thank you.
Are you done?
— Oh, yeah, no problem.
My mobile's died. Crazy morning.
Just driven up from town.
- London town.
Oh, right.
It's gone national already, has it?
It's August. No news.
And two kids vanish.
Yeah, my editor is like, "Thank you!"
Are you, er, local news?
Er, yeah. Regional.
- Right.
But this is your patch.
So, like, what's your take?
Well, toddler goes missing,
they've wandered off
got lost.
Teenager, it's a row, a runaway.
- Yeah.
But ten-year-olds, two of them.
- It looks bad.
Yeah. So, next question.
The families?
- Yeah.
Police are saying good home,
stable backgrounds.
Yeah, that's what they're saying.
I dunno. My money's on a dad or an uncle.
Are we betting?
Fair enough.
This afternoon,
both Holly and Jessica's parents
Joined the Cambridgeshire police
in asking the public for help
to find their daughters,
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
Described in this morning's press conference
as very well-baIanced and bright young girls.
The last known movements of the girls
It's Holly and Jessica from my class.
What's happened to ‘em?
I'm really worried.
About the girls?
I saw them.
They came by our house.
I-I spoke to them.
They were asking after you.
Said they were sorry
you didn't get your your job.
Are you alright?
Had the police here, today, in the house.
Said I spoke to them outside
and then they went off.
The girls went off?
- Yeah.
Happy as Larry.
And you told the police that?
- Yeah.
OK. So you've done nothing wrong, so
But they can still try and fit me up,
like they did before.
And then that's it.
I'll lose the job, the house, everything.
It's over. No wedding, no kids.
- Yeah.
Don't say that.
It's over.
I can't do it again.
- Ian.
I need you to calm down.
- Can't, Max.
- Maxine?
D'you want a cup of tea, love?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God
Oh, my God.
I can't, Max.
You what?
It's alright. Ian.
— You can tell me.
There's something else.
- Tell me.
Max, there's something else.
Police are urging the public
to come forward with any information
that might lead to the discovery
of the girls' whereabouts.
The parents of Holly and Jessica
will be attending a press conference
at Soham Village College later today.
Little bit further now!
I got a call.
Beggars belief.
You helping the police with access?
- Yeah.
Parents will need reassuring.
Come on, Sadie.
Anything unusual
It's taking off.
- Yeah?
You going back to London?
—- You're joking.
The last known sighting
of the girls was at the sports centre
in Soham Village College
at 6:15 yesterday evening.
Police and parents are asking anyone
What those poor parents
must be going through.
Lines are open 24 hours
and free of charge.
The search for Holly and Jessica
went on throughout the day
Volunteers are turning out again this morning
on what will be the second
full day of searching
since Holly and Jessica
went missing on Sunday evening.
Police resumed their search at dawn
as they continue to scour the area
close to the girls' homes.
Volunteers from Soham
and surrounding villages
are being briefed by members
of the police force
on how to conduct the search.
While the help is very welcome
police are concerned
that potential evidence—-
Search party.
Not used this before.
First time for everything.
I just want everything clean
because I said I saw them
I said I spoke to the girls.
Yeah. Why? Why say it?
Because someone could have heard us.
Or seen us. Girls laughing
that that's a loud sound.
It's better to admit it
than not say anything
and then it's like,
"Why? Why didn't you tell us?"
Fucking hell!
Oh, I can't. I can't. I can't.
I can't go to prison.
— No one's going to prison.
I went before when they charged me,
when I done when I done nothing wrong.
Right, I'll say I was here.
You were here.
All the time?
They came by.
You were outside with the dog.
Why didn't I come outside to say hello?
You were asleep.
I was in the bath.
What you looking at me like that for?
No, I'm not. You just
you surprised me.
I need to go into work, they're
using the school for a press conference.
You OK?
You've got nothing to hide.
You're innocent.
When you're done here,
come to my office.
There's a ton of stuff to get through.
We've got 1,000 kids coming back
in three weeks.
This is the secondary school.
The girls didn't go here.
- No, they're Year Five.
But their older siblings do.
Mmm. Like to interview them.
Well, hopefully they're being
well protected from that opportunity.
