Maxine (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Two ten-year-old girls
went missing yesterday evening
in Soham, Cambridgeshire.
It's Holly and Jessica,
from my class.
They came by our house,
I-I spoke to them.
They bought sweets
in the sports centre
then spoke to the school caretaker
outside his house.
- I can't go to prison.
- No one's going to prison.
I'll say I was here.
You were here.
- I was in the bath.
Think this guy needs another look.
He's the caretaker.
Cambridgeshire Police Force
are widening their search
for Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.
They are expanding into the area
beyond Soham
to the Fens, the wetIand area
that lies close to the village.
Police are now treating
the disappearance of the two girls
not as a missing persons enquiry,
but as a criminal investigation.
Detectives have almost entirely ruled out
the girls' disappearance as an accident.
But they say they are hopeful that
What's your name?
I'm Ian.
You look gorgeous.
How old are ya?
How old d'ya want me to be?
You kept your toys?
They're not toys.
They're scale models.
Yeah, I was gonna be a pilot.
Join the RAF.
Then I thought, "Hm, no.
I'd rather be free."
Be who you wanna be
without anyone judging you or accusing you.
Cos getting accused of something
that you didn't do is
You can tell me.
Happened to me last year.
Met a girl at a club
have sex
she tells the police I raped her.
Got charged.
Went to prison on remand for a week.
That was
Nearly had a mental breakdown.
God, that's terrible.
Never went to court.
No evidence, so I got off, but yeah.
You poor thing.
Lying bitch!
Probably cos you didn't wanna
go out with her.
"Do not be a false witness."
It's one of the Ten Commandments.
Course it is.
Cos it's the worst crime in the world.
why didn't you want to go out with her?
Cos it didn't feel
like it feels now.
I didn't do anything.
You're always eyeing up girls!
I just said I liked his tattoo.
Yeah, bloody shorthand for
"take me round the back and flippin'"
You're paranoid.
- Yeah?
Am I?
- Yeah.
Or are you just a little tart?
— Nice!
Oh, must be awful, charmer like you
stuck with a tart like me.
Aw, poor little Ian.
—- What? Couldn't do any better?
Oi! What you doing?
- You wanna hit someone, yeah?
Leave him alone!
—- Come on, then.
Suit yourself, love.
We're going home.
Are you coming?
you don't hang about, do ya?
Well, when you know, you know.
- Yeah!
Oh, congratulations.
Well, someone had to make
an honest woman out of her.
Can I speak to Ian Kevin Huntley, please?
She says someone's raped her.
Well, it's got nowt to do with him.
And I can promise you that.
I don't know why you're accusing him for.
He's been implicated in similar offences.
I know he has. He's told me, yeah.
Because he's honest. And was he found guilty?
No, so
Last Saturday
he was with me.
Yeah, all night.
And you can write that down.
And he's not my boyfriend,
he's my fiancé.
Last Saturday?
I was with Maxine.
Newsflash, some girls lie.
The search continues.
Specialist underwater teams are searching
the ponds, rivers, ditches and dykes
that make up the waterways of the Fens,
close to the village.
However, the focus of the investigation
remains on Soham.
Police are trying to broaden
I was just thinking.
When they came by,
why weren't you outside with Sadie?
I was.
Told you, I was.
No, I mean, just now for the reconstruction.
No one asked me.
Why not?
Why would I know?
I don't know what they're thinking.
That police officer you spoke to said
that there's been sightings after you.
So, yeah.
Probably thinking that you're
not that important.
Which is good.
Do you know who could've done it?
The previous caretaker.
Cos he was sacked, wasn't he?
And there were rumours about him.
If he hasn't got an alibi
Could be him.
You filed your copy?
Yeah, just phoned it in.
That reconstruction
it didn't do the encounter
with the caretaker.
Why do it Saturday morning
when it happened Sunday evening?
Mm. Police'll have their reasons.
Yeah? You confident?
Think they got a grip on this?
Seven days in, not a single suspect.
Well, we're not helping, are we?
Flooding the place with reporters
promoting rewards,
bringing in strange people.
Body tourist, look, treasure seeker.
