Maya and the Three (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: The Skull

[Western movie music plays]
[man] Cha-chung!
- [gentle music plays]
- [birds chirping]
[fire crackling]
[ethereal whooshing]
- [woman crying softly]
- [baby fussing]
[kisses, speaks Spanish]
[ominous whoosh]
- [clatters]
- [gasps] Oh no.
Here. Here, bebé.
The curse is upon us!
- El Monstruo Blanco!
- [baby giggles]
[all gasp]
We are cursed!
Let the jungle decide its fate.
- [dramatic music plays]
- Run! Before the curse takes us all!
[baby giggling]
- [hissing]
- [baby giggling]
- [mysterious flute music plays]
- [babbling]
[monkey screeches]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [grunts]
- [hopeful music plays]
- [baby laughs]
- [boar grunts]
- [gobbles]
[pleasant music plays]
[butterfly flutters]
- Ah!
- [monkey chittering]
[grunts, chitters]
- [children gasp]
- [gasps]
[children gasp]
El Monstruo Blanco!
- [children screaming]
- [tense music playing]
[suspenseful music plays]
[people screaming]
[whooshes, thunks]
[people gasp]
- [wails]
- [turkey gobbles]
[monkey chitters]
[growls, panting]
- [grunting]
- [people gasp, scream]
[Ah Puch exclaims softly]
[speaking Spanish]
[screams in pain]
[melancholy string music plays]
La la la la la la la ♪
- [staff clangs loudly]
- Put that childish thing away, mija.
Si, Papa.
[clears throat] My bravest warriors,
the truest of you all
shall become my personal guard
and wield a magical golden bow.
[arrows whooshing]
[ominous music plays]
What do you think, my queen?
- [skeleton creaks]
- [laughs]
Yes, yes!
- Huh?
- [gasps]
- [grunts]
- [whooshes]
Archer, come forward!
- Your skills are magnificent.
- [music rising]
[people gasp]
Put your weapons down.
The legend of El Monstruo Blancois true.
I would like to get a better view
of my new bodyguard.
[greased thudding]
- Ooh. [chuckles]
- [panting]
Very interesting.
As pale as Lady Micte herself.
Bring the greatest prize of all
- for my greatest warriors.
- [clangs]
Oh, yes, a gift from the Tecas,
- a golden magic bow
- [epic music plays]
for my new favorite pet.
[yelps, groans]
[all gasp]
You filthy animal!
- You dare strike your king?
- [eerie whoosh]
[woman screams]
You! You are a curse!
- [owl hoots]
- [spits]
[creaks, clatters]
Brace yourself, Fabiola.
- You insolent, vile creature.
- [people gasp]
- [people scream]
- You have cursed us all, Monstruo Blanco!
[blade slices]
- [whooshes]
- [suspenseful music plays]
Burn it all down!
[stammers] Papa, don't do this. Por favor.
[speaks Spanish]
- Run! [echoes]
- [gasps]
[sinister music plays]
- [thudding]
- [gobbles]
- [monkey chitters]
- [whoosh]
- [monkey shrieking]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [squeaking]
- [chitters]
- [thuds]
- [gasps]
[cheeps sadly]
[tree thuds]
- [flames whoosh]
- [sad music plays]
[kisses, chitters weakly]
[chitters softly, sighs]
[sinister whooshing]
[adventurous music plays]
You don't understand. I'm I am
One more word and the cat gets it.
[Chiapa groans]
[jungle noises]
[indistinct chatter]
- [thuds]
- Oh, oh! [spits]
- [grunts]
- [tongue whips]
You, muévete.
[speaks Spanish]
Hmm. [grunting]
- [moans, grunts]
- Leave the cat here.
[guard grunts]
My leg is no bueno.
- You want us to chop it off?
- I'm healed!
[speaks Spanish]
Oh yeah. This doesn't hurt at all.
- [grunts] Ooh! [winces]
- [sweeping music plays]
Oh. Oh!
That poor little girl
must be terrified of her evil grandpa.
[Maya] That's the Jungle Lands' king,
and that is his daughter, the Widow Queen.
She looks so sweet.
Yeah? No. They call her that
because all the men around her die.
[stammers] Dang!
- [both yelp]
- [music stops]
[mysterious music plays]
- Beloved Widow Queen of the Jungle Lands
- Whoa.
we found these drifters
trying to sneak into our kingdom.
Drifters? I am
Now why don't you let Rico handle this?
[whispers] I'm great with little kids.
[softly] Listen here, baby girl.
Now, we need to talk
boring grown-up business.
