Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Adel verpflichtet

Do you want to know
how you can win every game, James?
In a foolproof way?
You don't have to be a genius
to dominate the chessboard.
You just have to give your opponent
the chance to make mistakes,
and then exploit them.
Make your opponent feel
like they have only one
possible course of action.
It's the same in life.
He who dominates
determines what comes next.
He who lays down his weapons,
Pride is the first
of the seven deadly sins.
But it is, in fact, one of the most
useful emotions there is.
Pride indicates status.
And if there is one thing people react to,
it's that.
Every person on earth has their place,
like pieces on a chess board.
Pawns can fight their whole lives
to become king.
But only those born as kings know
what the position really means.
You have power.
The goal of the whole game.
But you're also the most vulnerable.
Tomorrow, 8:30 p.m.
To maintain your position,
you have to move your pieces
aggressively forward.
A Beaufort won't be bossed around,
not by the headmaster
and certainly not by Ruby Bell.
Got some new music, Percy?
How about some classical music?
Maxton Hall
We all know that the welcome party
didn't go as we had wished.
Which totally wasn't our fault.
Doesn't matter. What's important now
is that we organize a perfect donor gala.
Without any incidents.
Speaking of which,
shouldn't James be here by now?
The further away James Beaufort stays
from this meeting, the better.
Shall we start?
Very good! Right outside!
Pick and roll.
If you want, pass it on ground.
- Ground balls. Very good.
- Let's go.
Swing it. Good.
Change to the right inside.
What are you doing here?
Well, if you can't tell,
then I'm doing something wrong.
Your little prank at the welcome party
got you benched. Forgot already?
What'll Lexington do, throw me out?
Not you, but me, maybe.
If you don't show up at the committee,
it's my head that will roll.
You screwed up, Beaufort.
You're staying off the field this term.
You can't be serious.
I'm sorry, James.
There's nothing I can do.
My family bankrolls this place.
From the uniforms to the rent.
Lexington can't afford to touch me.
The order for suspension
came from your father.
If you want to control
the world around you,
you must understand one thing.
If you allow it,
control will be taken away from you
as quickly as you got it.
Okay, boys. Back to your positions.
Let's keep going.
And the way you react
to a situation like that
defines whether you belong
on the winning or losing side.
Well, come on. Don't fall asleep. Game on!
What did you expect?
It was a brazen prank, even for you.
He never cared before as long as
I act the way he wants outside of school.
Nobody forced you
to ruin the party with strippers.
She forced me. Who does she think she is?
Talk to Dad. He'll straighten it out.
You're his golden boy.
I'll talk to him. I'll make sure Ruby Bell
wishes she'd never set foot here.
Don't provoke her. It's pure luck
that she's kept quiet so far.
She thinks she won.
She clearly has no idea
who she's messing with.
She won't win this game.
Dad would be proud of you.
Make the opponent think they have only one
course of action, right?
Be careful.
- You don't know this girl.
- She would do anything to get into Oxford.
That stupid committee is her way there.
Last time we talked a lot
about elegance and simplicity.
But the "Black and White" theme
promises much more.
Light and shadow.
Truth and dishonesty. Good and bad.
I worked on my laptop
until 3:00 a.m. last night,
and this is my design for the poster.
Thanks for all your work.
Your theme for the donor gala
is "Black and White"?
Do you have a problem with that, Beaufort?
Your funeral, not mine.
I thought you wanted to impress Lexington,
for the letter of recommendation.
If you're late,
then at least keep your mouth shut.
Lexington really wants me
to engage with your work.
He must've thought
the strippers were exciting.
- We don't need prostitutes for that.
- At least people still talk about it.
Do you have anything productive to say,
or can we ignore you now?
Maybe, you just have to ask me.
I think I just did.
I don't think I like your tone.
- My tone is normal, but you just complain.
- Be happy that someone tells the truth.
And we're so grateful to you.
Any more input about Kieran's poster?
The main hall would be the perfect setting
for a Victorian party.
