Maya and the Three (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5: The Puma

[Western movie music plays]
[man] Cha-chung!
- [dramatic music plays]
- [rumbling]
[jaguar snarls]
[arrow whistles, thunks]
- [gobbling]
- [screams]
- [bog warrior growls]
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
- [screams]
[crashes into tree]
[bog warrior growls]
[yells, grunts]
- [grunts]
- [yelps] Ooph.
[objects clatter]
Why not pick on someone own size?
- [Barbarians yelling]
- Huh? [roars]
- [Barbarians yelling]
- [grunting]
- [screams]
- [growls]
[yelps, speaks Spanish]
- [bog warrior grunts]
- [grunts]
- [bog warrior growls]
- [crying]
- [yells]
- [grunts]
- Ah! [giggles]
- [Barbarian grunts]
- [clangs]
- [groans]
[heroic music plays]
Hola, I am Picchu.
- [bog warriors growling]
- Huh? [grunting]
- [grunts]
- [giggles]
- Kick!
- [giggles]
- I got you, little baby.
- [giggles]
- [grunts]
- [clanging]
- Kick!
- [snarls]
- [both laugh]
- [baby] Ha!
[laughs in relief]
- Gracias, guerrero.
- [giggles]
Gracias, Picchu!
- [bog warriors growl]
- Taste my ax!
- [yells]
- [all grunt]
- [laughs]
- Our son, fiercest of warriors!
- [both] Barbarians!
- [growls, grunts]
Ew, gross.
Ay, Papa. Ay, Mama.
[all grunting]
Who wants more of Picchu?
- [laughs] Huh?
- [rumbling]
Worthy foe.
- [raspy breathing]
- [dramatic music rising]
- [grunts]
- [clang reverberates]
- [grunts]
- [clangs]
- [exciting music plays]
- [clangs]
Huh? [yells]
- [clanging]
- [both grunting]
- [clangs]
- Oh!
- [laughs]
- [yells]
- [clangs]
- Agh.
[growls angrily] You make Picchu mad!
[tense music rising]
Spare me, and I swear
you will never see me again.
- [dramatic sting]
- Hmm.
[suspenseful music rising]
- [music peaks, fades]
- [clangs]
- Go. Never come back.
- [gentle flute music plays]
- [panting]
- [ominous music rising]
- Ah!
- [clangs]
Battle over, son.
We win.
Good to show mercy, Picchu.
- We We fight for noble cause.
- [pleasant music playing]
[people cheering and laughing]
[crickets chirping]
To my brave son, Picchu,
mightiest of all barbarians!
[all] To Picchu!
[glugging, laughing]
I love you, mijo.
- [kisses]
- [drink sloshes]
- [giggles, slaps] Love you too, mi puma.
- [grunts, chuckles]
[growls flirtatiously]
[both laughing]
[sniffs] Ew.
[sinister whooshing]
- [gasps]
- [clang]
[eerie music plays]
[gasps, straining]
- [footsteps thudding]
- Huh?
- [bog warriors growl]
- Picchu let you go.
Why you do this?
A scorpion wanted to cross a river.
He asked for help from a frog,
but the frog refused,
fearing the scorpion's sting.
The scorpion promised
he would not sting the frog,
so the frog agreed,
allowed the scorpion onto his back,
and hopped across the river.
- [weapon clangs]
- Then the scorpion stung him.
[thuds loudly]
As the frog lay dying, he asked,
[grunts uncertainly]
And the scorpion replied,
"Because I am a scorpion."
Papa. Mama.
Why did I conquer your people?
Because I am a warrior.
Why did you show mercy?
Because you are a fool.
[spits] Mercy is weakness.
You do not deserve a warrior's death.
You will spend the rest of your days
knowing you cursed your family.
- [ropes straining]
- [rumbling]
[stone breaks]
- [screams in rage]
- [thud echoes]
- [sobbing]
- [sad music plays]
[music fades]
[dramatic drum beat plays]
- [statues rumble]
- [both gasp]
- Ooh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! Oh!
- [both] Whoa!
[air whooshing]
[both yell]
[Maya] Whoa! Whoa!
[Chimi barks, whimpers]
[both grunt, yell]
- Whoa!
- [Maya] Chiapa!
