Mayans M.C. (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

Pap Struggles with the Death Angel

Congratulations, Ezekiel.
Welcome to the tribe.
You must be Letty's friend.
I'm Ezekiel.
I would like that.
Bad blood with you and the shot caller? Palo? Something like that.
- Coco! - I can't fucking see.
- Riz! - Call a fucking ambulance! Riz didn't make it.
We're going to war.
- I don't see Palo.
- Find him.
Did you find Palo? Found him.
Fuck me.
How much do you think Potter really knows? Potter knows you're involved.
He thinks he can shut down the uprisings by destroying Palomo.
Pick your crew.
Go get Adelita.
It's the fucking MC.
Oh, Jesus.
Thank God.
You have to go.
We'll be fine.
I need to know the truth about what happened in the desert.
Rebels, Adelita, Galinda, Palomo.
All the pieces.
If not, I'll have ICE pick up Felipe Reyes.
Told her Potter's blackmailing us.
Using Pop as leverage.
Congratulations, Papa.
Your son was born yesterday.
- What's the matter? - Have you heard from Dita? - No.
Why? - She finished with the doc but never came back to the waiting room.
Hola, Ignacio.
I realize that the reason I was saved is because I still have things I need to do.
I guess I'm one of those things, huh? Dita ordered the hit.
One of you Reyes men has to help me right a wrong today.
I'll do it.
You destroyed my family.
EZ, this is not you.
Yeah, Pop.
It is.
If you're feeling froggy, my boy here can gladly accommodate.
You Dogwood fucks gonna step on our shit again? No.
He good? Are you good? Yeah.
Slippin' into darkness Take my mind Beyond the dreams I was Slippin' into darkness Yeah Take my mind Beyond the dreams Where I talk to my brother Whoa Who never said their name Yeah Slippin' into darkness Yeah When I heard My mother say I was slippin' into darkness Yeah When I heard My mother say Hey, what she say, what she say? You've been slipping into darkness Whoa, whoa, whoa Pretty soon you gonna pay.
Pop? Pop? You up? You gonna open the shop today? Got you a breakfast burrito.
Pop? I'll leave the food for you.
Somethin' out of nothin', I was born in the oven Everybody finna love it Coco? Coco! You look like shit.
Must be genetic.
Have you seen my iPad? I swear that I left it in my backpack.
So look in your backpack.
I did, menso.
I can't find it anywhere.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
This is the second one that I've lost.
Are you sure that you haven't seen it? It's probably under a pile of your shit somewhere.
What is up your ass? This place is a fucking mess, Leticia.
I got to do everything.
I mean, you want to drop out, why don't you get a fucking job instead of staying out all night, going to raves and shit? You caught me, old man.
I built a time machine to travel back to the 1990s to go to a fucking rave.
- Yeah, whatever.
- And I didn't drop out.
You couldn't afford to pay for tuition anymore.
So get a fucking job.
Well, then, maybe I fucking will, hmm? So that I can afford to get away from you.
Do me the fucking favor.
- Angel.
- Hey.
Shut up.
Sorry, Nails.
Angel didn't tell me you'd be here.
I'd get you one.
I hate coffee.
Kind of reminds me of my third-grade teacher's breath.
Hmm? Yep.
- Oh - Shut up.
Think you can just avoid me? While you're floating in your castle like Marie fucking Antoinette, people have lost their pensions.
Good, honest people have lost everything.
You and your husband were supposed to save this town.
You've fucking buried it.
What's your plan B? How are you gonna fix this? There's no way we could have foreseen the border shutdown.
We can't get any materials now.
Our hands are tied.
Gee, I wonder how you could have foreseen the invasion of your own fucking government because of your husband's criminal activities.
Get your cement from Brawley.
Get your workers from El Centro.
Do something.
Because if you don't, what is left of this town will die.
People are hurting, and people are fleeing.
We're-we're cutting the police force.
We can't even afford to pay someone to pick up the fucking trash! You know, I'm-I'm glad you're up here on your hill, away from the stench, but you better hope the wind doesn't shift.
Because I know what it took for you to get you what you wanted, and that blood will always be on your hands.
Went by Pop's again this morning.
He didn't get out of bed today? What the fuck are we gonna do with him? Having a tough time.
Well, it ain't right, seeing him like this.
He's human, Angel.
Yeah, and that ain't fucking fair.
Get the fucking light out of my eyes! Grab it.
What the fuck are you sweating for? I'm the one had to carry that shit for a mile.
I need some air.