Dress code appropriately
classy and decadent.
We'll get table settings from the period,
napkins with lace.
Candlelight only. A friend can organize
an orchestra for Victorian music.
- We're not discussing themes. We have one.
- What, that one?
Imagine Victorian dresses, suits.
- Candlelight.
- We can't redesign the whole party.
We requested the decor samples,
we have a menu.
The poster goes to print in three days.
My mistake. I thought the aim
was to plan the best possible party.
Did you bring a poster design too?
May I?
What is that supposed to be?
A lady in Victorian dress.
To establish the dress code.
We can put a cool collage around it,
to lessen the Hitchcock energy.
You're suspiciously quiet, Ruby Bell.
Who is for the Victorian idea?
Should we count those against it?
What about the costume rental
in Haddington?
In their dress, I looked like Elsa
from Frozen after a flood.
We can't put some polyester thing
on the poster.
Beaufort is one
of the oldest luxury brands in England.
Their collection goes back
hundreds of years.
I was first.
- I was half a second faster.
- Lin, please.
Whoever gets the cap
has to talk to Beaufort.
Good work in there.
Major leadership skills.
Do you have something Victorian
in your collection?
Yes, I think so.
Lots of beautiful things. Very valuable.
We'd like to take some pictures,
for the poster.
Sounds like a really good idea.
Can you ask your parents
for access to the collection?
Sorry, I can't do that.
You don't want to.
Whether I want or not, Ruby Bell,
my answer remains the same.
But I'm sure a competent team leader
like you will find a solution.
The second one is good, with the smile.
You're smiling in all of them.
Yeah, but there's smiling,
and then there's smiling.
You would know that
if you had ever flirted.
They turned out good, thank you.
So, what's the story
with the Victorian dress?
Your school is really fancy.
We need a real Victorian gown of dreams
for our poster.
In less than two days.
I thought you'd know a shop that
That sells Victorian dream gowns?
- In Gormsey?
- You're a fashion genius. I thought
Victorian dream gowns in Gormsey?
You are right.
This will never work.
If only I knew someone
who was a super talented seamstress.
I'll make you one.
- Two days. Walk in the park.
- Seriously?
No, absolutely not.
It's not doable. Never ever.
Not for the day after tomorrow.
It would be nuts to start from scratch.
I mean, if we had a dress
we could use as a base to build on.
Sew on a bodice, drape the skirt
The skirts could have a train,
if I could find a roll of tulle anywhere.
I could sew it into the waist, the bodice.
I have a crazy silver thread somewhere.
That would look great with the
- You know I couldn't say no, if you asked.
- I didn't say anything.
I'll get the sewing machine,
you get coffee.
It'll be an all-nighter.
What's this? My son is up so early?
I thought I'd work out before school,
like you always said.
Oh, yeah. Race you to the bench.
- I let you win.
- Yes.
- I let you win.
- Bluffing is all well and good,
but make sure it's true next time, okay?
I have to get back on the lacrosse field.
We all have our hands full preparing for
the investor reception and our new line.
And you especially,
as the face of Young Beaufort.
We're just about to win
our third title in a row.
Never happened before
in Maxton Hall's history.
I'm not surprised,
considering it's a girl's sport.
Will you talk to Lexington or should I?
Please, Dad.
It's my last year.
Everything that life puts
in our way should be seen
as practice
for the truly important moments.
The moments that will shape our future.
And the first of these moments
is the reception.
You will concentrate fully
and deliver a perfect performance.
The company's image depends on it.
As does the image of our whole family.
Besides, I think,
we just found a new athletic activity
for you to practice.
Next time, I expect you to win.
Yes, we are just looking.
We are just looking.
No, that's not possible,
we have above all
Looks solid.
- I can't wait for the new collection.
- Yes, definitely.
Esteemed guests, dear friends.
This watch belonged
to my great-great-great grandfather,
who founded Beaufort 125 years ago.
I think he would be proud if he could see
how far we have come today.