- [all screaming]
- [Chiapa groans]
[thuds shut]
[all screaming faintly]
[all screaming, grunting]
- [music peaks, stops]
- [grunts, spits]
- [spiders chittering]
- [gasps, spits, squeals]
[spider chitters]
- [growls] Ooh! Friend.
- [chitters in surprise]
You're kind of broken, aren't you?
Mm-mm-mm. That's exactly my type.
- [Maya] There's our way out.
- Huh?
[grunts, strains]
Come on, Rico. Use some magic to
- [loud clunking]
- [gasps]
[stone sliding]
Oh-oh-oh. Okay, okay.
[grunts, growls]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [growling]
Oh, Barbarian King?
Ha! Told you someone here, daughter.
[gasps] Princess Maya of the Tecas?
- Barbarian Princess!
- Hello, Princess Maya.
Sorry you fell in booby trap
puma butt death hole.
- [laughs]
- Papa!
[clears throat] We apologize
for dropping by unannounced,
Your Majesties.
[sniffs] Are these bones made out of clay?
- Real bones start to stink after a while.
- [chuckles]
Do we want this whole place
to smell like rotting meat?
- No!
- Yes. Huh?
- Daughter, we barbarians.
- [Maya] Hmm.
Barbarians like rotting meat, like blood
What else do we like?
Barbarians like to battle!
Papa, I just think there's more to life
- than [mimics father]battle.
- [gasps]
- [gasps]
- You You take that back!
[sighs] We're wasting time.
- Daughter! Please.
- Come on, Papa.
- We have to finish packing.
- [inhales] Princess hurt king's feelings.
[Princess] You're free to go,
Princess Maya and companions.
Hold on. I have something
important to tell you.
[sighs] The prophecy wasn't
about my father and my brothers.
Yeah. That probably why brothers all dead.
- Oh, that's that's harsh.
- Papa, that was savage.
Yes. Barbarian.
I know the truth about the prophecy now.
I am the Great Eagle.
And I need your greatest warrior to
- Why are you packing?
- Duh.
- That gods coming to kill us all.
- I thought you liked to fight.
Ah, look here. Barbarians no speak good,
eh, but we not stupid.
So your entire kingdom is going to die?
[Princess] It's the only way to survive.
- The mathematics are solid.
- It's not the only way.
If you want to fix things,
there's a logical solution.
- Let Lord Mictlan sacrifice you.
- Boom! Everything fixed!
[gasps] Uh!
If he sacrifices me, he'll
he'll become even more powerful.
You really want that?
He is the god of war.
[sighs resignedly]
King love to battle,
but a more powerful god of war?
No so good.
I can put a stop to this.
All I need is your greatest warrior,
the fiercest of all
the Golden Mountain Barbarians.
- And I have heard that it's you.
- Ooh.
- What?
- Look at you.
Smart and strong.
Oh yeah. You look like
you can tear an alpaca in half
with one hand!
"Princess the greatest warrior."
[laughs] She not even like to battle.
- I don't have time for battle.
- Argh!
We got no warrior for you.
- All warriors gone now.
- [in sing-song] They're not all gone.
They all gone.
- Our greatest warrior is still here.
- Don't.
- Don't [gasps]
- Picchu.
- Picchu?
- Picchu already go through enough.
Where can I find this Picchu?
Mmm Zip it.
On the Cliffs of Regret.
There, he fights the mist every day.
Gracias, princesa.
You're welcome, Princess.
Sorry. Sorry. Um, wow.
Um, did you just say he fights the mist?
Yes. Picchu fights the actual mist.
Okay. Like, um Like
Like, something is in the mist?
I'm just a bit confu
I'm trying to get it.
Maya, maybe Maybe you can help Picchu.
May the blood of your enemies
be milk to your young!
You know what?
This is the grossest blessing ever.
Yeah. Barbarians pretty gross, huh?
Sorry, daughter.
- You do not deserve a warrior's death.
- Huh?
[grunts in anguish]
- [whooshes]
- [grunts loudly]
[screams, wails]
- [whimpers like dog]
- Hey, you okay?
[growls, barks]
- [whispers] Do you think that's him?
- I I I don't know.
I mean, there's probably
so many barbarians out here
fighting the mist.
- [snaps]
- Hmm.
- Oh, Great Puma Warrior
- Hmm?
- will you join our quest?
- [yells]
- Oh, hey! We come in peace.
- [yells]
- [clangs]
- [Picchu grunts]
- Whoa. Magic axes?
- I can clip him.
