Maxton Hall: The World Between Us (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Stunde der Wahrheit

Your alarm has been waking everyone up
for ten minutes now.
Sorry I had to wake you.
You looked like you were having
a nice dream.
Nice hoodie.
Hide it from Mom.
She'll wash it and it'll lose its scent.
Closeness and distance
aren't always mutually exclusive.
You can feel close to people
who are miles away,
or notice that you trust someone
you thought you hated just two weeks ago.
RUBY - Thanks for yesterday.
That was really nice of you and
Thanks for yesterday. You didn't have
to take me all the way home.
I always thought I knew
all the ways to lose control.
Alcohol, sex, drugs.
I never knew those were just games.
Last night, I learned what it means
to lose control of your own feelings.
RUBY Thank you.
- R.J.B.
JAMES - You never told me what the J stands for.
- J.M.B.
RUBY And I never will.
- R.J.B.
JAMES Admit it - it stands for James.
- J.M.B.
RUBY Your ego is intact, it seems.
- R.J.B.
JAMES - You're avoiding my question. Must be bad.
- J.M.B.
I'll reveal my J in return for your M?
JAMES Nice try.
- J.M.B.
Are you feeling better?
Yes But I'm nervous about today.
JAMES - Don't worry. Most people
only saw my wet back last night.
Then at least they had a nice evening.
Ruby Bell, are you trying
to flirt with me?
Maxton Hall
The baker's daughter
What's with the death glare?
They're all staring at me.
You can't let it get to you.
Use the Beaufort code: Total nonchalance,
no matter the situation.
You look like you need to be smacked.
I might enjoy getting smacked.
Is that Ruby Bell?
She's cool and nonchalant. James Beaufort
carried her in his arms. Lucky her!
- Stop it! I mean, whatever.
- Very good.
With practice, you'll believe it yourself.
Trust me, I've been doing it for years.
- Maxton!
- Hall!
You miss it, don't you?
Come on, men! We are winners.
- We are winners!
- Unlike the others.
WTF!!! Call me!
Lydia, stop ignoring me
and spill the beans.
Is he with that welfare case?
Good morning.
Would you like a cinnamon roll?
I ordered them from the bakery in Compton.
I have to thank you.
Without you, there'd be
no new collection tomorrow.
There's so much passion
and creativity in the whole concept.
Everything that Beaufort represents.
That's what James has to embody
at tomorrow's press conference.
What do you know about this girl?
I think she goes to our school.
It was just a dumb party prank.
Some of us were messing around
in the pool.
You know how getting involved
with the wrong person can ruin your life.
I had to pay your ex-boyfriend £500,000
to destroy the photos he took of you.
Tomorrow, your brother will pave the way
for both of you.
Young Beaufort is just the beginning.
Maybe you'll be the face of the next line.
I know you can do it.
But the first step is to ensure that James
doesn't ruin the press conference.
He can't get sidetracked.
Not now.
You two are close.
Use that.
James. Do you know
who I had breakfast with this morning?
You have to be more careful with Ruby.
- Did he ask you to talk to me?
- Something like that.
- You can tell him it's just a photo.
- Just a photo?
If he thinks you're distracted,
he'll rip your head off. And mine.
It's all under control.
- James.
- Lydia.
If you don't listen, he won't be nice.
- He'll take care of it himself.
- Don't worry about me.
At least Ruby isn't a teacher.
- The crates are too heavy for one person.
- Can we help you?
So, how was he?
Is it true what they're saying?
- What?
- You know.
Did you do it outside or in his limousine?
Please say you did it in his limousine.
Whatever. I'll leave it
up to your imaginations.
And here for the candles
- They all think I slept with James.
- And?
No. We didn't even kiss.
He saves your life, bails on his friends,
and carries you, looking like you're
in a wet T-shirt contest,
into the moonlit night,
and he doesn't kiss you?
What else do you guys need? Fireworks?
I saw the videos.
They're all over social media.
You can't date a Harry Styles
and think no one will notice.
- I'm not sure it was a date.
- Did you want it to be?
Hey, Ruby.
The frozen stuff for the caterers
will be here soon.
- Ice cubes, meat
- Thanks, Kieran.
No problem, I have it well in hand.
Do you have the table in hand, too?
I said they had to go in the back.
- What did you do to that poor guy?
- Me?
He isn't putting on a show for me.
Though it is hot, I must admit.
When a man is nice to a woman,
it doesn't mean he wants something.
I'm not sure we should go as far
as calling Rutherford a man.
The first school party
I've ever looked forward to.
I might even get there on time.
Then, maybe you'll make it
in time for Ruby's birthday.
Tomorrow's your birthday?
You hadn't heard?
Lexington's throwing me a big party.
I'll definitely be on time. I promise.
I mean, who else
will you have your first dance with?
I'm sure I'd think of someone.