Day out in Soham,
hunt the missing kids.
Yeah, no, look, people wanna help.
I get it.
But they can't, can they? Not really.
But we can. We are.
We're keeping the story alive.
- Yeah.
To sell newspapers.
To help find them.
Yeah, OK, that's your story,
you stick with that.
Those poor girls.
There you are.
You talk to the caretaker?
- Yeah.
Creepy? Loner?
It was weird that he got so upset, but
I guess he felt involved, you know?
No, he lives with his fiancée
and she's there all the time, so
Not our man.
We've had enough of reporters.
Sorry to disturb you.
You're not disturbing us.
Sorry, I thought you were the press.
What's the difference?
You both ask questions.
But you know what? They're a lot pushier.
Can we come in?
Course you can.
It's not the press, it's the police.
Oh, lovely.
You know, I was thinking
you should look at the caretaker
that was here before me.
Cos I know they had to sack him
and he could still have keys
and alarm codes for the school.
he could've come back.
Right. Thanks.
So, Mr Huntley
erm, following up on your witness statement
taken when this property
was searched on Monday?
Um, when you weren't here.
Uh, Monday
Yeah, no, she was out.
Doing the shopping, probably.
But I was here, indoors,
on Sunday when he spoke to the girls.
Did you see them?
- I was in the bath.
Right, OK. Uh, can I get a statement?
Yeah, then I come downstairs
and Ian tells me, "Oh.
You've just missed them,
they were asking after you."
And I'm like
"Oh, no, what a shame."
Not sure I want to sign this.
What is it?
It's a consent for a DNA sample.
Does he have to?
No, we can
say you refused.
Not refusing.
just that if this goes in
the national database, that's
I've got human rights.
But you've got nothing to hide, have ya?
— Might as well.
Just sign at the bottom, thanks.
Appreciate your help.
You're welcome.
- /t's so awful.
- Yeah.
And we spoke to the reporters,
and the police.
Because Ian was the last person to see
Well, one of the last persons
to see them, so
- Yeah.
They came past the house
when he was outside with the dog.
With the dog?
Why are you saying it like that?
Well Well, I just didn't realise.
Like, suspicious. "With the dog?"
Oh, sorry. Well, I'm not
I'm not trying to
I mean—-—
- What?
Accuse him?
You'd never do that, would ya?
You'd never think the worst of him,
no, not in a million years.
Sweetheart, I'm not accusing anyone.
Because he told the police he spoke to them
and why would he do that
if he's got something to hide?
Yeah, yeah. It's Course.
— And he's helping the police
use his school for the press conferences
and he's got all this pressure because of
the floods they've had, working all hours.
Well, good for him.
Yeah. No wonder he's stressed.
Yeah. Of course.
Thanks for calling.
What? Are you OK?
You OK?
Just want everything
to go back to the way it was.
They're gonna accuse me.
It's alright.
put your head in my lap.
Now, what happened
was that they walked away from here
and then they vanished.
Someone in a van.
- Yeah.
Some evil
- Yeah.
Not you.
Not you.
Police are searching for
a dark green four-door saloon car
seen driving erratically
on the A142 near Newmarket
on the evening the girls went missing.
A taxi driver reports seeing two girls
in the vehicle
struggling with a man
of Mediterranean appearance.
I'm sorry. I I couldn't resist that.
Yeah. Yeah, great defence.
So, this new suspect.
What d'you think?
No, doesn't feel right to me.
Yeah. Clutching at straws.
But it is better than nothing.
— A suspect at last.
Plus, a game for all ages.
— Oh, yeah.
"Spot a green car."
— You can play it with Millie.
With who?
Your daughter.
I overheard you talking with your wife.
What age is she?
Sorry. I'm nosy.
I write for a rag.
Hey, I made a new contact.
Oh, yeah? What, in the police?
Not with the families.
Just take care, OK?
Aw, thank you.
You too.
This paper says that the girls
were last seen at 7:20 in town.
Way after you said you spoke to them.
And you're not even mentioned.
Neither am I.
That's good.
Leave us alone!
Sorry, can you play a tape for me, please?
Hang on.