Somebody get this motherfucker a Tampax.
His vagina's been bleeding for months.
That's gross, bro.
Man, this ain't even a quarter of what we used to move.
How much longer you think that border shutdown can last? How much longer can we? How are we coming? Looking good.
Once you make it past just drive to the clubhouse.
Creeper will meet you there.
Hey, don't worry.
It's like going through a DUI checkpoint.
All they care about are illegals that are already on this side.
Nothing else.
Ever read The Secret? I'm gonna focus on manifesting my ass on the other side of that checkpoint.
Manifest yourself five grand richer.
I need it.
Husband and I were supposed to work at the Agra Park, and, well we thought Vicki would pay more than she does.
You know, for what it costs for me to have to Yeah, yeah.
Shutdown's been tough on everyone.
Luckily, crime always pays.
EZ, let's go.
I-I talk too much when I get nervous.
You'll be fine.
You promise? Promise.
I don't know if this is a good idea, man.
She'll be fine.
If she's not, it's on us.
She knows what she's signing up for.
No, all of this Potter, shutdown It's payback for the picture we used.
Well, we didn't have a choice.
Yeah, but the club, the town are all paying the price.
No one more than fucking me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I-I wasn't thinking.
It's fine, man.
Like I told you, bro, everything is fucking fine.
All right? You girls good? Let's get out of here, then.
La Llorona's giving us some serious ojo.
It's like Riz staring down on us in a nightgown.
Riz's hair was prettier.
What? Too soon, man.
Hey, Top.
If you squeeze my lizard I'll put my snake on you Vamos.
I'm a romantic adventure Not until we get back to base.
But it don't make no difference Coco's got it.
The fuck I do.
You owe every one of us at least a hundred bucks.
How the fuck are you still broke? - Man, how the fuck? - If you don't mind your own It's okay, guys.
I got it.
What the hell you been spending your money on, bro? It's them pills.
Sure as shit ain't soap.
Smell like a goddamn homeless person.
Shut the fuck up, man.
Smell like a hobo, like you're about to steal a pie off a windowsill.
Fat-ass Hamburglar.
Oh! Oh, shit, he got you.
What the fuck I care? My ass can go on a diet.
This motherfucker's always gonna look like a fucked-up Nosferatu.
You'll stay a bitch.
What the fuck did you just say? Hey, come on, guys.
We're No.
No, he's a grown-ass man, Boy Scout.
He can speak for himself.
All right.
Tired of you talking shit, always thinking you're funny.
I'm tired of you being a little fucking bitch and crying about some fucking glass in your eye! Fuck you, bitch.
- Hey! - What are you doing, man? What the fuck? That's my fucking brother.
Killed by death Killed by death Shall we? Killed by death I think we fucking shall.
By death, by death, by death By death, by death, by death Killed by death, killed How you doing today? Where are you headed? Please, please, please, please, please.
Have a good one.
Hot enough out there for you? Where were you born, ma'am? Riverside, California.
How old? 19 months.
Uh, runs in my husband's side.
Haven't found my way to forgiving him yet.
On my way to pick them up, actually, from day care.
Would you mind pulling over to the side, ma'am? Come on, boy.
Um, m-my kids are waiting.
I-If I'm not there, I Let's go.
Move it.
- Oh, shit.
- Over here.
Hey! Oh, we got a runner.
We got a runner.
- We got a runner.
- Shit! Oh, my God.
Hands on the wheel! - Get your hands on the wheel! - Okay, okay Stay right there! Don't move! Let's see your hands! Let's see your hands! Fucking idiots.
You got any idea how much pressure we're under right now? All the fucking eyes we've got on us with this shutdown? And you go and beat up a bar full of soldiers? You got any idea the fucking target you just put on us? I expected more from you.
While you ladies were fucking around, we lost our load today.
What? What happened? Alicia okay? She's about a ten-to 15-year sentence away from okay.
We're worried she's gonna open her mouth.
She wouldn't do that, man.
She's Isn't that how she makes a living? Eh Means, on top of all the other bullshit, we got to show up tonight empty-handed.
Kings aren't coming here? Refuse to.
Want neutral ground.
Well, what the hell does that mean? Means they're still pissed about grandma's birthday party.
Well, fuck 'em, then.
You want bodies with you tonight? It's our own people.
Me, Taza and Hank will be fine.
What else? Heard Packer from Berdoo's got cancer.
Bad? Not good.
Any word on our other SOA friend? Not a whisper.
He's worm food by now anyways.