We're not here to fight you, Puma Warrior.
[gasps] Terebro!
[whispers] Come on, man. You gotta do
better than that. You're embarrassing me.
[sighs in exasperation] Okay, all right.
I'll try it. [claps]
Fire and heat mi gente.
[stammers] Let these axes be caliente.
- [growls]
- Dang, hombre, you made of stone?
He's definitely not in
a talking mood. Maya?
- [clangs]
- [Picchu grunts]
- [yelps]
- Eeh!
[grunts angrily]
- [both grunting]
- [clanging]
- Uh, a little help here?
- [gasps]
- [chanting spell in Spanish]
- [both grunting]
[blade chimes]
[power buzzes]
Is pale girl a ghost?
Thank you, Chimi.
I had to stop him.
He was scaring the spider.
Huh? [chuckles]
Everything okay, little eight legs.
We just want to talk.
Picchu listen.
Please no make Picchu
regret not killing you.
[clears throat] Need brave Puma Warrior
from Barbarian Kingdom.
Warrior help with Divine Gate.
King and Princess say
you greatest warrior.
Big. Strong.
- I didn't know you were bilingual.
- Teca girl not good at convincing.
[groans in frustration]
We're gonna fight so many gods.
They'll try to stop us
from destroying the Divine Gate,
but we have to do it to save the world,
and we're probably all gonna die!
Much more convincing.
Push the death angle.
Yeah. That's a great selling point.
- Picchu and his axes will join quest.
- [Maya gasps]
- Really?
- Just like that?
Long time now,
Picchu and axes wait for noble cause.
But now mist send you to Picchu.
This noble cause Picchu wait for.
Picchu fight by your side,
maybe die honorable warrior death.
See, we were all kind of seeing
the "probably gonna die" part
as a negative.
Picchu not fear death.
Because death is beautiful.
[stammers] Death is beautiful?
Gold has value because it's rare.
Life has value because it's short.
Death gives life value.
Bone girl smart. Picchu get ready now.
Um, Maya. Yeah, come here.
This guy's nuts! He's nuts!
Like, sure, he has magic axes,
but is he gonna
murder us all in our sleep? Hm?
- Wow.
- And how do we know for sure
- he's really the Puma Warrior?
- [confident rock music plays]
[slow-motion grunt]
[growl, snarl]
- [gasps]
- Your chest, it's
Mm-hmm. [stammers] You know, some women
like more of a a narrow, pinched chest.
Yeah, yeah. Like mine.
[giggles] I mean, that's what I heard.
That proves it.
You really are the Puma Warrior!
- My parents are not gonna believe this.
- [flames whoosh]
She's done it! [chuckles]
She found all three warriors!
Ooh. I'm really craving
some goat stew and sweet ants.
Huh? Uh-oh.
We're gonna need a bigger pyramid.
[Rico] Ah, that That was a long bath.
Like, really long.
Hmm, seems fine to me.
Me too.
[confident rock music playing]
[music fades]
I am Maya, princess of the Tecas,
Great Eagle from the prophecy.
I'm Chimi. [grunts]
Chimi, cursed Skull Warrior,
outcast of the Jungle Lands.
[yelps, grunts, yowls]
- [objects clattering]
- I'm Rico.
Yep. Magic Rooster Wizard
of the Luna Island.
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
- Ah!
- [objects clatter]
- You're supposed to just tap it!
- [Chimi] Hm.
[grunts] I am Picchu.
Okay. We go now. Follow Picchu.
- [pants, grunts]
- [clangs]
Also, uh, tell Picchu which way to go.
We go to Teca to join my parents,
then will we all destroy
the Divine Gate together.
That way.
[stammers] And by that way,
I meant that way.
Maya and the Three are ready.
[bats screeching in distance]
[leaves rustling]
[silence falls]
- Steady.
- [tense music plays]
[growls curiously]
- [growls]
- Picchu, no, no!
- Ah! Huh?
- [Maya] He's with us.
- [snarls happily]
- [Maya grunts]
- [purring]
- [laughs]
I missed you too.
You know giant cat?
- [growling cautiously]
- Yes. Chiapa's my friend. He protects me.
Look more like you protect him.
He had a bad time in the last battle.
- He's working through some things.
- [purrs]
- Picchu understand Chiapa.
- [growls softly in surprise]
[gentle music plays]
[sniffs, purrs]
He's always been brave.