Yeah, pity
may have to resort to intercepting phones.
You are joking?
Of course I'm joking.
There's a line.
Good to know.
Were you at the dawn raid
at the Traveller site?
No, no, that was news to me.
Thought you might have a local contact
you might share.
Yeah. What, like a policeman?
Yeah. You got one?
Sorry, Jane.
The parents are here.
Welcome to hell.
Test me.
Five, got in the bath.
5:45, dog comes home.
6:15, girls come and go.
6:25, I come downstairs
to put the tea on.
- See?
Not just a pretty face.
I been thinking we should go
to this candlelit vigil later.
Everyone will be.
— No.
Er, I need to
- What?
Nothing. I thought I'd visit me nan.
Get away from all this.
have a break.
I should go at least.
Won't it be weird if I don't?
I mean, I am the teacher.
Well classroom assistant.
What? I'm just being accurate.
They call me their teacher, OK,
so it is accurate.
It's too risky. It's too emotional.
The parents there.
All the other kids asking you,
"Did you see them?
Did you talk to them?"
— But won't it be suspicious?
If you're not there?
They're not gonna be thinking about you.
You're not the star of the show.
Police have released CCTV pictures
from Soham Village on Sunday evening.
The pictures show the girls walking through
a car park in the village
and also four people
who could be important witnesses.
Earlier today, police divers
Started searching the waterways in the area.
Our reporter is in Soham this evening.
- What can you tell us?
- I'm standing--
Hi. Police press office.
Yeah, Brian Farmer PA.
Yeah, I'm finding it hard to write up
the girl's last movements.
The timeline is a little confusing.
You're working on all that now?
- Yeah, that's right.
So we'll get that tomorrow?
— Possibly, we're still working on it.
OK. OK, thank you.
Uh-oh. Who can this be?
A monster!
Oh no, please don't eat me.
I'm really chewy.
OK. I won't!
What's happened to them?
No one knows.
the latest news
from the police investigation
Mum says dinner's ready.
The police have stated that the widely
circulated photograph of Jessica and Holly
was taken by Holly's mum
Well, someone knows.
Said she wants to interview me
cos I saw the girls.
—- Don't start.
Food OK?
Yeah. Looks nice.
I ate mine earlier.
There's a crack in the bath.
I sealed it.
Good evening.
Today's national news story
has been dominated
by the releasing of a photograph
by police of the missing girls
They look so happy.
Don't they?
— The photograph was taken on Sunday.
—- And shows the two girls
So beautiful.
— Standing side by side
in red football shirts.
The clock behind them reads
four minutes past five.
Yeah, I was washing the dog.
That's why there's a crack.
scouring fields and woodIands
in the Soham area.
Today, they were joined by American
Would you take one of these?
- Yeah, sure, I'll put it up.
Thanks. Bye.
So what do you think, Chris?
Need to prioritise.
You're getting flooded here.
Thousands of calls a day,
the media spreading it everywhere.
I can advise you,
but I'm not the one in charge.
Beck should be in Soham.
We need to focus in.
Anyway, it's his call, not mine.
He'll get my recommendations but he's SIO.
It's his investigation.
All known sex offenders
here and adjacent counties
are being interviewed
despite some press speculation
which has upset the parents
we found nothing
on the girl's home computers.
No chatrooms, no suspicious emails.
No evidence of grooming.
Has the senior investigating officer,
David Beck, been here to Soham yet?
He's coordinating from Huntingdon.
He doesn't need to be here in person.
- It would look better if he was.
Er, can you trace Jessica's phone?
We're working on that.
And was it turned off on Sunday evening?
It was.
The timeline of sightings was,
they bought sweets in the sports centre
then spoke to the school caretaker
outside his house.
Then were seen near the pizza restaurant.
MAN: What time, Andy?
Andy! Andy?
Just one more.
And we've just had a possible sighting
outside a local petrol station.
- That's all. Thank you.
- Andy!
Come on, come on.
You going to this garage, yeah?
Erm No. No.
You got the photo in the window?
- Yeah, I know.
The woman asked me to put it up.
- What woman?
Calm down.
What fucking woman?