Reporter. Um, got a deadline,
needs to watch a tape from the police.
That's fine.
You sure?
- Yeah.
Thanks, you're a lifesaver.
No problem.
So this'll be on later.
- Yeah.
Tonight with Trevor McDonald.
I'm appealing to you directly
to leave the girls in a safe place
and end this now.
I have left you a personal message
on Jessica's phone.
Please listen to it.
I appeal to you again to work with me
to stop this
from getting any worse than it is.
Beggars belief.
OK, I think that's it.
Thanks very much.
I've seen Jessica's phone.
What? Where?
At school.
She showed me, she was dead proud of it.
Oh, right.
They think they're being smart.
Turn it on, locate yourself
They'd be lucky.
They're just clutching at straws.
Yeah, well, they're desperate to find them.
I know.
Everyone is.
Over one week
since the girls have gone missing
and the search hasn't let up.
Even the rubbish is bagged and tagged,
not for disposal
but to be taken to investigation centres
for closer examination
the detective superintendent has said
the police remain optimistic
that the girls will be found
alive and well
Rubbish bags are being taken
to investigation centres
hoping for what clues the police may find.
They've also issued a direct appeal
to the person or persons
that may know the whereabouts
of Holly and Jessica
the replica jerseys had
the names of their favourite players
Where near Newmarket?
Warren Hill.
Admit it, you wanna know.
Even if you don't approve of my sources.
Admit it, you want to tell me.
They've found two graves.
Early birds.
Wonder who tipped them off.
The end of the road.
There's a grim sense of
foreboding here in Newmarket
as the forensic team work
throughout the night.
Senior Investigating Officer David Beck
has said that police are proceeding slowly
as they are wary of disrupting evidence.
"Slowly". You can say that again.
No, look.
They found the bodies?
Hey. What is it?
Badger's sett.
Now go back behind the cordon.
It's a badger sett.
For fuck's sake!
They can't tell a badger sett
from a shallow grave?
A new start.
Chief Constable has promoted me
to lead the operation
cos frankly, it's not getting anywhere.
We have to do better.
My pIan? Back to square one.
Matt's taking over media communications.
Matt, what do you need?
OK, first.
Not that as a headline. Picture it.
"Back to Square One."
And a copper scratching his head.
No surprise the press have turned on us.
We need them back onside.
We want the same thing.
Help find Holly and Jessica.
It looks better if we both do it,
he kept asking me.
"Oh, yeah, I'll do an interview.
Ian'll do one too!"
— He's on telly.
Oh, so you just roll over?
Like you're bloody Sadie?
I didn't roll over.
— You're loving this!
It's like you're getting drunk!
- It's not.
It is! You're glowing.
You tell me, "Oh, don't look so guilty."
Don't look so bloody cheery!
There's two girls out there gone missing
and you're all smiles—-
- I'm happy, am I?
I'm happy what's happened?
— No.
I'm just trying to help,
like any normal person.
OK, Maxine.
Rolling in three, two
You knew the girls,
what what were they like?
Tell us a bit about them.
Lovely, really bubbly girls.
Um, they were ever so funny
they were brilliant,
they were kind to everybody.
Uh, they wouldn't say
a bad word about anybody.
And they loved their families
and everything, which is why
nobody believes
that they would ever run away.
Tell us something
about this card you're holding.
Uh, this is something I'll probably keep
for the rest of my life, I think.
Uh, this is what Holly gave to me
Sunday before last she was in here,
all over me.
"special teaching assistant.
We'll miss her a lot
and we'll see her in the future."
And that's the kind of girl she was.
She was just lovely.
Really lovely. A little angel.
If they could see you now
what would Maxine Carr say to
Holly and Jessica?
Just pick up the phone
and just come home.
Just come home
or if somebody's got ‘em, let them go.
It doesn't matter where you let them go
as long as you let them go
She used the past tense.
"That's the kind of girl she was."
Cos she thinks they're dead?
Well Or because she used to
teach them last term
and now that job is over.
He also asked, "What were the girls like?"
Yeah. It is.
Good to know.
That was one of our 30
newly-appointed press officers.
Matt Tapp has taken over press
for the police.