So why don't you tell your mamita
and papito that we're here,
and then go sleepy nappy siesta time?
Oy no.
Guards, feed him to the hyenas.
Yikes! Estefan, help!
- [Estefan clacks, groans]
- Terebro!
[laughs] Ah, yeah, um,
which way to the hyenas?
[Rico gasps]
Beloved Queen of the Jungle Lands,
I humbly apologize for not giving
advance notice of our visit.
- Ow!
- And for my insolent partner.
See? I'm insolent until proven guilty.
It is me, Princess Maya of the Tecas.
[gasps] Stand down, guards.
- [thuds]
- [grunts]
Now that's what I thought!
It was about to get real crazy in here.
- I'm loco!
- Princess, please state your business.
My father was wrong
about the Teca prophecy.
- [gentle music plays]
- But I have figured out its true meaning.
The prophecy I saw was of four warriors,
- one from each kingdom.
- Hm.
I'm the Little Eagle from Teca,
and my friend, Rico,
is the Mighty Rooster Wizard
- from Luna Island.
- [yelps]
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- [groans]
We are here seeking the True Skull Warrior
from the Jungle Lands,
[whispers imperceptibly] Hm? No.
[speaks Spanish]
- Would you like some tea?
- Tea, Your Majesty?
It's tea time for me and Fabiola.
[whispers] Make believe tea party time?
You can't be serious.
- Would you prefer the hyenas?
- I'll take my tea with two lumps.
[dramatic music plays]
- [gasps]
- Ah!
[cup clatters softly]
[bowstrings tighten]
Princess Maya,
the Jungle Lands weep for your brothers
and the brave warriors of Teca.
You do? Thank you, Your Majesty.
I'm surprised our Jungle Lands
were included in your prophecy.
Our fathers only worked
with their neighboring kingdoms
when it benefited their own self-interest.
[sighs] Yes, I know.
Kings could often be very shortsighted.
Perhaps this is a chance
to right our fathers' wrongs.
[hopeful music playing]
This té de manzanilla
really hits the spot.
Your cup is empty, wizard.
- [tabs table]
- [tea pouring]
[chuckles nervously]
Yep. Much, much better, Your Majesty.
[slurps] Aha.
[sighs] About our quest
I will help you.
The greatest warrior
in the Jungle Lands is
El Monstruo Blanco.
[both] El Monstruo Blanco?
An unfortunate name
given to her by those
who feared her outward appearance.
Thanks to my father,
she now lives as a recluse
in a burnt tree.
No daughter of this kingdom
should be treated as she was,
royal or not.
After my father died,
I sent guards to invite her back.
But she made it very clear
they were not welcome.
- [growls]
- [soft ding]
- We must speak with her.
- [stammers] Must we though?
I cannot guarantee your safety.
We'll take our chances.
If you manage to meet with this archer,
please tell her
that I am very sorry for what we did
to her and all of those poor animals.
Your Majesty, you have my word.
[monkey screeching]
[Chiapa groans]
[Rico] Whoa!
We must be getting closer
to Monstruo Blanco.
- [sniffs]
- [Maya] Chiapa, trust me,
- there's nothing to be afraid of.
- [thunking]
- [yowls]
- [Maya] Ah!
- Chiapa, no!
- This is gonna keep happening with him.
- Look!
- [barking]
- I'm gonna die! Ah!
- [twangs]
Thanks, Estefan!
Rico, come on.
That's definitely El Monstruo Blanco.
[arrows whistling]
Okay. This is what we're gonna do.
I'll be the decoy.
You climb into the burnt tree, tackle her,
and take away her bow with Estefan.
- That's your plan?
- You got a better one?
[stammers] Yeah. It's exactly like yours,
- except we run away!
- [arrow thunks]
All right, fearless leader, go decoy away!
[ominous sting]
- [grunting]
- [clanging]
- [arrow whistles]
- [grunts]
[laughs] She's exactly who I need.
- [arrows whooshing, whistling]
- I can't believe this plan is working.
- [suspenseful music rising]
- Mmm.
- [gasps]
- [panting]
- [whooshes]
- Ah! [grunts]
[Rico grunts]
It's okay. It's okay. We just wanna talk.
You're a miracle.
- [growls]
- [kick lands]
- [music stops]
- [Rico] Ooh. Oh! Huevos rancheros!
[suspenseful music resumes]
[Rico] Ah!
[screams, grunts]
[Maya] I think we made a mistake.
- [clang]
- Ah!
[groans] Great plan.
- [music fades]
- Before you kill us,
the Widow Queen told us
you're the best warrior
in all the Jungle Lands.
