Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


Does anyone know why there's
a luxury limousine parked outside?
Give me one minute.
I've always been fascinated
by the concept of camouflage in biology.
Camouflage so good
that hunters miss their prey
because they blend
into their surroundings.
But camouflage only works
as long as the other doesn't know
what to look for.
And as long as you don't want to be found.
We'll be back by 8:00, Mrs. Bell.
- Hey.
- Hey, honey.
You never mentioned a trip to London.
It's for the committee.
The gala poster goes to print tomorrow.
- Well then, best of luck.
- Thanks.
- If there's anything, call me.
- Mom.
- See you later.
- Have fun.
Dresses from the Victorian Era. Yes.
It's the theme of the gala.
That is perfect. Exactly.
We won't need long.
Exactly. Okay. Thank you. Bye.
Thanks for picking me up.
Why the change of mind?
It's no big deal. We'll go,
take pictures of the dress, and leave.
Is it true that you make suits
for King Charles?
Maybe we'll meet him today.
Then you have to curtsy.
Don't believe everything you're told.
Then it's not true
that you eat caviar,
bathe in champagne
and destroy waterbeds during sex?
Don't pretend you don't know
what they say about you.
I lost a bottle of bubbly in the pool once
and went swimming. Accidentally.
I find caviar disgusting.
As for the third point,
it wasn't a waterbed.
How boring.
Want to hear something really boring?
- There's not a single rumor about you.
- That's no accident.
I prefer to be invisible.
Tell me something about yourself.
Something none of our classmates knows.
No one in my family has gone to college.
We couldn't believe
I got a scholarship to Maxton Hall.
Suddenly, Oxford was within reach.
I can hardly wait to be there,
take courses by Nobel laureates,
read everything in the Bodleian Library,
discuss Hobbes and Nietzsche.
Finish it and send it off.
- You must be Miss Bell.
- Hi.
Welcome. I'm Tristan,
the master tailor here.
Please follow me.
This is the showroom
for the Beaufort collection,
which dates back to 1848.
We've prepared a few dresses for you.
I recognize this.
It was shown last year
in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Absolutely right.
For the Queen Victoria retrospective.
My sister made me go twice.
She is fashion-obsessed.
These are all just reproductions.
The originals are too delicate
to be made accessible to the public.
So, does it help?
It's perfect.
Can I take a picture?
@Kieran: Would this be good for a poster?
KIERAN - You're amazing, Ruby!
I'll start right away.
How did you pull this off?
Are you at the Beaufort collection?
You as in?
Want to try it on?
- Yes, sure.
- Why not?
It probably costs more
than my parents earn in a year.
I think I'll keep my distance.
I'm sure it's complicated
with all the buttons and
But you like it.
Try it on.
When will you get another chance?
If you follow suit.
Tristan, can you take a picture?
Her family will want to see.
No, that's
Here you are.
May I ask who this is?
I'm Ruby Bell, sir.
I work with your son
on the event committee.
Pleasure to meet you.
You look fantastic.
He's playing dress-up while we await him
at lunch with the Ellingtons.
I understand that you're
in your rebellious phase,
but it's inappropriate
to drag this poor girl into it.
Sorry for the ambush, but I'm afraid
James has allowed himself
too much latitude in his scheduling.
The dress is, if I may say so,
a bit tight around the breast.
- Tristan
- He has better things to do.
James could put the photos
on social media.
Like a retrospective
before the launch of the new collection.
I'm not sure if this is the image
Beaufort wants to project.
No offense, but
that is the dress of a queen.
I'll go change.
his daughter wanted to wait for you.
Percy is waiting downstairs.
Thank you
for the unforgettable experience.
Give my regards to King Charles.
I'll take the train.
Well, how's it going with James?
Maxton Hall
- Hey.
- You didn't even try.
- You have to throw it right.
- I am throwing it right.
- So, the garden?
- I don't have time. I have homework.
You never came
out of your room yesterday, sweetie.
How was London?
Is everything okay?
I have to go. Later.
- Bye.
- See you later.
Interesting design, Miss Bell.
I didn't expect that Mr. Beaufort and you
would take charge of the design.
At least no one can say
you didn't give it your all.
- What do you think, Mr. Sutton?
- Yes.
Good work. Really.
Thank you.
- There she is.