From that humble tailor shop
grew a global company
with a long-standing tradition,
one that has defined
the luxury fashion landscape for decades.
Not only through
the iconic clothing we produce,
but also through the market-leading
sustainability projects,
which we are especially proud of.
But Beaufort has been
and remains a family affair,
until today.
Therefore, it fills me with great pride
to turn the floor over
to my wonderful son, James,
who will tell you all
why we are here this evening.
We are all witnessing
a great moment today.
Beaufort is expanding its empire.
We dress kings, presidents,
and the most successful businessmen
in the world.
And now, it is time
to include the next generation
in this inner circle.
Especially at a time
when the world is changing so quickly,
a world in which the youth
are taking more responsibility
for their own fate.
Here you see the future of Beaufort.
So, what do you think?
A toast.
To a new generation of Beaufort.
Modern. Noble. Dynamic.
Oh my God, it's beautiful.
I knew you could do it.
When you're done with your poster,
I'll put it on the blog.
It will be a hit.
Can you do the ironing?
I'd love to pass out
for eight to ten hours now.
Of course. Get some rest.
Good night.
Thanks, Em.
RUBY - The gown for our poster
is taking shape here.
Big thanks to James - NOT!
JESSALYN - Wow, Ruby!
KIERAN - Awesome!
JAMES - After I provided the idea,
I am happy that the committee
also contributed something.
P.S. What's the name of your seamstress?
JAMES - She is doing a good job,
though the sewing machine
looks like it's from a dumpster.
You disgusting, arrogant
No, no, no!
Ember, I It
It was an accident. I'm sorry.
Do you think you can still use it?
Hello, everybody.
My name is Philippa Winfield.
- You may call me Pippa.
- I'll call you anything you want, babe.
When I was preparing to apply to Oxford,
I found it helpful
to discuss questions with others.
And that's exactly what we're going to do
in this course.
Now, can you pass these sheets
to the back? Thanks.
As you wish, dude.
Then you can go ahead and read
the first question aloud for us, right?
"If you can provide reasons
for your actions,
"does that mean
your actions are rational?"
Feelings can also motivate actions.
How many emotional decisions
do we make every day?
It's strange to make a strict distinction
between emotion and rationality.
As if the head and the heart
are mutually exclusive.
If I act according to principles
that I think are rational,
but I suffer for it,
are my actions rational?
We can see clearly here
how different people's principles can be.
I would never consider an action that made
me or someone else suffer to be rational.
There are principles
that apply universally.
They're called axioms.
If you have two job offers, for example.
One pays more, but you think
you'd be happier in the lower-paid job.
The rational decision would still be
to take the better paid job.
If, unsurprisingly,
you're motivated by money
First of all, you don't know me.
People won't be interested in you
if you don't have money.
If you're told that from birth,
of course you'll say
that nothing else matters.
Pretty pathetic, actually.
Passionate discussion is good,
but please, no personal attacks.
Interesting view
from your tower of moral superiority.
I don't go through life
thinking I'm superior
and can treat other people like trash.
You try controlling others without money.
How's that going for you?
I feel sorry for you.
- Guys, please.
- Do you want to spend your whole life
representing wealth to which you have
contributed absolutely nothing?
With so much money,
there's no need for your own ideas.
Your inheritance, your little pranks.
It just shows how empty you are.
And that's why no one will ever be
interested in you,
only in your money.
We have to discuss
what to do if Ruby talks.
I don't think she'll talk.
As for what we should do,
we've both known that for a long time.
If anything good
came out of this incident,
it was to show us
that we can't go on like this.
- Why?
- We went too far, Lyd.
Sooner or later it will come out,
one way or another.
We'll keep a low profile
until it's forgotten.
I'll be done with school soon.
- And then
- And then?
Do you think your parents will welcome me
into the family? Their daughter's teacher?
I don't want you to throw away
your future opportunities at Beaufort
for me.
I haven't stood a chance
with my dad for a long time.