We need you to come with us
to destroy the Divine Gate.
- [ominous music plays]
- [barking]
[whispers] She cannot be
the True Skull Warrior.
- [whooping like a monkey]
- Girl can't even speak.
Why do you wanna destroy the gate?
If you do that, we'll never meet the gods.
Um, fun fact, Lady Micte,
the goddess of death, is her mother.
Yeah, she got some mama issues.
We ain't gonna talk into that,
but by the way, I'm Rico.
- [growls]
- Oh!
Your mother is the goddess of death?
My father said this belonged to her.
Talk before I change my mind, human.
[sinister music plays]
The half-breed, where is she?
She managed to escape, my lord.
- And Zatz, where is he?
- Huh?
[Mictlan growls]
Zatz and I are no longer together.
No longer together?
- That's not what she asked you, girl.
- I I don't know where he is, my lord.
- Hmm. Very well. Hura! Can!
- [Hura] Your Majesty.
- [thuds loudly]
- [gasp]
We are at your service.
Capture the half-breed.
Bring her to me alive.
Oh, kill her companions.
- Consider it done.
- [clangs]
My lord, my lord, please, allow me
to join them and atone for my failure.
No, no, that won't be necessary, mija.
Please, Lord Mictlan, I beg you.
[all gasp]
- You will regret this, you [gasps]
- [claw pierces]
Adios, Zatz.
[clangs, bubbles]
- [laughs]
- [heart beating]
[flames whoosh]
[Mictlan roars]
- [stomps]
- [low growl]
- Ay, ay, ay.
- [gasps]
- [laughs]
- [flames whoosh]
Meaning you're the True Skull Warrior
from the prophecy.
So will you join our quest?
Only if you promise to
introduce me to the goddess of death.
[clears throat] I promise.
I don't trust you.
- [sniffs] You smell like a liar.
- I I
I I have no reason to lie.
This'll be an uneasy alliance.
I may decide to kill you later.
You're supposed to say that part
inside your head.
- I'll prepare for the quest.
- Hey, I'll help.
- Move and die, wizard.
- [stammers]
Okay. But then again,
this boulder is pretty comfy.
[gentle music plays]
Soon, Lady Micte.
I shall be with you soon.
Ugh. She sure is taking her time.
- [roars]
- [screams]
- Well, well, well, look who's back.
- Where have you been?
- [grunts, snarling dramatically]
- [laughs]
- You were on lookout duty?
- Oh yeah, looking out for yourself.
- [Chimi] Hey.
- [gasps]
I am ready to quest.
[heroic music plays]
[Maya] Wow!
- [gasps]
- You look spectacular.
Oh To die by your side would be
such a heavenly way to die.
[snarls, growls]
- [sniffs]
- [purrs]
- [Chiapa purring]
- [gentle music plays]
Skull Warrior, what is your name?
[imitates animal noises]
Ooh. Ah, do you have a nickname?
[groans] Most humans
call me El Monstruo Blanco.
Um Hmm. Okay You know
Look, maybe, maybe Monsty for short.
But I have always preferred
to be called Chimi.
- Yeah, that'll work.
- Welcome to the prophecy, Chimi.
And you swear to introduce me
to the goddess of death?
This I swear.
- [growls]
- Ah!
Maya and the Two are ready!
- [speaks Spanish]
- [roars]
[adventurous music playing]
[Chiapa snarls]
As soon as we reach the Golden Mountains,
we must find the Great Puma Warrior.
Then the goddess of death?
Yes, then the goddess of death.
- Wh Why do you wanna meet her so bad?
- [sighs] We're not doing this.
- Okay. Why not?
- Because I hate you.
It usually takes people hours to hate me.
You said I was I was a miracle.
- Huh?
- Nothing. Shut up, weirdo.
Oh, I like her.
Whatever your reason
for wanting to meet the goddess of death,
you should know that she ruined my life.
She gave me up when I was born.
My father and his wife, my true mother,
they raised me. It was awful.
- So, you're a princess
- [Rico yelps]
you live in a palace,
you have two mothers,
one who's a queen and one who's a goddess?
- [winces] She has a point.
- But my mother is a monstruo.
Huh? [growls]
- Ooh!
- I'm s I didn't mean
Before you start complaining
about what you don't have,
be thankful for what you do have.
It's getting late. And I'm hungry.
I'm gonna find some food, princesa.
Huh. I think I really like her.
Yeah, me too. I'll go help.
Take Chiapa and stay together.
I'll go find wood for the campfire.
- [chuckles] Onward!
- [snarls]
[eerie whoosh]
- Good evening, Princess Maya.