- Never seen before. Is she new?
I heard her mother works in a bakery.
Hey, Ruby.
I just wanted to say
the posters are really cool.
But it would have been nice
to know you were doing them.
- I spent all weekend on the pictures
- I'm sorry.
- in Photoshop.
- I didn't know anything.
Do you have a second?
- Are you completely crazy?
- What?
Do you think London
wasn't humiliating enough for me?
You look great in the picture.
I try not to stand out,
and you plaster my face all over school?
You needed posters, and I
We should go back
to how things were before.
When you didn't know I existed.
I was definitely better off.
Everything okay?
He threw me out of the showroom,
in front of his parents.
What? Why?
He was ashamed of me.
His father looked at me
as if I was dirt on his shoe.
You look like a fucking queen
in that picture.
You mustn't let them treat you like that.
Not them.
He was just honest.
You wouldn't talk to me either,
if your father hadn't lost everything.
Nice that you have a low opinion of me.
Good morning.
Today we will simulate
a typical interview situation,
as you will experience at Oxford.
Had a quickie with James?
Please take out
yesterday's questionnaires.
Let's start with you, Miss Bell.
Not everyone likes to be
the center of attention,
but staying cool under pressure
can be learned.
So, Miss Bell,
why do you think you would be
the perfect candidate
for Saint Hilda's College at Oxford?
Saint Hilda's was
Saint Hilda's was the last
women's college established at Oxford.
And the ideals
of inclusivity and equality
Tell us what happened with James.
If you can't behave,
you can leave my classroom.
- Understood?
- Yes. Understood.
Miss Bell, I asked you
why they should accept you.
Not about the benefits of Saint Hilda's.
Saint Hilda's is
different from the
is different from the old elite colleges.
That's why I think I would fit in there.
Hear that? She's different.
You're a nobody, from a no-name backwater.
My name is Ruby.
That is the dress of a queen.
Are you completely crazy?
And that's why no one
will be interested in you.
Interesting design, Miss Bell.
- No letter of recommendation.
- I try not to stand out.
You plaster my face all over school?
We should go back to before.
So, Cyril, does your big mouth work
up here too?
I'm glad you're here. I'm such a klutz.
I dropped the whole platter.
- I have to throw the cream puffs out.
- Oh, come on.
There's a five-second rule.
They've been there for at least 10.
I couldn't reach them.
They were under the counter.
It'll be our little secret.
What's all this for, anyway?
Today is our 20th anniversary.
I wanted to surprise your mom.
I could have helped.
Why didn't you say anything?
There are some things
you have to do yourself.
And enchanting your wife is one of them.
Everything okay?
Did you forget your
I was an ass on Saturday.
I know that.
It was not because of you.
- My dad and I
- You were embarrassed.
I embarrassed myself.
I had the posters printed
to show you that I'm not like that.
Like what?
who treats people he likes like dirt.
- I'm a laughingstock.
- They're not laughing.
They want to know the girl.
And I think they should know.
You're much too special
to hide yourself from anyone.
Still, shouldn't that be my decision?
What you said at school today
What if I don't want to go back?
- Cyril's throwing a team party.
- James.
Once you get to know them, they're nice.
Alistair anyway
London, Maxton Hall, Cyril's party,
that's your world.
I don't fit in and don't want to.
I have my own world.
It can work if I focus
and avoid people like you and Cyril.
If I remain invisible.
You're not invisible anymore.
Not to me.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.
Here. This was hanging at the gate.
- Happy anniversary, my angel.
- Oh, wow.
Is this icing sugar?
They look especially nice.
This dress was made for you.
Just 200 years too early.
Wear it to the fundraising gala. You look
too beautiful in it not to. J.M.B.
Go to hell, James Beaufort.
Harold, I'll send you the invitation
to the Young Beaufort event,
- along with a copy of the contracts.
- Great.
Thank you for coming.
It's great to have you on board.
It's an honor.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Well done.
Are you proud?
Young Beaufort is fully financed.
You worked on this investment.
I thought I screwed up,
because I was playing dress-up
and not eating with the Ellingtons.
I know you think you're angry at me
because I interrupted
your little costume party.
But if you're honest,
you know I actually did you a favor.
Girls like that can't keep it up for long,
the illusion
of being something they're not.
How did you keep it up?