Ruby You wanted the catering
You wanted it
as fresh as possible, right?
We could slaughter them ourselves.
You want to slaughter 150 partridges
in the cafeteria?
No. Of course not.
Ruby, I'll fix it.
I could try to somehow
The crates have to go. Carefully.
Somewhere where they get air.
You all heard Ruby.
Good. Mr. Lexington,
I have a question regarding
And, Rutherford.
Good work.
"Good work."
- The way she looks at him
- Yeah, they were together for some time.
Are you sleeping with her?
Or is your little fling
just you rekindling old passions?
Either way, you work together.
That can be either extremely practical
or extremely awkward.
If you have a question about the exam,
you know where to find me.
But I really have to go, now.
Is it really that easy for you?
To go back to the status quo?
To act like you're no more
than my teacher?
Wasn't that the plan?
To act like nothing happened?
You look like you've never been happier.
How should I look? Like someone
who's lost the love of his life?
Don't look at me like that.
Why not?
Because otherwise, I'll do something
I swore I'd never do again.
Damn it, if we don't stick
to the plan, I won't make it.
Don't stick to it.
Let's get out of here. Today.
We'll pack up our things
and start over somewhere.
Get a new job. I'll do my A-levels.
You don't want that. Not really.
Leaving your home,
your family, your friends.
- I want to be with you.
- Not like this.
I can't do that to you, Lydia.
You have no idea what I want.
But you've made it clear what you want.
How's Ruby?
Cyril's a total idiot.
That's nothing new.
It was a pretty eventful evening,
all in all.
Sorry I barged in like that. It
Kesh didn't look thrilled.
He's not ready, yet.
How are you dealing with that?
I'm pretty into him.
That helps.
I never thought I'd see James Beaufort
schlepping 600 quails
across the courtyard for
A girl?
They're partridges, not quails.
And how about helping
instead of running your mouth?
Yeah, sure. Where to?
Somewhere they can get fresh air.
"And that's why it is my great honor
"My great pleasure
and an even greater honor,
"to follow in my parents' footsteps
"and present to you
the new collection as Junior CEO."
- Practice this before the presentation.
- Yes.
How was the coaching with Charles?
Do you have any questions?
Of course.
You've prepared well in advance
for the most important event of your life.
You've been poring over
all my emails for days,
meticulously noted all the dates,
learned all the words by heart,
and studied the new collection
down to the smallest detail.
I know what's expected of me.
Tomorrow, James, you become
Mr. Beaufort
I've invited the chief PR officer over
for dinner and drinks
after the press conference.
Be ready.
I have to go to the donor gala
at Maxton Hall after.
Life is about decisions, James.
And do you know why?
Because we can't have everything.
Infatuation turns us into idiots.
What will you choose?
A crush you won't even remember
in two years,
or your family?
It's your call.
But it would be great
if you could make it.
So that we can focus
on the important things.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ruby
Happy birthday to you
Make a wish!
So? Is it the right one?
Oh, my God! Thank you, Dad!
It's volume four of my Oxford prep series.
Now I just need the fifth.
Another huge brick of a book. Yay.
Okay, mine next.
Wow! Volume five. Who would have thought?
Thank you.
Can I finally have a piece of my cake?
Not so fast.
There's one more present.
- Show me. What is it?
- It's mine.
- Show me.
- No.
I have to go to school!
Who goes to school on Saturday?
- Mom, help me.
- Yes.
No, wait!
I'm sorry about what I said, Lyd.
You were right.
For a moment, I wanted to believe
that I'm in control of my life. Not him.
It's just unfair.
What do you know about unfair?
Dad never talks to me,
except to blackmail me.
The man I love is screwing his ex
and now you're the face of the concept
I've been working on for years.
Everything that's important to me
either isn't mine or is wrong.
You have no idea what it means
to be everyone's plan B.
So do us both a favor and play your role.
It's much better that way.
Maybe we should just switch,
like in The Parent Trap.
You go to the press conference,
I go to the gala.
I could just put a moustache on.
- I'm sure no one would notice.
- Never.
Everything okay?
Dad set up dinner and drinks
with the PR officer.
I'll miss the gala at Maxton Hall.
It's Ruby's birthday today.
I know the event is important
for the company.
For Dad, for Mom, for Lydia.
I just feel like shit.
That's good.
Pain is a signal
that you're ready for a change.
They're everywhere.
The others are catching them.
The decorators will be here soon.
How are they supposed to work
with birds flying around?
- It's just 150 partridges.
- If Lexington finds out, I'm done.
Then, what are you waiting for?
And happy birthday.
- Let's go behind this.
- Okay.
Don't let it escape!
- Are you sure it's in here?
- Yes, positive.
They're really fast for having small feet.
Just like you. Maybe that's why
your parents gave you your middle name.
- What?