I was tricked by a journalist
who pressed me for information.
Young Beaufort was your idea.
You developed the concept
for the whole launch.
Mortimer may be a shitty father,
but he's a smart businessman.
He won't let your talent go to waste.
You'll get your chance. I know it.
But we won't get one.
If you say so.
Let's go!
Let's go!
How would you describe me in three words?
Right now?
How about "super sexy stallion"?
Very accurate.
But false modesty
usually gets you further in life.
Everything okay?
My current boy toy is being difficult,
so I'm looking for alternatives.
But I'm sure that's nothing compared
to your personal drama.
Or are we still pretending what happened
with Ruby in the Oxford course was normal?
Nothing happened.
The course is a waste of time
and I had better things to do.
I see.
She hit a sore spot, right?
Okay, I'll leave you alone.
I've never seen her
so out of control, though.
Why so pensive?
Everything okay, sweetheart?
Nothing important.
Don't worry.
But you are worrying.
And my lifelong contract as a father
states that I have to worry too.
Have you ever hurt someone so badly
that they left the room?
You know, Ruby,
I'm almost fifty now.
I've made a lot of mistakes
and hurt people.
It's unavoidable,
but thank God
it doesn't make you a bad person.
What matters is that you learn
from your mistakes
and take responsibility for them.
Why is it sometimes so hard
to do the right thing?
it's called the "right thing,"
not the "easy thing."
Are you going to report to Lexington
about my free time too?
I wanted to tell you that you were right.
I don't know you.
My behavior at the Oxford course
was totally out of line.
I don't know what got into me, but
I'm sorry.
The Victorian party
really was the better idea.
Of course it was.
How's it going with the gown?
Not quite as planned.
What happened?
It burned.
- Burned?
- Burned.
The poster probably won't be our best,
but, oh, well.
You can't win all the time.
Okay, then.
See you Monday.
And tell Lexington, I said "Hi."
Feel like hitting a few balls,
to clear your head?
I need a partner and I thought
we could go out for a nice lunch after.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Need another player?
We're playing a scramble.
Maybe another time.
Are you coming?
Just go.
There they are.
- Who?
- Our partners for the game.
Harold Ellington is considering investing
a considerable sum in Young Beaufort.
He's the final investor that we need.
Why's Elaine here?
If you're half as interested in her
as she is in you,
we can kill two birds
with one stone today.
The Beaufort Junior CEO needs
a suitable partner at his side.
And the sister of your best friend
would be perfect.
A sight to behold, as always.
- You old charmer.
- Nice to see you, Harold.
Nice to see you.
Perfect day for a round, right?
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Two?
- Always two.
Such a pure aristocratic title
as that of the Ellingtons is hard to find.
Elaine is totally into you,
you don't even have to do anything.
I'll take care of Harold.
And you enjoy the show.
I always thought there were two ways
to end a game in life.
Victory or defeat.
Your king either stands or falls.
And a Beaufort will always fight
to the end to remain standing.
I had never considered the third option.
A draw. Undecided.
That perhaps it's precisely the moment
when two kings bow to each other,
that shows true greatness.
The youngest member of the family, Elsson,
now dares to go to the pond.
Very carefully, he feels his way forward
using his trunk,
and his mother watches him unnoticed.
Desert elephants can drink
up to 200 liters of water a day
with up to eight liters fitting
in the trunk of an adult elephant.
However, the drought
I need the bathroom.
these gray giants have to cover
more than 70 kilometers a day
under difficult conditions.
I arranged for access to the archive.
We can go see the gowns in London. J.
Are you serious, or am I going to be
ambushed by strippers in London? R.
Just wait and see. J.B.
How do we get to London? R.B.
My chauffeur will pick you up. J.M.B.
Aren't you 18? Didn't have time
to get your driver's license yet?
PS. How many initials
do you actually have? R.J.B.
Apparently as many as you do. J.M.B.
When do we leave?
How about right now?
Creative Supervisor Claudia Zie
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