Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Unterm Radar

Everyone deserves a world
full of opportunities.
To dream their own dreams,
to be who they want to be,
to love whomever they want.
We all have the power
to shape our own destiny,
whether we use it
or not.
Voicemail of James Beaufort.
Leave a message.
James, I messed up badly.
Dad's gonna freak out.
Are you still at Cyril's?
I don't know what to do.
And there he is.
The man of the evening.
The handsomest.
Every woman's dream.
So, was she as good as she looks?
Fuck off.
Don't talk like that about my sister.
Calm down.
- That's enough.
- Oh, shit, oh!
Yeah! Don't hold back!
Hey, Lydia.
We missed you last night.
James, your sister is here
and she's in a bad mood.
Lyd, what's up?
Try to breath.
What happened?
She just burst in.
Without warning.
Ruby. Ruby Bell.
The press will destroy me.
Dad won't forgive another scandal.
Take a deep breath.
Calmly, from the beginning.
What happened?
And who is Ruby Bell?
Would you like to sit?
I'd love to. Thank you.
- Hello, Mr. Sutton.
- Ruby!
Have a nice break?
I read all the books
from the Oxford reading list. Twice.
So that's a yes.
And now it's your turn.
That's enough material for a biography.
A recommendation letter
should be no problem.
Everyone deserves a world of opportunity.
And if there's one place
where that's possible,
it's at Oxford University.
The world welcomes
those who have studied there.
And if everything goes
as planned this semester,
then I will be there
in less than 365 days.
Maxton Hall is my entry ticket.
It's not just a school,
it's one of the schools.
Damn it!
I worked hard for months
to qualify for a scholarship.
The same is true for the few others here.
Families like the Beauforts have had
more power and money
than some royal families for generations.
All doors are open to them.
British nobility.
Son of the Manchester United coach.
Cousin of the Emir of Dubai.
They're all here. They go to
the same parties, get the same jobs,
marry the same people.
A microcosm of millionaires.
And yeah. Besides money and influence,
my fellow students
also have this in common.
I'm invisible to them.
I immediately recognized
what a super power that is.
If I want to enroll within a year,
then I can't afford a misstep.
Especially not in front of this crowd.
The less they know about me, the better.
- Did you turn it in?
- Just now.
I wish I'd asked Mr. Sutton
for a recommendation too.
He is the coolest.
Mrs. Campbell is at least as good.
- Wasn't she top of the year at Oxford?
- Yeah, in 1890.
Lin used to be one of them until
her parents lost their jobs and divorced.
How she endured it
I have no idea.
That's what my internet research revealed.
But the works on the theory of justice
that you recommended to us
best reflect the foundation
of The Metaphysics of Morals
- and the Critique of Practical Reason.
- Thank you. Yes, exactly.
And that's why I always say.
This here
This is your grandparents' Google.
But back to Kant.
Mr. Smith, what do you think?
Kant just says,
"Do unto others
as you would have them do unto you."
That's the Bible, not Kant.
Maybe Kant's categorical imperative
tries to tell us
that we should ignore the consequence
of our actions,
if it feels right.
Reason was at the core
of Kant's philosophy. Not feelings.
Then maybe Kant is less relevant
than we think.
Humans are able to reason
but usually act based on their feelings.
That's why it's so interesting.
That we could decide differently is
what defines moral fortitude.
Well said.
On to the next chapter.
The welcome party is already
the day after tomorrow.
I spent half the summer
talking to electricians
and temperamental caterers.
Don't forget about picking pothead DJs.
We have to book the sober one today.
The things we do for our resumes.
I forgot something.
I have to go see Mr. Sutton. Later.
Excuse me
Ruby, I
Ruby, I
I can explain
It's really not what it looks like. Ruby!
Maxton Hall
You can wait here, Percy.
It won't take long.
Ruby? Everything okay?
Okay, this is the event committee's
first meeting this semester.
How are things looking
with the welcome party?
- Posters are up.
- Perfect.
I talked to the security company
and technicians.
They'll provide the screen
and projector for the promo video.
I'm on it.
I've included some cool drone shots.
Lexington wants the lacrosse team
in the promo video
since they could win their third title
in a row. I'll handle the photos.
The promo will be worth watching.
James Beaufort all sweaty in a close-up.
- What?
- James Beaufort is staring at you.
He's not.
He is. He's coming toward you.
James Beaufort embodies
everything that is wrong with the rich.
Outsized privilege, arrogance,
and ignorance.
Until now, I've been able to
keep a room of people between us.
Can I borrow your friend for a bit?
Robin, right?
- Ruby.
- Right, I knew it was something with an R.
You know who I am.
If you mean your name, yes.
I'm Lydia's brother.