But he shows more bravery than ever now.
Because even though he's afraid,
he's brave enough to keep trying.
Rico understand Chiapa.
- [snarls]
- Man!
What'd I ever do to you?
Huh? Giant cats be crazy.
- [both purr]
- [sighs in frustration]
[huffs encouragingly]
[Rico chuckles]
Chimi want to ride Picchu?
Uh, say what now?
Uh, like Chiapa.
[Picchu chuckles]
- [adventurous music plays]
- [Chiapa snarls]
[wolves howling in distance]
[bats screeching]
- [bird warbling]
- [coyote howls]
[monkey screeching]
- [woodpecker hammering]
- [animals calling]
[Chimi howls]
Oh no. Then Then what you do, Chimi?
I tried to save my animal family.
[stammers] So the Jungle King
really did take away everything?
And now you just have nothing?
I have the darkness,
the cold, the screaming void of despair.
My sole companion is death.
Well, death and this spider.
[continues chittering]
Nope, just death.
[sighs sadly]
And that's why you wanna
meet the goddess of death.
My mother died
as I was coming into the world.
- [sad music plays]
- The greatest tragedy of my life and hers
was my birth.
I want the goddess of death
to introduce me to my mother.
I guess I just want to apologize to her
for being born.
[Picchu sucks in breath] Ay.
[growls sympathetically]
[grunts softly]
This is the most I've ever talked
to anyone in my life. I don't like it.
- How do you do it?
- The key is not to listen to yourself.
- [gentle flute music plays]
- So, Chimi,
um, at least you have a tree, right?
They left Rico with nothing
just because he made
one little mistake as a kid.
- I deserve to be left with nothing.
- [gasps]
- Huh?
- [stammering] Look, I had nothing
before the Gran Brujo.
Look, he found me.
I lived on the streets eating garbage.
My only friend was a dead raccoon.
Made my clothes out of mud,
and then the goats, they ate 'em.
Look, I hate goats. [stammers]
Gran Brujo took me in, gave me food,
a roof over my head.
He believed in me.
Then one day, I
I killed him with forbidden Peasant Magic.
[Chiapa groans sadly]
I'm sorry.
[stammering] The only thing I had
to remember the Gran Brujo by was Estefan.
And now he's broken.
Just like me.
You still have cool hair.
True that.
[gentle flute music continues]
- [clacks]
- [flames whoosh]
So, Picchu, fighting the mist, huh?
Oh, what's the deal with that?
[faint screams, sounds of battle]
[bog girl cackles]
You do not deserve a warrior's death.
- [gasps in anguish]
- Are you okay?
Picchu family gone forever,
all because Picchu show mercy.
Now nothing left for Picchu
but die warrior death.
Then be with family again.
[flames whoosh]
[Maya] Oh.
Just wondering, you're not actually
planning to get yourself killed, are you?
- No. Picchu die warrior death.
- [heroic music plays]
Never give up.
Fight till the end.
Maybe live for cause. Maybe die for cause.
Sometimes when you fight, maybe you die.
Die so friends live.
That okay.
Give life value.
Like bone girl say.
No one's going to die.
Maya's right.
Look, we will fight side by side
and live to tell about it.
And I'll make the G Gran Brujo proud.
And I'll get to meet my mother.
And Picchu maybe die a little?
[laughs] That's my ma
- [cracks]
- Ow!
[both laugh]
[sighs] We all have purpose now
uh, to destroy the Divine Gate,
and and save the world.
[both] Yeah!
[sighs uncertainly]
Each finger is weak, but together,
we shall make a mighty fist of fury.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
It's a mission for us all
n-not just for me.
[all uncertainly] Yeah?
[adventurous music plays faintly]
So, um, so, hey, you know, now that
we've heard everyone's totally true story
where they're not lying except
[chuckles nervously] Oh, Chiapa.
Chiapa, why don't you tell them
about yourself?
[Chiapa growls softly]
[snarls dramatically]
[dramatic music plays]
[grunts, yowls]
[meows uncertainly]
[meows in surprise]
[coughs, grunts]
[music ends]
The saddest story Picchu ever hear.
That part about the huitlacoche
and the two birds was funny though.
[all laugh]
- You, noble bones girl.
- What did you call me?
What you do good? Maya fight good.
Scrawny boy do magic good, talk too much.
Scrawny? It's Rico, thank you.
And you know what? I don't talk too much.