- [gasps]
I'm sorry I scared you.
Here. You dropped this.
[growls] What do you want?
I was never going to present you
to Lord Mictlan.
I was going to take you home
to meet my father.
You were? Why?
So he could sacrifice you
and overthrow the god of war.
Why is everyone being
so brutally honest with me today?
No. We no longer want to sacrifice you.
I believe you're right about the prophecy.
I believe you can defeat Lord Mictlan.
With our help, of course.
- How did you
- Oh yes.
I know your real plan
is to kill that monster.
- Join forces with us.
- Join forces?
First you wanna kill me,
then you send your girlfriend after me.
Hmm. Ex Ex-girlfriend. Hmm.
- We broke up.
- You did?
I mean, whatever. I'll never join forces
with the likes of you.
- Why not?
- I can't trust you.
You're right. Trust must be earned.
- R Right.
- You all must stay vigilant.
Lord Mictlan has sent
two more gods after you.
Uh-ba-ba-ba-ba. I do not need your help,
you teller of lies.
- You serpent tongue. You bat hombre.
- [Eagle Claw hums]
Be well, Princess Maya.
- [roars]
- I'll see you soon.
What You [sighs]
Show-off. [chuckles]
The Golden Mountains Kingdom
should be on that side of the valley.
Fun fact, this has been the site
of countless brutal battles.
I don't think you get how fun facts work.
[thunder crashes]
- [all gasp]
- I am Hura, the god of storms!
- [thuds loudly]
- [thunder crashes]
[all gasp]
- [growling]
- [upbeat music plays]
- I don't know what he said.
- He said he's Can, the god of wind.
[wind gusting]
[all] Oh.
- Zatz was telling the truth. Ah!
- [Hura] Acat was a mere child.
It is time you face some real gods.
- [clacks, thuds loudly]
- [rumbling]
[wind gusts]
- [grunts, gasps, growls]
- [gasps] Hey there.
- Chiapa! You can't keep running away!
- [both laugh]
[cracks knuckles] Let's take them
for a spin, bro.
[wind whistling]
Twin wind of terror!
[wind gusting]
- [Maya] Ah! [grunts]
- [Rico] Ah!
[tornado drones]
Run away faster, Chiapa!
[all scream]
[all grunt]
Back so soon, mocosos?
- [yowls in fear]
- Chiapa, do not run.
- [yelps]
- [Maya] You can't keep running away!
[Chimi gasps, growls]
[both laughing]
[mutters incoherently]
Ah I like that.
Maybe we should sacrifice her
for ourselves. [laughing]
- [yowls]
- [Maya and Rico scream, grunt]
What? I guess she speaks jaguar.
Change of plan, mocosos.
We are going to kill the princesa.
- [laughs]
- Talk is cheap, you brutes!
[Chiapa grunts]
- [huffs, roars]
- [Rico] Ah!
- I don't know what you told him.
- Welcome back, Chiapa.
- [thuds loudly]
- [Hura growls]
- [thunder crashes]
- Ah, humans [laughs]so cute.
[laughs] And so stupid.
[drones, clacks, thuds]
- [thunder crashes in distance]
- [squawks]
[thunder crashes]
- [squawks]
- [thunder crashes]
- [wind whistling]
- We have to work together!
- [Rico] Ah!
- [gobbles]
I fight alone!
- [clangs]
- [both grunt]
How dare you?
- You're going down.
- [wind whistles]
[both] Chimi!
tree, pavo!
- [Chiapa snarls]
- We are the prophecy!
[gasps] Hold on, Estefan!
- [Maya grunts]
- [music fades]
- [roars]
- [battle cry]
- [air whooshing]
- Ah!
Rico! [grunts]
- [Maya screams]
- [all grunt]
I'll kill the girl. Bro, you kill the boy.
- [grunts]
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [winces, gasps]
- [bowstring twangs]
- [grunts, panting]
- [heavy footstep thuds]
- [thunder crashes]
- [growls]
Oh, El Monstruo Blanco.
- [grunts]
- [Chimi yells]
Let's get rid of it first.
- [Chimi groaning]
- [grunts]
[Hura laughing]
Help her, Rico.
[stammers] Magic shield, protéjala.
Shelter her y cuídala.
- [yells]
- [magic whooshes]
[Can] Huh?
Yes, yes!
Yes, keep going, hermano.
[yells, hits barrier]
- He's a wizard, bro.
- [gasps]
I hate wizards.
- [blades whirring]
- [clanging]
Nobody messes with mi familia.