Investigation now being led by
Chris Stevenson.
"Back to basics."
Well, they need to.
The answer has to be here.
In Soham.
Ian Huntley here is
a familiar figure. Evening, Ian.
You're the school caretaker.
The girls, Jessica and Holly,
would know you
and they saw you on the front doorstep.
But what went on?
The girls, well, um
I don't know the girls.
I was stood on me front doorstep,
grooming me dog down
as she'd run off
and come back a bit of a mess.
Um, they just came across
and asked how Miss Carr was
as she used to teach 'em at St Andrews.
I just said she weren't very good
as she hadn't got the job
and they said please tell her
that we're very sorry.
And, um, off they walked
in the direction of the library.
Over there.
How did they seem to you?
Yeah, they seemed, um, fine.
Happy, chatty.
Didn't see anything untoward.
And you may, as it turned out
have been the last person to actually
chat to them before they vanished.
Yeah, that's what it seems like.
And it's a mystery
that's still not solved.
—- Yeah. Absolutely.
But while there's no news,
there's still that glimmer of hope
and basically,
that's what we're all hanging on to.
And there was nothing that Sunday evening
that gave you a glimmer of suspicion
that anything was wrong?
No, not at all.
Ian Huntley,
thanks very much for talking to us.
Well, as you can see, the mystery
continues through that Sunday evening.
They talk to Ian, he sees nothing wrong
and they proceed on their way, safe and well,
down past the school library
Hi, Mum.
Did you see me on the telly?
Yeah, I just wanted to call up to say
that I'm seeing all these things
about Ian Huntley on the news
and he shouldn't be anywhere near children.
/ can absolutely guarantee
that she was not down south, at all.
Maxine Carr?
She were in Grimsby at the weekend.
I saw her.
That man should not
be allowed near children.
Principle Gilbert?
— Oh, hello.
Thank you for meeting with us.
— Absolutely, absolutely. Please.
Like a seat?
- Oh, no, feel free.
We need to talk to you
about your caretaker.
Right, I thought you might.
Has he come back to Soham?
The previous caretaker who left last year,
he's a suspect.
not the previous caretaker.
The current one. Ian Huntley.
We've had some calls come in
from Grimsby Homicide.
That's where he came from.
Yes, eight months ago.
When we employed him,
he was using his mother's name, Nixon.
I need to run checks on a Huntley alias
I've got his file, his references.
The police checks should've been done,
we gave both names to the personnel company.
I'm sure we did.
Carr signed a statement saying she was
with him all that afternoon and evening
effectively eliminating him, when in fact
she was 100 miles away in Grimsby.
An emergency press conference
has been called today
by Cambridgeshire Constabulary
at Soham Village College
where over 500 reporters and journalists
have gathered awaiting news.
Alright, everyone, we'll be making
an announcement in a few minutes.
Uh, that's alright, Mr Huntley.
We'll manage without you today.
Head home for an hour. Don't worry.
All will become clear.
Shall we get started, Andy?
Hi, Maxine, sorry to bother you again.
Got a few more questions
we need to go through.
Right, yeah. Come in.
So we're treating you and Ian
as significant witnesses.
Oh, this heat Need to hydrate.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
Good man.
—- So we're not, like, under arrest?
No, no, but it would be great
to talk to you down at the station
and hopefully help you recall some facts
you may have forgotten.
We'll give you a ride, erm,
and no need to lock up. We'll be here.
And don't worry about Sadie,
someone'll look after her.
Our Guy prefers dogs to people.
Good man.
So, shall we get going?
Can't we go together?
It's just procedure.
See ya later!
In the last few minutes,
a 28-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman
have been taken to separate locations
to help the police with our enquiries.
A search of their house is
currently underway.
We are not, at this stage, naming them.
—- Come on, Andy, at least tell us
where the house is.
- I'll leave you to work it out.
They're outside.
They're outside!
You think it's them?
—- Could be.
Just stay Just stay back.
We're searching the buildings
and grounds again.
Every classroom, storeroom, broom cupboard,
This is still a rescue mission.
We start with the caretaker's office.