She's in your philosophy class.
I want you to take this.
And remember,
what you saw in Sutton's office
never happened.
We won't go higher than 10,000.
Keep quiet till year's end.
We'll double it.
You're an even bigger asshole
than I thought.
Wait, wait.
We're not done here.
Gonna offer a Maserati and a Fabergé egg?
I know you could use the money.
Maybe for a new backpack?
I have 17 pounds and 28 pence
in my wallet.
That's more than I need.
Do you need change for the cafeteria?
Okay, then put this back
into your trust fund.
Are you serious?
What was that earlier? What did he want?
To humiliate me?
But I don't need his money. I earn my own.
We complement each other as sisters.
- You're rich and I'm pretty.
- Didn't you have math?
Ms. Wemsey had a breakdown because
Victor set up a Tinder date for her.
Early dismissal.
I know hearing stuff like that makes
you miss your old school.
Like I said, it was funny.
- Hey.
- Hey, you two elves!
Give me two minutes.
I'll get changed real quick.
Don't run off. We're making dinner.
Wait, zucchini!
It was great.
Sad, but great.
When I read it at your age,
it changed my whole world.
How's Death Note?
- You're only halfway through?
- Excuse me?
It took me a month to figure out how
to read it.
I'm pretty far along.
After Joyce, be thankful it's
not a thousand pages.
- Ta-da!
- Wow!
Ember, you look great!
Yeah, since birth.
- What about the dress?
- So beautiful.
Not done yet, but it'll turn out nice.
Maybe with some lace
Hang on
That's my blouse.
You had it for 15 years.
It's only fair I inherit it now.
A toast to our thieving,
talented daughters.
How'd we turn out so good?
Dad hasn't been upstairs in years.
The stairlift given
by the insurance company broke down
just a few months after the accident.
It must drive him insane,
but he never says a word about it.
That's why he doesn't know
I'm saving for a new one.
I need the documents
for my letter back, sir.
Sure. Of course.
I've already written the letter.
Just the documents, please.
There's nothing in here that's not true.
Your personal life is none of my business.
But if someone found out,
your letter would be worthless to me.
I'll find someone else.
Why not go back to Sutton
I mixed up the documents
and now he doesn't have enough time.
- Bullshit.
- It was my mistake.
You've been weird
since talking to Beaufort.
What happened between you two?
Absolutely nothing.
No one else has ever dared to ask
Headmaster Lexington for a recommendation.
I'm counting on it.
- Let's renegotiate.
- Is this a daily ritual now?
- If you try to
- Stop the Mother Teresa act.
What do you want from my family?
Right now,
I'd be happy with a restraining order.
Mother Teresa would take the money
and give it to the poor. Just saying.
You think it's funny?
Everybody has a price.
What's yours?
What's this now?
A little adventure
with the hottest single guy at school?
Is this your first time
prostituting yourself?
I wasn't going to take money.
I know you're broke right now.
Go to hell, Beaufort.
Is that your idea of dirty talk?
If you come one step closer,
I'll kick you in the balls.
- Then get to the point, Robin.
- My name is Ruby, damn it.
I don't have all day.
If you've changed your mind,
I don't know if I'm still in the mood.
Hey, I'll name my price.
Stay away from me.
Anything less than 2 meters is too close.
I never want to be seen with you again.
Lexington is coming to the game. Hurry!
Boys. Everyone gather round.
Since most of you are leaving
for Cambridge and Oxford next year,
this is your last chance
to make history for Maxton Hall.
For the past two years,
my boy Beaufort here has made sure
that this team has a reputation to lose!
So go out there
and kick some East View ass!
- Understood?
- Yes!
- Maxton!
- Hall!
Don't even think of getting revenge
from McCormack, okay?
Just let it go.
Welcome to the Maxton Hall
versus East View College second leg.
After the last against East View,
the only question is
will the Maxton Hall team
Maxton Hall!
Faster, faster!
Shoot now!
One to nil for Maxton Hall.
Since the management change
two semesters ago,
the team has made a gigantic leap forward.
Coach Freeman can be proud of his boys.
Alistair, no!
Player, what are you doing?
McCormack, you asshole.
Calm down!
Clearly way off.
What did I tell you?
What is this shit?
He almost broke Kesh's neck
in the last game.
- He deserved it.
- Ellington!
Get off the field!
McCormack gets medical attention
and Ellington is benched.
The mood seems to have calmed down again.
Play continues.
We can see here in the lineup
Maxton Hall, Maxton Hall, Maxton Hall!
If you're looking for the field,
it's behind you.
But I just came for the wrestling.
I wanted to give McCormack a few more,
but the referee was too quick.
East View might have a chance
if she joined them.