- No No one's ever
- Giant cat have giant teeth.
[growls happily]
[grunts] What skull girl do good?
[Chimi growls]
[arrows whistle]
[thunking loudly]
- What?
- [groans] Go stand over there.
Noble bones girl true artista.
Thank you. And if you call me noble again,
I'll shoot you in the heart.
[angrily] Hmm.
But first I need my arrows back.
Oh, oh, oh, right, right.
[sighs] My brothers,
I hope you can hear me.
These warriors, they're my friends,
and I I'm I lied to them.
And I'm probably
leading them to their doom.
- But I must avenge you.
- [gentle music plays]
Am I Am I doing the right thing?
[rocks clattering]
Brothers? [gasps]
[eerie music plays]
- No, Maya. It's me.
- You!
[growls] How dare you sneak up on me?
- [grunts] Sneak up on you?
- [gasps]
I was in front of you. Huh?
Yeah, well, we can't all
see in the dark, bat eyes.
- [grunts, laughs]
- [exciting music plays]
Huh. You're pretty good.
Hm. I'm gonna use Eagle Claw to kill you.
Yeah? Well, Crimson Moon won't let you.
- [grunts]
- Huh?
- [yells]
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
- [grunts, laughs]
[Zatz grunts]
[pants, chuckles] Why are we fighting?
- Because I hate you.
- [clangs]
- [both grunt]
- [crumbles]
- [Maya chuckles]
- [grunts]
[grunts loudly, laughs]
- [Maya gasps] Ooph!
- [clanks]
- [Maya] Hi-ya!
- [buzzing]
[laughs, gasps loudly]
- [rumbling]
- [grunting]
[yells, grunts]
- [both grunting]
- [weapons clang]
- [both grunt]
- [Zatz grunts]
[Maya grunts]
- [Zatz chuckles]
- [clangs]
- [Maya grunts]
- Ooph!
- [grunts] And so it ends.
- [gasps softly]
[blade swishes]
[growls angrily] No fair!
You have an unfair advantage.
I'm only half god too, Maya.
- My mother was human.
- She was?
You and I both bridge the two worlds.
Please, Maya. May I ask you again?
Will you help my father
and I destroy Lord Mictlan?
I am the Eagle Warrior
of the Teca prophecy.
- I can do it without you.
- You can't. You need us.
I have what I need.
I have the three prophecy warriors who
Warriors you have been lying to.
Warriors who might pay with their lives.
So what? We're going through that gate.
Together, we will kill Lord Mictlan.
And I will have my revenge.
- [Rico] Is that true, Maya?
- [gasps]
- You're taking us through the gate.
- To kill the god of war?
Greetings, Rico, Chimi, Picchu.
Greetings, spooky weirdo.
Picchu no like one-eye pretty boy.
Too fancy.
Oh H-Hey.
Well, you clearly have
[chuckles]things to discuss.
I should go.
Please, consider my offer, Maya.
I know what you think of the gods,
but we're not all monsters.
- [whooshes]
- [bats screeching]
You know that is exactly
what a monster would do, right?
[Zatz departing] Be well,
Princess Maya. I'll see you soon.
- [solemn music playing]
- Anyway, hi. Are you guys mad?
[jungle noises]
[melancholy music plays]
[growls in frustration] This whole time,
you've been lying to all of us!
Look, you told me we were going to destroy
the Divine Gate, not go through it!
Technically, I told Chimi
I'd introduce her to the goddess of death.
How else do you think
she'd get to meet her?
- [Chimi gasps]
- That's not better.
I opened up to you,
and you told me nothing but lies.
This is what I get
for ever trusting a human.
[sighs sadly]
Now Picchu know what Teca girl is good at.
Okay, yes, I lied.
But together, we're invincible.
We're We're the warriors of the prophecy.
Can't you see that?
Picchu still in for mission.
To fight is a noble cause.
But we not friends.
I'm still in too.
I don't have to like you to fight
for my redemption. [coughs] Liar.
- Do I still meet the goddess of death?
- Unfortunately, yeah, I think we're gonna.
[sighs] Then I'll do it. For me.
Not for you, serpent tongue.
- [loud boom, rumbling]
- [Maya gasps]
- That not good.
- [gasps]
- Oh no! Teca!
- [ominous music plays]
[loud boom]
[gasps] My parents!
[music fades]
[mellow traditional music plays]
[music fades]
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