- I told you I'd find out.
I don't know what you have against Jemima.
It means "dove." It's sweet.
- Do you see it anywhere?
- No.
Thank you for the presents.
The bag is beautiful. And the drawing
Are you going to tell me your middle name,
or do I have to stalk you, too?
I can sew it onto something
for your birthday.
Believe me, I have enough clothes
with my initials on them.
M stands for Mortimer.
Like my father.
I can't come tonight.
We're launching our new line
and Dad wants me to meet the PR officer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure it'll be exciting.
I just want to get it over with.
I don't want to go to the press conference
or take over Beaufort.
I don't think I even want to go to Oxford.
You were right in the prep course.
I'm nothing more than my name.
On paper, I have all of this privilege,
all these opportunities, but
None of it is my decision.
And what do you want?
What would make you happy
if you could do whatever you wanted?
I don't know.
I think everyone has times
when they forget everything around them.
When they stop questioning
every step and thought
and just follow their intuition.
I think life is about
allowing that thought.
To find out
what you have a real passion for.
Ruby, I caught the last one.
Just to be sure I understand, Miss Bell.
First, you say he ruined your party,
then you refuse to work with him,
and now you're asking me
to shorten his penalty
- and allow him back on the lacrosse field?
- James contributed a lot to the party,
coming up with a theme
and making it happen.
He definitely misbehaved in the past,
but I prefer to judge people
in the present.
If this party is successful,
and it will be, we'll have him to thank.
- Okay.
- Really?
After the party goes off without a hitch,
- he can play lacrosse again.
- Thank you, sir.
But, Miss Bell?
Don't forget what is really at stake
this evening.
Not only for Mr. Beaufort,
but also for you.
My dad will come get the partridges
in 30 minutes and take them to our farm.
The caterers are bringing chicken.
Dead this time.
- Sorry, Kieran. Can you give me a minute?
- Yeah.
Big night.
Not just for me.
I can send some strippers
so you don't miss me too much.
Go on, get out of here.
Get yourself that letter
of recommendation.
"Today, a new chapter begins
for each of us.
"And that is why
it is a great pleasure and"
"An even greater honor
to follow in my parents' footsteps
"and present to you today
our new collection as Junior CEO."
Crazy that you know the speech by heart.
Well, I did write it.
"But don't worry, James is paving the way
for both of you today.
"Maybe you'll be the face
of the next line."
"Life is about decisions,
because we can't have everything.
"We need you."
It'll never stop.
There'll always be something
that's more important than what we want.
Until we get to decide what's important.
You make the opponent think they have
only one course of action, right?
Turn around.
Don't let them hit on you
or grope you.
Take a taxi home,
since we can't pick you up.
I will.
Wait, I have an idea for your hair.
Have a good time.
Thank you.
Ruby, can't you chill for five seconds?
I'm totally chill.
We worked our asses off for this party.
And look around. It's perfect.
It's your birthday and you look amazing.
You'll get your letter of recommendation,
we'll go to Oxford
and become Beyoncés of politics.
And you are a goddamn princess
even without your prince.
So, can we enjoy the evening now?
What have we become?
Smartphone zombies.
Alistair, stop checking your emails.
Get us some dates, eh?
Here's one. Another one.
What's the app called? Come on,
let's look for the man of your dreams.
I mean, he's really cute.
What about him?
He's prettier than me.
Would you reject me, too,
if I had a profile here?
Don't project onto me
just because you got stood up.
She didn't.
She just didn't show up.
- Exactly.
- I don't know, man.
If Alistair can't find happiness,
we'll have to find it for him.
Let's find someone for him.
Do you find him better looking?
Or him?
Cut it out.
Stop it with this toxic masculinity.
Just tell me which guys you think are hot.
Stop it!
Here's a good one,
although you can't see his face.
Should that concern us?
So, do you think Alistair is more into
chunky guys or masculine, muscular ones?
How should I know?
I'd never do anything with a guy.
I've got a match.
You can spend your whole life hesitating.
But only if you dare to jump
will you know what's behind the cliff.
An abyss? Or a wind that will carry you?
The moment when you lose the ground
below your feet is scary.
If you focus on your dreams,
you forget gravity can play tricks on you.
Sometimes it's the act itself.
The fact that taking your fate
into your own hands
can change who you are.
Where the hell is James?
Where he belongs.
Just like me.
What are you doing here?
We have three hours of your birthday left.
Let's enjoy them.
I have a surprise for you.
I spoke to Lexington.
If the party goes the way he wants,
you can play lacrosse again.
Must be a blown fuse.
The breaker box is near the steps
in the west wing.
That was your last official act
as a committee member.
It was a pleasure working with you.
It sounds like you're saying goodbye.
So, this is what it looks like
when you know what's expected of you?
Creative Supervisor
Claudia Zie
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