Calm down. I'll go.
Hi. Is this the caretaker's house,
for the school?
It is, yeah.
And who are you, please?
Brian Farmer, eastern counties reporter
for the Press Association.
Now, I understand you're one of the last
people to speak to the girls?
Don't want to talk to the press.
Thanks very much.
Look, the thing is,
your story might help jog a memory.
Help find them.
We want to help, don't we?
Come in.
Maxine Carr, er, two Rs.
I actually taught the girls.
Classroom assistant, St Andrews.
Yeah, I knew them well.
We were very close, yeah.
Holly made me a lovely leaving card.
I can show you. Erm, I'll get it.
Terrific, thanks.
So, did you both see the girls on Sunday?
You weren't around?
Yeah, no, I was.
I was here.
I cooked our dinner. Burned the beef.
God, what am I like?
Yeah, Ian had been out
with the dog and all that.
And then I had a nice long bath,
and that's where I was.
Wasn't I, when they came by?
Yeah. Indoors.
In the bath.
Then I got out the bath and Ian goes,
"Oh, you just missed them."
"They were asking after you."
And I'm like "Oh."
I'll get the card.
Here it is.
"Miss you.
See you in the future."
That's lovely.
She is a lovely girl.
Could we get a photo of that?
Yeah, of course.
It's Brian.
Could you come over to 5 College Close?
It's near the big school.
OK. See you in a sec.
So, can you tell me about
your encounter with the girls?
So, I was washing the dog
cos she'd run off and got quite muddy
and see the girls come by,
and they ask how Miss Carr's doing
and say she's not very good
cos she hadn't got a job.
That's it, really.
They said, "Say hello to her"
and off they trot towards the library
happy as Larry.
That's all they said?
No indication
of where they might be going, or?
Did you know the girls?
Had you met the girls before?
So at school, were they taught
about stranger danger?
Oh, yeah, we did all that.
And how do you think they'd react if
someone tried to force them into a vehicle?
Holly would go quietly,
but Jessica would put up quite a fight.
Why do you say that?
It's what you said, isn't it, Max?
Or the parents did.
Oh, is that the received wisdom, is it?
Yeah, no, it's just
Because, Mr Huntley,
you said you didn't know the girls, so
Yeah, exactly. I'm
just repeating what I'd heard.
Maybe one was stronger than the other.
Jessica's sporty.
Good swimmer
bit of a tomboy.
But how two girls can go missing
in broad daylight, it
Beggars belief. It really does.
The photographer.
— Hi.
Just do do one more.
That's great. Great.
Thank you.
Can we get one of you as well?
Don't like having me picture taken.
Oh, come on. Good-looking guy.
Not even me mum has a photo of me.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
— BRIAN: Erm, anything else
- just give us a call.
- Right. OK.
- Yeah? Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, get a photographer in,
have your picture taken.
It was the card!
—- And you, like fucking
At least I wasn't all suspicious like youl!
"No, no, no photos!"
Because! Because I don't want
my picture out there. OK?
OK. All I'm saying is,
don't think people think you're guilty
and they won't.
Hi. Press office?
Look, I know you guys must be
inundated with people ringing in.
I know, and every call needs a decision.
So, listen, I'm
I'm sorry to add to the pile,
but I do think this guy needs another lock.
Yeah, he's the caretaker.
OK. And you'll pass that on?
OK. Thank you.
Hey, Helen!
Join us a sec?
No, I'm good, thanks.
— Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Listen, um
Can you do me a favour?
Guy comes out of that house,
snatch a photo, OK?
This guy.
Got it.
Now, we can only use it if they arrest him,
and then we'll share the credit.
But no promises, so
- OK.
- It's a big "if".
Why weren't you outside
with Sadie for the reconstruction?
They think they're being smart.
They're just clutching at straws.
Yeah, well, they're desperate to find them.
—- Seven days in, not a single suspect.
Well, we're not helping, are we?
Promoting rewards,
bringing in strange people.
I'm appealing to you directly
to stop this from getting any worse,
and end this now.
David's got something.
The goodbye signal from Jessica's mobile
at 5 College Close.
The caretaker's house.
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