This company has gone
through difficult times.
It was my hard work alone
that enabled your mother and I
to straighten it out.
I gave everything
for this family's reputation.
As long as you can't say the same,
you can keep your mouth shut.
Why don't you give it to Lydia
if you're so unhappy with me?
Young Beaufort was her idea.
She is more invested, skilled
She wants to believe that.
The fact is
that Lydia's weakness for missteps means
that she will never be
a serious candidate.
Remember what you owe your mother
and this company.
And pull yourself together.
You've got a lot going on right now.
I'm sorry about last class.
I had a bad day and
I know you have big goals.
You have to decide
if you want to accomplish them.
You can't aim high
and fly under the radar at the same time.
Only those who can deal with judgment
have a chance of making it to the top.
Graham Mr. Sutton
praised you highly.
So you really need to go for it.
And show me
that we can make it through a class period
without unleashing chaos.
No idea.
Over there.
She hangs the photos on all the walls
like a crazy stalker.
- Does she think she's special?
- Poor James.
- Is this about Ruby?
- What's it to you?
I know you think this is the real world,
but money and respect can be lost,
just like this.
And then you're all you have left.
So invest a bit
in developing your character
and not so much in your next purse.
Lab partner?
I'm sorry for what I said.
I was having a bad day.
It's okay.
I probably wouldn't have talked to you
if my father hadn't gone bankrupt.
But I wasn't a particularly nice person,
so I'm almost grateful to him.
James invited me to a party.
Is this guy confused or what?
He came to my house to apologize and said
- he doesn't want to return to before.
- James.
James Beaufort said that?
Holy shit.
Are you going?
You can't crawl back under your rock.
The hottest guy at school wants you.
So, show the idiots who Ruby Bell is.
Once your reputation is trashed,
you can live life unabashed.
Believe me, I know.
But I'm not unabashed.
I'm totally abashed.
Then go there as stuck up
and smitten as you are.
That doesn't seem to bother James.
- Maxton!
- Hall!
Maybe it's true.
Maybe there is a chasm
between my world and that of others.
Like a no-man's-land.
And whoever crosses it,
in either direction,
is certain to get hurt.
You need courage to dare and go there.
To stand up for what you want.
But nothing is more tiring than
the question
if it had been a mistake to even try.
A new, trendy chiropractor
from London showed me this.
It's the best thing for tension headaches.
The head of Young Beaufort.
I can imagine the pressure.
My parents are
already planning my internships.
But when it all gets to be too much,
I try to remember
that it will all be ours one day.
You will be in charge of everything.
When its cover is blown,
the prey has only two options.
Fight or flight.
But the thing is,
once you've been seen, really seen,
you might realize you're not
as harmless and helpless as you thought.
That you have spikes under the camouflage
and don't have to hide in the shadows.
Don't tell me Cyril invited you.
Actually, it was your brother.
So that's the way it is?
You must feel pretty powerful.
You have James wrapped around your finger,
and you know about my little dilemma.
But you know what?
You can say whatever you want now.
There is nothing to tell anymore.
It's over.
For good.
Thanks to you.
I'm sorry, Lydia.
I don't need your pity.
But understand one thing.
James and I look out for each other.
If you're with him,
there will be nowhere to hide.
And if you break his heart,
you're done.
You came.
I was thinking.
I think the past is
Thank you for the dress.
You're welcome.
It's crowded in here.
Perfect timing. It was getting hot.
Let's get out of here.
- I'll grab my jacket.
- I'll wait here.
Since when do you leave parties
before 4:00 a.m.?
- Since when is that your business?
- No idea.
Knock it off.
Hey, Ruby.
Leave us our friend, okay?
- We're all friends, right?
- Hey, Cyril.
No, no no!
So embarrassing.
James! James! James!
James! James! James!
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay. Calm now. Calm now.
It's okay.
Stop it.
Do we have some warm clothes?
I was still little.
My dad and I went out on a boat.
My teddy bear fell in the water.
I tried to get it and lost my balance.
Dad jumped in after me.
I couldn't swim yet.
Suddenly there was a boat.
It's my fault he's in a wheelchair.
Should I circle the block once more, sir?
I don't know
what I'm doing here, Percy.
Subtitle translation by: Melanie Martin
Creative Supervisor
Claudia Zie
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