And nobody messes with mine! [charges]
- [grunts]
- [both straining]
- Huh? [grunts]
- [yells]
- [both grunt]
- [Maya screams]
[both grunt]
[Chiapa growls, snarls]
- [gasps] Ah!
- [thuds]
- [mysterious music plays]
- [gasps]
[Chiapa roars]
Get him, Chiapa!
- [snarling]
- [grunts]
[both growl]
- [clanging]
- [yells]
- [snarling, yowls]
- [grunting]
- [yowls]
- [Maya grunts]
- [grunts]
- [yells]
They fight for me.
You can't keep this up, half-breed.
- Rico, don't stop.
- [clangs]
- Die, wizard!
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [grunts]
- Rico!
[gasps, grunts]
Playtime is over, mocosos.
- [clangs]
- Oh! [growls]
- Leave me. You've done enough.
- [both gasp]
Save yourselves.
[growls, grunts]
- [grunting]
- [music rising]
- [yells]
- [gasps]
- [thuds]
- [magic crows]
- What?!
- [loud whoosh]
- [Can groans]
- [silence falls]
- Huh?
- [sighs]
[stone drones, thuds]
[both gasp]
- [grunts]
- [Chiapa snarls]
[Chiapa growls]
[both straining]
[Maya] Almost there.
- I'm not dead?
- Good job, wizard.
[gentle music playing]
- [Maya exhales, laughs]
- [Chiapa snarls softly]
We do this together!
- [roars]
- [Hura] Hey, mocosos,
it takes two to make things go right.
It takes two to make it out of sight!
- [growls, snarls]
- [ominous music playing]
[Hura] God twin powers activate!
It's the end of the line
for all of you chamacos. [laughs]
[upbeat music playing]
[both laugh]
[rocks flying]
There's no getting out now, half-breed.
I have a plan.
How many arrows do you have left?
- Then we make it count.
- [wind gusting]
- Tighten it up, bro.
- [whirring]
[wind whistling]
- [claws scraping]
- [Chiapa snarls]
[all grunting]
- [Rico grunts]
- [barks]
I'm not letting you go, Chimi!
- [Maya and Chimi scream]
- [Rico grunts]
- [grunts]
- We got you, Maya.
Throw your weapon up as hard as you can.
- What?
- Trust me.
[laughs, growls]
Whatever you're trying to do, do it now.
[music rising]
[music peaks]
[both laugh]
[arrow halves whistling]
- [arrow halves thunk]
- Ooh! [screams]
- [whirring]
- Ah!
[loud whoosh]
[silence falls]
[wind whistling faintly]
[gasps] Chiapa? [echoes]
- [sad music plays]
- Rico? [echoes]
Maya? [echoes]
[howl echoes]
[gasps, growls]
[gasps] Chiapa!
[gentle music plays]
- Thank you, my beau Whoa!
- We should go.
On a soulful walk?
- To the Golden Mountains Kingdom.
- Ah, yeah.
- [Chiapa snarls]
- [Maya laughs] Hm.
- Follow me.
- She's walking in the wrong direction.
- Again.
- [laughs]
That was a test. You both passed.
[Rico] Mm-hmm.
- [stammers] Just say it. You need us.
- Say it.
- The truth is I need you guys.
- [gentle music plays]
- Okay. Don't make this weird.
- Too late.
- [both laugh]
- Maya and the Two are ready!
[speaks Spanish]
- [statue rumbling]
- [gasps]
[triumphant music plays]
[both laugh joyfully]
- [chuckling] Yeah!
- [rumbling]
One more warrior to go.
[jaguar yowls]
[gentle, adventurous music plays]
[Chiapa snarls]
- [ominous music plays]
- [door rumbling]
[all straining]
- [growls]
- Hola!
Barbarian King?
Barbarian princesa!
So this is
the Golden Mountains Kingdom palace.
[whistles in admiration]
- [eerie music plays]
- [chittering]
- [Rico] Where is everybody?
- [hisses]
- [gasps] Snake! I hate snakes!
- [snake rattles]
- [growls]
- Careful. Do not touch anything.
- [switch rumbles]
- [chuckles]
- [statues rumble]
- [both gasp] Rico.
[panting] I'm sorry!
- [both yelling]
- I didn't mean to! Oh!
- [statues roar]
- [dramatic music plays]
[both] Ah!
- [gasps]
- [Maya] Whoa!
[Chimi] Whoa!
[both grunt]
- [both screaming]
- Whoa!
- [all screaming]
- [Chiapa snarls]
- [thuds shut]
- [silence falls]
[sinister music plays]
[upbeat music plays]
[music ends]
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