Well, if anyone ever comes asking, we'll have some questions of our own.
What are we gonna do about Palo? I know him.
This isn't finished.
It is.
We lost Riz.
He lost everyone.
It's over.
- What the fuck, Steve? - What the fuck, Steve? Sorry, Hank.
It's okay.
Let Steve clean it.
Thanks, E.
Can you believe these fucking kids? Don't be so hard on them.
We were never this dumb.
We might have been dumber.
But between the Feds, a fucking Reaper rotting out there in the ground somewhere and bullshit with the other Kings Tonight, maybe we roll deeper.
- And Palo - No, let it go.
- Bishop, you got to - It's fucking done! I don't want to hear about it again.
Alicia we can trust her.
She won't say anything.
For her sake, you better hope you're right.
What is it, Taza? You and Palo.
You all think I'm crazy.
You don't know him.
Cut his own baby brother's throat.
Held him while he bled out.
He's not gonna let this go.
What happens if he comes back? Who the fuck is this? Glad to see you're not losing any sleep over your cousin.
Where are you? I could ask you the same.
Thought by now you'd be down here trying to get at the bottom of what happened.
Look, it's a bit crazy here.
With Tommy disappeared, it would look bad if I went off the grid, too.
Maybe I should just tell the Scotsman about our little arrangement.
I'll come down to you.
Just tell me when.
That won't be necessary.
Something tells me I'll be seeing you soon.
What was all that? Mi abuelita.
She's not doing too great.
I was hoping we could speak.
I'm sorry, but I have a patient.
I was so sorry to hear about your mother.
What did we miss? I'm sorry? To be direct, Dr.
Luna, what did you miss? Even though she's gone, Mr.
Galindo, the rules of patient-doctor confidentiality still exist.
You know, I found this, uh, shopping list yesterday.
Her handwriting.
Slanted, cursive.
You know, penmanship meant something to her.
There are these things, scraps, trash, that we spend our lives blind to until someone we love leaves.
Then suddenly we see anything they touched for what it really is.
It's gold.
- Again, Mr.
Galindo, I - What did she say? In here, wh-what Mr.
Galindo, I can't Wh-What did she talk about? Hmm? Mr.
Galindo What did she say to you? Did sh Did she she blame me? Did she do this to to punish me? I'm so sorry.
I really can't discuss this.
The Feds finally hit Flores Pequeñas.
A mule got hit on today's run.
We need to find another way to get the product across.
We've got nothing coming in.
It's making us vulnerable.
Tell Nestor I need him and Paco tonight.
How'd it go in Santo Padre? Like Paris in the '40s, so a success.
What's this? Some more shit orders from the top.
Mexico wants their rebel back.
And we're complying? No one said the middle of the food chain was easy.
Does Potter know about this? Who do you think signed off on it? I thought he was on leave.
They have phones in San Diego.
They'll kill her the minute she touches Mexican soil.
I know.
Want to get into something tonight? I'm seeing Gaby.
Oh, come on, man.
Nails is gonna bring a friend.
Nails, huh? This getting serious between you two? Bro, it's called having fun.
Gaby won't find out if you don't tell her.
Yeah, but I don't know.
Bro, she ain't even your girlfriend.
Have you even held her hand? You are killing me.
I like her.
- Oh, God.
- She's Bro, if you say "special", I'm gonna throw up in my fucking mouth.
She's special.
Whatever, bro.
You do you.
I don't know, pray hard enough, hopefully you'll get an HJ.
You pray hard enough, maybe you won't get HPV.
What the fuck's an HPV? Oh, bro, you got it.
Get back here by midnight.
I changed my mind.
We're all rolling out together.
I got you something while I was waiting.
It-it's a muñeca quitapena.
If you whisper your worries to her, she'll take away all your sorrows.
- You don't like her.
- I'm just I'm a little confused by the science behind the doll.
Actually All right, what'd she say? Muñecas quitapenas never give up their secrets.
You want to go somewhere else? It's a fear I have to live with.
I have no choice.
I am not a bad person.
No soy una criminal.
I came here to get away from criminals.
Ooh, I love funnel cake.
It's my favorite thing about America.
Do you want to complain to the muñeca quitapena? - What did you call her? - What? Is my Spanish really that bad? Better since you met me, like my English, I hope.
But your parents didn't teach you? Most first-generation kids, our parents want us to assimilate.
Think it'll help us get us closer to the American dream.
So no abuelo or abuela? It was just you, Angel and your parents? Yeah.
And then just us and our dad, and now it feels like it's just me and Angel.