Go, Beaufort!
I can tell you're a die-hard lacrosse fan.
Yeah, I've been coming to all the games.
Haven't you noticed?
I'm always a little busy out there.
Beating up the opposition?
Shall we take a photo of you?
Maybe here?
Nice meeting you, Alistair.
Great. One more smile?
Sir, do you have a minute?
I'm busy, Miss Bell.
It'll just take two minutes.
I was wondering if you could write me
a recommendation for Oxford.
You should've taken care of that already.
You're the best reference here. I thought
I'd at least see if you have the time.
We both know you are an exemplary student.
But that's not enough for a meaningful
recommendation. Not for Oxford.
Come to think of it,
I haven't really noticed you these
last 2 years, Miss Bell.
Do you know why that is?
I'm chairing the event committee
this year with Lin Wang.
How's it going with the welcome party?
Preparations are underway.
This party
is the first impression our
new students and their parents get of us.
They pay tens of thousands
of pounds each year.
This year we have some
prominent new students.
- It's important that it goes well.
- I understand, sir.
If you show you're a good team leader
and all goes well
I'll write you a recommendation letter.
Can you do me a favor?
Step out of the picture.
Okay, quickly, look here.
What did you want with Alistair?
I don't know what you're planning, Bell.
And I don't care.
Someone like you can't touch
people like us.
You're a nobody, from a no-name backwater,
without any money or connections.
So, knock yourself out.
Did you secretly switch to rugby?
Eleven to five.
Measure success by improvement,
not victories.
Tiger Woods.
What do you know about Ruby?
Nothing. Except that she is chairing
the stupid event committee.
The one that organizes school parties?
Sutton keeping quiet?
It's like I never existed.
You didn't.
The elephant is
one of the strongest animals.
And that's why the metaphor
of the chained elephant
has always fascinated me.
An elephant could easily tear the stake
it's chained to out of the ground.
But no matter how big and strong it is,
its belief that it is powerless
keeps it chained in place.
People are no different.
Our fears and prejudices keep us
from realizing our full potential.
From following our dreams.
I am lucky since I know there's only
a small stake holding me.
And I'm working on pulling it out,
little by little.
A bit more every year.
I won't let myself be bound to
a stake again.
And certainly not by someone
like James Beaufort.
Only this evening stands between me
and the recommendation for Oxford.
And I'll make sure everything,
and I mean everything, goes smoothly.
Have a nice evening.
I do anything for a lame event.
- Shall we go upstairs, guys?
- Yes, hurry up.
To all my fans, I'll see you later!
Can I
talk to you for a minute?
What you saw was
absolutely unacceptable.
I knew you were secretly into brunettes.
But it's not what you think.
Miss Beaufort and I didn't meet
as teacher and student.
We knew each other before
- Sir, it's none of my
- It won't happen again.
I want you to know that I'm sorry to have
put you in this situation
My compliments.
It's exactly how I imagined.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, that's enough.
Hey! Turn the music off!
Music off!
"My party is ruined! Shit!"
Let's go, boys.
Hi, Robin. Is everything okay?
You know how many people worked
their asses off for this party?
You didn't want me to strip, so I thought
these guys might be more your type.
If I can't make you keep your mouth shut,
then I'll make sure no one believes you
when you open it.
Lexington wants to talk to you.
Both of you.
You both disappointed me this evening.
You can cut it out with the smugness,
Mr. Beaufort.
You were seen paying the DJ.
You are suspended from the lacrosse team.
And I won't be writing
your letter of recommendation.
I expected you to have this event
under control,
as chair of the event committee.
Thanks to Mr. Beaufort's little prank,
I can't vouch
for your organizational abilities.
There's something else
I should know about this situation.
About you.
Or Mr. Beaufort.
No, sir.
I realize I need to improve,
and I take that seriously.
So you can count on me
for the upcoming donor gala.
You'll have another chance to form
an opinion about my organizational skills.
A catastrophe like this
can't happen again.
There won't be a repeat of tonight.
Not on my watch.
If that's the case,
then Mr. Beaufort
can invest his newfound free time
in the event committee
to make up for his misstep.
And the two of you, who just sullied
the reputation of this institution,
will repair it with a gala that is perfect
in every last detail.
Then we'll see
about your recommendation, Miss Bell.
- He's arrogant and unreliable! I can't
- I don't plan parties! My father will
- I hope you're happy.
- Amused would be more fitting.
As if I'd let someone like you
order me around.
- Because you're a Beaufort, right?
- Yes. Exactly.
You can bluster all you want.
I'm not afraid of you.
I do a damn good job on the committee,
and you won't ruin my chance at Oxford.
Knock yourself out.
You want a war, Ruby Bell?
You got it.
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