I remember looking at
the football tops and
thinking, "Yeah.
My team.
Good taste."
That was it.
Can't remember thinking anything else.
they slowed their walking right down, and
sort of mumbling to each other
looking over at me.
Thinking back,
I think they might've been thinking
should they or shouldn't they talk to me.
Should they or shouldn't they.
Obviously, they decided to.
Yeah, nice place to live.
Nice job, comes with the house. Yeah.
Nice lifestyle.
So you were both home on the 4th
and you cooked Sunday dinner?
Yeah, roast beef with all the trimmings
roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings,
carrots, cauliflower.
Your normal Sunday dinner.
Then I do the dishes, Ian walks the dog.
And I'm like, "D'ya know what?
I'll have a nice long bath."
You're a good liar, Maxine, give you that.
Bloody natural.
How would you describe
what Holly looked like?
Blonde hair.
Very slim.
In fact, I'd say thin.
Shit, has the screen frozen?
No, he has.
Can't remember anything else.
Yes, you can.
Arrest him?
Then he clams up, and if he's got
the girls alive somewhere
they could starve to death.
So we let him go.
Her too, and keep a close eye.
They can't go home, so put them in a hotel.
What about his car?
- We're examining it.
Then we lend him one and follow him.
And hope he leads us to Holly and Jessica.
I know you're upset
that the house is being searched.
What we're gonna do now
is we're gonna take you to a hotel.
Will he be there?
You OK?
This is weird.
Still, posh hotel room.
Sit down.
What did they say?
- It's OK.
They did—-
Might be bugged.
What did they ask ya?
I stuck to our story
and they believe me.
So don't worry.
Hello, Maxine?
— Oh, hello.
Hi, Maxine, how you holding up?
Yeah, no, we're in a hotel.
Who is it?
— The interviewer from the telly.
Hello? Yeah.
It's Ian. Yeah, yeah, we're fine.
Yeah, we've got nothing more to say.
You gave him your fucking number!
Don't start. What're you like?
The fucking press!
The more you feed 'em, the hungrier they get.
They're telling our story, though.
They're not going, "Oh, no, you're lying."
— But the police are.
I can see it in their eyes.
They want me.
They're not getting ya.
I won't let them.
They know I was there.
You weren't, though.
But they think I was.
Don't let them get in your head.
Believe in yourself.
You've done nothing wrong.
Say it.
I've done nothing wrong.
One possibility is that Carr
was grooming the girls
and arranged for them to come by
while she was away.
Sorry, a quick word?
- Yeah.
Oh, uh, David Bristowe,
forensic engineer.
Marion Bastin, leading CPS on this.
David's got something.
The goodbye signal from Jessica's mobile
was picked up at 6:46pm
that Sunday, not by the Soham mast
but by another one a few miles south.
He's been walking the girls' route
trying to locate hotspots
where that other mast
will pick up the signal.
He's found one.
At 5 College Close.
The caretaker's house.
Something terrible's happened.
I wish they could just come back
like it never happened.
I, uh should go
if I'm going.
- No, stay.
Dad says there's this reporter that
might be able to help me if I talk to them
— A reporter?
I don't know, I, uh I need to see me mum.
No, no
Won't work anymore, Max.
You saying that you were with me.
They'll find out you were in Grimsby.
So if we get arrested
just tell them the truth.
What d'ya mean, "the truth"?
You weren't with me.
And I didn't want them looking into ya
and them finding out about that rape charge
and you losing your job.
Yeah, that's it.
In a bit, then.
Your dad's spoken
to this reporter, she's outside.
Do you want to talk to her?
Kevin, g—-go and ask her in.
Have you got something you want to tell me?
We're here to arrest Ian Kevin Huntley.
No, leave him!
- Ian Huntley
- No!
I am arresting you under suspicion
of abduction and murder.
You do not have to say anything
when questioned
but anything you do say
may be taken in evidence.
- Understand?
- No!
Maxine Carr, I am arresting you on suspicion
of abduction and murder.
You do not have to say anything, but it may
harm your defence if you do not mention
when questioned something which
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?
— They're not dead, though.
How'd you know if they're dead?
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