Oh, no, is your father sick? I don't know what's wrong with him.
He's just very very unhappy.
So where did you learn your Spanish, then? I picked up what I could from my parents talking to each other, and in school.
My pop, he really didn't start speaking it to me until I I was in prison.
Letty told me.
All his letters he wrote to me were in Spanish.
I think he just missed speaking it to my mom.
All he all he ever wrote about was the shop and baseball and I think he was just wanted to try to give my brain something to solve.
I can read and write it pretty well.
I just get a little clumsy when speaking it sometimes.
I like when you get all clumsy, and not so Mr.
Is that really what I look like? Yes, just less tough.
And definitely not as pretty.
Well, I was trying to fix the carburetor on my bike, and my hand slipped it slipped.
Well, you should be more careful, EZ Reyes.
Do you want to get some breakfast tomorrow morning? I'd like that.
How much time do you have before you go tonight? - About an hour or so.
- Good.
What's going on? He's having a fucking meltdown.
I can't get him to stop.
Where's Maria? Maria?! She let Peña blindside me today.
Just let her right inside the house.
I had no choice but to fire her.
Maria's family, Emily.
Miguel, everyone in this town is against us.
- She's all Cristóbal knows.
- No.
I'm all he knows.
Me, his mother.
What did Peña want? To know what we plan to do.
How we're gonna bail this town out.
Uh, that's not our responsibility.
We won that bid fairly.
Right, we had no idea Potter would shut down the Santo Padre crossing.
But why can't we get materials from this side? You did the proposal.
Our profit margin relied on using our south-side companies.
Without that, we'll make more writing it off.
The medical examiner called again.
Left another message.
Uh, I'm gonna shower.
Then I have to head out again.
- Mexico? - Yeah.
- Paco.
- I'm sorry.
Oh, come on, don't be silly.
It's no trouble.
Tessa will be so happy.
Santi, come on, mi amor.
Tessa! Santiago is here.
Hola, papito.
Go play with Tessa.
- Come on.
- Go.
You're a terrible host.
- Why? - Offer him something to drink.
I'm fine, ma'am, thank you.
Thank you.
He has to go see Nestor.
Take care, Paco, okay? Have a good night now.
I'm cooking, hon.
Thanks again for watching Santi.
You're family, carnal.
We got you.
Call me tonight when it's done, huh? Yeah, I will.
You got our delivery, carnal? Mule got busted.
Out of our control.
Got a lot of excuses lately, Bishop.
And you got a fucking attitude.
You want to settle this thing between us, - I'm fucking ready.
- Hey, tranquilo.
We're not here to divide the club any further, carnal.
We're here to repair.
Since you fucked up the gun trade.
That had nothing to do with us.
Everyone knows you guys pulled that fucked-up shit with the VM.
I heard grandma's birthday was a blast.
It's nice to see you guys laugh while the rest of the chapters are starving.
We were relying on that gun money.
And now, you've cut the pipeline down by 70%.
Border shutdown.
- That was - Out of your control.
We've got a fix.
A way to make everything right for all of us.
Let's hear it.
We want you to double the heroin for the next few months.
Make up for the profit loss.
And we don't mean double the bullshit that you've been doling out.
We mean double what you used to average.
That's an impossible fucking ask.
We're not asking.
And fuck you.
You motherfuckers think that you can survive without our pipeline, without fucking Santo Padre? Shit, let me see you fucking try it.
Maria was insane.
Putting up with that pinche gabacha's shit all these years.
To do her dirty like that Thinks she's so much better than everyone else.
What the fuck is going on with Miguel? The LNG is pushing in, and he's just sitting around crying about his mom.
- If his father saw him, he - Watch out.
Ah Fuck, did I just step in dog shit? Maybe you should shut the fuck up and watch where you're walking.
She dealt with the verbal abuse by actions I'm an orphan On God's highway I'll share my troubles If you go my way I have no mother No father No sister No brother I am an orphan girl I've had friendships Pure and golden Ties of kinship Have not known them I know no mother No father No sister No brother I am an orphan girl When he calls me I'll be able Meet my family At God's table Blessed Savior Make me willing Walk beside me Till I'm with them Be my mother My father - My sister - I failed him, mi amor.
My brother I failed you.
I am an orphan girl.
Put your hands up.
¡Manos arriba! Get down on the ground.
9-20, this is 8-3-51.
Have a 10-15 times one at the 14-0-5.
You got I.
? Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Ah, fuck! Take it! But please, call for help.

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